MAKEUP | Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Collection

Anytime Charlotte Tilbury releases new makeup, my social media blows up with products I need to have with beautiful swatches and wearable looks that I feel I can pull off because the colour stories are so cohesive. The newest addition to the Pillow Talk family was a big one and though I already owned the Matte Revolution lipstick and lip liner, after waiting a couple of weeks, I started seriously thinking of adding some of the newer products to my makeup collection which resulted in THIS post and makeup look! Suffice it to say, I have new go-tos in my makeup life!

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Collection
 Both PR gifted and purchased by me. PR is indicated by *

NAILS | The Face Shop "Steel Navy" Gradation Nail Art Kit #CBBxManiMonday

Here we are at the last #CBBxManiMonday of the month and it has been a strange ride hasn't it? I feel like we have all lived a lifetime in a dystopian universe and today is one of those days where I have been sliding back and forth along my emotional ruler. I started off this morning feeling bright-eyed and bushy tailed and then the afternoon sort of went to shit and now I'm feeling like I'm in some sort of funk. Well, at least I put some makeup on and styled by hair. I haven't been in quarantine for the last two weeks because I have been working, but I think that might change for the next two weeks as I don't feel safe being outside and potentially interacting with clients as the ones who have come in don't feel like respecting the "STAY AT HOME" advisory. It just makes me very angry to see people coming in to shop for a non-essential in a time like this or when someone comes in and tells me that "they are tired of being at home and just want to look around". I mean, REALLY? Now, is really not a good time to be a looky-loo! Rant aside, I do have some pretty nail today that are still shorter and in the rounded shape as I have found them easier to maintain during this season of handwashing.

Blue Glitter Gradient Nail Art
 Purchased by me

SHEET MASK | Clarins Super Restorative Instant Lift Serum Mask with a Sunday Chat

It's crazy to think how day to day things are changing globally and even within my mental state. I think what has made me more fearful is that I am still having to go into work. I have been given the OK to leave if I feel uncomfortable, but it means going on EI which given the current climate, I feel like I should be grateful that I still have a job. Our hours are reduced and it's actually safer for me to go to work then to the grocery store as staff and client contact are very minimal. I have interacted with one client in 2 weeks so my overall exposure risk is low, but we're at a point where we are all feeling the anxiety of a world in quarantine. You would think that with the extra time at home, the house would be spotless and the blog posts would be comin' a mile a minute, but stress and anxiety are a funny thing. They incapacitate and cripple you and normally, I work through stressful things in life in a methodical way, but this is the first time in my life (and I'm sure your lives) that I feel this general sense of WTF that I can't shake. My husband has asthma so I don't want him going to the grocery store if he can help it so I decided to do a bulk of it on my own today and I felt so panicked trying to carry all the stuff on my own. It was also eerily quiet in Loblaws as they have restricted the number of people in-store to allow for social distancing so shopping for groceries was rushed and even though I was already carrying stuff on my shoulders (I broke blood vessels because my bags were too heavy!), I came home and realized I'd forgotten things like green onion and ground beef which means another trip that I will have to mentally prepare for. Then came disinfecting all of the groceries and keeping track of what we touched and making sure we put things down on sanitized surfaces. It's crazy times, but lemme tell ya, even going through virology and biology in school, I have learned so much about what true sanitization means! 

Clarins Super Restorative Instant Lift Serum Mask
Purchased by me

NAILS | Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Eyes Swatch #CBBxManiMonday

When I first started blogging years ago, DL polishes were all the rage and very sought after especially in Topboxes! I still think her polishes are beautiful and I have to hand it to the brand for coming out with some iconic shades like "Mermaid's Dream" and "Birthday Cake" which had plenty of dupes at a lower price point. Even Revlon duped "Mermaid's Dream" in a scented form! As I mentioned in last week's ManiMonday post, I lost most of my nails and even now they are still fairly short which may a good thing in light of keeping things hygienic. 

Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Eyes Swatch
 Purchased EONS ago by me

HAIR | 5 Hair Masks

I had planned on so much blog content for this month as I had vacation time scheduled the last two weeks of this month, but then came COVID-19 and me being called back into work to hold down the fort so it looks like this month is going to be a weird one for everyone. Now, don't think me insensitive for NOT talking about what's going on in the world, but I don't think I want to read more about COVID-19 than I should. I get my daily dose from Dr. Bonnie Henry and will continue to do my best to stay at home when not at work and get from Point A to B with as little extraneous contact as possible, but we all need a bit of a break sometimes so for the next few minutes, we are going to think about our hair!

 The only product I have purchased is the OLAPLEX

BOOKS | What I've Been Reading Vol.1

What I really enjoyed about doing #NaBloPoMo in January was writing about things other than beauty. Like most people, I have other interests that I don't often get to feature with one of them being books. I was always a big reader as a child and loved going to my local library to indulge in books. My tastes tend to vary, but I stick mostly to fiction with the exception a few autobiographies or historical accounts. If I read an easy or junky book (ahem, the Brandi Glanville tell-all), the next book I read will be more "meaty". I have always advocated for literacy at a young age as it generally helps with your spelling, vocabulary and writing especially now that we are living in a time of instant gratification where we use emoticons and shorthand to communicate. Reading a book forces you to slow down and disconnect and is something I have been guilty of not doing as evidenced by my many failed Goodreads Reading Challenges over the last couple of years. Reading more was one of my goals for 2020 and so 1/3 of the way into the year, I am on track and enjoying it so here are the first five books I have read this year!

1. A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian by Marina Lewycka

"Two years after my mother died, my father fell in love with a glamorous blonde Ukrainian divorcée. He was eighty-four and she was thirty-six. She exploded into our lives like a fluffy pink grenade, churning up the murky water, bringing to the surface a sludge of sloughed-off memories, giving the family ghosts a kick up the backside."

I purchased this book a long time ago when it was still considered "new and hot" and with a teaser like that, it seemed like it was going to be an interesting read when it came to the balance of family dynamics. As someone whose parents divorced in their late 20s and then remarried younger partners, I thought I could relate a little bit to some of the awkwardness that is sure to arise when someone new enters the family fray, but though there were promising moments, I never felt pulled in or even LIKED anyone or their relationships. Sure ongoing feuds were buried with a few funny things along the way, but it was just one of those books were when I never felt fully invested in the characters or fully understood their motivations. It was a relatively easy read especially when Valentina (the glamorous blonde) was in the picture since she had a big personality that dominated over all the other characters, but I would not read this again.

SHEET MASK | Yadah Soothing Jelly Pack

I guess now that we are all on lockdown for the rest of the month, I am absolutely determined to blog about alllll of the sheet masks I have had notes for for the last 1.5 years! When I first embarked on this sheet mask mission, I literally wanted to do a blog review for EVERY SINGLE MASK I ever tried, but now after trying A LOT of of them, there are some that just aren't very interesting to talk about for an entire post so I started reviewing select ones with cool ingredients, were super expensive and we needed to find out WHY? or looked funny/pretty once I had it on my face. The Yadah Soothing Jelly Pack is about the packaging and a very weird texture so let's have a closer look, shall we? 

Yadah Soothing Jelly Pack
Purchased by me as part of my FaceTory subscription

NAILS | The Last Decade #CBBxManiMonday

Today's ManiMonday is not going to be your typical one because thanks to all of the extra hand-washing we are doing to do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19, my nails have taken a beating and three have broken down to the skin so they are quite sore. The air is also quite dry which compounded with all of the hand-washing makes for dryness all around. I even had a nosebleed this morning which I have not had since 1998! 20 years since I've had a nosebleed so it was a bit jarring to have it happen this morning. What I thought might be nice to do and still keep with my Monday nail theme is to showcase some of my favourite manicure from the last decade. Probably something I should have done back in January, but now that we are all doing our civic duties and trying to stay inside, what better time than the present?

Molecular Nails 2012

MAKEUP | Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation - I've Found "The One"!

Last Fall, I finally got a chance to try a Charlotte Tilbury foundation and it was very disappointing. After years of loving her eye, lip, cheek and skincare products (dry sheet mask please!) I was heartbroken when the Airbrush Flawless Foundation just did not work for me (see my sad face here), but there was still another foundation to try that people seemed to like and that was the Magic Foundation!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Review
 PR gifted

SHEET MASK | Glamglow Glowlace Radiance Boosting Hydration Sheet Mask

I am sort of about to start a staycation next week, but have the next three days off in a row which in retail is a real rarity so this is sort of my "vacation eve" if you will. I have been feeling a little burnt out which I guess makes sense as the last time I had a solid chunk of time off was back in October. I had been feeling fairly productive at work (not really at home because I can never do a great job of being productive in both areas) and then March started and I have felt a bit slower. Hopefully the time off will give me a chance to recharge and OBVIOUSLY wear more sheet masks like this purdy lace one from Glamglow!

Glamglow Glowlace Radiance Boosting Hydration Sheet Mask
 Purchased by me

NAILS | Throwback to Nerd Lacquer's Antisocial Media #CBBxManiMonday

Whew, well that was an unintended break! I worked a 6-day work week last week and thought I would do my blog catch up over the last three days I had off, but as it turns out all my body had energy for were two social outings, grocery shopping and cleaning the house! I had a total of four naps in the last three days and it felt nice to chill for a bit even if I still felt incredibly guilty for not being more productive. Having cooked dinner fairly late today, I didn't really have a lot of time for the nails so I decided to dive into one of my indie untrieds from years ago with the new defunct Nerd Lacquer.

Nerd Lacquer Antisocial Media Swatch
 Purchased a loooong time ago by me

NAILS | Green Geodes #CBBxManiMonday

I feel like I am about to fall asleep which makes sense as it's midnight and I am only now getting onto the computer to do some typing so this post is going to be an efficient one! This month's #CBBxManiMonday theme is "Green and Blue" so whether use both shades or just one in our manis this month is all up to us! I adore both colours, but don't really get to use green a lot other than around Halloween and even then, "Halloween green" is usually mucous-like in colour. This month, I vow to bring out all the beautiful greens I have been stowing away!

Purchased by me

SHEET MASK | Dr. Jart Cicapair Calming Mask and Tiger Grass Calming Mist

Cica is IN right now and though it has been a favourite ingredient in Asian skincare, I am starting to see it become more mainstream in the Western hemisphere. "Cica" is short for the official herbaceous plant Centella asiatica, but also has a number of different names including tiger grass and gotu kola and has long been used in the culinary world as well as traditional medicine. And why the name tiger grass? Tigers in Asia have been known to roll around in the grass as a way of calming wounds and helping to heal any abrasions. I wonder how happy that first tiger felt when they discovered this! 

 Purchased by me

MAKEUP | Physician's Formula Healthy Lip Velvet Liquid Lipsticks with Lip Swatches

As much as I have always loved lipgloss, I have found that my preference for lip products has shifted to what is the most longwearing which are often more matte finishes or liquid lipsticks mainly because I don't feel like re-applying at work. I've become sort of a one-stop-shop when it comes to makeup so I pretty much make the effort once in the morning and don't touch my face again until I'm home removing my makeup. When it comes to liquid lipsticks, we are all want the same things: colour payoff, longevity and comfort - three things that the Physician's Formula Healthy Lip Liquid Lipsticks promise! So, how did they do?

Physician's Formula Healthy Lip Velvet Liquid Lipsticks
 PR samples

MAKEUP | Inside My 2020 Beautylish Lucky Bag

I stopped subscription boxes after blogging more as being surprised by products was proving to be more of a waste of money as I would either have duplicates or similar products on hand. If I was going to spend money, I would rather know that the value will be there AND that I won't have the product already, but after seeing enough Beautylish Lucky Bag unboxings I felt comfortable taking a risk and shelling out $100! 

Purchased by me

NAILS | An Abstract Valentine's #CBBxManiMonday

This is the first ManiMonday I have actually full missed in two years, but where I normally would have felt a bit of shame, I just feel relieved to have taken the weekend off from beauty as I had a very busy weekend with work where I think it would have made more sense just to sleep at my desk as most of my time in the last 2 days was spent there instead of in the coziness of my apartment. Even tonight as I painted my nails pink, I was originally going to just paint them two coats and leave a design for later, but I got into the zone and THIS emerged.

Abstract Nail Art
 PR samples

MAKEUP | Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Swatches and Look

Last year was the year of SO MANY EYESHADOW PALETTES and while I was perusing my stash and trying to plan out some more makeup-based content (I am all about the skincare now it seems), I came across the Naked Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette. I had taken photos of it when I first received it in February of last year and now a year later, it feels like this palette was released years ago that I actually double checked my emails to make sure! As someone who picked up the original Naked Palette the week it was released in Sephora in September of 2010 and still adore it to this day, any palette in the Naked series is worth having a look at and though I wasn't completely onboard with Reloaded initially, I think we understand each other now.

PR sample

HAIR | Live Clean Super Fruit Waters Quenching Curls Collection

Yes, yes I don't have a single curl on my head so what am I doing with a shampoo and conditioner that promises to help "shape beautiful, bouncy curls"? When the Super Fruit Waters duo was sent to me, I will admit that I fired off an email saying that this wasn't my hair type and probably wouldn't be featuring it at all, but Live Clean's PR insisted that I give it a go as it was an incredibly nourishing duo for dry, especially colour-treated hair which is ME. 

Live Clean Super Fruit Waters Quenching Curls
 PR samples

NAILS | Minnie Mouse Glitter #CBBxManiMonday

I had a busy week and am gearing up for another week where I make a list of things to complete and then consequently add MORE things to the list and then end up feeling overwhelmed with everything. So, I took it a bit easy with the nails as I was feeling lazy AND because I had to cut them down after suffering breakages on my pointer and pinky fingers. What I have on my nails is a polish that I have shamefully had for probably five or six years and just "never got around to using" so let's give it up for the Etude House and the XOXO Minnie Mouse Collection! 

 Purchased by me

MAKEUP | Avon One More Scoop Gelato Tints

When it comes to cute packaging, it's really Asian cosmetics for the win especially when it comes to making cosmetics look like FOOD. I've used lip tints shaped like wine bottles and a bronzer shaped like a cookie and now I'm back to using a lip tint, but this time in the form of scoops of fruity gelato! Avon and The Face Shop have partnered to create these limited edition almost edible lip tints that will have all ages squealing about how stinkin' cute the packaging is as well as what a great little product it is! 

PR samples

BATH TIME | Gettin' Sexy with the Lush Valentine's Day Collection

The eggplant and the cheeky peach are back in this year's Lush Valentine's Day collection with some new and old classics! I almost picked up the entire collection, but I reminded myself that I am trying to cull my beauty collection this year and STILL have not purchased a single thing from Sephora since December so I held back! 

Lush Valentine's Day Collection
PR samples

SHEET MASK | Avon x The Face Shop The Solution Firming and Nourishing Masks

Last month I had mentioned that Avon and Kbeauty brand The Face Shop had partnered on an entire collection of makeup and skincare and I MUST be excited about it all because here I am with another post! I know a lot of you have seen The Solution series of masks at your local Face Shop as these masks are often featured in promotions with six options to choose from. They are incredibly affordable for the experience and results they provide and are a great introduction to sheet masking if you are new to the scene. When I found out that Avon x The Face Shop had partnered on the Nourishing, Firming and Pore Care face masks, I knew I had to try 'em and let you know what was going through my head!

Avon x The Face Shop The Solution Firming and Nourishing Mask
PR samples

NAILS | Comme des Garcons Play #CBBxManiMonday

Yes, I know I am cheating a little bit with posting a ManiMonday on a Tuesday, but I've never been great at doing these way in advance and now even less so with work. We were crazed on Sunday so I decided to go into work an hour early to catch up on things yesterday and just as I thought it was about to happen (checkin' off tasks one by one), it got really busy with clients and before I knew it, it was closing time. So much for being ahead of the game! 

 PR samples

SHEET MASK | Franz Microcurrent Mask System and Everyday Essence

A couple of months ago, I saw on Instagram a "microcurrent mask" that looked pretty intense and crazy which meant that I OBVIOUSLY had to have it! The FRANZ Microcurrent Face Mask System is a Korean brand that uses the patented TissueX technology to nourish skin from the inside out and at a deeper level. A single treatment is supposed to noticeably revitalize skin by improving elasticity, cell turnover, skin barrier function, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and of course HYDRATE! Let's see if this mask lived up to the science and the hype!

Franz Microcurrent Mask System Review
 PR samples

SHEET MASK | FaceTory Glow Baby Glow #FaceToryFebruary

I felt like January was a long month as it seemed to be filled with a lot of events and random things that popped up and needed to be dealt with so I feel a little thrown that February is now upon us!  I realized that I hadn't even prepared by Bujo or thought about themes for the month other than doing red and pink nails for #CBBxManiMondays! While I was doing laundry today and just house things in general, I decided that after not having a sheet mask theme since the ending of #100DaysofSheetMasks, that it was time for one! So, welcome to #FaceToryFebruary starting with this two step brightening beauty - Glow Baby Glow!

FaceTory Glow Baby Glow Sheet Mask Review
Purchased by me

NAILS | Sometimes the Nails Need to Match the Lipstick #CBBxManiMonday

Wow, I did not realize I had been away from this space for over a week! This is kind of what happens when I work five days in a row, which I realize a large portion of the population does anyway, but this rarely happens for me since I work in retail so I am used to working shorter stretches and getting a bit of a recharge in between. Unfortunately, I just did not have the energy to sit at the computer without fading so here we are a week later with a set of nails! 

Red and Pink Polka Dot Nail Art
PR samples

NAILS | I-did Ikat #CBBXManiMonday

I seem to be fixated on nail art from five years ago as it seemed there were so many designs and techniques that emerged in that time that focused more on hand drawing with one nail art design being "Ikat Nails". Ikat is a dyeing technique used to pattern textiles with the pattern looking somewhat like zig zags or like jagged lines in a diamond shape. I don't know why I thought I wouldn't be able to do this design at the time, but I'm so glad I tried it now because I think I will be "ikatting" more often even if I am a little late to the game!

Ikat Nail Art
 Some PR samples

SKINCARE | Avon x The Face Shop Skincare Routine #LunarJanuary

One of the more exciting collaborations that happened late last year was Avon's partnership with Korean beauty giant and one of my favourite Kbeauty brands The Face Shop! I was not expecting this, but while I learned awhile back that when it comes to skincare, the Koreans know their stuff, it's still a fairly foreign area for the Western world. Despite growing up pretty white-washed, I seemed to immediately gravitate towards Korean skincare when I seriously started taking care of my skin and was enamoured with the technology employed in the products as well as the entertaining approach they took to marketing skincare. Now, I have talked about The Face Shop a lot over the years because I truly think they are fun and effective products to use and try and now I have a whole routine to share with you that goes from head to toe!

Avon x The Face Shop Skincare Routine
 PR samples

SHEET MASK | The MUCH Talked About SK-II Facial Treatment Mask #LunarJanuary

This is the "oba-chan" or "grandmother" of sheet masks! I remember hearing about the SKII Facial Treatment Mask about five or six years ago as the "ultimate red carpet treatment" and was being used by various celebrities to give their skin a reboot. Made in Japan, this sheet mask is soaking in "pitera" which is a yeast by-product "rich in vitamins, minerals, organic acids and amino acids that aid in cell renewal". Sounds, AMAZING right? So, why wasn't I as impressed as everyone else on the Internet?

SKII Facial Treatment Mask Review
Purchased by me

NAILS | Newspaper Nail Art #CBBxManiMonday

Life can have its disappointments - like this set of nails. Newspaper nails were a trend around 2012 and though they were on my list of things to try when I first started doing nail art and blogging, there was always something more interesting to try and now eight years later, in our month of "Experimentation" it felt like the perfect time to attempt. As you can see, this did not turn out like I had hoped and though I have my theories as to why, I don't love the results even at their best to try again... 

Newspaper Nail Art
 Purchased by me

KBEAUTY | Sulwhasoo ShineClassic Multi Powder Compact #LunarJanuary

There are more and more brands jumping onto the marketability of Lunar New Year packaging with effort and innovation ranging from putting the SAME product in a RED box to a truly limited edition piece that you would both want to display and use because the inside is just as beautiful as the outside. The Sulwhasoo ShineClassic Multi Powder (aka blush) is quite obviously, the latter and I wish I had started collecting earlier, but then again I was still a student in 2003 when the ShineClassic compacts were first released and probably had other things to spend my money on like books and tuition! Even now, I know each of these compacts is an indulgence, but I truly feel like I am purchasing a piece of art so I think going forward, I will grab one every year and somehow find a way to display it!

Sulwhasoo Shineclassic Multi Powder Compact
Purchased by me

NAILS | Bio Sculpture Gemini Nourishing Nail Polish in Pursuit of Beauty

Oh my my, TWO manicures in one week?! I can't believe I used to paint them 3-4x per week! This is when using a peel-off base coat is super helpful because one of the worst things I despise about the whole nail art thing is taking off polish. There is something about that step this I truly hate, whether it'd be the cotton balls, the rubbing, the waste I am creating so because I used a peel-off base coat for my Bubble Nails, I popped them off right away and applied this beauty of a blue from Bio Sculpture!

Bio Sculpture Gemini Nourishing Nail Polish in Pursuit of Beauty
 PR sample

SHEET MASK | The Creme Shop x Hello Kitty Shooting Stars Sheet Mask #Lunar January

At the end of 2018, The Creme Shop launched a most exciting collaboration with the Queen of Sanrio herself - Hello Kitty! I went a little crazy with my order in October 2018 because I thought it was a Holiday collection, but now I see that not only does The Creme Shop still have the masks, but now have even MORE Hello Kitty masks! I have yet to finish what I purchased, but the masks are so cute that I had to share this one for #LunarJanuary!

The Creme Shop x Hello Kitty Shooting Stars Sheet Mask
 Purchased by me

NAILS | Bubble Nails Made with Actual Bubbles! #CBBxManiMonday

Folks, welcome to "Bubble Nails"! It has been a long time since I have tried anything with gel polish let alone a fancy new nail art trend so yay for this month's #CBBxManiMonday theme of "Experimentation"!  

Bubble Nail Art
 PR samples

LIFESTYLE | What I'm Watching on Netflix #NaBloPoMo

This is what I love about #NaBloPoMo - sharing something completely unrelated to my usual content that is a huge part of my life and that is Netflix! I never thought the day would come when Canada would finally have access to some truly decent shows and now I often don't know where to begin so I have grudgingly accepted that Netflix recommendations CAN be quite useful. Like many of you, I watch a lot of Netflix, but wanted to share what I have been watching over the past month!

1. The Witcher

Ok yes, you get to see a fair amount of Henry Cavill in the buff and while I've liked the guy since seeing him in The Tudors and more recently in Mission Impossible (unfortunately wasn't a fan of him in Superman), I really enjoyed his performance playing Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher. I am familiar with the video game, but didn't know it was based on a series of books by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. While some of you might not be into the whole lore of magic, monsters, potions and witches, I found each episode (with the exception of one) entertaining especially because there is always a monster of sorts in each. There is even a dragon and a genie! 

SHEET MASK | Cle de Peau Beaute Illuminating Concentrate Mask #LunarJanuary

Well, when it comes to this whole #NaBloPoMo thing, I'm not doing all that well and I had a feeling it would go this way. I just can't physically bring myself to blog every single day to the quality that I would want. I have also been distracted with doing house cleanup and then tiring myself out. I think if I did more journal style entries and talked about my personal life then maaaaybe I could do it, but I really don't want to go there because it might look like you've stumbled upon the diary of a teenage girl writing in Live Journal (I can't believe I ever thought that was a good idea).

So, heads up - #LunarJanuary is going to be predominantly sheet masks because 99% of sheet masks are made by Asian brands! Continuing on with luxury Asian brands, I've got a doozy comin' up with Japanese luxe brand Cle de Peau!

Cle de Peau Beaute Illuminating Concentrate Mask
 Purchased by me

MAKEUP | YSL Beauty Rouge Pur Couture Stud Collectors 2019 with Swatches

YSL has some pretty makeup with pretty packaging, but eight years ago this brand became one that I will ALWAYS have a soft spot for because I was PROPOSED to with an engagement ring at the bottom of a box of Touche Eclat! I have kept that EXACT Touche Eclat as well as the box as a treasured memory and though it's probably not safe to use on my skin anymore, I'm probably never going to throw it away (or look to see if there is anything growing on it...) Now, I have yet another thing(s) that I will never be able to get rid of because this limited edition Rouge Pur Couture Stud Collectors packaging is SO CUTE and striking! Inspired by rocker chic studs, these came out late last year and I wish I had paid more attention, but Christmas is always so crazy for me at work that I'm pretty much on autopilot until Dec. 27th!  

YSL Beauty Rouge Pur Couture Stud Collectors 2019
 PR samples

NAILS | Rose Quartz #CBBxManiMonday

It's my first nails of the year! This month, the girls and I will be playing with the theme of "Experimentation" which means I have been looking at new (and some VERY old) techniques that I have not tried starting with the "Rose Quartz" nail art trend from a little while ago! It looked so fast in all of the videos I watched, but in reality I'm not that great with "organic" designs so my manicure kind of just looks like wavy white lines, but oddly enough they turned out kind of pretty.

Rose Quartz Nail Art
PR samples

SHEET MASK | Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Mask #LunarJanuary

For the last two years I have been doing something called #LunarFebruary which is where instead of Valentine's posts, I focus on Asian beauty brands in honour of the Lunar New Year. Well, call me a bad Asian, but I assumed that the Year of Rat would once again fall in February, but haha, LUNAR means the new year can come in January too! I am kicking off this month of Asian brands with one of my favourites - luxury Korean beauty brand Sulwhasoo

 Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Mask Review
This exact mask in this post was purchased by me, but I was sent another one afterwards in PR that I have yet to use as I originally bought a pack of 5.

LIFE | Goals, Motivations or Whatever You Want to Call 'Em! #NaBloPoMo

Traditionally, National Blog Posting Month is in November, but I missed it so a couple of us in the CBB decided that January might be a good month to try it since it is a month of reflection for most and a time to re-evaluate and reset the clock on goals and motivations. I have never been one for making New Year's resolutions because it's always so disappointing when you don't achieve them by "time X". When it comes to setting goals and planning, it has actually been my day job that has made me more organized as in addition to making the numbers as a team and personally, I also set goals to improve client relations and learn from my mistakes even if it means having a cry or have someone tell me I need to do better. Thankfully, after 13 years of luxury retail and dealing with both awful and wonderful situations, I've gotten to the point where I feel confident enough to at least FEEL like I know what I'm doing! *cue the nature photos that don't really relate to anything I've really said*

SHEET MASKS | Top 11 Sheet Masks for 2019

 Some PR samples featured and will be marked with an "*"

2019 was definitely the year of the sheet mask with many brands surprising me with ones of their own. I made a list of all of the sheet masks that I tried this year (yes, there were a lot!) and these 11 sheet masks were the ones that stood out so let's get started!

 Pixi Plump Collagen Boost Youth Infusion Sheet Mask*
Top 11 Sheet Masks for 2019