SKINCARE | Gettin' the Skinny on Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil - 100% Raw and Cold Pressed!

I used to poke fun at people who believed that coconut oil was their savior. Though I certainly see the benefits of incorporating coconut oil into beauty and food routines, I feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of coconut oils that are on the market. Some say I can just grab that huge tub of virgin coconut oil and wham, bam, thank you m'aam and I've got something that works for my kitchen, hair and face. So, who's right? Is there ONE brand of coconut oil that is the best? Skinny & Co. thinks so! 

Having just launched their 100% raw, cold pressed coconut oil in Sephora stores, Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil sets itself apart by being the only alkaline coconut oil (pH 7.8) on the market and is as close to a raw coconut as you can get! Why is having an alkaline or higher pH good? The alkaline food diet is all about making sure that our bodies stay at a happy pH of 7.3-7.45. A high consumption of certain foods like coffee are quite acidic and it is thought that we get sick when our body's ideal pH levels are thrown out of whack. While I don't quite believe in the science of the alkaline diet (our bodies adhere to the principles of homeostasis to ensure that everything remains peachy keen), the foods that you are meant to eat while on an alkaline diet are actually quite good for you(fruits, vegetables and no processed foods) so THAT I can believe.  

MAKEUP LOOK | Iconic UD Smoky Eyes with Urban Decay's Naked Smoky Palette

Thank goodness for being able to schedule posts because I'll tell you all a little something, I haven't blogged in over a week! I just wrapped up two 13 hour work days and I am struggling to organize myself for the next week since my Christmas tree is still up and needs to come down like NOW. In true Jayne fashion, I have had this look completed for awhile, but decided to space out all the smoky eyes I was doing over the holidays since they were all starting to look the same!

SKINCARE | Eco-Certified and 100% Naturally-Derived with Schaf Skincare #PracticeSafeSkincare

This year I am saying "YES" to good skincare. For the past year, I have been making a conscious effort to limit "random" skincare on my face and keep it as efficient as possible while keeping it interesting since I do appreciate the technology that goes into developing a good skincare product. I especially pay attention to Canadian skincare companies and even more so ones that have Eco-certified products (more about Ecocert here)!

Schaf Skincare is based in Toronto, Ontario and is all about using a unique blend of plant extracts to nurture and protect the skin. Intended for use by ALL skin types, Schaf products are individually eco-certified which is the ULTIMATE stamp of natural approval. Ecocert originated in France and is an independent body that meticulously researches the origins of every ingredient. They visit the facilities where products are made and ensure that ingredients and the steps taken to product the products are indeed "all-natural". You can imagine how much this must cost in terms of time and money so for a cosmetics company to submit themselves to such an audit is what set Schaf apart from a number of other companies in my mind. It is also interesting to note that it is NOT companies that are Ecocertified, but individual products so you might see some companies certifying only certain products in their product lines if there are 100 products.

NAILS | #ManiMonday with OPI - By the Light of the Moon

Four weeks into 2016 and I still have #ManiMondays for you which bodes well! Though this isn't a new idea, I don't know why I never thought to try this out for myself! I used to time my nail posts with my work schedule, but now that I have figured out how to use the ringlight whenever I want, most of my photos are taken at midnight right after I finish painting. Today's mani comes from OPI's Starlight collection released for the holidays and though I have no idea what I was trying to do here (I painted these while I was sick last week), I just loved the matte silver, textured looking finish of By the Light of the Moon*. You can see that there is hex glitter as well which makes this one of the more unique polishes in my collection of 1800!

I roughly did the tips of my nails and some dots with yet another super cool shade from the OPI Starlight collection called Center of the You-niverse* to sort of give a cratered moon look to my nails. Whether it worked or not is debatable. Inspiration was fleeting that night and I have a feeling I just wanted to use both colours so badly that I was feeling experimental.

I feel really tired today, not just because it's Monday, but I think I went back to work before I really should have. I just feel exhausted! Hope you all are having a better day!

BEAUTY BOX | Glossybox September 2015 Edition

A part of me debated not even writing about the last couple of Glossyboxes that I was sent because of how much time had passed, but after looking at their contents I decided that they were worthy of sharing for anyone interested in signing up for Glossybox. This is a US-based subscription service which, with the Canadian dollar currently where it is, may cause Canadians like myself to hesitate when it comes to signing up. I actually still have two US-based subs going because even with the exchange rate, the products I receive are still worth it. Hopefully my reviews of what I received in my September Glossybox* will be just that for you!

FRAGRANCE | My Burberry EDT Review

Holy moly was I sick this week! This is the first time I have even ventured onto the computer since falling ill with a fever of 39°C over the weekend. I don't get the flu very often, but I was DONE up until a few days ago when I started feeling well enough to even start thinking beauty again. I did miss you all while I was gone and thought I would ease my way back with a review that should have happened a long time ago.

Though this is not a new fragrance, My Burberry EDT*(90mL/$80.00 CDN) is a lighter, fresher version of My Burberry EDP. Created by CEO and CCO of Burberry, Christopher Bailey and world-renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdijian, My Burberry EDT is brighter, happier and a scent that I found suited me more on a day-to-day basis.

NAILS | Cream Pastel Dotticure with Sephora Formula X #ColorCurators #ManiMonday

There is just too much nail polish goodness in the world. When Sephora moved away from Sephora by OPI and developed their own line of Formula X polishes I oohed and aahed, but didn't run out and buy all of the polishes just yet. It took a little bit of convincing, but while I have a pretty solid nail polish collection (1600 bottles and counting...) Formula X has so many well-organized shades that are a mix of classic, unique or out of this world. Take your pic, there is something in there for everyone!

Beginning this month, Formula X has teamed up with 10 iconic #ColorCurators (I will spell it the American way) for each month to express their signature style through limited edition nail colours. January starts off with Aimee Song of Song of Style and three perfectly sweet pastel shades that are classic, timeless and look good on any skintone. Using all three shades as well as The System from Formula X, I decided to go with a classic nail art manicure in the form of a DOTTICURE!

MAKEUP LOOK | Too Faced Le Grande Palais Review & Swatches

One of the things I dread the most about January is that although it is incredibly fun to see what people got for Christmas, it's possible you may have to wait until the next holiday season to score the same items! Luckily, the Too Faced Le Grande Palais* ($72.00 CDN) is still very much in stock at Sephora and is an incredible value with the palette containing: 18 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, a bronzer, a highlighter, a deluxe Better Than Sex mascara, a deluxe Melted Lipstick in Melted Peony, and a deluxe Shadow Insurance.

MAKEUP | Guerlain Parure Gold Powder Foundation Rejuvenating Effect SPF 15 PA++ Review

Although I haven't really discussed it all that much on the blog, I have recently become OBSESSED with foundations. It's like I have had some sort of awakening and I now I need to try ALL of the foundations! Last month, I raved about the revamped Guerlain L'Or Radiance Concentrate and now we need to talk about Guerlain's revamped Parure Gold Radiance Powder Foundation which promises to rejuvenate the skin with dual-faceted pigments combined with a collagen-boosting ingredient (I really can't tell from the ingredients list what this is, but I'd rather rely on my skincare than my foundation for this type of thing!).

SKINCARE | Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Body Cream and Replenishing Night Cream Reviews

I have noticed that I have had to amp up hydration on all fronts as this winter in Vancouver has been incredibly cold and dry. More so than in previous years. I mean, WTF which is part of the reason why I am back with more from Sibu Beauty! I happily reviewed four of their facial products last week (here) and now I'm back with two more to round out the routine a little more. One of the things I am keeping in mind for this year when it comes to my skin is to put as much "good stuff" on it as possible while still having the products DO something for my skin.

NAILS | Shu Uemura Maison Kitsune Nail Enamel in Indigo Glitz #ManiMonday

Sorry guys and gals, but I received the Shu Uemura Maison Kitsune Holiday Collection fairly close to Christmas and just did not have the chance to dive into it until Christmas Day. Luckily, most of the collection is still available online so it is definitely not too late! This is the first Shu nail polish that has appeared on Cosmetic Proof and of course it is sooo purdy! I have a penchant for green, blue and purple so if I didn't pay attention, all of my nail swatches would probably be JUST those colours. I'm fairly conservative everywhere else so my nails are probably the only place where I feel I can "party hard".

Indigo Glitz* ($25.00 CDN) is a glittery dark blue/purple duochrome with tiny purple and blue glitter. It is fully opaque in 2 coats and has a dreamy formula making application very easy with its self-leveling properties.

HAIR | COLAB Volume Extreme Dry Shampoo Review

Last year I was astounded by a dry shampoo called COLAB. It simply just worked. I went through the 50mL size in the space of a month and loaded up on the full size when it finally showed up at my local London Drugs (review). After I had mentioned the lack of volume the Sheer Invisible version of COLAB provided, I was sent the Volume Extreme (VE) version in the scent London* to try out. Let's say I loved it so much that I also own the Volume Extreme version in Tokyo and Monaco!

MAKEUP LOOK | MAKE UP FOR EVER Smoky Eye ft. Lash Show Creative Impact Lashes

It has been far too long that Cosmetic Proof has gone without a MAKE UP FOR EVER post! I received a couple of products for the Fall season that I have been playing around with and then when these amazing false lashes from the new Make Up For Ever Lash Show Collection came out, I was like, "I HAVE to put this all together!"

The Lash Show Collection is composed of 23 Creative and 27 Natural false lash styles to suit every single occasion (from everyday to being a performer for Cirque Du Soleil). The lashes are made of 100% synthetic fibers, are incredibly lightweight and made to allow for all-day wear. They are surprisingly flexible and also promise to fit all eye shapes!

SKINCARE | Sibu Beauty - Sea Buckthorn Berry at Its Best!

Finding really good natural beauty products is tough because as much as I love the idea of having nothing but coconut oil and shea butter on my face, I still prefer a little bit of je ne sais quoi when it comes to ingredients. Can't a girl want a little finesse combined with something natural? There have been many green beauty companies that I have come across in the last two years and though I have come across Sibu Beauty before, I did not take it seriously as a full routine until last summer. 

Sibu Beauty features the one and only sea buckthorn berry (Hippophae rhamnoides) which is a superfruit rich in Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C. All Sibu products are also GMO-free and contain no parabens, sulfates, gluten or artificial preservatives. When topically applied, sea buckthorn oil can be used to treat wounds, skin conditions and acts as an antioxidant hence its uses in anti-aging products. I had the opportunity to try out a couple of products from Sibu and months later I still have Sibu on rotation when I feel like my skin needs an "equalizer" so I DEFINITELY have some stuff to say regarding this brand!

SKINCARE | Introduction to Tata Harper Skincare!

If you follow me on Instagram, I often rave and post about Tata Harper products as I was their brand representative last year. The fact that I am STILL talking about her products while no longer working for the company should prove how much I love and believe in her products! Like most skincare, some products work for me and some don't. Part of my blogging goal for this year is to focus on skincare that I truly LOVE and Tata Harper is one of them.

In Sephora, you can imagine how hard it is to distinguish between the seemingly THOUSANDS of skincare brands so what sets Tata Harper apart from all the others? If you look at the ingredients, Tata Harper is the ONLY all-natural skincare brand in the entire store. This means that there isn't a SINGLE synthetic ingredient. This is what the word "natural" truly means and hearing that term used so loosely to sell to clients irked me to no end. You will notice that many natural or organic lines, while having wonderful ingredients, will use a synthetic preservative (usually phenoxyethanol), but Tata Harper goes a step further and uses radish root as a preservative. This is only the second time I have seen a company use this and I'm sure there are more. 

In addition to being truly all-natural, every product is ECO CERTIFIED, which is HUGE. I can go on and I will over the next YEAR as I review EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT that Tata Harper has made. Half of the products I received in gratis and the other half I purchased all on my own. This is natural skincare at a luxury price point so I hope my reviews will be educational as there aren't many blogger reviews out there especially for the higher ticket products like the Elixir Vitae ($438 CDN). 

Below is a taste of what you will see on Cosmetic Proof this year! 

NAILS | Picture Polish Cabaret by u_nona #ManiMonday

I am on a Picture Polish kick right now because there hasn't been a single shade I haven't been in love with. Formulas are always bang on and the glitter and holo polishes never disappoint! Today I have another blogger collaboration polish (sigh, this would be my dream!) with Cabaret* ($16.99 CDN) by Russian Instagrammer Nastya aka u_nona! Cabaret is dark burgundy scattered holo polish with tiny hex glitter inspired by never letting life become boring or ordinary.

MAKEUP LOOK | Lise Watier Majestique Holiday 2015 Collection Mini Reviews and Swatches

I had the photos for this post already to go for NYE, but I was one of those unfortunate few that had to work the couple of days up until New Year's so to be honest, I fell asleep at 8pm NYE and called it a night! The holidays have been both utterly wonderful and exhausting and I have to admit that holiday makeup collections contribute to a large part of the "wonderfulness"! I talk a lot about Lise Watier on the blog because it is by and large a Canadian brand that I am surprised not MORE Canadians have tried and loved. The collections are consistent and the quality is nothing short of amazing. The limited edition Lise Watier Majestique Holiday Collection is yet another solid collection that let's celebrate while looking incredibly elegant.

SKINCARE | An Interview with THE Kat Burki!

New year means new skincare. Last month, Nordstrom Vancouver held a massive beauty event showcasing the best of skincare and makeup complete with one-on-one consultations, makeovers and of course the chance to pick the brains of the founders of innovative luxury skincare companies like Kat Burki! I was VERY upset that I could not make the event and meet Kat Burki as I was at staff Christmas party, but I did get a chance to ask her a few questions as well as introduce you all to the brand and what I will be reviewing in the coming weeks!

(Image from

NAILS | Piggy Bank aka "Saving Money" Nail Art

The first post of a new year is always a tough one because IT IS THE FIRST ONE. It sets the tone of what is to come and though I wish I had had more time to do more posts geared around NYE, I was starting to feel the grind of the holiday season and decided to rest and take it easy the last week. What always makes me happy though is a fresh set of nails as well as some new goals for the year!

Though I have never been one for New Year's Resolutions and far prefer the "achievement jar" route which is why a piggy bank is an awesome thing to have in the house! Though most of us save digitally now, I still have a piggy bank in the house for collecting bits of change and also as a reminder to not spend ALL OF THE MONEY on beauty products. What better way to launch 2016 than with nail art that encompasses one of my resolutions for this year! I loved this piggy bank nail art from Nuthin' But a Nail thing and decided to recreate it here!