MAKEUP | *CBB Feature Brand* New for Spring - NYC Expert Last Satin Matte Lip Color Review & Swatches

Drugstore makeup has been blowing my mind in the last year and there are honestly times when I think to myself, “Why AM I paying double or even triple for the same product at Sephora or a department store?” Yes, sometimes it comes down to prettier packaging or a cool mechanism, but for the most part it’s all about the guts of the product. For Spring, New York Color Cosmetics released five new additions to their Expert Last Lip Color ($1.99 CDN) collection: Red Suede*, Pure Coral*, Velvety Fuchsia*, Creamy Mauve* and Smooth Beige* all of which scream “Put me on your lips, NOW!”

New York Color NYC Expert Last Lip Color Swatches Review

EVENTS | A Busy Wednesday with La Prairie, Sephora VIB Rouge Makeover and Saje Wellness!

I was a bit of a busy bee last Wednesday as there were multiple events happening in addition to a work training session I had that morning. I find it so hard to plan for 9am – 9pm so I made sure to bring an extra pair of comfy shoes, some granola bars and an umbrella because guess what? It was raining HARD in VanCity that day! After work and lunch with my hubby, I headed on over to Holt Renfrew for the La Prairie “Meet the Experts” Event with Director of Education, Becky Watkins, and her team. Here, I learned all about the story behind La Prairie skincare as I wasn’t too familiar with the science behind the products. I was also treated to a full one hour consult with Becky who took the time to find out more about me and my skin and designed a full skincare regime that we were able to try right on my face.

La Prairie Meet the Experts Event (4)
I was provided some lovely treats by Holt Renfrew which I never even got a chance to eat because I was so full from lunch! La Prairie is certainly a LUXE skincare line when it comes to pricing and packaging. Their story is a mix of science, ingredients from the Swiss Alps and working to create some of the most effective skincare products on the market.

La Prairie Meet the Experts Event

I didn’t have any immediate skincare concerns and really just wanted products that were more preventative in nature in terms of keeping fine lines at bay and reducing the amount of hyperpigmentation on my skin. The line that was recommended to me was the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection that targets the first signs of aging, dullness and fatigued skin. I fell in love with the Dry Oil right away and when mixed with the Cream, my skin felt amazing! Apparently, a lot of men love the Dry Oil too because it sinks into the skin in just a few minutes and is zero fuss.

NAIL ART | OPI *Hawaii Collection* – This Color’s Making Waves Review and Swatches

Spring and summer are my FAVOURITE seasons for nail polish colours because who doesn’t love brights and colours that we shy away from all winter long? I generally will wear any nail polish any time because I don’t believe in seasons for nail polish, but when it comes to new releases brights are reserved for this very season! “Making a splash” is the new Hawaii Collection from OPI with 12 new shades that will be perfect on both nails and toes! Today I am wearing This Color’s Making Waves* which is a deep shimmery teal with tiny copper-coloured bits of shimmer throughout.

OPI - This Color's Making Waves Hawaiian Collection Swatch Review

 OPI - This Color's Making Waves Hawaiian Collection Swatch Review (2)

To finish off the look, I applied some gold studs from Born Pretty with tweezers and positioned them in a little triangle at the base of my nail to give this manicure some extra pizzazz.

Who is excited for the weekend?! I will be working, but it’s still the WEEKEND!

THE BODY SHOP | Coconut and Mango Hand Cream Review

How many of you were saying “Where have you been all this time?!” when The Body Shop released their line of travel sized hand creams in all of our favourite scents? Like Pokemon, I had to catch ‘em all and in the end my final hand cream count sat at four. With a shea butter and almond oil base, these hand creams offer quick hydration using a light cream-gel formula. I had initially received the scents Mango*($10.00 CDN) and Coconut* through a PR package, but quickly added Satsuma and Pink Grapefruit to the mix as these are two of my favourite scents of all time from The Body Shop.

The Body Shop Coconut and Mango Hand Cream

The Body Shop Coconut and Mango Hand Cream (2)

Final Verdict: The scents are what roped me in because these hand creams are such natural extensions of the existing Body Shop bath and body line. The cream-gel texture offers non-greasy hydration, but isn’t the most moisturizing hand cream I have ever used. In comparison to Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Cream, this doesn’t come close so it really depends what you are looking for. Personally, I find hand cream like the Hemp Hand Cream to be too much for daily use and prefer to use it almost exclusively at night because it takes a very long time to absorb. During the day, I want a hand cream that absorbs quickly and takes away any discomfort and dryness which are these hand creams right here! My ONLY complaint is the packaging which I have seen with other hand creams and just do not understand why it’s used! I cannot stand the screw off cap. I find them finicky and would prefer just a regular toothpaste style cap. Maybe those types of caps aren’t stylish enough, but they sure make things easier to open and close!

Don’t lie, how many of these hand creams have you guys picked up? ;-)

HANDS | Shea Love with L’Occitane Ultra Soft Balm and Nail & Cuticle Nourishing Oil

When it comes to scents, I love orange, peppermint and the scent of L’Occitane’s Shea Collection as every single product smells and feels so rich and creamy on my body and face. For those of you who read my blog, you know that I take my nails VERY seriously. I make sure my hands are moisturized at all times and that my cuticles aren’t dry and red because with those nail close-ups, angry cuticles can be hard to look at. Right at my desk is where I have the L’Occitane Ultra Soft Balm*($6.00 CDN) and the Nail & Cuticle Nourishing Oil ($22.00 CDN). Two things I apply a few minutes before taking photos so that my cuticles look soft.

L'Occitane Ultra Soft Balm Nail and Cuticle Nourishing Oil Review

SKINCARE REVIEW | Cleanser Wednesdays with Amie Petal Perfect 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner

Amie has been heavily talked about throughout the blogosphere this year for its affordability and skin-friendly plant extracts. I have reviewed this company heavily (here and here) with the Petal Perfect 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner*($8.00 CDN) being the only toner in the Amie skincare line up. As the name of the product indicates, this is a 2 in 1 product meaning that using this does not require the additional step of a separate toner because it both cleanses and keeps the pH level of skin at optimal levels. I never really know if there is any truth to this, but I will have some other “testing methods” arriving shortly ;-) With natural extracts of French rose petal, raspberry, orange blossom, apple and witch hazel, this cleanser/toner promises to leave skin feeling clean, refreshed and toned.

Amie Petal Perfect 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner Review

MAKEUP | Sephora Pocket Professionals Mini Pro Airbrush Set Review

In my last SEPHORA brush collection review (here), I had mentioned that I wasn’t all that picky about my brushes as long as they got product where they needed to be and didn’t have bristles that felt like my husband’s beard. Well, it seems I have a FAR better reference point now. It’s like not knowing what sex was until…the SEPHORA Pocket Professionals Mini Pro Airbrush Set*($93.00 CDN)! Now, I’m not saying the other brush set was bad, this one is just more of an experience…

And now that I have sexualized this review, let us continue with the why. The Pocket Professionals set is comprised of five mini versions of Sephora’s bestselling Pro brush collection to help anyone achieve a truly airbrushed finish. These mini versions are about 5 inches long from tip to bristles and are a mixture of both synthetic and animal hair. They also come in a cute little faux leather clutch.

Sephora Pocket Professionals Mini Pro Airbrush Set Review Sephora Pocket Professionals Mini Pro Airbrush Set Review (2)

GIVEAWAY | Celebrate Spring with the Limited Edition Clarins Garden Escape Eyeshadow Palette!

I feel like I just keep talking about this palette over and over again (review), so why not let one of you experience it for yourselves? With Spring officially upon us, what better time than to give one lucky Cosmetic Proof reader the opportunity to love and cherish this palette just like I have?

Clarins Garden Escape Palette Makeup Look Review Swatches (9)

Terms of the Giveaway

  • Giveaway ends on April 5th, 2015 at 11:59pm
  • The winner will have 48 hours to reply once they are contacted


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MAKEUP LOOK | Clarins Ombre Matte Cream to Powder Matte Eyeshadow in #01 Nude Beige & #04 Rosewood Review with Swatches

I just realized that I basically did four nail posts in a row. This is why I really should have planned last week out a little more carefully, but I was going on beauty instinct which apparently was all about nails. To get back to our regularly scheduled programming, in addition to the Garden Escape Palette (review) and Lip Comfort Oils (review), Clarins also sent along their Ombre Matte Cream to Powder Eyeshadows in Nude Beige*($24.00 CDN) and Rosewood*. Although I wouldn’t quite characterize these eyeshadows as your typical cream shadows, they do have a unique and highly blendable texture that makes them a great option for a quick and easy neutral eye!

Clarins Ombre Matte Cream to Powder Eyeshadows 04 Rosewood Nude Beige Review Swatches

Clarins Ombre Matte Cream to Powder Eyeshadows 04 Rosewood Nude Beige Review Swatches (6)

GUEST POST | Nail Art with Alanna from Classy on the Run!

Today I am thrilled to have Alanna from Classy on the Run guest-posting with some fabulous nail art! You all know how much I love nail art so Alanna’s post was definitely something I was excited to share with you all!

Hello there!  I am thrilled to be doing a guest post today.  I am a student at U of T, born and raised in Toronto.  My blog, Classy On The Run focuses on beauty, lifestyle, some travel, and other beautiful things!
I had a hard time coming up with something green to do for this post, so I decided to do a post about my Claddagh Ring, and then share some nail art that I did inspired by my little piece of Ireland.
Growing up, St. Patrick's Day was always a big deal in my family, complete with cake and cards for my Grandpa, who immigrated to Canada from Ireland when he was twenty years old.  When I was about twelve he gave me my first Claddagh ring which he bought in the Irish Store down the road (also a great place to get British Cadbury chocolates).  I have since outgrown the ring, but I keep it in a safe place.  I purchased my second ring when I went to Ireland with my boyfriend last spring.  It is hand made my a local Galway artisan, fits me perfectly, and always reminds me of both my heritage, and of a beautiful trip I shared with my boyfriend.  I couldn't imagine a more perfect ring.
My Claddagh ring.
The Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring with two hands (friendship), a heart (love) and a crown (loyalty).  The ring originated in the 17th century in Claddagh, which is a small town located just outside of Galway.
There are four ways to wear a Claddagh ring.
(1) On the right hand, with the point of the heart facing out.  This means one is looking for love (single).
(2) On the right hand, with the point of the heart facing in.  This means one is in a relationship.
(3) On the left hand, with the point of the heart facing out.  This means one is engaged.
(4) On the left hand, with the point of the heart facing in.  This means one is married. 
All polishes I used were from Julep.
I used Kam as my base colour.  Kam is a pretty mint green.  Then I used Devon to paint the hands, heart, and crown.  I topped Devon with Coretta on the heart, and Esmerelda to top off the crown. 
To make a heart I suggest making two dots and then dragging them together with a toothpick.  I also used a tooth pick to create the crown. 
Inspired by Ireland.
How did you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

NAILS | Doctor Lacquer – Hormonal Efficiency Collection - Serotonin (Thermal Polish) with Swatches!

I cannot get ENOUGH of thermal polishes, let alone ones that are themed around science and all things nerdy. The Hormonal Efficiency collection from indie polish maker Doctor Lacquer was released back in 2013, but I still think it’s one of the most awesome indie collections I have ever seen! Serotonin is a bright green jelly polish with large teal and small magenta circle glitter with a smattering of teal hex glitter. This polish is bright green with cold and lime green when warm.

Doctor Lacquer - Serotonin Swatch Review

NAILS | New York Color Strip Me Off Base Coat Review + Peel Porn Photos

Many of you were curious as to how well the NYC Strip Me Off Base Coat* performed and just like you, I could not wait to test this out for myself! I have been using Elmer’s Glue under glitter polishes for quick removal, but the one thing that always bothered me was the fact that if I washed my hands a lot, I would lose whole pieces of nail polish within 24-36 hours. I had to be SO careful with my nails so I have been looking for an alternative that would give me more time with my polish and not worry about losing my “nails” in people’s cars (yes, it happened!)!

NYC Color Strip Me Off Base Coat Review NYC Color Strip Me Off Base Coat Review (3) 
All you need is one coat of this base coat for the peelable magic to happen. Once matte, you know the base coat has dried and you can now paint normally with your nail polish colour of choice. When the time comes for removal, you can either use a cuticle stick or the edge of another nail to lift a corner or edge of the nail you’d like to remove.

NYC Color Strip Me Off Base Coat Review (2)

*POP* off it comes! (My nails always look a little dry after removal, so don’t think they’re damaged by the base coat!)

Final Verdict: I use my hands a lot around the house and my right thumb nail started peeling after just one night. When I opened a package, half of it peeled off. Knowing that I had to work the next day, I could not deal with the one peeled off nail so I decided to take them all off after 36 hours. I think if you are really careful, your polish will last a few days, but on me I really can’t see it going past 4 days. As for how easily my polish was able to come off? Oh, it’s a super easy process and oddly enjoyable! Glitter polish is a breeze to remove and base coats like this tempt me to hold massive swatch-a-thons, but I enjoy nail polish way too much to only have it only my nails for a few minutes. All in all, this base coat is well worth the money, but don’t think you’ll get a week of wear out of your polish. Instead, you are more or less sacrificing wear time for ease of removal.

So, who’s interested? Who has tried the Elmer’s Glue method?

NAIL ART | NYFW with Tommy Hilfiger Stripes and New York Color

I almost never get nail art inspiration from fashion mainly because I’m not great at recreating patterns and because most of the fashions I like are almost always “boring” and “business chic”. For this months’ NYC Beauty Pro Challenge, I must have looked for days trying to think of a design to recreate that I hadn’t done before and would be cool to share with all of you. In the end, I settled on multi-coloured stripes ala Tommy Hilfiger. I even think the outfit is kind of cute!

New York Color NYCBeautyPro NYFW Nail Art Review Swatch

BEAUTY BOX | March 2015 Glossybox Unboxing and Review

Glossybox Canada broke my heart 2 years ago by leaving me, but at least they didn’t do what Glymm did and take my money as well. Recently, Glossybox USA opened up their hearts to us Canadians so that for those of us who were left high and dry or never even got the chance to try the service, we now have a chance!

To keep this brief, this is a subscription beauty box service with three different plans: a monthly package ($21/month), a 6-month package ($126), and a 12 month package ($220). Canadians also pay an additional $5 shipping fee which in combination with the terrible exchange rate makes this beauty box potentially less value than it could be, but regardless the contents and presentation of my Glossybox* made me forget about it temporarily!

Glossybox March Unboxing Review

Glossybox March Unboxing Review (3)

MAKEUP LOOK | Lise Watier Limited Edition Expression Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

Nothing makes me happier than playing with a fresh new set of eyeshadow shades. Seeing all the shades lined up like a little colour army brings me nothing but utter joy. Every Lise Watier collection has something that I cannot get enough of and when it comes to the Spring 2015 Expression Collection, it is the Expression Eyeshadow Palette*($42 CDN) featuring five bright shades ranging from matte to shimmery to iridescent. This collection is all about being your own inner artist and unleashing that hidden creativity. I don’t consider myself to be an overly creative person thanks to my Grade 8 art teacher never giving me more than a C+, but palettes like this make me forget about that 13 year old girl that believed she could do no better.

Lise Watier Expression Eyeshadow Palette Review Swatches Spring 2015 (8)

 Lise Watier Expression Eyeshadow Palette Review Swatches Spring 2015      

AROMATHERAPY | Saje Natural Wellness Diffuser Blends in After the Rain, Peppermint Twist and Gratitude

The last time I talked about essential oils was way back in 2012 in a lone favourites post (here) and maybe I stopped talking about them because I didn’t feel like they were “beauty” enough. Well, it’s 2015 now and I feel like beauty blogging has slowly morphed into lifestyle posts because let’s face it, beauty products and trends have become an overwhelming part of my life and although I wanted to keep them separate at the beginning, when I blog now, I feel like I’m just writing a journal. It just so happens to be about beauty products MOST of the time!

Sage Natural Wellness Peppermint Twist After The Rain Gratitude Diffuser Blend

I don’t talk about my health a whole lot, but I am a worrier or a true Cancer for those of you who believe in that type of thing. I’ve never been one for astrology, but it’s shocking how accurate it is for me. I consider myself fairly healthy with my main bad habit being lack of exercise and eating potatoes, but ever since I was a toddler, I have had random stomach issues and once I hit Grade 12, migraines and tension headaches. I have headaches every day and because they happen so frequently I don’t notice them anymore unless they start to make me feel sick. My stomach usually feels uncomfortable at any given point during the day, but I love food so much that I just wait for the nausea to pass and continue with my day or my meal! For anyone that hangs out with me socially, I rarely eat a lot when I am out in public for fear that I will feel sick and need to lie down. Both the headaches and stomach aches are 90% triggered by anxiety or sometimes just out of nowhere which can be incredibly frustrating. I don’t like taking medication for ANYTHING and when someone suggested peppermint essential oil for my headaches a couple of years ago I figured, why not? It worked so beautifully that my love affair with essential oils began.

The scientist in me refuses to believe in the holistic and healing side of essential oils or that they possess vibrational frequencies capable of healing, but maybe a small part of me was one with nature in a past life because they have been a massive part of my life in the last couple of years. I ALWAYS have peppermint oil in my house with a backup 30mL bottle to spare and every holiday season, I always have to pick up a more seasonal version of peppermint which is what brought me to the recently opened Park Royal Village Saje Wellness location. After smelling, I kid you not, every essential oil they had, I decided on three diffuser blends: Gratitude, After the Rain and Peppermint Twist. I use all of my essential oils in a nebulizer with the exception of peppermint that I rub on my temples and back of my neck during headache time.

Gratitude ($14.95CDN) is a blend of orange and vanilla essential oils with a hint of spearmint and black pepper. There is a bit of an earthiness to it thanks to rosewood and sage and is sweetened by vanilla-scented benzoin. I tend to gravitate towards mint and citrus so gratitude was the perfect hybrid. The spearmint clears my head and the sweetness of the orange and vanilla take care of my sweet tooth.

After the Rain ($14.95 CDN) may have been a bit of an emotional purchase as Yoshi was going downhill at the time and despite the happy mask of social media, I was very upset for most of the holiday season. This has top notes of balsam fir and pine as well as wild bergamot, spearmint and peppermint. If I’m stressed or have just had a long day, THIS is my favourite scent. KC also doesn’t like solid mint so the woodsy scent makes this blend a winner for both of us.

Peppermint Twist ($14.95 CDN) is no longer in stock because it was a seasonal blend, but I’m sure it will be back during the holidays. This is a blend of peppermint, orange, spearmint and benzoin and is similar to Gratitude, but not quite as sweet. This just puts me in the mood for the holidays and although it doesn’t do a lot for a headache, it does wake me up.

I also use lavender essential oil to keep myself AND the cats calm when they’re alone at home. They usually just sleep once I turn on the nebulizer so at least I know they aren’t tearing up the place in my absence! Do you use essential oils? If so, which scents are your favourite? 

EVENT | Estee Lauder Spring/Summer 2015 Preview at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia

About a week and a half ago, the lovely folks at Overcat Communications invited beauty bloggers and media alike to relish in the newest Estee Lauder beauty releases for the Spring and Summer season. Taking place at my FAVOURITE hotel in Vancouver, the Rosewood Hotel Georgia, the format was slightly different in that in addition to the tour of products, there was a theme: “3 Minute Beauty”. We were all given step by step tutorials for three looks that we were assured would only take three minutes to do: Perfect Brows, Skyhigh Cheekbones and the Simple Smoky Eye. All of these being very important for that girl on the go!  

Estee Lauder 2015 Event Review

Estee Lauder 2015 Event Review (2)

Courreges Estee Lauder is a brand new mod-inspired makeup collection with colours intended to “float” on the face. With its capsule-like packaging and Jetson family-worthy shades, this is a collaboration you need to check out at Sephora. There is a liquid white eyeliner that is to DIE FOR. 

HAIR | COLAB Sheer Invisible Dry Shampoo in Rio Tropical and London Classic Review

COLAB Sheer Invisible Dry Shampoo Rio Tropical London Classic Review
It has been a long time since I have talked about a dry shampoo. That’s because I’m not really impressed by a whole lot of them. I truly did not think I would find a new favourite since the Finesse dry shampoo (review), but then COLAB showed up. In collaboration with model and blogger, Ruth Crilly, COLAB Dry Shampoo both smells amazing (like an actual fragrance!) and WORKS to keep hair from feeling “lived in”. They also spray clear and do not leave a heavy residue behind (dark-haired beauties celebrate!).This debut collection comes in two scents: Rio*($5.49 CDN for 50mL/$9.99CDN for 200mL), a tropical blend of papaya, pineapple and heart of cassis and London*, a blend of bergamot, musk and magnolia. London won me over immediately and was the first can I completely finished! I loved how sophisticated and refreshing the scent was and may have gone a little crazy with the spraying at times…I finished Rio shortly after and  just 2 days ago, ran out and bought the full size! I cannot get enough of this stuff!

Final Verdict: While these dry shampoos don’t add a ton of volume to your hair, they do a great job of absorbing oil right at the root. There were days when I would forget that I hadn’t washed my hair because my roots still looked fresh. The scent of London is to die for and words cannot convey how grateful my nose is for coming into contact with this scent. I just LOVE it. I just wish the full size wasn’t quite so expensive because I powered through both of these bottles fairly quickly. Although, that may have been because I was having a little too much fun with my dry shampoos! If you love the spray type of dry shampoo, oh God, you have GOT to give these COLAB ones a try! 

COLAB is available at London Drugs, Jean Coutu, Lawtons and select Pharmasaves and PharmaChoice.

HAIR | Live Clean Age Resist Collection Review

Oh my! It has been EONS since I have done a hair product review! For awhile there, it was shampoo after shampoo, but I started getting REALLY selective after getting my hair coloured. When I was approached by Live Clean to try some of their haircare, keeping my colour intact while nourishing my now drier hair was my main priority and they reassured me that the Age Resist Collection would be perfect for my needs. With the same eco-friendly formulations as Live Clean’s other haircare lines, Age Resist targets the symptoms of aging hair like: dullness, lack of shine, dryness and loss in hair density. Apparently, your hair is BEST in your 20s and starts to lose some of its natural lustre in your 30s thanks to a decrease in sebum. Seriously, in Biblical times when we all lived until 40, we wouldn’t have even seen the need for a haircare line like this one! I actually have noticed consistent dryness in my hair even before colouring it and although I have my favourites, I still find myself having to switch up my haircare a bit every month or so. I’ve never believed that hair can “get used to something”, but it really does seem to happen…

Live Clean Age Resist Collection Review

Shiseido x #TheJayneExperience | Win a Personalized Luxury Shiseido Facial!

Remember that absolutely AMAZING facial I had at the Shiseido counter at Hudson’s Bay? If you don’t, here is a little reminder! I had such a great experience with the Shiseido team that we have decided to let FIVE Cosmetic Proof readers enjoy a luxurious personalized facial experience of their own so that you can know exactly how taken care of and good I felt after having a facial by Shiseido. All five winners will also receive a customized 123 Skincare Kit (no purchase necessary)! We just want you to sit back and relax.

Shiseido Facial Massage VIP Treatment Review

Terms of the Giveaway

  • Open to Vancouver ONLY (OR if you are from out of town and will be in the Vancouver area that’s ok too!)
  • Winners must choose to have facial at either Hudson’s Bay Vancouver or Hudson’s Bay Richmond Centre
  • Giveaway ends on March 20th, 2015 at 11:59pm
  • The winner will have 48 hours to reply once they are contacted.

And starting today until March 22, there is a Shiseido gift with purchase only at The Bay!



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SKINCARE REVIEW | Cleanser Wednesdays with Garnier Clean+ For Sensitive Skin Makeup Removing Lotion Cleanser

I don’t think I have EVER been able to get all of my eye makeup off in one fell swoop and it’s ALWAYS the mascara. I have my showers at night so I always do the best I can before my shower and then only when I emerge do I know how good of a job I’ve done. My eyes aren’t extremely sensitive, but one thing I hate about waterproof eye makeup is needing to use an oil-based eye makeup remover. I almost always get some in my eye and then I’m left with an irritating oily film on my eyeballs that only my tears can eliminate. For those of us who would prefer NOT to cry out makeup remover from our eyes or have more sensitive eyes, Garnier Clean+ Makeup Removing Lotion Cleanser* might be our saviour!

Formulated with moringa flower extract to calm skin and made without alcohol, dyes or fragrance, this makeup remover has “quick-break” technology to quickly and easily dissolve even the most ridiculously waterproof of eye makeup.

Garnier Clean Makeup Lotion Removing Cleanser (2)

MAKEUP | Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Honey and Raspberry Review with Swatches

I am a huge Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector fan with 4 shades making it into my makeup collection as I found them to be one of my favourite MLBB products. Clarins recently released two brand new lip products to the Instant Light line up: Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil ($23.00 CDN) in the scent Honey* and in Raspberry* (limited edition). When I first caught a glimpse of these during the Fall preview, both had me drooling just based on how good they smelled! Especially raspberry! Mmmm, so scrumptious! Made with a blend of hazelnut, jojoba and sunflower seed/raspberry seed oils, these comfort oils promise to leave lips feeling nourished and looking shiny.

Clarins Spring Makeup Collection 2015 Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Raspberry and Honey Review Swatches 

EXPERIENCE | Lumiere Skin Health & Wellness Centre SilkPeel & Luminix LED Light Therapy Facial Review

I should begin by saying that my first experience at Lumiere Skin Health & Wellness Centre is not for the novice facial goer as I ended up changing my treatment during the consultation to something more “adventurous”. Located in the historic Rogers Building on Granville Street, I have passed this building numerous times to get to Trees coffee shop and never took note of the merchants in this building!

Lumiere is fairly new to the neighbourhood and offers some very unique treatments in the form of European style facials using German brand BABOR products and facial techniques. I had never heard of BABOR before, but it is quite well-known in Europe and was founded by German biochemist Dr. Michael Babor (history). The products felt very “sciencey” with plenty of active ingredients and awards featured, but I should mention that I did not have access to a full ingredients list nor was there one on the website. The price range of BABOR products is fairly reasonable with Skinovage moisturizers ranging from $72-$80.

Lumiere offers everything from specialized facials to the more “advanced” SilkPeel and LED light therapy treatments as well as massage and wax services. You can pretty much come in here a total mess and leave feeling and looking like a million bucks since makeup touch ups are complimentary. If you’re the kind of person who loves having a SilkPeel or “lunchtime facial”, definitely look into the Lumiere membership program starting at $59/month. There are varying membership levels based on the types of services you’d like to get, but the entry level guarantees you a 30 minute facial and aromatherapy back massage every month which sounds like a pretty good deal to me!  

Lumiere Skin Health & Wellness Centre Review  Lumiere Skin Health & Wellness Centre Review
If you are a new client, a consultation will be done to address your current skin needs and what you would like to achieve in terms of results. I found my consultation with Marvice to be very personalized and even came with an aromatherapy recommendation. It felt like two gals just sitting down with some tea talkin’ all about skin!

MAKEUP | SEPHORA Collection Look Color in the Eye Brush Capsule Review

The Sephora house collection used to be something I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to since there are SO MANY other brands to look at in every Sephora store. It’s incredibly overwhelming and only once I started being in the Sephora environment more did I realize how many incredibly cool gadgets and gizmos the Sephora Collection had. Rose gold has yet to be a passing trend so for the Spring season, Sephora has released a number of new items including the uber cute travel-sized Look Color in the Eye Brush Capsule*($28.00 CDN). This has both spring appropriate candy pastel coloured brush handles and comes with a rose gold-coloured case and ferrules.

Sephora Collection Look Color in the Eye Brush Capsule Review (2)

BEAUTY PANEL | Red Carpet “Naked” Nail Art for Everyday

Incredibly enough, this year’s red carpet manicures weren’t wild or crazy. In fact, they were sophisticated, classic and NAKED. The naked nail look was achieved with polish shades ranging from nude to lilac to barely-there pink. Oddly enough, when it comes to MY everyday life, wearing a classic manicure is not enough so I ended up adding my own red carpet flair to an otherwise basic, yet VERY trendy award season mani! You know I CANNOT leave a plain polish alone!

Red Carpet Nude Manicure Nail Art with Sothy Paris Nail Vernis in Beige Red Carpet Nude Manicure Nail Art with Sothy Paris Nail Vernis in Beige (5) Red Carpet Nude Manicure Nail Art with Sothy Paris Nail Vernis in Beige (3)

Find out how to create this mani on the Beauty Panel today!

BATH & BODY | *NEW* Limited Edition Body Shop Smoky Poppy Collection Poppy Seed Scrub & Body Butter Review

I did not receive these quite in time for Valentine’s Day to review, but the Body Shop has a very different, surprisingly pleasant scent to share with us for a limited time. The Smoky Poppy Collection is made with genuine, hand-picked poppy flowers from Ankara, Turkey and is unlike most Body Shop scents in that this is one of the most sensually-scented bath and body collections I have ever experienced from them! I had no idea what to expect in terms of scent and was anticipating a blast of floral something, but what I got instead was a smoky, floral that sort of stunned me!  

The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Collection Review

MAKEUP LOOK “Angry Forest Nymph” | MAC Toledo Collection Bellgreens Eye Shadow Palette Review & Swatches

This is my first time using MAC eyeshadows. My expectations were pretty high considering the other products I have used and what people have been saying so when I first laid my eyes on the Bellgreens Eye Shadow Palette*($53.00 CDN) I was both in love with the packaging and colours, but stumped on how I would use the whole palette cohesively. All six shades of green come in different finishes from matte to satin to sparkly so where do I begin? What popped into my head was the face of a forest nymph, but a pissed off one. 
  MAC Cosmetics Toledo Collection Bellgreens Eyeshadow Palette Review Swatches (6)

GIVEAWAY | FASHION Magazine 13th Annual Readers’ Choice Beauty Awards & Interview with Beauty Editor Sarah Daniel!

February was such a crazy short month making it feel crazier than it was, but I always make time for award season whether it’d be the AMAs, Grammys, Golden Globes or *gasp* The Oscars. You know what kind of awards are my favourite though? Beauty awards! Seeing all of our favourite products in one place and if I see something I haven’t tried, is a great list of reader certified recommendations! FASHION Magazine’s 13th Annual Readers’ Choice Beauty Awards has some of my (and your!) favourite products from 2014 (winning products)!

BA-13Logo-VERT_REV fashion_awards

I also got the chance to ask FASHION Beauty Editor, Sarah Daniel, some of my burning beauty questions so enjoy!

What is the biggest change you have noticed when it comes to this year's winning beauty products compared to last year?

I think our readers are fiercely loyal to the brands they love, so there never seem to be any extreme changes from year to year. It’s when you look back over time—like say the last five award issues—that you see how popularity slowly shifts.

Favourite beauty trends from last year that really stood out to you? Do you see them staying around for 2015?

Some of our favourite trends from the Spring 2015 shows (which are held in fall 2014) were air dried hair, no makeup (Marc Jacobs, everybody) and facial adornment. It will be interesting to see how and if the latter translates to the beauty counter. Fingers crossed it means Peter Phillips’s amazing adhesive pastel eyeliner for Dior will be come to Canada this year.

Out of the winning nail products, which were your personal favourites?

I almost always choose red for pedicures, so I’m into the winning OPI nail lacquer shade, Big Apple Red.

Foundation or BB cream? Or is there an occasion for one over the other?

It depends on the situation, but I generally gravitate toward lighter coverage, so I’d pick a BB cream. The latest foundations have such intuitive and high-tech formulas, though, so you can’t really go wrong. 

When it comes to hair products, do you feel drugstore hair care holds up to salon hair care?

In many cases, yes. Brands like Pantene, John Frieda and Tresemmé have a lot of science behind them, and are often being guided by industry leaders and celebrity stylists, like Danilo (Gwen Stefani) and Harry Josh, Gisele’s go-to hair guy.

There is A LOT of skincare out there with a lot of science that the average consumer does not understand. How do you feel readers did with the winning skincare products this year?

I think women are much savvier about skincare now than ever before; there are so many resources available to learn about ingredients and trends. Our readers definitely have their favourites—brands like Olay and Clinique always do well—but I think we’re going to see a more diverse range of winners in the next few years.  

Thank you so much to Sarah for taking the time to answer my questions and NOW, what better way to kick off March than with the ULTIMATE giveaway kindly provided by FASHION Magazine!

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