SHEET MASK | DC Comics Wonder Woman, Superman and The Joker

Talk about some of the best printed sheet masks I have come across! I don't even know where I would even begin to try to find these other than ebay because I'm not even sure what brand these sheet masks are...regardless, these were so much fun to wear and a great lead up to Halloween! I had planned on doing more printed masks this month, but when I developed an inexplicable case of hives 2 weeks ago, I took a one week break from skin and bodycare just to make sure I didn't make things worse because I honestly could not look at myself without getting goosebumps! 

Sheet Mask DC Comics Wonder Woman, Superman and The Joker
Purchased in Japan by my husband's coworker 

NAILS | Watercolour Mask and Matching Nail Art

I have been wanting to match my nails to my ever-growing collection of face masks for awhile now and what better opportunity than the contest London Drugs is currently having for doing exactly that! I had a hard time deciding which mask to use as inspiration because I like wearing patterned and fun ones, but eventually decided on this watercolour design which is one of the face masks my mother-in-law made for me during Lockdown in April. Isn't it pretty?

Watercolour Mask and Matching Nail Art
Press samples

SKINCARE | Purito Centella Unscented Toner and Serum

Last year, I fell head over heels for the Purito Green Level Sun Safe Sunscreen as it was every bit as fantastic as the reviews I had seen said it was. It had such a nice texture and if you had told me it was moisturizer, I would have believed you because the feel of this product on the skin is like no other. You can see that my first time with Purito had set the bar quite high! 

Purito Centella Unscented Toner and Serum
Press samples

NAILS | Halloween Skittles #CBBxManiMonday

It's my 7 year wedding anniversary today! I know that has nothing to do with my Halloween nails today, but for the first time since my wedding day, I have the day off and now that my husband works from home, we can celebrate together! While we normally go out and celebrate, we both aren't quite ready to dine in restaurants yet so we splurged on a really nice steak and other food goodies and will be cooking dinner for ourselves tonight! I am contemplating dressing up too just for the hell of it! I am going to get a much needed pedicure today since I had to cancel last week when hives appeared on my legs the day of my original appointment. Definitely could not subject the esthetician to that!

Halloween Nail Art
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SHEET MASK | Wrinkles Schminkles InfuseFAST Facial and Decolletage Sheet Mask

Don't let the cutesy name fool you because Australian company Wrinkles Schminkles means business when it comes to skincare and results! Most well-known for their 100% medical grade silicone patches (still reviewing these) for every part of the face and decolletage, they also have two sheet masks for the face and chest to complement the results of the silicone patches and further aid in making sure wrinkles are kept at bay and skin hydrated and plump! 

Wrinkles Schminkles InfuseFAST Facial and Decolletage Sheet Mask
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MAKEUP | MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Resist Smoky Shadow Sticks with Swatches and Makeup Look

When it comes to my most reached for eyeshadow sticks, it's almost always a cross between my old Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencil in Juju, the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks and my MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Shadow and Aqua Matic sticks. Juju is now down to the size of the tip of my pinky and since UD discontinued their chubby eyeshadow pencils, I haven't been reaching for this last bit as the product is starting to get difficult to work with which leaves me with LM and MUFE. I like both, but the MUFE pencils have edged out LM because the formula suits my eyelids better. MUFE has gone through a number of product upgrades and changes over the last five years with most of the changes resulting in some beautiful formulas so was that the case with the new Aqua Resist Smoky Shadow Sticks?

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Resist Smoky Shadow Sticks
Press samples 

NAILS | Pumpkin Pumpkin #CBBxManiMonday

I don't think I've ever posted a #CBBxManiMonday late, but I have been in a bit of a state the last two days as my weekend was going just fine until I developed hives. What started on my legs and back spread to my arms, neck and hands so I spent all day yesterday itchy despite taking antihistamines. I went to my family doctor who was puzzled as I have no food, seasonal or known allergies and the last time I have had any form of hives was when I was a kid and even that was just in a localized area not on my entire body! I had fully planned on going into work today, but when I work up and had welts down my legs and arms again PLUS my face, I just had to take the day off. I am not one to stay home from work as it stresses me out knowing that things are happening without me and I will just come back to more emails, but working with hives for the whole day just didn't seem to make a whole lot of sense. 

Press sample

BEAUTY | Lip Care with Henne Organics

I tried hard not to be absent from this space the whole week, but doing Inventory at work this week with half the staff we normally have thanks to COVID restrictions has wiped me out completely. I honestly can't believe it's already Saturday as the last couple of days have been a haze of running around and then coming home and feeling like a zombie until falling asleep. Now that my weekend is here, I look forward to sleeping in and my pedicure on Monday! 

Purchased by me

NAILS | Stitches and Jack o' Lanterns #CBBxManiMonday

It has been a very busy week preparing for inventory at my day job which has led to some broken nails as even in the world of luxury sales, there is still a fair amount of heavy lifting! I broke the corner of my pointer finger and then managed to poke myself on the same finger so now there is a blood spot there which you can see in these photos since my nails are shorter now. I had different nail art plans involving longer nails as my canvas, but luckily there is no shortage of nail art designs for short nails!  

Halloween Nail Art
Press samples

SHEET MASK | Soo'Ae Hydration Alert Sensor Mask

Today's edition of #SheetMaskSunday is coming to you erm, a little late because well Thanksgiving dinner happened. Even though my husband and I were the only people in attendance, we decided to a full dinner with sides of bacon and brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes and of course stuffing. We ended up doing a little ham instead of turkey since we actually have quite a bit of food in our fridge already that we need to eat and it was all just really pleasant! As we speak, I am waiting for our apple pie to heat up in the oven so that I can slather it with ice cream!

Soo'Ae Hydration Alert Sensor Mask Review
Purchased by me

MAKEUP | Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Foundation

I had mentioned on my Instagram post today that it has been brutally hard trying to sit down after coming from work to type. Most of the time, I treat blog posts like a journal entry, but this week all I have been wanting to do is veg. I have been watching the YouTube series 'Hot Ones" which has been pretty addictive and if you haven't watched celebrities being interviewed while their mouths are on fire, it's worth it! 

Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Foundation
Purchased by me

NAILS | Bring on the Candy Corn! #CBBxManiMonday

I got into the candy corn game pretty late in life. It's not exactly an Asian candy you grow up with and I honestly only saw it on TV or in the bulk candy section, but didn't understand why people liked it. Then I got a little pack of it and LOVED it when I trick-or-treated for the first time in my FIRST YEAR OF UNIVERSITY. Yes, I know, it's crazy that even with growing up and going to school in Canada, I never got to go trick-or-treating with my friends! The reason? I grew up in a Christian household where I couldn't dress up or have anything to do with Halloween. Fast forward to when my younger sister was old enough and SHE got to dress up and go out trick-or-treating so I was pretty choked about that! She always had the best costumes too because my mom was a seamstress and could sew whichever Disney character struck her fancy. Anyway, I finally got to go collect candy when I was 18 with a friend and when we ended up unknowingly hitting up her Econ prof's house I was like "Listen, we need to stop. We're too old!" 

Candy Corn Nail Art
 PR samples

SHEET MASK | Dr. Jart Dermask Water Jet Soothing Hydra Solution

Today's post is coming a little late in the day mainly because I have been sleeping for most of the day. Exciting, I know. I was catching up on some much needed sleep as the last week at work was reeeeally busy and was sleeping soundly until my cat jumped on my bladder and woke me up. I love how they always know EXACTLY where to start massaging their little paws! Regardless, I had trouble going back to bed and continued the rest of the day like a zombie until I finally had to crash for a nap at 4pm which brings me to now. Life as an adult is sometimes delightfully boring and that's totally ok by me! 

Dr. Jart Dermask Water Jet Soothing Hydra Solution
 Purchased by me

NAILS | In the Purples with OPI Muse of Milan

I was really loving my leaf-inspired taping manicure from last week and wanted to try taping again and the perfect opportunity arose when I came across two shades from the new OPI Muse of Milan collection that I wanted to feature together. I love all purples especially glittery purples and when I first started seeing swatches of the duochrome glitter "Leonardo's Model Color", I knew out of all the shades, THIS was the one I would purchase!

Purple Taping Manicure
 PR gifted

SHEET MASK | Soo'Ae Juicy Glow Masks in Strawberry and Mango

I cannot believe #SooAeSeptember is over because it means that September is OVER! Not that I'm not excited for October and one of my most favourite times of year (Halloween!), but this last half of 2020 feels like a bullet train. It's amazing what Lockdown and Quarantine have done to our sense of time, but I think we have all learned a lot about ourselves and refocused our attention on things like self-care. Bath bombs, sheet masks and candles seem to be all I think about even though I have gone back to work and I see that for those who now work at home, these items have replaced lipsticks and foundation. My husband has always liked baths, but now that's he at home, he always asks for bath bombs and gets upset if my bath looks "prettier" than his!

Purchased by me