NAILS | Minnie Mouse Glitter #CBBxManiMonday

I had a busy week and am gearing up for another week where I make a list of things to complete and then consequently add MORE things to the list and then end up feeling overwhelmed with everything. So, I took it a bit easy with the nails as I was feeling lazy AND because I had to cut them down after suffering breakages on my pointer and pinky fingers. What I have on my nails is a polish that I have shamefully had for probably five or six years and just "never got around to using" so let's give it up for the Etude House and the XOXO Minnie Mouse Collection! 

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MAKEUP | Avon One More Scoop Gelato Tints

When it comes to cute packaging, it's really Asian cosmetics for the win especially when it comes to making cosmetics look like FOOD. I've used lip tints shaped like wine bottles and a bronzer shaped like a cookie and now I'm back to using a lip tint, but this time in the form of scoops of fruity gelato! Avon and The Face Shop have partnered to create these limited edition almost edible lip tints that will have all ages squealing about how stinkin' cute the packaging is as well as what a great little product it is! 

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BATH TIME | Gettin' Sexy with the Lush Valentine's Day Collection

The eggplant and the cheeky peach are back in this year's Lush Valentine's Day collection with some new and old classics! I almost picked up the entire collection, but I reminded myself that I am trying to cull my beauty collection this year and STILL have not purchased a single thing from Sephora since December so I held back! 

Lush Valentine's Day Collection
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SHEET MASK | Avon x The Face Shop The Solution Firming and Nourishing Masks

Last month I had mentioned that Avon and Kbeauty brand The Face Shop had partnered on an entire collection of makeup and skincare and I MUST be excited about it all because here I am with another post! I know a lot of you have seen The Solution series of masks at your local Face Shop as these masks are often featured in promotions with six options to choose from. They are incredibly affordable for the experience and results they provide and are a great introduction to sheet masking if you are new to the scene. When I found out that Avon x The Face Shop had partnered on the Nourishing, Firming and Pore Care face masks, I knew I had to try 'em and let you know what was going through my head!

Avon x The Face Shop The Solution Firming and Nourishing Mask
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NAILS | Comme des Garcons Play #CBBxManiMonday

Yes, I know I am cheating a little bit with posting a ManiMonday on a Tuesday, but I've never been great at doing these way in advance and now even less so with work. We were crazed on Sunday so I decided to go into work an hour early to catch up on things yesterday and just as I thought it was about to happen (checkin' off tasks one by one), it got really busy with clients and before I knew it, it was closing time. So much for being ahead of the game! 

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SHEET MASK | Franz Microcurrent Mask System and Everyday Essence

A couple of months ago, I saw on Instagram a "microcurrent mask" that looked pretty intense and crazy which meant that I OBVIOUSLY had to have it! The FRANZ Microcurrent Face Mask System is a Korean brand that uses the patented TissueX technology to nourish skin from the inside out and at a deeper level. A single treatment is supposed to noticeably revitalize skin by improving elasticity, cell turnover, skin barrier function, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and of course HYDRATE! Let's see if this mask lived up to the science and the hype!

Franz Microcurrent Mask System Review
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