Broadway Nails | imPRESS Press-on Manicure Canada Influenster VoxBox Review

My last review of the imPRESS Press-On manicure was at the beginning of this year and came with mixed reviews and is honestly no different this time around. I received the pattern “Holla!” like many others and it is honestly one of the prettiest around with an intricate lace and flower print on top of a shimmery nude base. I love that each press-on had a slightly different pattern so that you could achieve a somewhat random effect across both hands. Application of course was super easy and fast and within a few minutes you will be ready to go!

impress press on manicure influenster voxbox

Trust Fund Beauty | Bouquet Brawl and Born Pretty Water Decal Nail Art

I do love me some water decals and today I have some chic and sophisticated nail art from Born Pretty paired off with a girly pearly pink polish from one of my new favourite nail polish companies, Trust Fund Beauty! I started off with two coats of Bouquet Brawl which is a colour and finish of nail polish I do not wear very often. I am not a pearly person, but taking my personal feelings out of it, this applied beautifully and made my hands look like a delicate ballerina.

trust fund beauty bouquet brawl born pretty decals

Guest Post with Zoe from Writing Whimsy!

Today I have the wonderful Zoe from Writing Whimsy on the blog today! She is my FAVOURITE scientist and has one of those blogs where I read it and feel like I’m in a Zen garden. Her posts and writing are informative, yet light and you can’t help but want to be her friend when you’re done reading. (You’ll probably want to be her friend after this post so please head on over to Writing Whimsy and say hello!)

I was a bit stuck (and very late) on what to blog about for a transitioning to summer theme on Jayne's blog when inspiration hit. Or rather, inspiration arrived in the form of a mistaken Beauty Box 5 for May. This is a box meant for new subscribers, not existing ones, I had already gotten many of these items before-- but they do match the theme perfectly.

bb5 group

The Body Shop | Early Harvest Raspberry Body Lotion, Body Scrub and Body Butter Review

I am truly grateful for the ability to smell when a collection like the Early Harvest Raspberry collection from The Body Shop comes out. I am generally not a fan of the raspberry scent normally, but when done right is utterly olfactory-gripping. This whole collection smells just like raspberry jam. I kept having to remind myself that I wasn’t in my kitchen, but in my bathroom whenever I was around these products! This is definitely a time where I wish Smell-O-Vision were invented!

early harvest raspberry body shop

Swatch It Up | Trust Fund Beauty–Blue Blooded (HOLO!!)

The sun is out so you know what that means. It’s holo time! Today I have another swatch for you from fantastic Canadian nail polish company, Trust Fund Beauty, from the Holographic Collection. Check out Blue Blooded, a holographic deep blue, that is just stunning! What I am wearing is three thin coats with top coat.

trust fund beauty blue blooded

Dove | Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

I always forget that as the seasons change, we change our makeup and skincare routines, but I always tend to forget about my hair…until IT tells me to do something in the form of just looking lackluster and/or evolving into a beehive of nonsense. After using the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil shampoo and conditioner for a couple of weeks, my hair told me in private that it was time to change it up once more so I started using the Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner ($6.75 each) to breathe some life back into my less than impressive limp locks.

Introducing NEW Dove Oxygen Moisture: A weightless range with OXYFUSION technology that contains moisture ingredients fused with oxygen that instantly dissolve on hair, giving deep down moisture while adding body and fullness. Hair is left feeling beautifully bouncy, moisturized and full of natural volume. In the lab - OXYFUSION: Dove Oxygen Moisture is a result of the latest advancement in the science of hair moisturization. It involves the fusion of styling polymers with oxygen, leaving hair with 95% more volume*.

dove oxygen moisture shampoo conditioner

Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo

First of all, the colour itself was already psyching me up with some good hair vibes! The light sky blue definitely makes you think “OXYGEN”. The scent of this is lighter than that of the Pure Care Dry Oil line and makes my hair feel very clean without stripping it of moisture.

Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner

I feel like this baby right here is the ticket to my revitalized hair! The conditioner is supposed to smooth hair without weighing it down which is what I found the Pure Care Dry Oil conditioner WAS doing to my hair. After air-drying/blow-drying, my hair felt so light and sleek. I don’t know about Oxyfusion technology, but whatever is in this bottle worked for my hair!

Final Verdict: When I went to be a hair model for my friend in makeup school, she remarked that my hair was so soft and slippery. She did my hair for my wedding so she is familiar with the texture of my hair and asked if I had put any product in prior to showing up and I literally told her ‘No, I’m using the new Dove Oxygen Moisture series!”

This shampoo and conditioner is targeted for fine, limp hair and even though I do not have fine hair, the “limp” part certainly applied to me and the only way I can describe my hair after using this duo is that it feels weightless. It’s not flat at the top anymore and has also become naturally straighter so I don’t have to straighten the bulk of it. Just my side bangs. For those of you who live in Vancouver, I can set up meetings for you to touch my hair so you can experience what I’m experiencing OR you can just go and pick this duo up and try it out for yourselves! (Probably the better option)

PR samples sent for review.

RoC | RETIN-OX CORREXION 5 in 1 Skin Perfector BB Cream with Before and After Face Shots

I’ve talked CC Cream last week, now let’s talk BB Cream. BB cream is what we are all most familiar with especially for those of us who have already been using Asian BB creams for quite some time. Today I have a new product from French company RoC Skincare and is the first BB cream to contain retinol in its formula for ultimate anti-aging benefits. The Retin-Ox Correxion 5 in 1 Skin Perfector ($39.00) has five benefits - fighting the look of fine lines and wrinkles, improving the appearance of dark spots, smoothing uneven texture, brightening skin tone and of course, moisturizing skin in an instant!

RoC retin-ox correxion bb cream

Ipsy Bag | March 2014 “Destination Beauty”

I am so glad that I have cut down on my beauty box subs because even with the four I now have, it’s still still brutally hard to keep up! My memories of March are hazy, but thank God there are beauty boxes like Ipsy to jog my memory! They act like “beauty clocks” for me. I loved the makeup bag that the March Ipsy came in and I see now that the Ipsy website is selling a messenger bag in this pattern! Pretty cute, right? The items inside were quite good and pleased me greatly.

march 2014 ipsy

Mont Bleu | Glass Nail Files Review with Pastel Gradient Nail Art!

I’m quite selective of my nail tools now since I’m addicted to making sure my nails look PERFECT. I have not CUT my nails in years and instead choose to file them down with a glass nail file. I love using a glass nail file especially ones that are gorgeous and have a great grit like the nail files from Design Glassware by Mont Bleu! For those of you who have seen the Mont Bleu nail files, there is a line that have Swarovski elements encrusted onto them and when I saw the Mont Bleu Instagram with these beautiful shots of nail art paired with their nail files I knew I had to join in on all the fun!

To create my gradient, I started with two coats of Trust Fund Beauty – They’re Just Jealous and then sponged on Models Own – Pastel Pink and Lime Crime – Lavendairy. I topped it all off with Maybelline – Clearly Spotted which is one of my favourite matte black and white glitters.

pastel gradient nail art

mont bleu nail file

Sothys Paris | Siberian Ginseng Energizing Day and Night Cream

Talk about fancy packaging. When it comes to presentation, Sothys Paris pulls out all the stops. Today I have a new skincare release from Sothys that incorporates Siberian Ginseng into its Energizing Day and Night Creams ($119.00 each!). Siberian Ginseng is a small shrub that contains chemicals meant to supply “energy to reveal glowing youthful skin”. My scientist ears perk up when I see stuff like this and a part of me feels like I could just as easily turn it off that niggle in my brain and review this without addressing claims, but the more I read the literature that came with this skincare set, the more research I needed to do for myself. So, let’s find out all about Siberian Ginseng shall we?

sothys paris siberian ginseng

sothys paris siberian ginseng

Maybelline | Color Show Nail Polish Gilded Rose Reverse Gradient Nail Art

There has been a ton of “nudity” going on in the nail polish community this past season and although I don’t often gravitate towards nude or neutral polishes, I do require nude polishes for nail art or creating a pretty, classic look like this reverse gradient. From the Maybelline Dare to Go Nude Collection for Spring 2014, I first used two coats of Better in Buff as my base colour and then lightly dabbed on Gilded Rose starting at the base of my nail to create the reverse gradient.

maybelline gilded rose

Marcelle | CC Cream Review with Before and After Face Photos!

I honestly never thought there would be any other letters past “BB” cream, but then came CC and then DD cream (or was it the other way around?) Marcelle BB Cream ($22.95) was the very first North American BB cream that I tried (and still love and use to this day!) so after falling in love with Marcelle’s DD Cream ($26.95) it seemed only befitting that I try the CC Cream ($29.95) too.

Pure 24K gold has been infused into Marcelle’s Complete Correction Cream to diminish the appearance of dark spots and skin tone imperfections that can be caused by sun exposure or the aging of skin. The formula’s lightweight consistency and ingredients provide full coverage and leaves your skin feeling smoother, firmer and highly moisturized. Radiance is boosted to give your complexion a perfect glow! With SPF 35.

marcelle cc cream

American Crew Hair Event at Farzad’s Barber Shop

Last month I had the pleasure of attending the American Crew hair event held at Farzad’s Barber Shop in Yaletown. What made this event more unique was that it was for the men so I invited my husband to experience the perks of being married to a beauty blogger! He is also an avid user of American Crew products and already knew all about Farzad’s reputation so I was really the one who needed to be taught a thing or two when I got there!Also, just a few weeks ago it was announced that American Crew has won the Salon Magazine Reader’s Choice Award in the category of Men’s Brands so even though it’s a men’s brand, maybe I should give it a try sometime!


(all photos by Greg Robbins of Lemon Squeeze)


In addition to the standard wash, cut and style, Farzad’s offers a Deluxe Hot Shave using a straight edge blade and several hot towels that looked so relaxing. My husband chose not to do this because he likes his beard and is selective about how it’s groomed. I can empathize as that is now I am with my nails!



This is Farzad looking pretty badass on this motorcycle that I’m guessing no one other than Farzad can sit on!



This is the one picture I was allowed to take of my husband as he wanted his haircut to be conducted without me taking a bunch of pictures! You can see from the ambience that Farzad’s is very warm and not intimidating like a salon. As women, we’re fine with the salon atmosphere, but I think men need one that’s more comforting and easier to navigate. There was a male blogger right beside my husband getting the Deluxe Hot Shave and when he was done his skin looked like a baby’s! The shave was so close and his skin was so soft and smooth that I almost wanted a beard just to experience what he had!

All in all, my husband loved his haircut as well as the experience and was just a ball of American Crew knowledge that made me proud! I had no idea! A big thank you to American Crew, Mary from Revlon Pro Brands and Farzad’s Barber Shop for the invite and for hosting! 

Benefit Cosmetics | Lollibalm Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm

New products from Benefit are always cause for excitement because we know that Benefit never disappoints when it comes to packaging, colours and innovation. As an extension to the lip and cheek tints come the matching tinted lip balms! There are four colours to choose from: Benebalm, Posiebalm, Chachabalm and what I have for you today, Lollibalm ($22.00)!

Lollitint’s little sister, lollibalm conditions & hydrates with mango butter and sodium hyaluronate. This candy-orchid tinted kiss of sheer, buildable color gives you the softest, flirtiest lips. 

benefit cosmetics lollibalm

LAVINA | Barbary Fig Seed Oil Facial Serum and Argan Hair Oil

LAVINA Skincare is a new company to me and is based out of Toronto with their oils being ethically sourced from Morocco. The world of facial oils is still a relatively new one to me and as I have mentioned in previous skincare posts, it sounds somewhat foreign to hydrate your face with pure oil as opposed to a cream. In the current movement of wanting to keep things as “pure” and chemical-free as possible, facial oils are actually a great way to go because the list of scary ingredients is relatively short and you’re more than likely to recognize what you’re putting on your skin! Such is the case with LAVINA’s Barbary Fig Seed Oil ($29.99) which is one ingredient and it’s, you guessed it, 100% Pure Cold Pressed Organic Barbary Fig Seed Oil! 

lavina barbary fig seed oil

Barbary Fig Seed Oil (B.F.S.O.) comes from Opuntia ficus-indica aka prickly pear which is a type of cactus and is 100% paraben-free and contains more Vitamin E than any other beauty oil on the market. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that fights against environmental stressors and free radicals. This also makes it a wonderful anti-aging agent. There is also a crazy amount of linoleic acid which is a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid ound in our cell membranes. Attention acne and rosacea sufferers! Linoleic acid is known for its anti-inflammatory properties when applied on the skin and is currently used in the beauty industry now for fighting acne. Also, feel free to rub it on sunburnt areas for relief!

lavina barbary fig seed oil

With every purchase of B.F.S.O. comes a 10mL bottle of 100% pure organic Argan Hair Oil!

April 2014 Empties

Empties have been tougher to complete thanks to the product testing. I haven’t been able to use one product for more than 2 weeks at time, but I’m not complaining! It just makes me want to work even harder at reducing my pile of product! I remember that one month where I had 40 empties. It was epic.


April 2014 Favourites


skoah | Pep Talk Body Lotion

This is what I would consider a “medium coverage” moisturizer as it might not be enough for really dry skin or too much for when the weather gets warmer. My main reason for loving this moisturizer? The peppermint scent that leaves my skin with a slight tingle has become an easy favourite for me this past month as the scent leaves me feeling clear-headed and invigorated. Perfect for a morning wake-up call!

Julep | Bare Face Cleansing Oil

I actually started using this thanks to a post from Kalyn a month or two ago. I remembered that I had it in my unused stash of stuff and I’m so glad I brought it out from hibernation! The only other cleansing oil I have been using consistently is the infamous Shu Uemura one, but now that I have used the Julep one, I can finally say that this cleansing oil is a mean competitor! It is a little bit thicker in consistency than the Shu one and doesn’t leave quite as greasy a finish on my skin.

Rainbow Honey | Lavendula Perfume Oil

“French Lavender brightened with sun-filled citrus notes of Lime, Yuzu, and Sweet Orange”. I received a tiny 1mL rollerball (yes, an actual rollerball) in the March Rainbow Honey mystery bag and oh my goodness does this smell good! It is just so DIFFERENT than anything I have ever smelled and I have almost 100 bottles of perfume so that’s really saying something!

Urban Decay | Naked Basics

I don’t even want to talk too much about this palette as I feel like we’ve all talked about UD Naked Palettes enough for both the 20th and 21st centuries, but what I will say is that I now realize the value of having this palette as I am not normally a matte eyeshadow wearer. I have been forcing myself to use just this to see how versatile this palette is and for traveling, this is seriously all you would need!

OPI Nail Lacquer | 18K White Gold Top Coat

This is the coolest top coat ever! I know it’s a little gimmicky and crazy expensive, but the finish is just so cool! It’s like no other!

Stila | Jewel Eye Shadow in Citrine

This is a shimmery pigmented eyeshadow that has virtually no fallout despite how shimmery it is. I love wearing brown eyeshadow so the extra shimmer is a great way to spice things up!

See you next month!

Petit Vour | March 2014 “Le Boutique”

The month of March brought the launch of an all new site and online store for Petit Vour as well as a pretty snazzy box! Read on to find out all about what was in March’s Petit Vour box!


Palmer’s | Skin Therapy Oil FACE–A Must Have for Dry, Angry Skin!

After using the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula on my body for a good chunk of the winter season and loving the massive dose of hydration and cocoa butter scent, I knew I had to try the newest product from Palmer’sSkin Therapy Oil FACE ($9.99 CDN).

Skin Therapy Oil FACE is an age-defying, multipurpose skin perfecting oil.  This non-greasy, paraben-free facial treatment is formulated with all of the same great ingredients used in the bestselling Skin Therapy Oil, but amped up with even more face-loving, anti- aging ingredients.Forget the past with this lightweight anti-aging facial treatment. Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil FACE is specially- formulated with the Cetesomate-E Complex to deliver targeted anti-aging skin care benefits directly to the face and rejuvenate skin, while restoring and brightening skin tone and texture.

palmers skin therapy face

Skin Therapy Oil FACE is formulated with all of the same ingredients as the Skin Therapy Oil, which is an all-over oil so it works for both the face and body. The FACE version of this oil contains extra oils like Sweet Almond Oil,  Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil,  Macadamia Nut Oil,  Apricot Oil,  Grapeseed Oil, Camelina Oil, Sunflower Oil, Rosehip Oil and Argan Oil that all act to lift and firm skin while improving any uneven skin tone and texture. This face oil also contains retinol (anti-aging) and vitamin C (antioxidant).

Lise Watier | Spring Imagine 2014 Collection with Makeup Look!

Nothing signals the coming of Spring more than a new makeup collection from Lise Watier! Now, I know the Summer collection is already out, but it IS still Spring which means I can still share with you some of the wonderful products from the Imagine collection!

lise watier imagine eyeshadow

lise watier imagine eyeshadow quartet


The Imagine Eyeshadow Quartet ($36.00) contains all the colours you will need to create a beautiful sunset gradient across your lids. I found the shadows easier to work with using my fingers and patting the colour on my eyelids instead of using a brush as I found the colour payoff to be much better. Although all of the shades do work together, I found the shimmery blue to be my favourite.

Kiss | Salon Secrets Nail Art Starter Kit with Awesome Zebra Nail Art

Over the last two years, my nail art hobby has grown in terms of drawer space and what I wish I had at the beginning was a starter kit that just had bits of the best stuff so I could have a taste of everything. Kind of like a nail art buffet. Earlier this year, Kiss introduced the Salon Secrets Nail Art Starter Kit ($16.99) which has everything from loose glitter, decals, brushes and dotting tools and rhinestones to create almost any nail art trend out there! It can be a bit overwhelming to look at everything in the kit and figure out what to do so thankfully there is starter guide that shows examples of designs to try.

kiss nails

kiss nails salon secrets

Blancreme | Strawberry Body Scrub and Strawberry Pomegranate Soufflé Body Cream

I was first introduced to the bath and body company Blancreme last month when I had the pleasure of meeting with the individuals responsible for bringing this delectable family-run company from France all the way to Vancouver. Blancreme is already fairly well-known in Europe and is just making its way into the Canadian market. The very first thing I noticed about each product in the line is the use of colour, scent and food-like packaging that IMMEDIATELY made me want to use/eat everything! It actually says on some of the bottles to not ingest because that’s how much like food these products resemble! Blancreme products are also paraben-free.





Today we will start with one of my favourite scents – Strawberry!


*Mother’s Day* Lush | The Mum

I mentioned giving roses in my last Lush post, but how about some mums? Lush’s The Mum Reusable Bubble Bar Wand ($8.95) is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen and I feel like I just keep saying that over and over when it comes to Lush items!

Simply hold under running water for a trail of deliciously fragranced bubbles. Mum: this bright and cheerful yellow flower has the same sweet caramel fragrance as Lush’s global bestseller, Honey I Washed The Kids soap.


*Mother’s Day* Sally Hansen | Limited Edition Salon Gel Polish Hues

I’m not a mom yet, but I know that time is of the essence when you are, so for those of you who are moms (or are daughters who love painting their mom’s nails) treat yourself to a quick, professional-looking manicure with gel polish! I know it’s not the best for someone like me that loves changing her polish at least three times a week, but my gosh will your nails be shiny! This is my FIRST official gel mani and I am IN LOVE!

Give the gift of the ultimate time saver with a gel polish manicure mom can do at home that will last for up to two weeks, chip free. Pamper her with the new limited edition Sally Hansen Mother’s Day Salon Gel Polish  ($14.95) collection with shades made just for her. The new, on trend hues, including For Teal, a bright turquoise, Just Peachy, a soft and sparkling coral, Laven-Darling, a pretty muted purple and Glamor-fied, a metallic inspired nude, are developed with the long-lasting Gel Polish formula that gives women high-gloss, mirror shine colour at home.



*Mother’s Day* Calgon | Hawaiian Ginger Refreshing Body Mist

When I think of Calgon, I think of amazingly fruity scents or my favourites, the ones that smell like birthday cake and vanilla cupcakes! I have purchased a couple of scents in the past, but now that I am a little older, I prefer scents that don’t make me smell like a baby prostitute (Mean Girls forever!) so why not this Mother’s Day, treat your mom to the Hawaiian Ginger Refreshing Body Mist from Calgon


To me, the scent definitely reminds me of summer and sunshine as Hawaiian Ginger smells both floral and like melons! This body mist stays on my skin at most 2 hours and would probably last much longer when layered with a body lotion. I think this is a great scent for warmer weather as it is refreshing and not heavy and oppressive.

Are you looking forward to bringing out your summer body sprays again?  Do you think this is a scent your mom would like?

PR sample provided for review.

*Mother’s Day* Lush | Rose Bubble Bar

What mother doesn’t love a bouquet of roses, let alone ones that smell amazing and can accompany you to the bath! The Lush Rose Bubble Bar ($4.95) is very softly fragranced and is a bubble bar I found to be quite creamy.

This beautifully crafted bubble bar will instantly transform mum’s bath time experience into a rose filled voyage through a mountain of skin softening bubbles. Rosehip oil and cocoa butter grated into the mixture provide the softening properties; while rose and lemon provide the fragrance. We’ve added cornstarch to the mix so you get a more condensed bar that can be broken in half and used over two baths.  Or you can use the whole things for masses of creamy, softening bubbles.



It is on the smaller side so I used the whole bar for one bath. As you can see, it also leaves you with very light pink bathwater that made me feel like a total girly girl! I did not think I would enjoy this scent because I am not normally a floral person, but this bubble bar was so soft and just “blushing’ with scent that I couldn’t help but enjoy it. I couldn’t smell the lemon really, more just the rosehip oil, but I didn’t mind at all! So, this year give your mom a bouquet of roses. Bubble bar style!

All Lush Mother’s Day items are limited time so be sure to pick something up for Mom this week!

PR sample sent for review.

Revlon | Colorstay Gel Envy in Wild Card and Diamond Top Coat

Amazing polish alert! I knew that I should not have picked up yet more nail polish, but I could not refuse the beautiful rich blue that is Revlon – Wild Card as well as the fact that the Colorstay Gel Envy line is a brand new release! Do you know how many coats I am wearing below? Just one. All I had to do was give a coat of the new Revlon Diamond Top Coat and I was chip-free for almost 4 days!

revlon colorstay gel envy wild card

revlon colorstay gel envy wild card

Revlon | Colorstay Gel Envy Polishes with Olaf from Frozen Nail Art

It has been awhile since a Disney song has been on repeat in our heads whether we want it to or not (*ahem* “Hakuna Matata”) and now with the movie Frozen and the song “Let It Go”, Frozen-themed nail art was inevitable. I have always loved good puzzle nail art despite how awkward it is to pose for them! This manicure was created with the new Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy polishes using Full House as my base and sponging on Wild Card to create my gradient. Olaf was created with a small brush and acrylic paints.


*Mother’s Day* Lush | Wonder Woohoo Bubble Bar

Glitter. I don’t think I will ever tire of it and I’m sure any mother will appreciate a bubble bar inspired by Wonder Woman! I may not be a mom, but all I know is that having children takes a certain sacrifice so let’s celebrate those special women in our lives Lush-style with the Wonder Woman Woohoo Bubble Bar ($6.95).

Inspired by Wonder Woman and created for wonder women! Mums can channel their inner superhero when using this bubble bar, covered in gold sparkle to replicate Wonder Woman’s gold tiara! Packed full of sandalwood and Brazilian orange oil from our best selling Gorilla Perfume, The Sun,Wonder Woohoo is ideal for overworked super mums in need of a little time to recharge and rejuvenate.


This was enough for 2 baths for me, but I think to get sparkly golden bathwater you need to crumble the entire bar. I just used half and the bubbles were already pretty outta control and yet my bathwater was still clear. This scent is totally up my alley as I adore citrus and more energizing scents so having it smell like Brazilian orange was perfect! This bubble bar left a glitter ring once I drained the tub, so be sure to scrub afterwards!

All Lush Mother’s Day items are limited time so be sure to pick something up for Mom this week!

PR sample sent for review.

Montagne Jeunesse Masque Challenge | Week 5: Pressed Sea Kelp Dead Sea Mud Spa Masque

Welcome to the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Montagne Jeunesse Masque Challenge!

This is the last week of our Montagne Jeunesse challenge and this week’s mask was probably the one I was most curious about because the Pressed Sea Kelp Dead Sea Mud Spa Masque ($2.49) is a fabric that is soaked in mud. Love it.

Introducing new ground-breaking face masques that deliver a unique, enhanced cleansing experience. Specially sourced clays are infused into natural bamboo fabric making deep cleansing your skin quicker, easier and more convenient than ever before - creating a whole new type of face masque, a world's first in face care.

Dead Sea Mud rich in minerals, draws out impurities and opens blocked pores.

Dead Sea Salt known for healing and therapeutic effects.

Seaweed restores moisture levels & revitalizes and firms skin leaving it hydrated and cleansed.

Kelp packed with vitamins and minerals keeping skin nourished & moisturized, it also helps regenerate skin cells and helps with anti-aging.


Although it doesn’t say directly what skin type this mask is for, it is a very hydrating mask so normal to dry skin types will definitely be okay and even oily skin types as this mask is also quite clarifying. 

ACI Beauty Event Spring/Summer 2014 Preview (Picture Heavy!)

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Spring/Summer preview for Stila, Cargo Cosmetics, Ceramic Glaze, Seche, Anna Sui and Ardell Lashes held at the beautiful Rosewood Hotel Georgia. This hotel is serious stuff guys and is one of the most luxurious places to stay in Vancouver. The event showcased some amazing products and really got me excited to share them all with you!


*Mother’s Day* Lush | Mumkin Bubble Bar

Mother’s Day is in exactly one week and leave it to Lush to once again come out with the cutest, most wonderful-scented products to give to one of the most important women in your life! Today I have the Mumkin Bubble Bar ($6.95) which is a fan favourite from last year and I can see why! She is the cutest little pink creation and I love her bright orange “leaves”.

Mumkins are cute, friendly and love to be crumbled under the tap to bring you mountains of fruity bubbles. Each Mumkin smells of raspberries with bergamot, lemon and violet leaf oils to brighten your day. Chocolate drops for eyes and a candy stalk stick make these the most adorable bars we've ever crumbled into our tubs. Made just for Mums on Mother's Day, but irresistible to everyone else!


Mumkin smells fruity, but not in an overly sweet way. It almost smells slightly floral as well. According to the product description, this bubble bar is meant to turn bathwater into a lovely deep pink, but it definitely wasn’t that colour for me. It was more of a dark orange that didn’t look too appealing on camera despite the bubbles and how good everything smelled! I tried crumbling Mumkin, but realized I wanted ALL THE BUBBLES so I just dunked the whole thing under running water and got ready to relax. This is the perfect gift for mom or really anyone who likes a more subdued fruity scent.

All Lush Mother’s Day items are limited time so be sure to pick something up for Mom this week!

PR sample sent for review.

Petit Vour | “Love is Magical” February 2014 Box

February’s Petit Vour Box had a bit of a romantic theme in honour of Valentine’s Day and contained some really lovely products that I still haven’t had time to enjoy and it is now May…life of a beauty lover right?