Luxe Box October Unboxing!

So, in addition to Glymm, I also decided to try out the Luxe Box by Loose Button, which has been around a little longer than Glymm, just to compare boxes and of course get even more deluxe samples! The Luxe Box works the exact same way as the Glymm Box, but is a little bit more expensive at $12/month. From what I've read, the Luxe Box USED to be $10/month, but increased their prices a few months ago.  

And now, the part that most people care about, the unboxing! 

From what I've seen, this is new packaging for the Luxe Box, but still looks sleek.

Coupon for $25 off at along with a little explanation of what's in my Luxe Box

From L - R: Moroccanoil, CK Euphoria body lotion, CK Euphoria perfume sample, Pur Minerals Correcting Primer, Olay Pro-X eye cream and Lise Watier Flash Radiance

Just a closer look at everything
Moroccanoil (full size $40)
Calvin Klein Euphoria Lotion (full size $58)
Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume (full size $78)
Pur Minerals Correcting Primer (full size $31)
Olay Professional Pro-X (full size $60)
Lise Watier Flash Radiance Flash Lift Vials (full size $27 - 7 vials)

So, no full-sized products in this Luxe Box, but the Moroccanoil comes quite close as I have purchased this size before at Chatters Salon for around $15 and it lasts FOREVER since you only need a small amount. I've seen a couple of people say that because they have dark hair, they probably won't use the Moroccanoil in this Luxe Box because it's for light-coloured hair, but to be honest, I have dark hair and I still love the way my hair feels when I use it. I really don't think it matters all that much...

I know that other people received nail polish and a Lise Watier lip gloss in their Luxe Boxes which probably would have swayed my vote, but because Glymm gave THREE full-sized products, all of which I would use, I have to say that between the Luxe and the Glymm Boxes for this month, I have to say Glymm Box FTW! 

Can't wait until next month's boxes!

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