MAKEUP | Lise Watier Aurora Collection Blush Fondant Supreme in Naturel Review & Swatches

As Lise Watier is our CBB featured brand of the month this will be my last post professing my undying love for the Aurora Collection. Along with falling in love with the Rouge Fondant Supreme in Stella (review), I was unexpectedly taken aback by how much I enjoyed the colour and formula of Blush Fondant Supreme in Naturel*($30.00 CDN) and its adjustable matte cream to powder texture. It also contains Lise Watier’s coveted Labrador Tea Extract and feels just so amazingly weightless on the skin.

Lise Watier Aurora Blush Fondant Supreme Swatch in Naturel Review (2)

KOREAN BEAUTY | Peripera Heart Glow Stick #2 Gold Aura Review & Swatches

One thing I don’t use often enough are Korean makeup products. I actually have a whole IKEA malm drawer FULL of K Beauty products that I NEED to share with you guys because I love everything from the packaging to actual price and quality. Speaking of packaging, Peripera’s Heart Glow Stick*($16.00 USD) is a prime example of Korean packaging porn. This cream highlighter stick is for the highlighter newbie/girl on the go and comes in the shades: Pink Beam and Gold Aura.

Peripera Heart Glow Stick in Gold Aura Review Swatch

EYELASH REVIEW | Femme Fatale Designer Lashes in A Girl’s Best Friend and a Mermaid Inspired Makeup Look

Last week I shared my love of false lashes with the “well-worth the price” Femme Fatale lashes in Femme Fatales (review). This time I went a little more wild and decided to push my personal colour envelope by doing a mermaid-inspired makeup look to compliment these bejewelled mink falsies!

Femme Fatale Lashes in A Girls Best Friend Look Review (3)

EXPERIENCE | Miraj Hammam Spa–Hammam, Gommage, Seaweed Detox Treatment

It’s a new year, so time to experience something new. Situated on the corner of West 6th and Granville Street in Vancouver is the unassuming Miraj Hammam Spa. Residing in this location for 15 years, I have gone past it numerous times on the drive to UBC, but of course never thought to go in. Thinking back, as a student the stress level is so high that a spa day would have been the best medicine! I was first invited to experience the hammam and gommage and loved it so much that I went back the next week for a January special called the “Fresh Start Seaweed Detox” which included the hammam and gommage plus a full body seaweed clay mask and massage.

Miraj Hammam Spa Vancouver Review

MAKEUP | Lise Watier Aurora Collection Rouge Fondant Supreme in Stella Review & Swatches

Last month I was oohing and aahing over the winter Lise Watier Aurora Collection and fell in love with pretty much everything (post). I loved the lipstick from my past makeup look so much that I wanted to give the Rouge Fondant Supreme in Stella*($24.00 CDN) a bit of a spotlight because she is absolutely lovely. The main feature of this lipstick is the presence of Lise Watier’s Concentrated Labrador Tea Extract which has been shown to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and even anticancer properties (Dufour et al., April 2007).

Lise Watier Aurora Rouge Fondant Supreme Swatch in Stella Review

SKINCARE | Amie New Bloom Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes

Already when it comes to packaging, I’m sold on the newest addition to the Amie skincare line - NEW BLOOM Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes*. It’s pink and flowery and it is at this point that I want to tear into that moisture locking seal. I use facial wipes quite often, going through a pack each month, so I’d like to think that I’m facial wipe savvy. For those of you new to Amie, they are a UK-based brand just making its entrance into Canada exclusively through select Shoppers Drug Mart stores. They pride themselves on being affordable while using skin-friendly natural extracts. 

Amie New Bloom Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes Review

MAKEUP REVIEW & LOOK | Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura Shupette Collection Swatches and Eye-Need-Shu Trio “Parisienne Chic” (Blue) Makeup Look

I LOVE CATS. I think it’s because it terms of personality I am like a cat. I come to you when I want attention and I like to be on my own or with one or two other cats errr…people whenever I feel like being social. I feel like I’m just as big of a bitch as most cats and I love that as humans, we let these furry, little companions rule our lives and hearts.

As many of you know, I recently lost a big, white furry companion of my own so the holiday release of the Shu Uemura Shupette Collection by Karl Lagerfeld was bittersweet. I was going to include Yoshi in my photos, but the holidays got away from me as did Yoshi…so this look is dedicated to him. The Shupette collection is named after Karl Lagerfeld’s own cat named Choupette and is COMPLETELY cat-themed. Cat lovers rejoice!

Shu Uemura Shupette Collection Review Makeup Look Swatches

MAKEUP REVIEW | Make Up For Ever Ink Liner Swatches and Makeup Look

MAKE UP FOR EVER has me covered for the most part in the eye makeup department from Aqua Liners to Aqua Creams to Aqua Brows. I almost always use liquid eyeliner along my upper lash line and over the years I’ve gotten very selective about what I use. Some days I feel like a felt tip applicator, other times a little brush. This month, MUFE released the brand new Ink Liner*($27.00 CDN) with a calligraphy style tip and more uniquely, a jet black MATTE liquid eyeliner that promises 12 hour wear time!

Make Up For Ever Ink Liner Swatch Review Look (9)

EXPERIENCE | Hudson’s Bay Richmond Shiseido VIP Facial Time Defying Massage Experience

Back in October, I had raved about the newly revamped Hudson’s Bay re-opening in Richmond Centre (here) that had plenty to offer in terms of exclusive brands, products and services. The Shiseido beauty counter is like no other as it is only the 10th of its kind in Canada with a 55” interactive multi-touch “Discovery Centre” that allows clients to explore products and imagery from Shiseido’s 141 year history. I had no idea it was such a distinguished brand!

Shiseido Facial Massage VIP Treatment Review

NAIL ART | Gettin’ Squiggly with Mary Kay at Play Hail to the Nails Mini Nail Lacquer Trio

I had briefly talked about the Mary Kay at Play Hail to the Nails Trio*(18.00 CDN) over the holidays as the perfect little stocking stuffer for the nail polish lover in your family and now I get to show it to you in action!

Mary Kay Hail to the Nails Review Nail Art Swatches Taping Manicure (5)

ROUND UP | Winter Must Haves!

I was prepared for Winter this year. I knew it was coming and I made sure I was adequately prepared with the appropriate supplies. Winter is when my skin starts to complain and practically screech for moisture. All I do is give in with a couple of these current face and body favourites(!)

Winter Must Haves Review First Aid Beauty Lypsyl Philosophy Yardley Crabtree

Philosophy | The Microexfoliating Treatment*

I will have a more detailed review of this coming soon, but one thing I’ve noticed people don’t like doing when they start seeing dry patches on their skin is EXFOLIATING. A lot of the time, dry patches can be eliminated by just giving your skin a good exfoliation treatment.

This is a two step treatment that is done just once a week. The first step is to apply a small amount of the vitamin C peptide crystals which is a very coarse scrub that you massage on dry skin for about 60s. The second step is known as the “activating gel” which contains lactic and salicylic acid and causes a small amount of foaming and heat to be released. Lactic acid is a fruit-based chemical exfoliator while the salicylic acid cleans out pores. Try it out for yourself in Sephora on your hands. You will see a difference right away! Your skin will be brighter and smoother!

Lypsyl | Intensive Lip Balm*

This is a petroleum-based product similar to Vaseline, but not quite as thick. I know there is a lot of controversy over these types of products, but if you have SUPER dry, itchy lips relief is the only thing that will matter to you. I just want something to seal in the moisture. I get dry patches on my lips thanks to stress at times and I NEED this stuff. There is also camphor and menthol to give a cooling effect as well as tea tree and jojoba oil which allows the consistency to be more “spreadable” than that of Vaseline.

First Aid Beauty | Ultra Repair Cream

This miracle cream can be used from head to toe and is incredibly affordable at $35 for a 6oz jar! When I started getting random dry patches on my cheeks, I started using this moisturizer on my face. While the consistency isn’t incredibly thick, its whipped texture gets absorbed slowly over about an hour. This is also recommended for those with eczema and is gentle enough to use on BABIES! Dry patches don’t stand a chance when I’ve got this at hand.

Crabtree & Evelyn | La Source Nail & Cuticle Therapy

Nail care. I am usually pretty good about taking care of my nails, but I tend to forget about cuticle cream because it never gets dry enough in Vancouver to have ragged cuticles. That being said, I have been enjoying this particular cuticle treatment because it leans more towards a moisturizer than an oil or a balm. I also love the targeted nozzle that lets me get right where I want. It also smells pretty darn good.

Yardley London | Oatmeal & Almond Naturally Moisturizing Bath Bar*

I love citrus smelling soaps and I made the mistake of purchasing one from Lush that was a little TOO clarifying to the point of drying. These Yardley London moisture bars are SLS-free and gently exfoliate while soothing with oatmeal. I also love the scent of almonds so this bar of soap was such a winner in the shower for me.

What are your absolute winter must-haves that you cannot live without?

SUBSCRIPTION BOX | TOM Box - The Monthly Period Box (Yes, You Read That Right!)

There is a subscription box for EVERYTHING right now from beauty to crafts to even ones for your own pets! I shouldn’t have been too surprised when I saw a monthly menstrual cycle box, but there was/is a small part of me that still says, “really?” What’s interesting is that around that Time of the Month (TOM) I make my monthly trip to London Drugs and pick up what are seemingly random items only to realize that I have picked up pads, chocolate, chips and nail polish.

The idea of the TOMBox* is to have these “supplies” anticipated for and have them show up at your doorstep ready for your cravings! Unfortunately, I just saw that this box is unavailable to Canadians…sorry us!

The homepage is a little cheesy with Christina Aguilera lyrics at the ready.

SwaagBox Tombox Review Unboxing (8)

CBB GUEST POST | Trysh from Prairie Beauty Love Shares Her Beauty Resolutions for 2015!

Everyone welcome Trysh from Prairie Beauty Love!
Hello! This is Trysh from Prairie Beauty Love and I'm really excited to be Guest Posting here today about my Beauty Resolutions for 2015! Admittedly, I'm about as good as keeping resolutions as anyone - Read: Terrible - but this is a great time of year to really put a focus on those things that you've wanted to do for a long time and just haven't. When it comes to beauty, there are always things that I know I should be doing, but knowing and doing are two different animals. Here's my brief list of things I want to focus on this year in Beauty!

1. Be As Aware Of What I Put In My Body As On My Face

It's really easy to default to thinking that skin, hair and body care is all about the creams, lotions, oils and cosmetics that you put on it, but at the end of the day so much of it is really about nutrition and what you put into your body. I try to eat healthy and drink a lot of water, but in 2015 I really want to put a focus on nourishing my body from the inside out. I plan on drinking more water, especially since I do need to counteract my coffee addiction, as well as really putting a focus on including large amounts of healthy fruits and vegetables in my diet and taking my vitamins in a little less of a fairweather fashion than I generally have been in recent years. Of course, there's also the flip side of the coin where I should cut down on coffee and curb my sweet tooth, but that'll come in time.

2. Focus On Natural Products

This really started in 2014 as me and my boyfriend started really focusing on using natural products around the house and in the shower. I don't think I'll be able to make a complete transition into all natural, because I have so many products that I absolutely love that don't fit into that category, but where I can I'm making the switch and I plan to keep that up for the rest of 2015 and beyond. So far I've switched my toothpaste, deodorant, and body washes and have brought some new natural makeup products into the mix, and I plan to really expand that this year.

3. Be Diligent About My Skincare Routine
You know those nights when bedtime comes and all the energy you can muster to take care of your skin is to quickly take your makeup off with a wipe and hit the pillow? I definitely know those nights, as well as the ones where even the makeup wipe gets ignored and I commit the cardinal sin of going to bed with makeup on. I've noticed that I can actually see the issues that doing that gives my skin, within a couple of days my pores are clogged and I get some little breakouts, so in 2015 I'm going to try to be better about committing to a nightly routine that includes: Double cleansing (cleansing oil or balm followed by a traditional cream, liquid, gel, etc. cleanser), Toner, Serum, Moisturizer, Eye Cream. It can feel like a lot of steps, especially after a long day, but when I'm diligent about it I always find that my skin is clearer, brighter, and just overall easier to deal with. Worth it.

4. More Frequent Brush Care
I feel like this one of those things that most of us don't admit to, but are absolutely guilty of. I don't wash my brushes often enough. Bobbi Brown says that concealer and foundation brushes should be washed once a week, eye brushes twice a month, and other brushes at least once a month. I am not doing as Bobbi says, but I'd like to be better. We all know that a build-up of bacteria on our brushes is bad for our skin, but sometimes when faced with the task of washing a huge collection of brushes it just seems like a better plan to have a snack, watch Netflix, and leave the brushes for another day. Not in 2015! In 2015, my goal is to wash my brushes as often as Bobbi Brown says I should... because she knows her stuff, right?

5. Nail Care!!!!!
My nails have been a mess recently and I know it's all my own fault - with a little bit of help from the bitter cold of a Canadian winter. I know that I need to take better care of my nails, so I have a plan this year to give my hands what they need. First, I'm going to always wear gloves when I wash the dishes. I know this should be a no brainer, but sometimes gloves are just a pain and I skip them. Not this year. Next, I'm going to try to use more gentle nail polish remover when I can, leaving acetone completely out of the mix unless I'm dealing with chunky glitter, and try to take change my nail polish less frequently. Finally, I'm going to be diligent about caring for my cuticles and applying hand cream during those dry days in my office and after I wash my hands. All of these things are  very doable... I just have to do them.

So there you have it, my 5 Beauty Resolutions for 2015. What are your resolutions this year?

Thanks again to Jayne for having me here for this guest post!

Thank you Trysh for sharing what your beauty resolutions will be for 2015! I know that I am also guilty of not washing my makeup brushes as frequently as I should be so I will be doing what Bobbi Brown says as well!


EYELASH REVIEW | Femme Fatale Designer Lashes in Femme Fatales

For those of you that have been following my foray into makeup looks, you will know that I recently started incorporating false lashes into my FOTDs. They are still an incredible challenge for me to use, but I just LOVE how transformative they can be. I feel like when I put lashes on, I go from “zero to hero” which no mascara can do. There are varying levels of quality when it comes to lashes with mink being the creme of the crop (so I’ve heard). I have never used or even touched mink lashes until now!

Femme Fatale Lashes in Femme Fatales Look Review

Femme Fatale Lashes Look Review

LIFESTYLE | Review, Video Unboxing and Hot Chocolate with the New Keurig 2.0 Brewing System Model K300

Like most people, I love starting my day with a warm and sweet beverage even in the summer time. Being Asian, I have grown up with those 3-in-1 instant coffee packs from T&T as my morning coffee, but the only drawback is the limited flavour selection. I think the most adventurous Asian coffee flavour I have tried is hazelnut. Nothing fancy like caramel or even vanilla. I NEVER thought I’d have a Keurig Brewing System in my life. I bought a Tassimo machine 3 years ago just so I could brew lattes and macchiatos so between the Tassimo and my Asian instant coffee, I’ve been pretty covered on the coffee front. 

Enter the brand new Keurig 2.0 Brewing System
. There are three models: K300, K400 and the K500 with the K300 as the entry model starting at $119.99 CDN. The main differences between all three models are: reservoir capacity and a colour touch display and exterior metal instead of plastic components for the K400 and K500 models. All three models will happily brew coffee, hot cocoa, mochas and chai lattes with the touch of a button.

Keurig 2.0 Model K3000 Review Unboxing

MAKEUP REVIEW | The Body Shop Enchanting Eye Palette Dolly Pastels and Geisha Doll Lip & Cheek Stain

I didn’t get a chance to do as many holiday looks as I had wanted as I was distracted with Yoshi’s deteriorating condition for the remainder of December. The Body Shop had a number of uber cute holiday makeup releases, two of which were the Dolly Pastels Enchanting Eye Palette* and the Geisha Doll Lip and Cheek Stain*.  This is one makeup look that I feel a little embarrassed showing all of you because the colours from eyeshadow palette just did not work with my skin tone. Other reviews for this palette were positive, so I have a feeling it was just me, but feel free to see how the colours ended up looking on me!

The Body Shop Enchanting Eye Palette 02 Dolly Pastels Review

SKINCARE REVIEW | Amie Bright Eyes Very Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Amie’s BRIGHT EYES Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover*($8.00 CDN). Amie Skincare has been the talk of Bloggertown in the last few months for both its affordability and botanical ingredients. I wouldn’t say that I have particularly sensitive eyes, but there are two things that I look for in an eye makeup remover: that it removes waterproof eye makeup and that it doesn’t burn or leave that oily film on your eyeballs.

Bright Eyes Gentle Makeup Remover is oil-free (no oily film!) and is gentle enough for sensitive eyes while soothing the area with cornflower and hydrating, cooling and refreshing with cucumber. This makeup remover is going to be SO FUN to use in the summer when I store it in the fridge with the salad dressings.

Amie Bright Eyes Eye Makeup Remover Review
Yay for making stars with fancy Asian star paper!

SKINCARE REVIEW | Cleanser Wednesdays with Consonant Organic Foaming Face Wash (The Perfect 3-in-1 Product!)

I think I’ve reviewed ONE cleanser on Cosmetic Proof before so I historically haven’t been their biggest fan. It’s only recently that I have delved deeper into the skincare rabbit hole and come to appreciate a good cleanser. Most of us now are almost hyper-aware of what we put into and onto our bodies and there is something about the FACE that makes us all extra careful. Maybe because it’s the first thing people look at. I love both organic and non-organic brands, but the most important thing is to look beyond the branding and focus on actual ingredients and efficacy.

Consonant Skincare is proudly Canadian and based out of Toronto, Ontario. They are also “99.5 - 100% natural, and as organic as possible using certified organic ingredients”. The words “organic” and “natural” get thrown around a lot so read here for more info and how Consonant uses these terms as I found it to be very informative. The Organic Foaming Face Wash ($18.00 CDN) is my first foray into Consonant and not only is it award-winning, but it is a true 3-in-1 product meaning that it is a: cleanser, toner and makeup remover (even eye makeup!). It also promises to hydrate and nourish skin, eliminate uneven skin tone and prevent blemishes.

Consonant Foaming Face Wash Skincare Review

NAIL ART | Studded and Aztec-Inspired Nails

Along with nail decals, nail art studs are one of my favourite ways to add some bling. Nail studs can either be used as delicate accents OR as full on nail armour. When it comes to pricing and variety, I always turn to Born Pretty. My partnership with them was borne out of my inherent love for their products long before as a customer. I rarely do “nail armour” because I tend to lose studs, but the final product always looks so awesome.

Born Pretty Studs

*NEW PRODUCT* MAKEUP REVIEW | Benefit Cosmetics–Puff Off!

Every time Benefit Cosmetics comes out with a new product, I am faced with both excitement and curiosity. Regardless of the product, we know the packaging will suck us in like a black hole so I have been trying to be more objective. Just released on Boxing Day in Sephora, Benefit’s Puff Off! ($35.00 CDN) promises to instantly “iron out” puffiness and fine lines with an innovative undereye gel and precision tip applicator.

Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off! Eye Gel Review

Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off! Eye Gel Review

MEMEBOX | Special #45 Chocolate Mania (Now THIS is My Kinda Box!)

I thought the Cafe Box I reviewed (here) smelled good, but this Chocolate Mania Memebox* is sensorially (real word?) more my speed. Everything smells legitimately like real chocolate which might be overkill for some, but perfect for a chocophile like myself. As I write this, I’m even eating homemade chocolate chip cookies. I’m just a beast.

Memebox 45 Chocolate Mania

NAIL POLISH | *NEW* L’Oreal Infallible 2-Step Nail Colour in Fuschia for Life

Painting my nails always makes me feel better and generally if I don’t have nail polish on, I’m either sad or stressed. I started feeling a little bit better over the weekend, having made it through a full day without crying about Yoshi, and had the craving to paint my nails a super bright colour. I figured, why not dive right into some of the new drugstore beauty releases like the new Infallible 2-Step Nail Colours from L’Oreal? Hot on the heels of the gel-lacquer type nail polishes, these new polishes come in 12 must-have colours and require two steps for an ultra shiny and lasting finish. Step 1 is the actual nail polish and Step 2 is a fast-drying tinted top coat. Below is the shade Fuschia for Life*($10.99 CDN) in two coats with the tinted top coat.

Loreal - Fuschia for Life (3)


For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you will know that I had to say goodbye to my beloved beauty, Yoshi yesterday. I have had him since he was 3 months old and I know that he loved being the center of your attention on Instagram. I am very much in the grieving process and haven’t done anything blogging related since I realized a few days ago that I would have to let my white furrball go. I will aim to be back next week as I do have some fun things to talk about, but for now I’m just a cat-loving, crying mess and would rather not talk about eyeshadow pigmentation.


Yoshi meant the world to me and I will miss him so much! Rest in peace majestic one.

Oct. 10, 1998 – Jan.6, 2015

HAIR | *NEW* Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler Review + Video Demonstration

One of my beauty weaknesses is hair. Short of washing it, I really don’t understand it. The only “styling” I am truly familiar with is straightening because it’s practically fool-proof so now that I have ombred hair, I feel like it looks best when curled. There are a lot of hair gadgets out there that promise hassle-free curling with some looking utterly terrifying. I will admit that I had similar feelings of anxiety when faced with the newest in hair-curling technology in the form of the KISS InstaWave*($59.99 USD).

Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler

NAIL POLISH | L'Oreal - Hidden Gems

Every time we start the year fresh, we all say we’re going to try new things. I don’t fully believe in New Year’s resolutions because a very small percentage of us actually complete them. I am the eternal pessimist so I never make them. Instead, I write down what I happen to achieve along the way and I make small, tangible goals for myself like this one: TRY A NEW NAIL POLISH BRAND. It’s nothing crazy, but it’s only Jan. 3rd so baby steps, right?

What I have on is 2 coats of L'Oreal - Hidden Gems, a textured teal, black and silver glittered polish, that is unlike anything I own. This is the first time ever wearing/featuring a L'Oreal nail polish so let’s tick that off as “accomplished”!

I am not normally a fan of textured polishes, but this one caught my eye in the bottle. It seemed so dark and mysterious and seemed to have a lot going on “emotionally” for a nail polish.

Loreal - Hidden Gems

Loreal - Hidden Gems (2)

I just realized that I started off the year with a bit of an “emo” polish.

Are you a New Year’s resolutions person?

MAKEUP LOOK | NYC New York Color with a Berry Bold Lip

Well, Happy New Year everyone! Festivities and general holiday fatigue have delayed this post, but a bold lip is still very much in season. Yes, I know Marsala is our colour of the year, but winter still allows for a berry bold lip with a ton of attitude. At least that’s how I feel when I wear it. I feel BOSS.

NYC Beauty Pro Bold Lip