KBEAUTY | Laneige Lip Glowy Balms

Just when I thought I was set with the lip balms I needed in life, Laneige just HAD to come out with a sister to their insanely good Lip Sleeping Mask - the new Lip Glowy Balms! Think of these as the daytime version of what we have all come to realize is one of the best, most delicious lip masks on the beauty market! 

Laneige Lip Glowy Balms Review

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NAILS | Easter Bunnies #CBBxManiMonday

I started watching the Game of Thrones premiere Sunday night and then realized I still had to do my nails for today! I had a more complex bunny design in my head when I looked at the time and calculated how much sleep I would potentially be losing should I go down the more time-consuming route so I "hopped" (pun intended) on over to Instagram to look for cute Easter manis and came across these "Sleepy Bunnies" by @melonpolish which were just TOO CUTE! 

Bunny Nail Art

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SHEET MASK | Yes To Coconut and Grapefruit Bubbling Paper Masks #EarthMonth

I am back with another Yes To mask session! Though I haven't had consistently good luck with Yes To masks, their new packaging is so damn cute and they have been coming out with so msny fun collections and products that I just cannot keep up! When it comes to affordable Earth-friendly products, I find Yes To fairly reasonable and most of all accessible. Even though I didn't have the best luck with their paper sheet masks, their mud masks and now I can say their bubble masks are quite good! If only the Bubbling Paper Masks were available in Canadian drugstores because they have some seriously yummy scents!

Yes To Coconut and Grapefruit Bubbling Paper Masks

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LOOK | Gettin' Chrome-y with Revlon

Yowza. The last time I did a makeup look on here was back in January?? That doesn't sound right, but that's what my search shows and I am disappoint! I used to be able to pump out one look a week, but it really slowed down last Spring when I found it really hard to bring myself to put on makeup and spend 2-3 hours photographing on a day I had off. I think if I had regular days off, planning would be much easier, but when they are all over the place where some days I'm at events or running errands, it becomes more important to have time to relax. Oddly enough, I don't think my job has changed much in terms of workload, but I don't think I have ever gotten used to not having energy so it's probably time to start working out and exercising like a healthy person since I'm not gettin' any younger!

Revlon Chrome Makeup Look

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NAILS | "Never a Bride, Always a Mermaid" #CBBxManiMonday

Almost 5.5 years ago, my husband and I said 'I Do" (wedding post) and because our wedding was VERY small (36 people) we had the opportunity to make every element more personal which meant wedding favours that reflected who WE were. At the time, I was massively into indie polish and loved the now defunct Pretty and Polished. Well, it's not like the owner isn't around, but she has moved on from nail polish and specializes in Bohemian household things now which is sad because so many of her polishes are among my favourites. She did thermals and glitters so well that I will cherish the MANY bottles of Pretty & Polished I purchased. For our wedding, all of the women received mini bottles of nail polish from the Bridal Collection including this gorgeous teal stunner - "Never a Bride, Always a Mermaid"

Pretty and Polished Never a Bride, Always a Mermaid Swatch

Purchased by me

SHEET MASK | Burt's Bees Hydrating Sheet Mask #EarthMonth

The next Earth-friendly product I have is one that I was unexpectedly disappointed with so it's possible I might get a bit ranty with improvements. Burt's Bees - we know and love this brand for skincare, makeup and being one of the earliest brands to have "natural" and affordable products right at the drugstore. I keep feeling like I want to apologize for what I am about to say about the Hydrating Sheet Mask*, but I just don't get how this mask can be given a passable rating and it seems I'm not the only one from reviews I have seen on Influenster and the Burt's Bees website!

Burt's Bees Hydrating Sheet Mask

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SKINCARE | Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream #EarthMonth

It's April which means more of a focus on Earth-friendly and clean beauty products! You will have to forgive the order of my skincare reviews as you all know that I take a loooong time to review things, but starting with what I started using over the Winter season, I reviewed quite a number of different things some of which I featured over on Instagram stories. I don't often care much about moisturizers because my skincare focus tends to be more on serums and treatments with moisturizers acting more like a "cap" for my illustrious routine, but I wanted to give a big, beefy blog shoutout to the Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream!

Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream

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SHEET MASK | Repiel Perfect Fit Advanced Biocellulose Masks

I have more sheet masks for you HA! Hey, it has been a whole three weeks since I last chatted about sheet masks and such that I am sure you are all DYING to see what I have been up to! I have been doing a personal masking challenge #MarchMaskness which I think might be fun to do every year! I miss masking when I don't do it for a day or two and I find my skin has just taken to daily masking like a moth to a flame, but I am careful to balance out the type of masks that I do back to back so when I wanted to review the Repiel Perfect Fit Biocellulose Masks*, I planned my schedule accordingly as biocellulose masks are known to be INTENSELY hydrating!

Repiel Perfect Fit Advanced Biocellulose Mask

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NAILS | It's Wedding Season! #CBBxManiMonday

I know I'm one day late for this, but I started typing this post really late last night and after what I can only say was "not a positive day" at work, my husband told me to come to bed and get some sleep! Last week our little group of ladies who dutifully paint our nails once a week celebrated ONE YEAR of sticking with our #ManiMondays! I think Trysh was probably the only one who kept up with it every single Monday as I know I took a one week break while I was on vacation in the Fall, but missing 51 out of 52 Mondays ain't half bad! For today and next week, we will be practicing our wedding themed nail art skills as wedding season is upon us so get ready to see lots of pink and lace! For me, bridal nails always involve either a French manicure or glitter gradient and since glitter is way more sexy, I went with that for this week's manicure!

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