KBEAUTY | A. by BOM Ultra Therapy Floral Leaf Mask #100DaysofSheetMasks

Just when I thought I would love the idea of mini masks, comes the mini mask PLUS the full sheet mask! Ever since I started sheet masking with the vigor and discipline of an Olympic athlete, I have discovered sheet masks that I never thought would have ever made it to market, but here we are and some days I look relatively normal while on others I am a unicorn. With the discovery of Korean brand A. by BOM via meejmuse on YouTube, the concept of two step masking is one that I am totally in love with!

BEAUTY | Limited Edition Zoella Splash Botanics Collection

I am definitely still feeling summer as when I left for vacation, it was the beginning of September and since coming back last night to buckets of rain, I am mentally adjusting to the reality that Fall in Vancouver is here to stay aka "A HELL OF A LOT OF RAIN". While I was away in Maine, the weather was fairly humid so I was able to get away with lighter moisturizers on both my face and body, but more importantly, it gave me a chance to enjoy the limited edition Zoella Splash Botanics Collection!

Zoella Splash Botanics Collection Review

PR samples

SKINCARE | Rodial Snake Oxygenating and Cleansing Bubble Mask #100DaysofSheetMasks

It's bubble mask time yet again! My first experience with a bubble sheet mask was with the MaskerAide Bubble Bubble Pop Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask and it was a positive one so when I realized I hadn't tried the Rodial Snake Oxygenating and Cleansing Bubble Sheet Mask* yet and had had it in my collection for quite some time it seemed appropriate to compare an affordable bubble mask with a luxury one!

Rodial Snake Oxygenating and Cleansing Bubble Mask Review

PR sample

GIVEAWAY | Jayne's Favourites from MAKE UP FOR EVER! ($213 Value!)

One of the most consistent brands featured here is MAKE UP FOR EVER and not because they are just press samples. Though I only became acquainted with the brand through PR in 2012, I have purchased additional shades of eyeshadows, lipsticks and refills of foundation all thanks to falling in love with how solid and long-lasting their formulas are in almost every product I have tried. I can only think of one or two things that I don't love and they are only because they just aren't products I regularly use like bronzer or eye brow gel. In this world of beauty, brands and influencers, I definitely have more respect for some brands than others and MUFE is one of the ones that I hold in high regard so I cannot tell you how grateful I was when MUFE decided to partner up with me to gift all of these lovely goodies that I use on a daily basis to ONE lucky Cosmetic Proof reader!


SKINCARE | MaskerAide Rose All Day Rose Gold Peel Off Mask #100DaysofSheetMasks

Last week I had mentioned that MaskerAide had come out with four new masks and after having so much fun with Bubble Bubble Pop and Crystal Clear, I knew I would have a blast with Rose All Day!

MaskerAide Rose All Day Rose Gold Peel Off Mask Review

PR samples

HAIR | Live Clean Mineral Clay Rebalancing Shampoo and Conditioner

When I had virgin hair, the words "clay" and "rebalancing" would not freak me out like they do now. I recently used a "clarifying and rebalancing" treatment from a very expensive haircare brand and was shocked at how drying it was for my hair. It honestly destroyed it to the point where I had STICKS of straw for hair and I had to mask and oil my hair like crazy to even get it back to half the softness it was. When Live Clean released their Rebalancing Shampoo and Conditioner, I hesitated with trying it because I couldn't have what happened before happen again! 

PR samples

SKINCARE | MaskerAide Crystal Clear Mini Sheet Masks #100DaysofSheetMasks

Last month, MaskerAide debuted the brand new Fun Line which featured four new masks with new packaging and a totally different way to sheet mask! The first mask, Bubble Bubble Pop, I have already reviewed (here) and loved so I have literally been ITCHING to show you guys the other three masks because they are so goddamn cute! Some of you know that my day job involves pretty, sparkly gems so the new Crystal Clear Mini Sheet Masks* ($7.00 CDN) was the next mask I had to try!

MaskerAide Crystal Clear Review

PR samples

NAILS | The Last of Summer #CBBxManiMonday

This week out little CBB team thought we should squeeze in just one last summer-themed manicure before we are well into Fall and for me neons are probably the only colour I find hardest to wear the rest of the year. I am looking forward to Halloween though because I love drawing creepy crawly things on my nails! 

The Hungry Asian Sneeze Breeze Swatch

KBEAUTY | The Creme Shop Glow Up Skin Unicorn Face Mask #100DaysofSheetMasks

In my post for the new MAKE UP FOR EVER Matte Velvet Skin Foundation, I had said that the event took place at Curlique which is partly a makeup school and retail store carrying some pretty cool brands in addition to MUFE. One of the brands that caught my eye that night was LA-based, The Crème Shop because they had SO MANY animal print sheet masks! I know that prints aren't really the best when it comes to skincare benefits, but man do they help with lifting your mood and making people laugh! In the end, I find myself balancing my mask stash with both fun and effective masks like this Glow Up, Skin! Animated Unicorn Face Mask!

MAKEUP LOOK | VDL Glim and Glow Summer 2018 Collection

Ever since VDL launched in Canada this past June, I have been taking note of their products and making an effort to incorporate them into my routine. The VDL Lumilayer Primer (review) has been a great daily staple for me as well as their matte finish Expert Color Lip Cube. When it came time to try out a few products from the Glim and Glow Summer Collection, I was curious to see whether I would love them as much as what I have tried so far as Asian makeup is a quite different than North American makeup in terms of colour payoff and shade colours. 

VDL Glim and Glow Summer 2018 Collection

PR samples

SKINCARE | Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Super Hydrating Mask #31DaysofSheetMasks

I don't quite remember when Garnier released their SkinActive Moisture Bomb Sheet Masks, but I remember wondering, as always, how a North American brand would hold up against the Korean giants of sheet masks. Granted, if you look at where most sheet masks for these brands are made, they are always in Asia. I am assuming it has something to do with ease of manufacturing or just plain politics, but I have found that there are still varying levels of quality (now that I have subjected my face to over 100 hundred sheet masks this year!) I have all six SkinActive masks, but after much deliberation on how to review them, I felt that one by one was best and at the end we could do a little summary. First up is the original Super Hydrating Mask*!

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Super Hydrating Mask Review

PR sample

NAILS | Ciate Chalkboard Nails #CBBxManiMonday

Five years ago, I picked up the Ciate Chalkboard Manicure Kit and now five years later, I am actually using it! I think I never really got into the whole matte finish which is why I never used the kit, but with this week's CBB theme being "Back to School" I figured this was the perfect opportunity to try it out! It didn't turn out well and I swore a few times because the polish and chalkboard pens weren't as nice in consistency as I thought they would be, but what the hell here is is the manicure! 

Chalkboard Nail Art

MAKEUP | MAKE UP FOR EVER Matte Velvet Skin Foundation *Flexi-Fit Formula* with Before and After

It has been a hot minute since I have talked about actual foundation and though I don't do a lot of individual foundation reviews, I am quite the foundation hoarder as I consider it to be on the cusp of a skincare product so I will spend what I have to to get that perfect finish! MAKE UP FOR EVER was the first foundation brand I ever tried and I remember when I first started blogging being terrified to review the Pro Finish when it first came out because I just didn't think I would know how to apply it or make it look good. Turns out that I didn't need to worry because MUFE has been making solid foundation formulations for YEARS so that even a novice like me could figure it out! I have been a faithful MUFE foundation user since my first experience with Pro Finish and when Matte Velvet Skin ($48.00 CDN) got a revamp last month, I was immediately curious as to how a full coverage matte finish foundation would work with my dry skin. Spoiler alert: I have never had such flawless skin in such sweltering summer heat!  

MAKE UP FOR EVER Matte Velvet Skin Foundation Review

PR samples

SKINCARE | MaskerAide Bubble Bubble Pop Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask #31DaysofSheetMasks

When it comes to skincare, while I love the luxurious pampering sessions of serenely massaging serums and moisturizers, I also love being amused. Bubble masks became big two years ago in the North American beauty world and it just has not stopped since! Last month I became one of the beauty ambassadors for Canadian brand MaskerAide (aka I am now a #MaskerAideBabe) which felt like a fitting partnership as it is obvious I love my sheet masks! I used my first MaskerAide sheet mask five years ago after receiving it in a TopBox and it has been a match made in heaven ever since!

MaskerAide Bubble Bubble Pop Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask

PR samples

SUNSCREEN | Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 and Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45

When it comes to different forms of sunscreen, Supergoop! is where it's at! Talk about a brand with a niche! Unfortunately, Supergoop! is not available in Canada because of the lack of DIN on the products, so whenever I get a chance to go to the US, I always make a point of picking up something new from the brand. This year, opportunity came in May when I was in Las Vegas for work so I made my way over to the closest Sephora on The Strip (after fighting off some evangelistic cult people on the way) with my list and picked up some sunscreen goodies!

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 and Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45

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SKINCARE | Mary Kay TimeWise Repair Lifting Bio-cellulose Mask #31DaysofSheetMasks

Bio-cellulose. When it comes to sheet masks, this material is pure luxury.  Derived from coconut water, these masks feel disturbingly similar to moist skin and are the ultimate in moisture restoration because of the material which lends to a near perfect fit to the face. I used my first bio-cellulose mask when I got the full on flu in January of 2016 (I remember because I rarely get colds, let alone the flu) and was so hot and uncomfortable that I wanted something cold on my face. I don't think I thought much about the skincare benefits at the time, but what I do remember was how bio-cellulose mimicked the texture of my skin! I was actually quite surprised when Mary Kay went the route of bio-cellulose masks late last year because sheet masks are one thing, but going with bio-cellulose is seriously stepping it up!

Mary Kay TimeWise Repair Lifting Biocellulose Mask

PR sample

NAILS | Strawberry Dreams #ManiMonday

I was lazy AF yesterday and did nothing but get groceries and take two flatlays. I even had to take a nap at noon. I just felt so zonked of energy and I still do. A part of me thinks I have some sort of chronic disease because I always wake up tired and sometimes need to take naps on my lunch break instead of eat. Some might say that it a bit concerning, no? This sort of leads to my more laidback Strawberry nail art today as I really didn't feel like taking out too many polish colours are dealing with little nail art brushes. This indie polish from The Hungry Asian is actually called Strawberry and is one that I purchased, I kid you not, 7 years ago! The best part was that it still applied flawlessly!

Strawberry Nail Art

MAKEUP | Clarins Sunkissed Summer 2018 Collection

I know there hasn't been a lot of makeup on the blog since I have now become OBSESSED with skincare and masking, but I do wear makeup daily and still very much enjoy it so I do apologize for those of you who have been missing out on my makeup posts! This summer has been an easy one when it comes to makeup as I haven't been deviating much from certain products. I just keep wanting to look tanned and that's pretty much it so when it comes to bronzing it up, it's all about the Clarins Sunkissed Summer Collection

Clarins Sunkissed Summer 2018 Collection Review

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SKINCARE | Dermovia Lace Your Face Hydrating Rose Mask #31DaysofSheetMasks

Last year, I had an amazing opportunity to attend Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas and found some fantastic brands that I really should have talked about months ago! One of the products that caught my eye were the Dermovia Lace Your Face Shapewear Facial Masks! At the time, I had seen lace masks before in the form of hydrogel masks, but not with actual fabric which in the case of Dermovia, are made with a biodegradable cotton! 

Dermovia Lace Your Face Hydrating Rose Mask Review

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NAILS | OMG! Toy Story Came Out 20 Years Ago! #CBBxManiMonday

This week's CBB ManiMonday theme is "Childhood" and I had been wanting to try these Toy Story nails for the last month so it worked out perfectly! These nails started a day of watching old Pixar movies which was pure bliss followed by a well-deserved nap because I have been feeling the beginnings of a summer cold...I only hope that I can nip it in the bud ASAP!

PR samples

SUNSCREEN SUNDAY | The Duo: COOLA Green Tea Makeup Setting Spray and Cucumber Mineral Face Matte Finish Moisturizer

In my last two Sunscreen Sunday posts, I kept referring to what I would consider one of my holy grail brands when it comes to sunscreen - Coola. When green beauty was getting more mainstream, Coola was one of the few brands that made a mineral sunscreen that didn't feel like you were applying a thick tar across your face! Even though years have passed and green beauty has come a long way, Coola is still one of my all-time favourite sunscreen brands and in addition to my old faithful Cucumber Mineral Sunscreen, I picked up a new setting spray at Curlique that just needed to come home with me!

COOLA Green Tea Makeup Setting Spray and Cucumber Mineral Sunscreen

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KBEAUTY | DERMAL Xilix Tiger and Panda Animal Masks #31DaysofSheetMasks

I often "poo-poo" animal print sheet masks because we all know that once there is a print all over, it's really more like entertainment than skincare. Inks add an additional layer between the cotton and our skin so IF I plan on using a printed mask, the non-printed part should account for more than 50% so that I feel I am getting SOME benefits from it. While I was at T&T, I noticed the DERMAL Animal Masks and thought the patterns could be fun so I picked up the two that looked cutest!

DERMAL Panda Animal Brightening Mask Review

MAKEUP | Green and Vegan Beauty with Clove + Hallow

Back in June, I got a closer look at beauty brand Clove + Hallow and I was excited because not only was this brand a green beauty brand, but it had also taken home awards for performance and innovation rivaling their non-green counterparts! While I haven't sworn off non-green products in their entirety, I'm sure I'm not the only one who is always open to including cleaner products in their beauty routine. After seeing a few Toronto beauty blog reviews on Clove + Hallow, I knew that I would eventually have to try it while hoping and praying that it would eventually be sold by a store in Vancouver (it is currently sold at The Detox Market now). Hopefully that will be happening sometime soon?

PR samples

KBEAUTY | The Face Shop Mask.Lab Lift Up Face Mask #31DaysofSheetMasks

I am making a point of trying weird masks and when this new mask from The Face Shop's Mask.Lab series came out last month I knew I had to try it. Lifting sheet masks are not a new thing, but the fact that this came with an elastic strap was intriguing and the ingredients in the essence looked decent even though this was not a silicone-free mask. This was really more about the skintertainment factor more than anything else so let's see how much of a workout this mask was!

NAILS | I Love Glitter #CBBxManiMonday

Taking it a little slow today since it is just the start of my weekend, but I did take whackload of photos for my upcoming mask reviews as well as some summer stuff I haven't had a chance to look at yet, but REALLY need to get done since this is really the last month I can talk about any of it! The CBB girls and I were feeling a bit lazy this week so when I suggested just plain ol' glitter, they were all onboard!

Some PR samples featured

SUNSCREEN | The Ordinary Suncare Mineral UV Filters SPF 30 with Antioxidants #SunscreenSunday

Who else is literally drowning in sunscreen at this time of the year?! While I am still on the search for a physical sunscreen that is light enough to make me feel like I am wearing a chemical one, I have been alternating between the two types depending on my mood. Sunscreen has always been that thing that I prefer having merged into another product like my primer, moisturizer or even setting spray!

The Deciem social media pages were abuzz with excitement when it was announced there would be a mineral sunscreen coming out under The Ordinary brand and when it finally came, I had to snap it up and give it a try!

The Ordinary Mineral Sunscreen SPF 35 Review

KBEAUTY | VDL Expert Color Lip Cube Must-Haves with Swatches

Last week I was raving about the VDL Lumilayer Primer, but I have also been enjoying some lip goodies that came highly recommended and thankfully I agree! It's always so disappointing when products are bestsellers and then you use them and you don't understand what the hype was all about. I have always been the eternal pessimist so I generally think products (and people really) are crap until proven otherwise. I am happy to report that all went well with these VDL Expert Color Lip Cubes and I hope more shades become available at The Face Shop! 

PR samples (credit given and products and shades chosen by me)

SKINCARE | Boo Bamboo Brightening Charcoal Sheet Mask #31DaysofSheetMasks

My first fully charcoal sheet mask! Everyone else looks so cool with these black masks on, but I held off for a long time because I was scared that the detoxifying aspect of these masks would be too drying for my skin. After so many hot and sticky evenings this past week, I felt like my skin needed a major cleanse! While 98% of my sheet masks are hydrating, brightening or anti-aging (the Asian skincare trifecta) I had on hand two charcoal sheet masks. Both will be reviewed this month starting with the Boo Bamboo Brightening Charcoal Sheet Mask!

 Boo Bamboo Brightening Charcoal Sheet Mask

KBEAUTY | Laneige Water Bank Soothing Gel Mask #31DaysofSheetMasks

I seem to be taking my sheet masks VERY seriously at this point so now that I know I can work sheet masks into my schedule (by planning out which ones to use and putting them out on the dining table) I will be attempting to sheet mask for 31 days starting August 1st! I have chosen some weird and wonderful masks to share with you all on Instagram and here on the blog so hopefully there will be some content coming up that will both educate and make you giggle!

Laneige Water Bank Soothing Gel Mask Review

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NAILS | The Neon Dotticure #CBBxManiMonday

I don't often get a lot of Mondays off and I have mixed feelings about it because on the one hand I can sit back and watch everyone else go crazy Monday morning, BUT that means my email inbox will be very full when I go back on Tuesday! I do work with a good management team so nothing will blow up or anything, but because I have now made it a point of NOT checking my work emails on days off, that means I still have to clean out my inbox since I only have 500MB of space in it (CRAZY!).

Today's CBB ManiMonday theme is "Neon" and though I don't own a whackload of neon shades, I own enough to create a few basic traditional summer manicures because even though I have always said that nail polish colours know no season, I do feel a bit out of place wearing a neon manicure in November. 

Neon Dot Nail Art

PR samples

SUNSCREEN | Stay Protected this Summer with Attitude Suncare! #SuncreenSunday

As I have gotten older, I have come to realize that looking youthful comes down to some very basic products and practices like staying hydrated, sleeping well, reducing the amount of stress in your life, a great skincare routine (my favourite part!) and staying out of the sun. Sure, a little bit of vitamin D is great, but ultimately wearing sunscreen has been my way of ensuring my skin looks its best! If I need some colour, bronzer and self tanner are my friends, but I will admit that I have come to embrace my natural skin tone and not bother most of the time.

In the midst of the green beauty movement, we now have some really amazing mineral sunscreens as options and after reviewing some bath and body products from vegan and EWG verified brand ATTITUDE last summer, I was excited to see a selection of suncare products from the brand at London Drugs back in June. I was most excited to see if this mineral sunscreen would be just as comfortable to wear as my "light as air" chemical suncreen favourites!

PR samples

KBEAUTY | It's Skin Sesame Street Elmo Mask Special Edition

I am so disappointed that I didn't know about this collection when it originally launched in the Fall of 2016. I have had a hard time finding blogs in English featuring Korean makeup and beauty products  so I have been relying heavily on visiting my favourite Korean etailers and Instagram to keep up. The It's Skin Sesame Street collaboration was released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of It's Skin as well as it's launch in Singapore and not only were these sheet masks released, but a whackload of other products which were so cute I am sure I would have bought them all! 

It's Skin Sesame Street Elmo Mask Special Edition

NAILS | Neurons Revisited

Six years ago, I was a crazy person and participated in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge with two very dear nail blogging friends and did these neuron nails as inspired by the book Still Alice by Lisa Genova. I feel like my photography and nail art skills have improved in the last couple of years (and hopefully KEEP improving with every passing year!) and wanted to give neuron nail art another go for old time's sake. I don't know if this came out any better than before, but at least I didn't take my photo in the dark! Before I started using a ring light for nail photos, I used to take my photos RIGHT after I did my nails at night just in case I ruined the design before I could take photos in daylight. I only wish I had gotten a ring light years ago and saved myself the stress!

Neuron Nail Art

Some PR samples featured

KBEAUTY | VDL Lumilayer Primer Fresh (I Get Why People Like It So Much!)

I am usually on top of my Korean beauty product game, but fell short when it came to new to Canada brand VDL ("Vivid Desires come to Life"). I had not heard of the now 6 year old brand until they came to Canada and after doing a bit of research, VDL is a brand for the "modern young woman pursuing her boldest dreams and desires". I would like to think that's me? Though there will be a standalone flagship boutique in Toronto this summer, VDL is now carried at The Face Shop at select locations in BC and I was graciously invited by the VDL team to get a rundown of the brand and its bestsellers at the Pacific Centre location!

VDL Lumilayer Primer Fresh

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SKINCARE | GLAMGLOW My Little Pony (Pink) #Glittermask Gravitymud Firming Treatment

Earlier this year, I fell for the GLAMGLOW glitter train with the #Glittermask and then when the limited edition My Little Pony #Glittermasks came out I was literally trembling with which of the three colours to get! I had said in my previous review that I liked this mask mainly for skintertainment purposes though it did make my skin look brighter upon removal and that I wouldn't buy it again, but I didn't say I wouldn't buy it if it was a different colour! Ah, the joys of being a consumer.  

GLAMGLOW My Little Pony (Pink) #Glittermask Gravitymud Firming Treatment

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NAILS | Finding Dory and Nemo #CBBxManiMonday

Happy Monday everyone! It is my half weekend today which means catching up with both blog and house things that never seem to end. Between the hours my husband and I work, the apartment is always a cross between clean and crazy as by the time we get home, we have zero energy to clean (I can't imagine being a parent!) and on our days off you want to do things you enjoy instead of clean. I once read that your place should always be a 10 minute clean away from company and though I tried so hard to keep to that, for the last 3 years, it has been near impossible.

Today's nails are titled as such because this manicure didn't work out as planned. The CBB theme we had going was "Sea Creatures" and though I had a few ideas in mind, I finally settled on Nemo and Dory. I loved both Finding Nemo and Finding Dory so nails in their honor seemed like a fun activity.

Finding Nemo Nail Art

Some PR samples featured

MAKEUP | Misting, Setting and Refreshing with Pixi Beauty

Now, that we officially have our summer heat wave I have been misting whenever I get the chance and after spraying myself enough times, I feel like a bit of a "spray connoisseur" and we all know that not all mists are created equally so let's get to what I loved and maybe feel should be improved upon when it comes to these Pixi Beauty Mists

Pixi Beauty Mist Review

PR samples

KBEAUTY | Holika Holika Gold Caviar Foil Mask

This week has felt incredibly tiring mainly because I am not used to getting up at 6am for work and coming home 11 hours later. I am a night owl so even trying to force myself to sleep earlier means falling asleep at 1am. I had my new crown put in on Tuesday with no freezing (I just hate how long it takes for the effects to wear off) and trotted off to work right away so that I could have my day off later this week FULLY to myself. Today was a hellish day at work with a VERY rushed inventory that had all of us in at 7:45am until 7pm! We were all total zombies by the end and by the time I left work, I wanted to eat, sleep and vomit all at the same time. It was just a FANTASTIC feeling.

I know I have been taking my sheet mask game VERY seriously this last month and this week I have really found myself looking forward to the pamper time. Even though I have a schedule in place for which sheet masks to wear on each day in my bullet journal (for realz), I deviated from the plan this week because I REALLLLY wanted to try the Holika Holika Gold Foil Mask ($5 USD)!

HAIR | Matrix Professional Total Results Re-Bond Collection + Giveaway!

July is always an exciting month for my little blog because I tend to save a lot of my giveaways for the month of my birthday! It's just a month-long celebration that I think everyone should be a part of! I didn't think all of you would love the sheet mask giveaway as much as you did and it's definitely going to be something I will do again!

Other than skincare, I seem to spend a lot of time on my hair. The colour-treated aspect has turned me into a bit of hair product fiend and since my hair is so sensitive to product I can't use anything that will kill it which believe it or not, hasn't been hard to do! For the last month I have been using the Matrix Professional Total Results Re-Bond line and it has definitely been working wonders!

Matrix Professional Total Results Re-Bond Collection

PR samples

NAILS | A Touch of Gold #CBBxManiMonday

I got VERY little done today with regards to the blog and ended up going to Homesense instead to get a pot and a new cutting board. I was so tired waking up and then I got obsessed with logging my sheet masks into an Excel spreadsheet which has taken 2 hours so far and I am nowhere near to being done yet. It's actually a super fun organizational product that will make a nice little mask database for me! This week's CBB theme is "Gold Accents" and because this was such an open-ended theme, I decided to give nail vinyls with a gradient another go after falling in love with the mermaid scale gradient I did a few weeks ago. 

PR samples

SKINCARE | belif Aqua Bomb Sheet Mask with Melfie

Ever since I went through my sheet masks last week and discovered that I had enough to mask a small army, I decided enough was enough. I needed to take my sheet masking MUCH more seriously! It looks like I mask every night, but I really only started masking 4-5 times a week last month when I realized that many of my sheet masks were close to expiring (I use mine well passed the expiration date with no issues). I also started keeping track of Empties last month which gave me even more motivation to devour my sheet masks and truly make them a part of my skincare routine. I used to think sheet masking was for the leisure life, but even just using gel eye patches in the mornings while getting ready has been helpful in mentally getting ready for the day in addition to some bonus skincare!

belif Aqua Bomb Sheet Mask Review

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EXPERIENCE | Visiting Steveston and My Much Cooler Momma!

As some of you know, I took a staycation last week to celebrate my birthday on Canada Day and do some major cleanup of the Beauty Room. I also had a crown done which made me very grumpy as even today my gums are still sore from the procedure. In addition to all of the things I HAD to do, I also decided it was time for my husband and I to take a day out in Steveston, Richmond which is where TV show "Once Upon a Time" and the new Power Rangers movie were shot (FYI!). I don't often visit Richmond as I despise driving in the area and by transit, Steveston is exactly 1.5 hours of Seabus, Skytrain and Bus. It's a trek, but we had one goal in mind and that was to finally visit my mom's store - Steve's Board & Apparel Shop

NAILS | Marimekko x Clinique Inspired #CBBxManiMonday

It feels like only yesterday that I was typing up my Canada Day ManiMonday and now we are FULL ON into July which seems ridiculously fast! Earlier this evening I had this sudden pang of "Oh God, holiday collections will be showcased in August!" The summer is just so short and I feel like I have so much planned and so little time to do it in -like finding the perfect lounge chair for the balcony or trying to find time to go to the beach! My body has not seen a bikini in 2 seasons now because I've just been either busy at work or busy at home. I am hoping that this year will be different!

This week's CBBxManiMonday theme is "Inspired by Packaging" and I immediately thought of the packaging from the Clinique Pop Splash Lip Gloss in the shade Juicy Apple* which is part of the Marimekko x Clinique collaboration!

Clinique Marimekko Pop Splash Nail Art

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LIPS | DECIEM Abnomaly Petrowhat? Lip and Skin Ointment #CanadianBeautyMonth

Deciem is one of those companies that both scares and excites me because of its focus on innovation. There are constantly new products coming out as well as new formulations of existing products. I also get scared that products I have come to love will be swapped out for newer ones, but so far my heart hasn't been broken yet. While I am fully aware of the social media situation that has been happening with Brandon and Deciem, that is not what this post is about. I think their products are unique and refreshing so I will continue to use and feature them for anyone who is interested!

DECIEM Abnomaly Petrowhat? Lip and Skin Ointment Review

FAVOURITES | My Current Top 7 Lip Balms

I have forgotten how much fun it is to do round-ups! They are quite liberating and let's face it guys, do you REALLY want to read a WHOLE post about one little lip balm? Unless the lip balm is glittery, bubbles or changes colour, I dunno if I'd even be that interested in writing the damn post! Originally, I had just five lip balms to share with you, but I couldn't decide on just five. Since the beauty world likes odd numbers for favourites (hello numbers 1, 5, 11 or 13!) I have upped the number of favourite lip balms to lucky number seven!

Favorite Lip Balms Review

Some PR samples featured

NAILS | Picture Polish Imperial Swatch

Now that I have been so focus on CBBxManiMondays, I haven't really gone back to just swatches of cool polishes that I have in my nail polish collection, but since I am on vacation I will spoil myself with doing my nails 3x in one week! I hesitated though because a big reason for my taking vacation is to massively clean and declutter the beauty room which has now bled over into the bedroom and living room. I just really want my life back so I'm slowing down a bit on accepting press samples and really working on blogging about what I think is interesting to me (and you!) and hasn't been talked about to death. You will notice that while I talk about brands, I don't talk about brands like Benefit, Too Faced or even Urban Decay even though I actively use their products. I figure you guys have seen swatches, reviews and enough talk about them that you don't need to hear more. Or do you? Anyway, I digress so let's get back to the matter at "hand" - the polish!

SKINCARE | Plant Powered Graydon Skincare #CanadianBeautyMonth

I like detailed skincare routines because I like trying new things in addition to the basic skincare ABCs of: cleaner, toner, serum and moisturizer, but there is something refreshing about no nonsense skincare where the ingredients are minimal, clean and effective. Graydon was one of those sexy, minimalist green skincare brands that had been on my radar to try last year, but skincare is now one of those things that I am careful about purchasing because I don't want it to go bad before I have gotten to it! Especially with green beauty, preservatives are at a low so they are really best used fresh. When Graydon reached out to me a few months ago to let me try a few things, I was for one, thrilled and two, selective about what I chose as I wanted the items to be things that I could build an actual routine around. After 7 weeks of use, I am not surprised that the brand and products lived up to my expectations and have gotten me interested in trying MUCH more!

Graydon Skincare Review

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SKINCARE | Nannette de Gaspe Restorative Techstile Masque for the Eyes #CanadianBeautyMonth

I know these are such a luxurious purchase, but I seriously get such a kick out of these Nannette de Gaspe dry sheet masks! There aren't a large number of reviews on these masks other than magazine reviews, which let's face it, will never really list the cons of a product so slowly but surely, you will have reviews of each mask that come for every part of the body (I'm all about the ass, so the TUSH one should be coming soon!). So far we have done the face (review), mouth (review) and now we have les yeux or the EYES!  

Nannette de Gaspe Youth Revealed Dry Eye Mask

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NAILS | Canada Day #CBBxManiMonday

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday! I had a pretty chill day starting off with my birthday coffee from Starbucks, getting my 35 Sheet Mask Giveaway going and then preparing for birthday dinner with my mom and sister. I am also in vacation this week which really isn't going to be all that relaxing considering I decided to take some time off just to organize the beauty room and go through PR things that are so old now that it's not worth blogging about them. I have shown you guys the beauty room before and right now it's spilling over to our living room and bedroom which my husband is NOT a fan of so I need to blog, get rid of shit, and slow down for the next month or two. Then again, holiday stuff has been sent to my door in August so...

PR samples

GIVEAWAY | Happy Birthday to Me! #35SheetMaskGiveaway

Today is my 35th birthday! The day where I officially say I am in my mid-30s and start moving closer to 40 and where every ache and pain actually COULD be something, but I'm also at a point in my life where I feel confident in what I have learned and who I have become. Sure, there will always need to be some improvements because that's just called living, but overall I don't feel the same uncertainty I did when I was in my 20s. I feel more settled in life and the things I'm not happy with, I feel more empowered to fix and be proactive about.

I have celebrated a total of 7 birthdays here and now for my 8th birthday it only seems fitting that I celebrate this semi-milestone with what I love most - sheet masks and giving them to a loyal Cosmetic Proof reader! I don't just have one, not two, not three, but a whopping 35 SHEET MASKS valued at $155 to give away so make sure to enter below on the Rafflecopter form and head to my Instagram page for bonus entries!