12 Days of Christmas Gifting with Julep!


On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, nail polish under the tree!

Ready for a sneak peek of what Julep will be serving up starting Dec.1st? For the next 12 days, our friends at Julep will be unveiling a new deal that will be active from 12am EST until 11:59pm PST. Here’s what’s coming up for the next 3 days!




Who’s looking forward to the next nine days?!

Winter Nail Art with Snowflakes and a Very Tall Snowman

Alrighty, bring on the Christmas manicures! Amazingly enough, snowflakes and snowmen are both things I have never thought to put on my nails, but after seeing some nail art from the always amazing Nailasaurus I couldn’t wait to give it a try on my own. It also gave me the opportunity to wear a nail polish from my stash of untrieds which is ALWAYS good!

I started off with two coats of China Glaze – Blue Year’s Eve (I bought this last year and haven’t worn until now…seriously Jayne…), one coat of China Glaze – Fairy Dust and white and black acrylic paint for all of the detailing.


My snowman is a little on NBA tall side because my nails are so long, but I guess it still works. He’s just not as cute and chubby as most snowmen would like to be! Happy Friday everyone and let’s herald in the craziness and gluttony of December!

November 2012 Ipsy Bag

What?! Yet another beauty bag to add to the midst?! That’s right, if you’re a Michelle Phan fan like me, you have probably been tracking when this bag was going to be released in Canada. When it was finally announced at the beginning of November that us Canadians would finally have access, I hesitated at first because I needed to assess how crazy I was for subbing to a sixth beauty service, but it was Margo from Citygirl who gave me the final push ;-) Let’s have a look inside shall we?

Nov 2012_ipsy

I won the Beauty Crazed October Giveaway!

This past month has been a time of major upheaval for me in terms of career and  has finally sorted itself out for the better this week. When I found out earlier this month that I had won this giveaway from Beauty Crazed, believe it or not, it just made me look at the stress I was experiencing in a much more positive light. It’s amazing how beauty products can change your outlook isn’t it? ;-)


Sephora Sinnage!

One corner of my bedroom is currently home to “things I have purchased and have yet to blog about”. Do any of you have one of those corners? It both excites and scares me a little! This particular round of sinnage is the result of about 2 months of lusting and when I think about it, is full of things I love and would use.


“Snow in the Forecast” Nails!

Some of you may have heard about the Christmas nail art contest hosted by one of my favourite nail polish sites, Nail Polish Canada! They always have fun contests going on and have a sense of humour to boot! This week’s theme is SNOW and I’m not very good at drawing snowflakes so I went with a snowy weather report! Be wary of falling temperatures and heavy snowfall!  Although in Vancouver, the falling snow should really be replaced by unending amounts of rain!

I used an unknown blue by Quo by Orly for my base and then white and black acrylic paint and Sally Hansen – Mellow Yellow for the sun. I really should get yellow stripers as the sun rays were very hard to keep neat with a regular nail art brush. As you can see, there are some low temperatures showing on my thumb ;-)




There are so many amazing manicures in the contest so I know it’s hard to vote just for one! I know this isn’t a conventional “snow” manicure, but if you fancy throwing a vote my way I will send lots of good Christmas karma your way!

Swatch: Essie–Beyond Cozy Plus Bonus Failed Attempt at Nail Art

Today’s nail art begins with a Christmas glitter polish from Essie’s new Winter 2012 Collection called Beyond Cozy that immediately caught my eye! This is a very fine gold glitter that needed just two coats for full opacity with very smooth and even application.

As much as I loved having all of my nails gold, I felt like they needed a bit of a contrast colour so I started doing some sort of pattern on my ring finger which I ended up hating, but couldn’t seem to remove! I ended up finishing off the rest of my nails with some swirly lines and dots. This is what I get for not practicing on a nail wheel first!  Oh well, Beyond Cozy is still gorgeous for the holidays although it might just become an accent nail colour for me since it’s so sparkly and distracting!


Review–Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel

This review is long overdue as I have mentioned it as a favourite in the past and had some questions about how it worked due to its unique texture. I have been using this as a makeup remover since the beginning of the year and have enjoyed how easily it removes all types of makeup while leaving my skin soft and supple.

A lightweight cleansing gel that transforms into an oil and then into a milk. Clarins reinvents cleansing with this innovative, triple texture/action cleanser that eliminates even the heaviest make-up while caring for your skin. Cleansing was never so easy or pleasurable.


Lush UK Sinnage-2nd Edition!

With the release of Christmas products in the Lush product line, I knew that I was not going to be able to resist and that an order was imminent. I also had a few things to pick up for my beauty swaps so I ended up making a very large order and boy did it feel good! ;-)


October 2012 Glossybox

The fact that I am only posting about the October Glossybox must be some indication of how un-interested I was in it and if it weren’t for one product, I would have been very disappointed. October’s Glossybox was breast cancer awareness themed and had some markedly pink items. This is the last Glossybox at the old price of $15/month, so maybe we’ll see some marked improvement in November’s Glossybox?


Swatch: Pretty & Polished–Day Trippin’ (Temperature Changing!)

I have another Pretty & Polished nail polish to share with you today and it is a FUN one! This is my first experience with a temperature changing polish and it has to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever worn on my nails! Here is a video of this polish in action! What I have on my nails here is 3 easily applied coats of Day Trippin’ and topcoat. There is a slight shimmer to this polish which you can kind of see in the pictures. When I’m feeling cool, Day Trippin’ is a dark purple, but when I warm up, changes to pink! I have longer nails so I love how my nails have a natural gradient when I’m at room temperature! Look at those purple French tips! 


Monday Blues Blog Hop

Welcome to the ninth edition of the Monday Blues Blog Hop hosted by myself, Traci from Drinkcitra and Christa from ChrissyAi. This week, say HIIII to our wonderful co-hosts for the week, Danette from All My Love For All My Days and Alexis from XOXO Alexis Leigh! Thank you to all of you who joined us for last week’s blog hop, these are always just such a blast getting to know new blogs! Have a great week everyone!

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Swatches: Pretty & Polished–Happy Holodays Duo!

I am very excited to share some swatches today of the Pretty & Polished Happy Holodays Duo! The duo is composed of Ruby and the Glitter Topper. I normally make it a point to not wear any Christmas polishes until December, but these were just too exciting to not wear right away!


Swatch: Essie–No More Film and Sephora by OPI-Traffic-Stopper Copper!

I have had Essie – No More Film  sitting in my untrieds for far too long! This is from the Essie Resort Spring/Summer Collection of this past year and I wish I had known just how gorgeous and rich it looked on the nails! This is a deep, black purple that was opaque in two coats.


I wanted to do some sort of copper gradient so I made the mistake of using an actual topcoat…Sephora by OPI – Traffic Stopper Copper which really is an amazing topcoat, but not in the layers that I was using. My nails are so thick at the tips from building up the glitter :(


This didn’t turn out like I had hoped, but it gave me the chance to see what a great colour No More Film is!

October 2012 Beauty Box 5

And heeerrre is October’s BB5! This was not my favourite box, but there are certainly products that peaked my interest and made me very curious about how to use them as October’s theme was “Tricks of the Trade”.


Inspired by Gold, Enamel and Diamonds

I have had this idea in my head for the last week and I am quite pleased with how it turned out! I was inspired by a bangle by one of my favourite Italian jewellery designers - Roberto Coin. This bangle is from the Bollicine Collection and has varying sizes of white enamel “bubbles’ surrounded by yellow gold creating an almost mathematical look. The diamonds also make this bracelet that much more amazing!

Creating this look was pretty simple, I started off with two coats of my favourite black polish, OPI – Black Onyx and then made random sized gold dots using Revlon – Gold Coin. I then followed with placing white dots inside the gold ones with China Glaze – Snow. I finished off with some crystals on my index finger to represent the diamonds. Oh, and forgive me for the slight nail wear and lack of tip-sealing. 



Maybe next time I’ll use real diamonds on my nails ;-)

Holographic Pink Leopard Print Nails

I couldn’t say goodbye to GOSH – Holographic Hero just yet and have been wanting to try leopard print nails again since my most recent attempt earlier this year. I think I may have finally done it correctly this time! As my base, I used GOSH – Holographic Hero and then randomly dotted pink spots with Sally Hansen XTremeWear – Bubblegum Pink. I then outlined the pink with black acrylic paint. I love how this manicure turned out and now I want to try more holographic leopard print nails in all different colours!



And as a side note for those who follow, the incident with that guy hitting my car and trying to leave? He admitted to being fully responsible and now I can repair my car at no charge to me! Justice has been served!

October Luvs

To be honest, I almost forgot about this post! There has been a lot going on in my life in terms of change and I’ve just been a bundle of rattling nerves the last week. Blogging has helped though because with every sentence and/or comment that I end with an exclamation mark, I feel a little bit better! I don’t have much in the way of favourites for October although I should just mention that the MaskerAide masks were a definite favourite!


Monday Blues Blog Hop

Welcome to the eighth edition of the Monday Blues Blog Hop hosted by myself, Traci from Drinkcitra and Christa from ChrissyAi. This week, please say hello to our two wonderful co-hosts for the week, my Canadian friend Aleksandra from Plumpish Beauty and Jane from Northern Beauty! Tomorrow is the Remembrance Day holiday for us in Canada and Veteran’s Day in the US so I think most of us (except myself) will be staying in tomorrow. Thank you to all of you who joined us for last week’s blog hop!

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Sample Sundays: Second Edition

I can’t believe it has been two weeks already and that it is once again time for me to go through my sample stash and pick some new things to try. I really want to get rid of all my shampoo packets so I am making those a priority! I seem to be pretty optimistic this week about the number of samples I *think* I will be able to get through. Maybe I’m just feeling very glass half-full at the moment, but I think I can do it!


Bath and Body

1. AHAVA – Mineral Body Lotion (40mL)

2. L’Occitane- Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream (8mL)

3. Sugarfoot and Company - Oatmeal Cookies Body Lotion (1oz)

4. Mainely Cole’s - Silky Body Butter in Coconut Lime Verbena (1oz)


5. Lash Card (2 cards)

6. Make Up For Ever – Sens’Eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleaner (25mL)

7. YSL – Mascara in Black (3mL)


8. Balea – Skin Firming Peel Off Face Mask in Honey and Caramel (15mL)

9. L’Occitane – Ultra Rich Face Scrub (5mL)

10. L’Occitane – Immortelle Cream Mask (5mL)


11. Chi – Silk Infusion (15mL)

12. Wella- Brilliance Treatment (25mL)

13. Principessa Beauty - Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair (30g)

14. John Frieda – Weatherworks Shampoo/Conditioner (8.3mL each)

15. Arbonne - FC5 Nourishing Daily Shampoo/Conditioner (6mL each)

16. Fekkai - Brilliant Glossing Shampoo/Conditioner (9mL each)

17. Redken - Color Extend Shampoo/Conditioner (10mL each)

Alrighty, off to the races!

L’Occitane Happy Hands Haul and Bonus!

I know I said I wouldn’t use the word “haul” anymore, but the alliteration in the blog post title was much too fun to pass up! I often wait for L’Occitane to have GWP events before purchasing because their little goodie bags are some of the best I’ve seen.


I had received a sample of the new limited edition Mango Flower Hand Cream in the mail and immediately fell in love with the scent so I knew that everything in that scent was coming home with me! I picked up the Ultra Rich Body Cream ($28) which is very moisturizing and quite thick in consistency. I love the little tin it comes in too! 



Next, I picked up the limited edition Happy Hands Trio ($32) of hand creams which included the scents: Rose Petals, Mango Flower and Date Bouquet.


I’ve talked about these Amande Exfoliating and Stimulating Soap ($6 each) before in my July Empties post and although they are pretty expensive, I love the scent and the amount of grittiness in each bar. 


And of course, the bonus! This was actually a bonus from last month and I’ve just been so tardy in posting about it…sorry! I am a huge fan of the Shea Butter line so this bonus was a must-have for me!

Inside the gift bag are:

1. Dry Skin Hand Cream (10mL)

2. Dry Skin Foot Cream (10mL)

3. Shea Butter Ultra Rich Face Cream (15mL)

4. Shea Butter Fabulous Serum (7mL)

5. Milk Extra Gentle Soap (100g) 

6. Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream (8mL) 

I’m a little afraid of the next couple of weeks because there are going to be so many Christmas gift sets coming out and I feel like all the posts I have for you will be sinnage posts! Dear God…I’m afraid for my VISA…

Gosh–Holographic Hero! SCORE!

I was definitely one of the guilty ones who rushed out to Shopper Drug Mart to raid the latest GOSH display for the limited edition of Holographic Hero! There were two bottles left, so I just grabbed one so that another lucky gal could have her chance at this little holographic beauty!

From the comparison swatches I have seen, the formula of Holographic Hero is not quite the same as the coveted one from a few years ago. The previous release of this polish looked quite a bit more holo in pictures, but I am more than happy with this one! What I have here is two coats with the first coat being the most challenging to apply as I experienced balding if I didn’t have enough polish on the brush. As long as I made sure the second coat was nice and thick, the polish spread out nicely.


The Natural Beauty Box October 2012 (My First!)

I have been patiently waiting for an all-natural beauty box ever since eco-friendly boxes like The Conscious Box and Eco-Emi, which unfortunately do not ship to Canada (yet!) or are double the price for international shipping. When I started hearing through the beauty box grapevine that The Natural Beauty Box was available to Canadians, I couldn’t wait to try it! I only bought the month of October as I wanted to try it first before committing to something more permanent.

October’s Box is pink, I’m guessing for breast cancer awareness and comes in a cute pink bag with a cute polka dot bow! Yay for girly packaging! There was also a HUGE info sheet with all the product information which I loved! I will list the values here as listed on the sheet, but don’t try to do the math to see whether the amounts match up because the cost per mL is not calculated with normal arithmetic…TNBB emailed me to explain how the sample costs were calculated:

“The product price points are actually what the companies provide us as they sell these mini sizes. Or some...As we may have purchased.These products are not divided to get the value...

For example:

The Petal Organics Body Cream mini - 1 oz...Did cost the price indicated. A good comparison we have is here:

Full sized butter: $32.00 - 8 oz

Mini: If you divide, it's supposed to be .25 for one ounce but the mini we purchase is Worth $6.00.

I hope this helps and we've clarified this.

Thank you!”


In the Mood for Fall with Butter London–Shag

I have just realized that along with Halloween nail polishes, I haven’t had the chance to wear any Fall polishes yet so I figure I had better get on it seeing as how Winter is coming! Today I bring to you Butter London – Shag from the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection which is described as “a London Fashion Week favourite, this high-shine metallic nail lacquer is a warm orange-burgundy hue. Reminiscent of fallen Autumn leaves. Sigh”.

I had no troubles at all applying this polish and what I have shown here is two coats with Jordana Quick Shine Topcoat. I don’t think I have ever worn a colour quite like this one and I like it! I feel like a grown-up! ;)



Monday Blues Blog Hop

Welcome to the seventh edition of the Monday Blues Blog Hop hosted by myself, Traci from Drinkcitra and Christa from ChrissyAi. This week, please say hello to our two wonderful co-hosts for the week, Alisha from Coily Locks and my fellow Canadian Ashley from Steps to Perfection! Thank you to all of you who joined us for last week’s blog hop and Happy Monday! 

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31 Day Nail Challenge Summary!

31 Day Nail Challenge

I just thought it might be nice to see the last two months all in one place!

October 2012 Empties!

I did just alright this past month, but I really had a fun time trying all sort of different things! I only managed to finish a single hair mask sample which is quite sad! Anyway, there is always this month, right? Onwards to empties shall we?

* denotes a sample size



Clarins Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Comfort Cream – This is my second jar of this night cream and it certainly won’t be my last. I love the scent, the consistency and it’s one of the few moisturizers that doesn’t leave my skin dry or too greasy. It has been the perfect night cream for my skin once I hit my mid 20s and it will be what I use for now. Repurchase? YES!

Clarins Multi-Active Skin Renewal Serum – I have talked about this serum before in my August Luvs post so I won’t go into much detail, but I love it! Repurchase? Already opened up my second one!

Christian Mode Japanese Sheet Mask – Just as awesome as the last one I tried in my September Empties post from my swap with Nadine. So moisturizing and thick with syrupy, goopy essence! Purchase? Yes!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes – Probably my favourite wipes to date because they are the softest I’ve used so far. These even made it into my list of August Luvs! Repurchase? Yes!

MaskerAide Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask in All Nighter- Love! I received this in October’s Topbox and was very excited to try it. This is the first Canadian sheet mask I have tried and it is just as luxurious in feel as the Asian sheet masks! I loved the smell of peppermint oil and was able to use the leftover “essence” for another mini wake-up mask the day after! Purchase? Yes!

Befine Exfoliating Cleanser* – I received this in my August Glossybox. Smelled nice and although this cleanser felt extremely rough at first, my skin always felt soft and supple after washing it off so my overall impression of this product was positive. Did anyone else find it really hard to get the product out of the sachet? Purchase? Maybe

Balea Grapefruit and Vitamin E Warming Face Mask* – This mask claims to warm and brighten the skin, but I only felt the warming effects. It smells quite nice, but I don’t think I will be buying this again just because I didn’t really notice any immediate effects from using the mask.  Repurchase? No

Bentaberry G-1 Moisturizing Face Cream for Boys and Girls* – I received this in my August Glymm Bag and it was not my favourite face cream at all. It never absorbed into my skin and when I wiped my face it would peel off even hours later. Purchase? No

Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Concentrated Serum* – I received this at a Dior makeover event in March of this year and as with many Dior skin products, I find this overpriced for what little difference is makes to my skin. Granted, I only managed to get 3 uses out of this sample, but I think I’ll stick to my Clarins serum for now. Purchase? No

La Fresh Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipes x 2* – These were really great! They were a bit oily which makes sense as they are supposed to remove waterproof makeup. Although I wouldn’t buy these for everyday use, they are great for travel and on the go. Purchase? Yes

Neutrogena All in One Make-Up Removing Cleansing Wipes* – I received these as a gift for celebrating Neutrogena’s 60 years in Canada and I actually quite like them because they have an oilier consistency meaning that these actually do remove most of my eye makeup. You do need to wash your face afterwards though since the oil leaves a bit more of a residue than other makeup wipes. Purchase? Yes

Skoah Moisture Induce Mask* – This is a skin care line that comes right out of Vancouver and I love it to death! This mask is like a massive blast of moisture for my dry skin. This little sample gave me probably 10 masks so I truly had a good idea of whether this mask would work for me and it did! I actually use it as a “sleeping mask” as it acts like a moisturizer and absorbs right into my skin. Purchase? Yes!




Fekkai Rapid Results Moisture Mask* – I received this in my April Luxe Box and like I mentioned in a previous empties post, I didn’t notice any difference between this mask and my current hair mask. Purchase? No


Bath and Body 


AHAVA Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Cream* – I received this in last year’s December’s Glymm Box and I love it! This is a scent like no other and I am so glad that I have a full size tube of this because it’s such a rich and luxurious scent! I don’t even know how to describe it, it’s not fruity, but smells like opulence! Purchase? Yes!

B.Kamins Maple Body Lotion* – I just added this to my Sample Sundays mix and let’s just say it doesn’t take a lot to get through 12mL of product! The consistency of this lotion is more on the liquid side and did not smell like maple unlike it’s name. It wasn’t my favourite consistency and although I am glad to have been given a chance to try it, I don’t think this lotion is for me. Purchase? No

Villainess Whipped Body Creme* – I think after receiving this in September’s Glymm Bag all of us who subscribe to Glymm ended up buying the full size! This not only smells like freshly baked cookies, but the texture and actual moisturizing effects are great! Purchase? Yes! Should be arriving tomorrow!

L’Occitane Mango Flower Hand Cream* – Received this in the mail and promptly purchased the full size a few days later! If you like the smell of mangoes, you will love this hand cream! The quality of L’Occitane’s hand creams is also amazing as they are made with 20% shea butter so they are not overly greasy, but still moisturize parched hands. Purchase? Yes!

Pink Wipes* – Easiest empty ever! LOL! This one wipe did what I expected to do, but they’re pretty expensive! I know they are pH balanced for sensitive skin, but wouldn’t baby wipes suffice? Purchase? No.

Dana’s Dreamy Delights in Bulging Blueberries Whipped Body Butter* – I received this in my first and only Sampler Village Box and unfortunately, I don’t like the smell of blueberries. I love the actual fruit, but not in a body butter. This body butter was also VERY thick and greasy so if you have very dry skin this is great, but I don’t like feeling greasy hours later so the consistency was not my favourite.

Life Botanicals Natural Deodorant – This just shows how old this is as Shoppers doesn’t even carry Life anymore! I don’t like scent on my deodorant so this salt stick is perfect for me. I am currently using a LaVanilla deodorant just to try it out, but I I have feeling I will be grabbing the salt stick again! Repurchase? Yes

Arbonne Ginger Citrus Sugar Scrub – Received this at an Arbonne spa party and I liked it! The only deterrent is that to repurchase, I have to go through an Arbonne rep or go through the website and pay for shipping. I have many other scrubs in my beauty arsenal so this will have to wait. Purchase? No

Bath and Body Works Cherry Blossom Shimmer Lotion – I have had this for years and I can’t believe I have finally finished it! It smelled and felt exactly the same as when I first got it which makes me wonder about the ingredients. I like the smell, but I don’t think I will be getting anymore shimmer lotions…the shimmer transfers to my clothes which I find annoying so I will stick to a regular old moisturizer for now. Repurchase? No




Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in 257 – This is actually my second tube of this colour and it has served me well! It’s a light, sparkly pink gloss that just adds a little sparkle to any lip colour. Repurchase? Yes

CLEAN Cotton T-Shirt* – I love the entire CLEAN fragrance line, but this was not one of my favourites and I’m glad I grabbed a sample at Sephora just to try it out. Purchase? No

M.Asam Magic Fini* – I received this in Glymm’s March Box and while I was hesitant about it at first, now that I have finally used it up I can conclude that it was actually fairly pleasant. I have been using this as a primer underneath both my liquid and mineral foundations and it has worked quite nicely. It is on the greasier side and I found it to be too greasy at first. I think now that my skin is drier, my skin has enjoyed the extra does of oil! I have other primer samples to work through so for now, I will have to say no to getting the full size. Purchase? No

My drawers of beauty products are now ever so much lighter now! I look forward to seeing how all of you did with your empties!

Beginning Normal Life Again with Zoya - America

Now that the 31 Day Nail Challenge is over, it is actually a bit of a relief to just paint my nails normally and not have to be inspired by anything in particular! The challenge was fun, but I feel like I need to go back to basics for a little while before I dive into back-breaking nail art again!

This Zoya – America which I picked up from Vancouver-based Escents Aromatherapy during one of their sales from the summer and boy am I glad I did! Here I have shown two easy coats before topcoat so you can see just how glossy and juicy this colour is! This is a fantastic bright red which I thought was a great way to start my dive back into “normal” nails again.



I’ve been working on some product reviews too that I can’t wait to get to as well as some Fall polishes that I have not had a chance to swatch yet! Stay tuned!

October 2012 Glymm Bag (My Last For Now…)

This is my very last Glymm Bag (for now?) and it is bittersweet as it was my very first beauty box subscription I signed up for using a 50% off Teambuy coupon for my first month. I remember being so excited when I saw the old pink box arrive. Let’s be nostalgic and have a look at what I received in my very first Glymm Box shall we?


Things have changed since then, haven’t they? We’ve all noticed that the quality of the bags has decreased in terms of what they end up being worth in value and we no longer see any “big” names anymore, which I personally don’t mind as Glymm has introduced us to brands we’ve never heard of. Hello Villainess?! Love the body scrub!

This month’s Glymm Bag is centered around breast cancer awareness and begins with a quilted pink makeup bag which I actually really love. I love pink and I would love a pair of quilted patent leather pumps just like this bag! 



Lash Card


Say bye bye to clumpy and smudged mascara. This card will save you time and make your lashes lovably flawless.

Thoughts: I’ve always thought these mascara shields were pretty gimmicky. I think any firm piece of cardboard will do just fine and I don’t need to pay to have someone cut out a curved piece of cardboard for me. They’re pretty pricey too at 10 for $6.99! I’ll use the samples for sure, but I know I would never buy them on my own.

Full size: 10 cards/$6.99

I received: 2 cards/$1.40

Femme Couture Lightening Lash Mascara in Blackest Black


Get noticed with superstar lashes. Lengthen, amplify and bring each lash back to life.

Thoughts: I now get scared when I see mascara samples because I know that by the time I get to it, it may have expired! I have so many in my stash! I wish I could go through mascara faster than I do. I use it every day and yet I have never used up an entire tube. This full size product looks promising though with its crazy amplifying brush and all!

Full size: $14.00/11.3g

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Cyberderm H2O Hydration and Every Morning Sun Whip


This moisturizer will show your skin a good time. With more benefits than you can count, you can be sure to see some drastic results.

Protect your delicate skin from harmful rays all year round with this daily sunscreen.

Thoughts: What? No syringes this time? The last time we saw Cyberderm products, the method of delivery was so cool! I actually had a great time pushing down the plunger and seeing the amount of product go down! So, all of us have received H2O Hydration before in July’s Glymm Bag and if memory serves me well, it was just ok for me. I’m glad we all get a chance to try out a sunscreen since Cyberderm markets themselves as “the sunscreen company”.

Full size: H2O Hydration - 50mL/$60.00, Every Morning Sun Whip – 50mL/$38.00

I received: Say 5mL each? It doesn’t say. H2O Hydration - 5mL/$6.00, Every Morning Sun Whip – 5mL/$3.80

Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme


This daily maintenance hydration creme softens like no other and banishes dry hair while adding plump sheen.

Thoughts: Hmmm, the packaging and advertising sound appealing to me…This looks like really thick stuff so I’m going to have to be careful in how much I use on my hair. I’m scared of it looking to lifeless. The name of the product sounds more like a body butter though…I’m sure I’m not the only one that thought this!

Full size: 59mL/$9, 237mL/$32, 473mL/$58

I received: *FULL TRAVEL SIZE*

Johnson & Johnson Johnson’s Baby Oil


Thoughts: This was a bonus in this month’s Glymm bag. I thought this was a cute addition to this month’s Glymm bag and a sweet way to introduce Glymm Mama. I haven’t used baby oil since I was…a baby?


Total Value of Glymm Bag: Approximately $34.20

And there’s more! I, too, took advantage of the Villainess duo that Glymm had on special a few weeks ago. I couldn’t say no to that glorious scent of freshly baked cookies! My order also took a little bit longer to process so Glymm was nice enough to throw in a full size Principessa Lip Balm!


Isn’t it a little bit of a coincidence that my very first Glymm Box had a full size Principessa Lip Balm and so does my last order with Glymm? It’s like I’ve come full circle! Glymm has steadily introduced novel beauty brands into my beauty repertoire and for that I have to say thank you Glymm! I won’t call this a permanent goodbye, but maybe a “see you soon”!