SKINCARE | Dermovia Lace Your Face Hydrating Rose Mask #31DaysofSheetMasks

Last year, I had an amazing opportunity to attend Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas and found some fantastic brands that I really should have talked about months ago! One of the products that caught my eye were the Dermovia Lace Your Face Shapewear Facial Masks! At the time, I had seen lace masks before in the form of hydrogel masks, but not with actual fabric which in the case of Dermovia, are made with a biodegradable cotton! 

Dermovia Lace Your Face Hydrating Rose Mask Review

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NAILS | OMG! Toy Story Came Out 20 Years Ago! #CBBxManiMonday

This week's CBB ManiMonday theme is "Childhood" and I had been wanting to try these Toy Story nails for the last month so it worked out perfectly! These nails started a day of watching old Pixar movies which was pure bliss followed by a well-deserved nap because I have been feeling the beginnings of a summer cold...I only hope that I can nip it in the bud ASAP!

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SUNSCREEN SUNDAY | The Duo: COOLA Green Tea Makeup Setting Spray and Cucumber Mineral Face Matte Finish Moisturizer

In my last two Sunscreen Sunday posts, I kept referring to what I would consider one of my holy grail brands when it comes to sunscreen - Coola. When green beauty was getting more mainstream, Coola was one of the few brands that made a mineral sunscreen that didn't feel like you were applying a thick tar across your face! Even though years have passed and green beauty has come a long way, Coola is still one of my all-time favourite sunscreen brands and in addition to my old faithful Cucumber Mineral Sunscreen, I picked up a new setting spray at Curlique that just needed to come home with me!

COOLA Green Tea Makeup Setting Spray and Cucumber Mineral Sunscreen

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KBEAUTY | DERMAL Xilix Tiger and Panda Animal Masks #31DaysofSheetMasks

I often "poo-poo" animal print sheet masks because we all know that once there is a print all over, it's really more like entertainment than skincare. Inks add an additional layer between the cotton and our skin so IF I plan on using a printed mask, the non-printed part should account for more than 50% so that I feel I am getting SOME benefits from it. While I was at T&T, I noticed the DERMAL Animal Masks and thought the patterns could be fun so I picked up the two that looked cutest!

DERMAL Panda Animal Brightening Mask Review

MAKEUP | Green and Vegan Beauty with Clove + Hallow

Back in June, I got a closer look at beauty brand Clove + Hallow and I was excited because not only was this brand a green beauty brand, but it had also taken home awards for performance and innovation rivaling their non-green counterparts! While I haven't sworn off non-green products in their entirety, I'm sure I'm not the only one who is always open to including cleaner products in their beauty routine. After seeing a few Toronto beauty blog reviews on Clove + Hallow, I knew that I would eventually have to try it while hoping and praying that it would eventually be sold by a store in Vancouver (it is currently sold at The Detox Market now). Hopefully that will be happening sometime soon?

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KBEAUTY | The Face Shop Mask.Lab Lift Up Face Mask #31DaysofSheetMasks

I am making a point of trying weird masks and when this new mask from The Face Shop's Mask.Lab series came out last month I knew I had to try it. Lifting sheet masks are not a new thing, but the fact that this came with an elastic strap was intriguing and the ingredients in the essence looked decent even though this was not a silicone-free mask. This was really more about the skintertainment factor more than anything else so let's see how much of a workout this mask was!

NAILS | I Love Glitter #CBBxManiMonday

Taking it a little slow today since it is just the start of my weekend, but I did take whackload of photos for my upcoming mask reviews as well as some summer stuff I haven't had a chance to look at yet, but REALLY need to get done since this is really the last month I can talk about any of it! The CBB girls and I were feeling a bit lazy this week so when I suggested just plain ol' glitter, they were all onboard!

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SUNSCREEN | The Ordinary Suncare Mineral UV Filters SPF 30 with Antioxidants #SunscreenSunday

Who else is literally drowning in sunscreen at this time of the year?! While I am still on the search for a physical sunscreen that is light enough to make me feel like I am wearing a chemical one, I have been alternating between the two types depending on my mood. Sunscreen has always been that thing that I prefer having merged into another product like my primer, moisturizer or even setting spray!

The Deciem social media pages were abuzz with excitement when it was announced there would be a mineral sunscreen coming out under The Ordinary brand and when it finally came, I had to snap it up and give it a try!

The Ordinary Mineral Sunscreen SPF 35 Review

KBEAUTY | VDL Expert Color Lip Cube Must-Haves with Swatches

Last week I was raving about the VDL Lumilayer Primer, but I have also been enjoying some lip goodies that came highly recommended and thankfully I agree! It's always so disappointing when products are bestsellers and then you use them and you don't understand what the hype was all about. I have always been the eternal pessimist so I generally think products (and people really) are crap until proven otherwise. I am happy to report that all went well with these VDL Expert Color Lip Cubes and I hope more shades become available at The Face Shop! 

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SKINCARE | Boo Bamboo Brightening Charcoal Sheet Mask #31DaysofSheetMasks

My first fully charcoal sheet mask! Everyone else looks so cool with these black masks on, but I held off for a long time because I was scared that the detoxifying aspect of these masks would be too drying for my skin. After so many hot and sticky evenings this past week, I felt like my skin needed a major cleanse! While 98% of my sheet masks are hydrating, brightening or anti-aging (the Asian skincare trifecta) I had on hand two charcoal sheet masks. Both will be reviewed this month starting with the Boo Bamboo Brightening Charcoal Sheet Mask!

 Boo Bamboo Brightening Charcoal Sheet Mask

KBEAUTY | Laneige Water Bank Soothing Gel Mask #31DaysofSheetMasks

I seem to be taking my sheet masks VERY seriously at this point so now that I know I can work sheet masks into my schedule (by planning out which ones to use and putting them out on the dining table) I will be attempting to sheet mask for 31 days starting August 1st! I have chosen some weird and wonderful masks to share with you all on Instagram and here on the blog so hopefully there will be some content coming up that will both educate and make you giggle!

Laneige Water Bank Soothing Gel Mask Review

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