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Vivaia Shoe Review

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Don't you hate it when the Instagram ads get you? It takes me a long time to actually buy something from an ad I have seen as I like to read reviews first and with Vivaia, I was probably getting fed those ads on Instagram for a solid year before committing to a purchase. I watched and read numerous reviews and it looked like overall, people were happy with the quality and how they looked on the feet. I was looking specifically for a work shoe that I could comfortably wear for 8-10 hours and wouldn't you know? I found some! Though this post only shows three pairs of Vivaias, I actually now have SIX pairs!  
Vivaia started in 2020 (ah, another pandemic brand) and seems to be headquartered in the UK with the shoes being shipped and made in China. There seems to be some mixed information about where the actual headquarters is, but all I know is that the shoes are made and shipped directly from their factory in China. The main selling feature is that the shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles and using a knit technology are machine-washable! I also have a wide foot and the fact that the knit stretched to accommodate this was something I was very interested in trying! 

Vivaia Shoe Review

After looking at videos and photos of reviews with the shoes on people's feet, I finally took the plunge! Note that I was also looking at Rothy's for machine washable, stylish flats, but Vivaia was half the price and often had multi-buy promotions and when the time came for 20% off for two pairs, I went for it! 

The very first pair of shoes I bought were the Aria 5° Pointed Toe Ballet Flats in Nude in a size 36.5. Though these looked good on my feet, there wasn't a lot of room for my toes and I could definitely feel/see my pinky toe struggling at the point. They are still incredibly comfortable and the support from the Artemesia insole has actually provided much relief for my high arches. The shoes also weigh NOTHING and you feel like you can really move freely in them.

Aria 5° Pointed Toe Ballet Flats in Dark Leopard
Vivaia Shoe Review

These dark leopard print shoes were the second pair of Arias I purchased only this time, I chose a size 37 which proved to be more comfortable for my pinky toe, BUT I will admit that there is quite a bit of visible space showing on the sides of my feet (refer to first photo). Even so, I still prefer wearing the size 37 compared to the 36.5 on a day to day basis as I am on my feet all day at work and they feel like they swell up 1/2 a European size by the end of the day.

Melody Square Toe Chunky Heel in Black

I wanted to try a heel in this brand so I went with the Melody as I preferred the heel on this style the best. As this style was a square toe, I figured I could go ahead with my regular size of 36.5 and I was right! I was scared going to 37 would be too big so I am glad I trusted my instincts. These shoes have a bit of padding on the inside making them super lightweight to walk and run around in. I did feel like they needed a bit of "breaking in" at the toe box as the finished edge of the shoe felt like it was digging into the top part of my foot after a 3-4 hours. Still, I would totally get another pair of these in a more neutral colour. Note that these heels are NOT machine washable because of the block heel.

Aria 5° Pointed Toe Ballet Flats in Black (Water Repellant)

I love the Aria design so once I knew the size 37 was more comfortable, I had to order these shoes in black as I wear black shoes A LOT at work. As it rains more than you could ever know in Vancouver, I sprung for the waterproof version and I can honestly that it has been worth it as I have stepped into puddles and gotten rained on with no water seeping into my tights! I can easily wear these shoes for 8 hours and usually I end up wearing them closer to 11 hours with walking on pavement so needless to say, they get a lot of wear!

One thing I have not done yet with these shoes is throw them in the washing machine. This is mainly because I haven't really gotten them dirty and though I have seen photos of other people's Vivaias looking great coming out of the wash, I'd rather not put them through the wash until I really have to, so I guess I will have to update my review for when I do. I would put them in their own wash bag and they air dry if I did which is what Vivaia suggest doing as well.

As for shipping times to Canada, in the three times I have ordered, it took about 2 weeks for my order to get to me. Once in Vancouver, a local courier was used (I think UniUni) so I received regular text updates when my package was coming and when it had been delivered. I wish I had remembered to take a photo, but all of the shoebox packaging was cardboard and recyclable and compact.

Final verdict: All in all, the fact that I have SIX pairs of Vivaias now MUST mean that I have been enjoying them! I put the black Arias to the ultimate test in Paris as those were my "comfortable dress shoes" that still looked work appropriate, but still be able to do 30,000 steps around Paris in! It rained a few days too, but my feet were fine and they packed SO WELL in a suitcase as they packed flat and I didn't have to worry about them getting damaged since the knit is so flexible. In the photo above, I am sure my black Jimmy Choos would have looked nicer with my cocktail dress, but we had been walking so much already and I just wanted to be comfortable, but still look relatively professional. The knit can look a bit casual, but in black it is really hard to tell so if you are looking for a business-appropriate shoe, get black Vivaias!

I have had my first initial set of Vivaias for a year with no issues and while I anticipate that the artemesia insert will eventually need replacing, I think that is just regular wear and tear that comes with shoes. I wear my work clothes TO DEATH even though I work in a pretty jewelry store, as it is a three storeys and I don't take the elevator if I can avoid it. Gotta try and hit my 10,000 steps/day if I can! I will continue to buy them and have my eye on more Arias for sure as I am curious about their boots and their kitten heels! I would only buy the shoes when there is a promotion as they are still around $134 per pair at regular price, but Vivaia often often does multi-shoe promotions which is generally when I buy as I always have my eye on more than colour!

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