SKINCARE | #CBBGetsSheetFaced Week 3 with JM Solutions, Jayjun Cosmetic, NO:HJ, Naruko and Dewytree! #FlowerWeek

We are almost done with #CBBGetsSheetFaced and what a wild ride it has been! I LOVE that I have been able to do this with ladies I respect, admire and of course share an extreme love of sheet masks with! This month has been a month of enabling for Chantal, Renee and myself with all of us making notes of what we would like to buy once we see a mask we like on each other's Instastories. It has truly been a fun time and though we will be resting in March we will be getting together again in April to feature sheet masks from clean beauty brands, but for now let's get on with #FlowerWeek!

CBB Gets Sheet Faced Flower Week Review

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NAILS | More Hearts! #CBBxManiMonday

This is our last "Red and Pink" themed ManiMonday for this month and though I know it's not Valentine's Day anymore, when I saw this heart mani by Rina Alcantara, I had to try it! It looked so cute and not overly tedious to do especially since most of it is done with acrylic paints which are a little easier to work with than nail polish. I was very close to not doing this mani at all as I have had a grueling weekend with Inventory at work and I am now in my weekend (though it's going to be spent running errands). Truthfully, I have only done the one hand and I am not sure if I will do the right hand or just remove my left hand and and get a headstart on next week. Even though I feel like the hard part of the week is over, I feel somewhat apprehensive that February is done in just a few days and we will be almost a quarter of the way through 2019!

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KBEAUTY | Laneige Two Tone Lipstick and Getting The Perfect Gradient Lip #LunarFebruary

In July 2016 I went on a little shopping spree with two blogger buddies to Aberdeen Mall in Richmond (the Asian cosmetics mecca in Vancouver) to check out the newly opened Aritaum store. I picked up one Laneige Two Tone Lipstick in Pink Salmon and swore to myself that I would talk about this "brand new" lip product at some point. Then they launched in Sephora a year later, I received a press package and when I looked at it last December I realized I now had two Pink Salmons! I guess I made a good choice in selecting it the year before! Now, I have tried to achieve the Korean gradient lip and it felt like a lot of work with lipstick so having two seemingly perfect lip shades that I can apply in one swipe seems pretty awesome!

Laneige Two Tone Lipstick Review with Swatches

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HAIR | Klorane Mango Collection #MangoRitual

All I can say is Klorane should make mango desserts to go with this collection because ALL OF IT smelled good enough to eat! Known for their plant-based formulas with 96% of the ingredients coming from natural sources, Klorane's new Mango Collection is for dry and dehydrated hair which is probably everyone's hair right now since we are in the middle of winter. Vancouver even got a taste of below freezing weather last week and my hair was ever thankful that I had a nourishing line like this one to keep it soft and touchable instead of crunchy and scary. 

Klorane Mango Butter Collection Review

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NAILS | Happy Year of the Pig! #CBBxManiMonday

I so wanted to have this little piggy nails ready two weeks ago for the Lunar New Year, but there was just a bit too much going on for me to have the energy to do anything more than paint with a brush. Now that we have a long weekend, I have the energy and while I was browsing Pinterest for inspiration, I came across this pin and I knew it was perfect for today's #CBBxManiMonday!

Year of the Pig Nail Art

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SKINCARE | #CBBGetsSheetFaced Week 2 with CNF, Ariul, Feferafe, XOY, Mustus & Origins! #FoodWeek

OMG, we are at the halfway point of our sheet mask challenge AND February! WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? Week 2 of #CBBGetsSheetFaced was all about food which gave me a chance to try out some "dessert-themed" masks from my collection. 

Sheet Mask Review

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NAILS | Sexy Emoji Valentine's Day Nail Art

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I wasn't actually planning on doing a set of themed nails, but after getting nostalgic about the days where I used to do more detailed nail art and came out with creative designs like the Trojan Condoms I decided it was time to challenge myself again so we had an easy, early dinner, I took an early shower and I plunked myself down at my station to do these "sexting" nails!

Sexy Emoji Valentine's Day Nail Art

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GIVEAWAY | MaskerAide "FUN" Sheet Masks!

In the spirit of celebrating the joy of sheet masks and the love they bring to me and to many of you (in addition to fantastic skin of course), I will be doing a few sheet mask giveaways over the next couple of weeks! This first giveaway features the newest sheet masks from Canadian brand MaskerAide - the FUN line! This is truly an amusing set of masks that will have you giggling and then reveling in gorgeous skin!   

Purchased by me

VALENTINE'S | Lush Valentine's Day Collection

It's that time of year again where you can't go out for dinner on Valentine's Day because all the restaurants are packed so if you are an old married couple like myself and KC, I will be making dinner at home and HE will be getting me jewelry LOL! I think after awhile you just want to spend time at home relaxing with people you love. I don't even know how to segue into the bath concoctions Lush has released this year because this year's collection is a little racy! All I can say is Lush, you make a girthy eggplant! 

Lush Valentine's Day Collection

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NAILS | The Pink Gradient #CBBxManiMonday

The new OPI Tokyo Collection arrived and I ran into any nail polish lover's issue of wanting to wear ALL of the shades at once and I have learned that the BEST solution for this is to do a gradient because then you can choose at least three of your favourite colours and just sponge them all together like one big, happy family! We are sticking with our theme of pinks and reds this month and while this gradient is more pink/mauve (I dunno, I just don't enjoy wearing straight-up red polish) I adore each of the colours on their own and I have a feeling I will be wearing this again this month and beyond!

Pink Gradient Nail Art

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SKINCARE | #CBBGetsSheetFaced Week 1 Round Up with Selfies!

This month, the CBB has decided to do 28 days of straight sheet masks with themes for each week and it seemed fitting to do a little round-up of all the masks I used for last week's theme of "print/animal" week. After doing 100 straight days of sheet masks, this seemed easy-peasy, but I love that I have my CBB friends Renee (See the World in Pink) and Chantal (Chantal's Corner) also joining me in this challenge so make sure to check out our stories on Instagram to see what we've all got on our faces every night this month!

#CBBGetsSheetFaced Week 1

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KBEAUTY | Peripera Mini Luggage Cosmetics Kit #LunarFebraury

When it comes to ridiculously cute packaging, Asian cosmetics always win hands-down! They really do a brilliant job of making sure adult women continue to squeal with excitement well into their middle ages over a lipstick shaped like a parasol, a cat-shaped cushion foundation or in this case a miniature rolling suitcase filled with mini lipsticks, a concealer and a cream contour! Leave it up to Peripera to release something as cute as this! I picked this up last year and recently got around to trying out some of the products inside and realized that if I thought this was adorable, some of you might as well!  

Peripera Mini Luggage Cosmetics Kit Review

Purchased myself

KBEAUTY | Sulwhasoo ShineClassic Powder Compact #LunarFebruary

Happy Year of the Pig! This is MY year and I have never been more excited because pigs are so cute with their chubby faces and ears being signs of fortune! I have been trying to hunt down cute pig cosmetics, but it is hard to find the line between cute and kitschy. So far, I have only picked up one makeup item that made me happy and while there are quite a number of Kbeauty releases with the pig design on them, I still want the products to look luxurious which is my segue into THIS -the limited edition Sulwhasoo ShineClassic Powder Compact! This is a thing of beauty and I actually had my name at Holts on a waitlist for when this came in because this needed to be mine!

Sulwhasoo ShineClassic Powder Compact

Purchased by me

NAILS | Jar of Hearts #CBBxManiMonday

Last year, I went a bit rogue and almost ignored Valentine's Day completely in favour of the Lunar New Year and Asian products. This year will still focus on #LunarFebruary, but Valentine's Day will not be left behind as I do have a handful of stories for this month that were of interest to me and hopefully will be to you as well! For this month, the girls and I decided to keep our ManiMonday theme simple and embrace the pink and red of both Valentine's Day and the Lunar New Year. I was very hesitant to say goodbye to the gorgeous green Zoya manicure I received at Lily & Roo last week so I decided to add some pink on top and squeak out a few more days of wear out of my manicure.

Heart Nail Art

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SKINCARE | Pixi Glow Glycolic and Plump Collagen Boost Sheet Masks

I know I just blogged about Pixi Beauty last week, but these new sheet masks NEEDED to be discussed! Just released, Pixi has added two more skintreats to their crazy large repertoire of skincare in the form of skin-boosting sheet masks! Yes, you heard me! My favourite thing in the beauty world has now come to Pixi and I had to try them immediately! It's rare that I immediately sit down and photograph a newly arrived product, but I have a feeling some of you are just as curious about these new sheet masks I am!

Pixi Glow Glycolic and Plump Collagen Boost Sheet Masks

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KBEAUTY | Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop #LunarFebruary

In the Korean beauty world, there are some cult products that always get talked about, that everyone reviews and because of that, I have tuned out. While I have always known Klairs to be a solid brand, I guess there was always a more interesting KBeauty product to try since something innovative comes out everytime I scroll through Instagram! Recently, Wishtrend invited members of the CBB to review the December featured product: Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop*! This is a daily essence made with 5% L-Ascorbic Acid (the active form) and Centella Asiatica extract which is an antioxidant and incredible moisturizer with soothing properties. This is an ingredient I see often in Asian skincare and I just realized this is also known as "gotu kola" which I actually AM familiar with through some of Tata Harper's skincare and I love this stuff!

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop Review

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