SHEET MASK | Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Sheet Mask #100DaysofSheetMasks

Oh, the lovely Tatcha. This was one of the first truly beautiful skincare brands I came across when I first started blogging and in 2011, Tatcha was still relatively new to the skincare scene having only launched just two years prior. Their philosophy, packaging and products were new to the North American market and to this day, though they have some stiff competition in skincare, I still find the whole Tatcha experience to be quite Zen and almost romantic from opening up the packaging to using the product. While there are a few Tatcha products I enjoy, today's feature is all about the Luminous Dewy Skin Sheet Mask!

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NAILS | Halloween Skittles #CBBxManiMonday

Well, Halloween is upon us and though this is normally my favourite time of year this month has been a whirlwind purely due to my day job being not very fun. Let's just say that I wish people could just go to work and work? There is only so much gossiping I can do in a day and it literally serves no purpose than to create a toxic work environment. Anyway, I have been enjoying my week off and I am sad that I have to go back this week, but here's to things getting better from now on! 

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SHEET MASK | Patchology x Kim Chi Collaboration with Selfies #100DaysofSheetMasks

The brand Patchology is one of the coolest mask brands I have come across with their focus beginning over 10 years ago with patch technology for the medical field. Now, Patchology has peels, eye and lip gels, mud masks and of course, some very hydrating mud masks! Then, they did one of the coolest sheet mask collaborations I have seen by partnering up with Kim Chi of Ru Paul's Drag Race and featuring 4 of her top beauty looks with the designs being some of the most complex I have seen for a printed mask!

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MAKEUP | Avon Soft Matte Liquid Lip with Swatches

I know matte lipsticks aren't everyone's cup of tea and it took me a long time to get onboard, but now I am there and I will wear anything from nude to bright red to purple so let's say hello to the new Avon Soft Matte Liquid Lips! These lipsticks come in 8 pigmented shades that feel weightless and featherlight and contain poppy seed oil and vitamin E for comfort. This non-drying formula is supposed to last for hours on end while still looking fabulous until the very end of the day so let's see how they performed!

Avon Soft Matte Liquid Lip Review

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GIVEAWAY | Live Clean Fresh Water Collection

It's Halloween so instead of tricks, let's do some treats! I realize that last October I also did a Live Clean Fresh Water giveaway so obviously I must like this particular collection! This year there is a new deodorant to add which I have reviewed (here) and of course many other goodies to enjoy!

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NAILS | Not All Monsters are Scary! #CBBxManiMonday

I was up a little too late doing these nails - 2am to be exact and not because they took a particularly long time to paint, but because I started to once again organize my beauty stash after not touching it since my staycation ended in the middle of September. Everything is literally frozen in time from the makeup wipes I had on hand for swatching to the microfibre cloth I had to wipe everything down so that it looked perfect for donating or giving away. I have a bit of time coming up that I took off to celebrate our anniversary so in addition to spending some quality time with my husband, I will also be using that time to reconnect with my beauty space. For today's manicure, Monsters Inc. nails are something I have been wanting to do for years so this is nail art bucket list item CHECKED!

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SKINCARE | NENA Skincare: Powered by Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay

I first got acquainted with NENA Skincare from a Shop and Shout campaign where I had the chance to try out their internationally beauty-acclaimed Clay Mask as well as their Cleansing Cream. NENA is based right here in Vancouver with all products made in Canada. What sets this brand apart from others in the natural beauty space is their use of sustainably harvested glacial oceanic clay from Northern British Columbia. This clay has been and is still used for centuries among the Homalco First Nations tribe for medicinal and wellness purposes. It is even ingested to boost the immune system! NENA also works in partnership with the Homlaco people to harvest and use this clay which I was glad to hear about because there have been so many wrongs done to First Nations communities that are slowly being healed so partnerships like these are steps in the right direction. Glacial oceanic clay is constantly being refreshed by the ocean and is only available for harvest ONCE a year under strict Canadian environmental regulations and NENA does this harvesting with ZERO ecological footprint!

NENA Skincare: Powered by Canadian Glacial Clay

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SHEET MASK | 7th Heaven Animal Face Masks #100DaysofSheetMasks

I am definitely struggling with content across all platforms this month and not because I feel uninspired or down, but I have just been feeling really tired and especially since last week's LDBeauty event, I just haven't caught up to life yet. Work has been making me grumpy and it's just one of those weeks where I feel completely alone. I guess I still have my fun sheet masks though so we will cut to much happier things with the new 7th Heaven Animal Sheet Masks! Coming in three prints, the kitten, tiger and panda is guaranteed to make anyone smile and as always these masks are made with the same vegetarian-friendly ingredients!

7th Heaven Animal Face Mask Review

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NAILS | Halloween or Hayfever Eyeballs? #CBBxManiMonday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and ate lots of great food. Though we rarely do turkey, my husband and I try to do something a little bit special every Thanksgiving since it's usually just the two of us. This year, I decided to try a very North American dish of...casserole! A post from The Food Network popped up on my feed last week with Trisha Yearwood (she always does great looking comfort food) and a Broccoli Chicken Casserole that was super easy to make in the end. It tasted so good, but I'm sure it was because there was so much mayo, cheese and sour cream in there that there wasn't much to NOT like! It was very decadent and then we topped it all off with apple pie and vanilla ice cream! Needless to say, the holiday weight gain has begun!

Halloween Eyeball Nail Art

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MAKEUP | NYX Bare with Me Collection

OMG, I didn't intend on being away from this space for as long as this, but hopefully some of you caught that I was still alive and on Instagram especially with my Story feed being filled with beauty goodness from the #LDBeauty event this week! Lots of fun things coming soon from so many brands including NYX! Though I received the newest Bare With Me Collection from Chickadvisor, it was showcased during the LDBeauty event and it is a stark contrast to their more adventurous products! Their Cosmic Lips glosses were one of my favourite releases and ever since then I haven't really come back to NYX even though I know they have incredibly solid products. Their Jumbo Eye Pencils and their Slide On Eyeliners are fantastic and were the first few makeup products I ever talked about on the blog so I feel like I have reconnected with an old friend when I gave this new collection a go!

NYX Bare with Me Collection

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NAILS | Pretty & Polished Candy Corn #CBBxManiMonday

This is definitely a first as my ManiMonday is coming out on a Wednesday, but work has been extra crazy and I am now finally finished working seven days in a row which rarely happens, but had to this time as I am currently on my way to the LDBeauty event! I have been fortunate to be able to attend this media event for the last 5 years and it's always a fun time. This week's manicure also uses an untried thermal indie polish from the now defunct Pretty & Polished as well as some very Halloweeny nail vinyls!

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SHEET MASK | Fashion Angels Selfie Trio #100DaysofSheetMasks

Some sheet masks are just about being ridiculous and taking selfies so when I saw the #BestSelfie Fashion Angels sheet mask on Renee's blog earlier this year, I marched my ass over to and found not just one, but two other printed masks that were calling my name! I mean, even the packaging is made to look like a phone complete with home button! How could I resist?!

Fashion Angels Sheet Masks

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