BODY | Veilment Hemp Seed Oil Collection

 Veilment Hemp Seed Oil Collection

Press samples

NAILS | Beachy Daisies #CBBxManiMonday


Daisy Nail Art with Gradient

Press samples

Happy Victoria Day to those who have it! Work is actually closed for today which does not happen a lot so I have had a real weekend off as we are closed on Sundays as well! I have plans to resume my beauty and house clean up today as well donating some old clothes to Big Brother. I have really been wanting to refresh my spring/summer wardrobe which means I need to make some space! I gained about 10lbs during 2020 that I have not been able to shed (granted, I haven't been exercising so...) and a lot of the clothes I thought I would be able to fit into are now just a no-go. In addition to changes in my wardrobe, I have also made changes to my nail shape! This is now my second manicure with ballerina coffin style nails and I am kind of loving it! I feel like a different person! 

SHEET MASK | PibuWang 17VDerma Vegan Cat Mask

Pibuwang 17VDerma Vegan Cat Mask
Purchased by me

Early on in my sheet mask "career", the PibuWang #17VDerma sheet mask was one of the few out there that were vegan and had EWG certified Grade 1 ingredients (I never liked the EWG, but to some this is important). This brand also pledged to donate a portion of their revenue to animal rescue efforts in Korea as their "beauty muse" is their adopted street cat Mormi. The cynic in me wants to say this is all just a convenient way of putting a cat on their packaging, but I am going to be positive and believe that all of this is indeed true! 

NAILS | Cadillacquer Lullaby Thermal Polish Swatch #MidWeekMani

Cadillacquer Lullaby Thermal Polish Swatch
Purchased by me

I promise this blog isn't a shrine to solely Cadillacquer polishes, but how can I resist featuring such beautiful thermal polishes?! Now, that I know thermal polishes don't stay thermal forever AND considering these polishes are almost $20 per bottle, it makes the most sense to use them when they are freshest! Today's thermal polish is "Lullaby" which goes from teal when warm to cobalt blue when cold. Also, I decided to try the coffin nail shape after breaking one of the corners from my thumb. Do we like this new nail shape?

HANDS | Mary Kay Satin Hands Collection

Mary Kay Satin Hands Collection
Press samples 

Never before have I blown through hand cream like I have the last two years! Never have I had hands so dry throughout the year or hands that have cracks in the skin that CATCH on fabric! If we all learned one thing from the pandemic, it's that washing your hands is VERY important which in turn means that they are in constant need of moisture replenishment! I wash my hands a lot at work after touching money or client merchandise, but I also use the computer most of the day which means that my hands CANNOT be greasy! There are certain hand creams where you accept the grease levels because it's about treating and nurturing the hands, but in a practical environment you just want your hands to feel unparched and not to leave greasemarks for your colleagues! I have armed my colleagues with many tubes of Mary Kay Satin Hands in a variety of scents with the men preferring Unscented and women the florals.   

MAKEUP | fmg Ink High-Gloss Lacquers

 fmg High Ink Gloss Lacquers
Press samples

I have been wearing lipstick again to work! Albeit, it's matte lipstick so that it lasts all day as we are still masking during store hours, but I have been tentatively taking it off when I am at my desk or on my own. I am prepared for things to change once the Fall/Winter season hits as we might be on to a different letter of the Greek alphabet for the next variant! 

NAILS | Neon Dandelions #CBBxManiMonday

Press samples

SHEET MASK | Sephora Collection Instant Mattifier Hemp Mask

Sephora Collection Instant Mattifier Hemp Mask
Purchased by me

Here we are with another sheet mask on another #SheetMaskSunday! How long have I been doing this? 2 years now? I think I started in 2020 as a way to regulate my blogging schedule a bit AND because it was the year my work started closing on Sundays for "pandemic times". We are actually STILL closed on Sundays now and I have to say it is just so nice having a set day off for EVERYONE where you know nothing can happen on this one day!

NAILS | Cadillacquer Vita (Thermal) Swatch

Cadillacquer Vita (Thermal) Swatch
Purchased by me

I didn't get a chance to paint my nails in time for a #MidWeekMani as I wouldn't really consider Saturday the middle of the week! I was able to take three extra days off this week as it will be a loooooong time before I can take vacation days again as we are very short-staffed at the moment. I think the next time I have off is for my birthday in July which is fine. It's something to look forward to! I just pray that we don't have another heat dome! 

BODY | Boscia Bodycare Routine

Boscia Body Care Review
Press samples

I have been on a bit of a Boscia kick ever since the event I attended online two weeks ago! I always feel like these beauty events renew your curiosity and love for a brand or certain products. It also helps when you get co-founder of Boscia, Lan Belinky, to teach you about every single product and how best to use them! For fun, I went back through my old blog posts to see when I started using Boscia and how often, and you know what? I started using Boscia 10 YEARS ago beginning with their Blotting Linens, BB Cream (THE BEST, but now discontinued) and their cleansing oil. Back in the day, I knew them more as a Western brand with Asian beauty roots which was kind of perfect for me as I was still navigating through the world of beauty and skincare. Fast forward to now where Boscia is killing it with updated eye-catching packaging and a bunch of new products not just for the skin, but for the body too!

SKINCARE | The Sunday Riley Routine

Sunday Riley Skincare
Press samples

I first heard of Sunday Riley in 2015 when I was working for Tata Harper as Good Genes was a competing product to the Resurfacing Mask because of the way it gently exfoliates. Even after leaving Tata Harper, I never really thought too much about the brand not because I didn't like it, but I just didn't know enough about it for me to take a deep dive, especially because their products are luxuriously priced! In one of my last press events for 2020, the Sunday Riley team held a Sunday Brunch event in January 2020 to celebrate the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Rat and I have FINALLY used all of the products they gave us!

NAILS | Teeny Tiny Flowers #CBBxManiMonday

Tiny Flower Nail Art

Press samples

I swear I had these nails done on Sunday night! My husband and I were doing furniture switching around all afternoon and cleaning along the way so by the end of it we were both pretty spent. Most of the stuff that was moved was beauty so it involved me going through products and seeing if I was REALLY going to keep them or find them new homes. I also had to say goodbye to my Star Trek Voyager and Next Generation DVDs because as long as it took to acquire them and as expensive as they were almost 20 years ago to buy, I no longer have a DVD player anywhere in my life and haven't played them in probably 10 years!

SHEET MASK | Yoji Lab Around the Clock Youth Therapy B3 Mask

This review is LONG overdue as even my mask selfie is from pre-pandemic days and many rounds of blonde balayage ago! Over the Easter long weekend of 2019, fellow blogger Leslie from A Life Well Consumed and I went sheet mask shopping in Richmond and hit up T&T and Aberdeen Center. I was all prepared to do some serious retail therapy and realized I had forgotten my wallet! I just had my phone so before I bought anything, I just made sure that all the stores I went to accepted tap. Let's face it, Asian retailers are very technologically advanced so everyone looked at me like a crazy person when I asked if they had tap! Once a year, I make the trip to the store Green and Pure in Aberdeen Tower as the owner Wing is AMAZING and their store has some of the nicest brands and products that are of course all tried and tested by Wing!

Yoji Lab Around the Clock Youth Therapy B3 Mask
Purchased by me

MAKEUP | Avon TPSY Collection

Avon TPSY Makeup Collection
Products provided by PR

Hello Makeup, my old friend. That's swhat goes through my head whenever I start to put together a full face of makeup and though I am still tip-toeing back into a real daily makeup routine, I have started wearing tinted moisturizer as foundation and lipstick almost everyday! If you are slowly opening up to the world of makeup again or just enjoy the easy glow of Korean style makeup, Avon TPSY is the newest in achieving a quick pop of colour and of course glowy skin!

NAILS | Rainbow Honey Charaxes x Metalmark #MidWeekMani


Rainbow Honey Charaxes x Metalmark

I know we are little past the middle of the week, but I just painted my nails and wanted to share them! These past couple of Sundays (they are the only days off my husband and I share), my husband and I have made a point of doing something together that's not a chore like grocery shopping. He works from home 95% of the time now and even though I love spending my time off on Cosmetic Proof, I have to respect the fact that to him staying at home is not as exciting for him as it is for me. So, to be good partners in life, I said that we should have a plan every Sunday to go out and see a movie, have a date OUTSIDE or for the last three Sundays finally plan out our apartment and what furniture to get!

SKINCARE | Hot and Icy with the Boscia Thermal Black Charcoal and Cryosea Firming Icy-Cold Cleansers

Boscia Thermal Black Charcoal and Cryosea Firming Icy-Cold Cleanser Review
Products provided by PR

I have been in a very involved relationship with my cleansers the last couple of months. I don't often review cleansers mainly because there isn't much variety in terms of what I can say about them, but that doesn't stop me from shopping through my stash and hand-selecting what kind of texture or scent I feel like experiencing! Recently, I started taking my double cleansing REAL serious and have been joyfully testing out various duos of oil cleanser + second cleanser! An interesting cleanser duo that has entered my rotation are the Boscia Thermal Black Charcoal and Cryosea Firming Icy-Cold Cleansers!

NAILS | Bright May Florals #CBBxManiMonday

Bright Flower Nail Art

Nail polishes provided by PR 

May has finally come and our CBBxManiMonday theme is - you guessed it, florals! Flowers are always so much fun to do as the colour combinations are endless and can be interpreted in so many different ways. I was in the mood for brights as we head into warmer weather and was inspired by this pin from The Nail Trail! Keep reading to find out which shades I used to create this bright, happy and very Spring-like manicure!

SHEET MASK | DAF (Drawing a Fragrance) V7 Vita Pearl Mask

My FaceTory subscription introduced me to so many cool sheet masks some of them having the prettiest packaging that North American brands still have not come close to! Today's #SheetMaskSunday is one of those sexy masks so let's give it up for the DAF V7 Vita Pearl Mask!

DAF (Draw a Fragrance) Vita Pearl Mask
Included in my FaceTory subscription

NAILS | Deborah Lippmann "Do the Mermaid" Swatch and Chat

I honestly don't know how I got here to the end of this week/end of the month. It has been an odd week at work with it being both busy and not. It has all been a bit of a blur as there has been a ton of construction and visits from various people. Mentally, I have been feeling really ugly on the outside and bored with my workwear so this past week I have made an effort to dress up more and wear designer pumps and actual blazers to feel more "boss woman"! The past two years, the work dress code has relaxed a little bit and now we are allowed to wear cardigans instead of blazers (yay!) which was something I took FULL advantage of as sometimes I feel very restrained or hot in a blazer especially in the summer. The thing is, there definitely is something much more professional looking about wearing a blazer so I've been wearing all of my blazers again this past week with heels and it actually has made me feel better. I plan on going through my clothing this weekend and organizing it for Big Brother to pick up so I'm hoping I keep up the momentum!


Deborah Lippmann Do the Mermaid Swatch
Purchased by me

MAKEUP | Revlon Kiss Glow Lip Oils

One product I really got to know these last two years, especially at home, is the lip oil. When I want a bit of an upgrade from a lip balm, this is what I want to use as I find it to be a quick way of looking a hint more sexy while still having my lips feel soothed and comforted. What was a bestseller in Asia is now a limited time release in Canada and I truly hope they are here to stay because I just keep all these shades on rotation because they feel and look so natural! Let's see more of the Revlon Kiss Glow Lip Oils!  

Revlon Kiss Glow Lip Oil Review
Press samples provided

NAILS | Oreo Cookies & Creme Eggs #CBBxManiMonday

I loved the look of the Cadbury Creme Egg Nails that I did so much that I when I was chomping away on these Oreo Mini Eggs, I realized I wanted to try these nails again!  

Oreo Cookies and Creme Egg Nail Art
Polishes sent from PR marked with *

SHEET MASK | Misst & Co. Hemp Seed Oil Hydrating Beauty Sheet Mask

Though I don't often discuss it here on the blog, I started taking CBD regularly last year oddly enough after doing an Instagram post for Sunnyside Botanicals. The post was for their new skincare, but they also included a bottle of CBD for me to try. I avoided trying it for awhile because "drugs" tend to affect me quite strongly whether it's caffeine or alcohol, but after doing some research CBD felt safe. Now, it's a fairly regular part of my life albeit in tiny doses (I take about 1/4 the recommended once a day). Through this CBD journey, I was introduced to Vancouver-based Birch + Fog, an online store which carries a large selection of CBD and CBD wellness products. In addition to some wonderful tasting tinctures, gummies and chocolate, I came across the Misst & Co Hydrating Beauty Sheet Masks which are made with hemp seed oil. Obviously, I had to pick some up with my most recent order!

Misst & Co. Hemp Seed Oil Hydrating Beauty Sheet Mask
Purchased by me

LIFESTYLE | Five on Friday - Apr.22nd - Severance, Over the Top, Pink Gems, Movie Night Out and a Pretty Coffee

Ooh, I haven't done one of these posts in awhile! It has been a bit crazy the last two weeks so I haven't had a chance to do anything really fun or take pictures of anything I have been enjoying. Work has been about keeping my head above water, but we all made it out alive which is what matters!


OMG this show! I haven't finished it yet, but I saw the tweets for the season finale and everyone's minds were blown (even Stephen King's!). I like Adam Scott's performance in The Good Place and of course Parks and Recreation  so when my husband first told me what this show was about, I was immediately fascinated! I actually have always wanted to not think about work at home and that's what Severance is about! People voluntarily separate their brains so that while at work, they only know work and when they clock out, their "outies" or home selves only know their home life and nothing of work. Creepy and weird, right? Talk about a work-life balance extreme!

MAKEUP | Hermès Plein Air Natural Enhancing Complexion Balm

Last month during Spring Break, my friend Gerry and I treated ourselves to food and shopping downtown as we had not gone out together since 2019. After having some brunch at OEB Breakfast, we headed to Nordstorm and Pacific Centre to specifically peruse some beauty and jewelry. It was a rainy day and I hate trying on clothes when I'm wearing multiple layers, boots and carrying an umbrella so we stuck to easy things to "sample"! I had a few things on my shopping list to look at including the new complexion products from Hermès. I knew that these were going to be a large chunk of my shopping budget so I had planned for weeks accordingly just in case I decided to bite the bullet!

Hermes Plein Air Natural Enhancing Complexion Balm
Purchased by me

SKINCARE | Let's Fight Hyperpigmentation with Holy Snails Shark Sauce!

Part of my nightly routine now always includes a niacinamide serum. What began as just a methodical way of using the many niacinamide serums I had in my collection has become an essential in my skincare routine! I have tried a few niacinamide products in serum or booster form and lemme tell ya, I did not think I would have become quite so picky! It's hard to know who to trust when it comes to a recommendation as now the "influencer" is no longer truly unbiased so I decided to go with kind of an OG "skinfluencer" - Jude Chao of Fifty Shades of Snail! I first came across her blog years ago for a VERY in-depth review of Sulwhasoo's First Care Activating Serum and enjoyed her research-driven approach to specifically Asian skincare. 

Holy Snails Shark Sauce Review
Purchased by me

NAILS | Easter Pastel Dotticure #CBBxManiMonday

I have a four day weekend and I could not be happier!  I had a rough work week last week as people were on vacation and then unexpectedly, more became sick leaving me with a VERY bare bones crew. I ended up having to work a 50 hour week instead of the usual 40 which left me feeling pretty tired by the end of it, but I made it and managed to wrap up a few loose ends as well! I was doing well at staying ahead or at least relatively on top of my blogging and Instagram schedule, but losing that day off in the middle of the week tired me out so here I am starting from scratch. As much as I try, I'll never be one of those people that can have weeks of posts scheduled. I'm lucky if I have just one post scheduled! I can barely write more than one blog post a day so truly thumbs up to those who can plan a whole week!

Easter Pastel Dotticure Nail Art
Press samples provided

SHEET MASK | The Creme Shop Hello Kitty Ready Set Glow Sheet Mask

For those of you who have been following my #SheetMaskSunday posts, you're probably wondering how many more of these The Creme Shop x Hello Kitty masks I have and the answer is JUST a few more! I can't believe I picked these up so long ago now (pre-pandemic) and wanted to review them in one massive post for a "Hello Kitty Week", but honestly a lot of plans kind of went to shit in 2020 so here we are in 2022 trying to plug along! 

The Creme Shop Hello Kitty Ready Set Glow Sheet Mask
Purchased by me

NAILS | Cadbury Creme Egg Nails #CBBxManiMonday

I used to only want to do super complicated nail art and would look down on nail art techniques that were not "hard enough", but let me tell ya, almost 40 year old me no longer judges anyone as even having my nails done every week feels like a huge accomplishment sometimes! We all love Cristine from Simplynailogical who openly says that she's not an artist and that when it comes to nail art, her abilities are of a different calibre than those who stamp and hand-draw. What she IS good at is making some amazing looking nail art without needing to have much in the way of artistic ability. You will need patience, but no nail art brushes or stamping kits!

Cadbury Creme Egg Nail Art

Polish is PR and Cadbury Eggs are all mine

SHEET MASK | Papa Recipe Bombee Green Honey Mask Pack

The original Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask was the first sheet mask I tried almost six years ago that truly fit like skin. Up until that point, I don't think I had truly experienced a mask where I couldn't tell where my skin started and the sheet mask began. Since that very first mask, I have picked up EVERY Papa Recipe mask in existence and have shared all the ones I have tried here on Cosmetic Proof with a general love for them all. The Bombee Green Honey Mask Pack is no exception even though it did disappoint me in certain areas. 

Papa Recipe Bombee Green Honey Mask Pack
Purchased by me

NAILS | Cadillacquer Daffodils Swatch #MidWeekMani

It's almost midnight as I write this and the family downstairs has decided that it is the perfect time to plug in their electric guitar and do a family sing-a-long...I don't know why no one complains and I feel like a jerk if we do since it will be pretty evident it's us since it's a small apartment complex. Luckily, I cranked up the volume on my ASMR spa videos so all I could hear were the sounds of a gua sha!

Cadillacquer Daffodils Swatch
Purchased by me

MAKEUP | Beauty Sponge Showdown featuring Beautyblender, Real Techniques, Sephora and Juno & Co.

I have always been a sponge girl when it came to foundation application and prior to that I would use my fingers, but that often got messy. I have tried brushes, but for some reason using them just never stuck with me. For awhile, the Beautyblender was the only option us sponge lovers had, but as beauty tech has evolved so have the sponges and the materials used to create them which has led to the opportunity to create this beauty sponge showdown!

Some PR samples

HAIR | Sebastian Dark Oil Collection

I have been reviewing this Sebastian Dark Oil Collection for FAR longer than I normally would because honestly, I am having a hard time moving on.  Why you ask? Well, it's because this collection of products have been so damn awesome! In fact, even though I graciously received the products below as press samples, I ended up buying the Dark Oil Hair Oil from Chatters over the weekend because I wanted MORE of this collection!

Sebastian Dark Oil Hair Collection

Press samples

NAILS | Keep Calm and Carrot On! #CBBxManiMonday

The Easter long weekend is not for a little while, but I plan on fully embracing all things Easter-themed for the month (our #CBBxManiMonday theme is "Pastels") and hopefully be a little creative with it as well starting off with some rabbit food!

Carrot Nail Art
PR samples featured

SHEET MASK | Jayjun Cosmetic Anti-Dust Therapy 3 Step Mask

When I initially started by sheet mask journey, the Jayjun Anti-Dust Therapy Mask kept popping up as one of the "cool" ones to try with its multi--step routine all built into one packet. The packaging was also one of the prettiest I had ever seen (I mean, LOOK at those flowers!) and though I picked up this mask quite awhile ago, it wasn't until this month that I actually took the time to experience it! I think it just came down to the fact that everytime I wanted to try it, I kept telling myself that I "needed to take photos first" because I wanted to feature it here. It seems I finally got my act together to showcase this very cool sheet mask!
Jayjun Cosmetic Anti-Dust Therapy 3 Step Mask
Purchased by me

LIFESTYLE | Five on Friday - Apr.1st - Spiderman: No Way Home, LEGO Tiger, OPUS Aperitivo Spritz, Pulled Pork and Teen Vogue Article

It's April Fools' Day, but I don't "celebrate" and generally hate this day when it comes to social media because you never know what to believe. I only like the kind of jokes that are brutally obvious like "Invisible Nail Polish" not pregnancy announcements or things that mess with people's emotions because I think that is just mean! Not too much happening this past week, but definitely five things that made me smile!


NAILS | More with OPI x Xbox in "You Had Me at HALO"!

This is my segue into spring nail polish shades as our CBBxManiMonday theme becomes all about pastels next Monday! This year's OPI collaboration is with an unexpected player - Xbox! That's right, the video game platform! I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of colour story and when I saw the whole collection I still wasn't sure if I would have ever imagined such spring-like shades for XBox. Nevertheless, I still think the collection is very pretty and the names for these polishes are just spot on! 


Pink and Purple Nail Art
PR samples

SKINCARE | FaceTory Artemisia Balancing Light Creme

When FaceTory started coming out with their own brand of sheet masks, I was THERE so now that they have their own skincare products, I just want to try everything because the packaging is adorable and the pricing is very reasonable for the formulations even factoring in the US exchange rate.  One of the first skincare products FaceTory released was their Artemisia Balancing Light Creme, a lightweight soothing moisturizer targeted at red, oily, acne-prone or combo skin. This is not my skin type at all which is why this moisturizer say untouched until last year's heat dome when I wanted hydration, but without the greasiness!

FaceTory Artemesia Balancing Light Creme
Included as a bonus with one of my FaceTory subscription boxes

NAILS | OPI x XBOX Spring French Manicure #CBBxManiMonday

Wow, pat on the back to me for having a manicure actually done AND posted on a Monday! I had Friday off so I used it to finish my taxes and do my nails that night. I really should get into the habit of painting my nails Friday or Saturday so that I'm not rushing on Sunday night to both paint and type! It's one of those things, I know I should be more organized about (amongst other things), but I am not. If I had a set schedule, it would be easier, but I don't often have Fridays off and I never have Saturdays off because hey, it's retail. Nevertheless, this week I managed to be more productive than previous weeks which has mentally made me feel better.

Fishtail Nail Art
PR samples

SHEET MASK | Sephora Collection Matcha Tea Face Mask

The Sephora Collection Face Masks have not been a stranger to Cosmetic Proof over the years and though I initially wasn't completely sold on them, they have become solid staples in my sheet mask collection and as new "flavours" get introduced, I just HAVE to try them all one by one! As I have been focusing on green coloured/packaged sheet masks this month, it only made sense to try the mattifying and clarifying Matcha Tea Face Mask!

Sephora Collection Matcha Tea Face Mask
Purchased by me, affiliate links

LIFESTYLE | Five on Friday - Mar.25th - Book of Boba Fett, Sample Wall, Day Out with Gerry, Holt Renfrew Haul and Turning Red

I didn't think I would actually sit down and write this as it has been challenging to get content out this month. Yes, I know blogging isn't everything, but I can never shake the feeling that I should be writing because I am still trying to make room in the beauty room to display my LEGO! Blogging about sheet masks isn't creating enough space and what I REALLY should be doing is blogging about whole skincare and haircare collections because those take up quite a bit of room! I do have a schedule laid out for myself, but finding the energy is the next step! While, this isn't a beauty post, it does help me feel a little bit better!


NAILS | Hermes Vert Ecossais with 18K Gold Leaf #CBBxManiMonday

It has been a long time since I have purchased something bougie and ridiculous and last week when I went shopping with my friend Gerry, that's what happened and it felt REALLY good. The last two years have been about small pleasures and finding joy in things that didn't necessarily cost money or at least not as much money. I was a big spender for most of my working life and though I never went too crazy, I definitely didn't need to buy as much as I did. Even now, there are still a few things I should curb, but luckily I had planned for our little shopping trip and the grand total of my spenditure amounted to about $300 which compared to previous years (ahem $3000...but this included a Celine bag!) which felt nice to do, but not overkill. You can see from the title what one of my splurges was!

Hermes Vert Ecossais with 18K Gold Leaf Nail Art
 Purchased by me

SHEET MASK | Oscar Mayer Bologna Hydrogel Sheet Face Mask

I was tagged in a tweet by Jill from Beauty Vixen for the debut of the Oscar Mayer Face Mask back in January and initially thought it was a prank product because why would a brand specializing in "instant meat" decide to make something so completely unrelated?! I still don't have an answer to that, but I DO have a mask that looks like meat. On my face. 

Purchased by me

LIFESTYLE | Five on Friday - Mar.18th - The Woman in the House..., Sephora Haul, Lamy Pico, New Favourite Book and More Walks!

Wasn't expecting to not do a Five on Friday for such a long time, but lo and behold this is my first Five on Friday this month! There has been a lot going on in the world and my day job just ended up consuming so much of my mental and physical well-being that my attention span at home hasn't been great other than for watching movies. I feel like I will never catch up which is somewhat disheartening, but I am chipping away at my pile of stuff to do and hoping that as long as nothing new pops up, I'll be able to feel a little more accomplished! February was so nice and relaxing where I felt caught up at work and I was able to blog so much! It always feels nice to see a solid history of a couple of blog posts each week!


NAILS | The Hungry Asian Mint Condition Swatch #CBBxManiMonday

I thought this week would be less crazy, but I was wrong. It seems like the hecticness of the first week of March where I had all of this stuff happening work bled into the second week as we launched a new Service Repair app that everyone needed to be trained on which of course wasn't as smooth as we thought it would be. I felt so confused which freaked me out since I'm usually pretty good with tech things and though I eventually calmed down enough to learn and absorb properly, I was very stressed about it for a few days. This week seems to be just full of men who feel treating people like minions is the best way of doing business so I was slightly moody today and just need to survive one more day with some insufferable people before I get two days off in a row all to myself!

The Hungry Asian Mint Condition Swatch
Purchased by me so long ago!

SHEET MASK | Garnier Replumping, Brightening and Balancing Serum Masks

I have been keeping a close eye on Garnier as over the last few years, they have released some very cool skincare products with my favourites being from their Green Labs collection! The Pinea-C Brightening Serum Cream SPF 30 (review here) remains one of my most favourite products and when I saw on Amazon that sheet masks had been added to the Green Labs repertoire, I bought all three as I had not seen them in my local London Drugs yet!

Garnier Serum Mask Review
Purchased by me

SKINCARE | MaskerAide Matcha Detoxifying Clay Mask

I think I have just a handful of clay mask reviews on the blog mainly because clay tends to be very drying on my normal/dry skin so I am careful about what I use. For my skin type, a clay mask needs to make my skin feel refreshed and clean, maybe even a little brighter, but never EVER tight. Of the two wash-off masks MaskerAide released in 2020 (this still feels recent to me), I reviewed the Pineapple Brightening Jelly Mask last month (here) and now I have the Matcha Detoxifying Clay Mask!

Press samples provided

NAILS | Tropical Green Feels #CBBxManiMonday

I am almost all caught up to where I want to be this week as I feel like everything was completely put on hold for Inventory and our Audit (which I am still purging from my memory). I am ready for Spring and something new at this point which is why I went with an almost tropical theme for this week's #CBBxManiMonday. I am already thinking about warmer weather and I am NOT a summer person in terms of heat so this is saying something!

Tropical Green Nail ArtTropical Green Nail Art
Press samples featured

SHEET MASK | 23 Years Old Silky Seaweed Mask

After a work week from hell, I am hoping to get back to a more normal schedule of blogging in the next few weeks! I'm still feeling the effects of the stress and anxiety I placed upon myself and even though I had a good sleep-in today, I know I will need to continue going to bed at a decent hour for a couple more days to feel better. I have a massage and facial coming up on Tuesday so I think I'm going to treat Tuesday like a super chill no stress day with possibly a bit of laundry in the middle!

Purchased through my Facetory subscription 

LIFESTYLE | Woodsmoke and Willow Plant and Animal Cell Polymer Clay Earrings

I was just going to post these fantastically nerdy earrings on Instagram and nowhere else because I thought it would look pretty on my feed, but then I realized that I wanted people to really KNOW about these earrings and this wonderful Etsy shop which means I needed to create some solidly "Googleable" content! 

Purchased by me

NAILS | The Hungry Asian Tickled Pink Swatch #CBBxManiMonday

Anyone else feel like taking a sick day? Luckily I have today off, but after going to bed at around 1am last night and then getting up 6 hours later to do laundry, I just feel like I never woke up! I had a small nap at 11am just because I couldn't stop yawning, but I still feel like a complete zombie. I am also feeling quite a bit of anxiety (Ukraine and Russia aside) as tomorrow is my Monday and it's a week of fairly unpleasant things in the retail world. 

The Hungry Asian Tickled Pink Swatch
Purchased by me sooooo long ago!