MAKEUP | Mary Kay Timewise Matte 3D Foundation

You know what I have just noticed? It seems that I only have blog reviews for foundation every summer despite switching things up during the colder months as well. Maybe summer just feels like a good time to do it, but for the last 3 years that seems to be the trend for me so in keeping with old habits, here is my review for the new Mary Kay Timewise Matte 3D Foundation

Mary Kay Timewise Matte 3D Foundation Review

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HAIR | Oils for Shine, Hydration and Protection

I didn't understand who would ever need a hair oil until I became a blonde. Not only do hair oils make my hair look healthier, but it also helps protect it from heat styling and UV damage. They are almost like a liquid helmet and once I realized how necessary they were to my haircare routine, I went from high-maintenance to hair-maintenance achievement level SUPREME! 

Hair Oils Review

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NAILS | I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream! #CBBxManiMonday

Today's manicure was inspired by one of the oldest and most well-known nail art bloggers around - Sarah from Chalkboard Nails! While browsing the #summernailart hashtag, I stumbled across these ice cream nails and realized it had been awhile since I had done some fun, cartoony nails. I won't lie that with all of the different colours, this manicure took about an hour of continuous painting to finish, but the results were worth it!

Ice Cream Nail Art

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SHEET MASK | FaceTory Woah that H20 Hydrating Mask

I thought I had given up on subscription boxes until I finally gave in to FaceTory a year ago after spying their Instagram and website for months before taking the plunge to subscribe to the "7 Lux Box" for a full year! The subscription is not an inexpensive one at around $330 with the exchange rate, but it works out to about $4/sheet mask which is actually a great deal because almost all of the sheet masks I have gotten in these boxes range from $4-$8 and are hard to find. For most masks, I have really had to search Ebay or very specific Kbeauty sites and once I factor in the Canadian exchange and shipping, pricing ends up being more expensive so needless to say, I have LOVED my FaceTory subscription a lot!

FaceTory Woah that H20 Hydrating Mask

Purchased by me via the FaceTory subscription box

HAIR | Kristin Ess Bubble Mask and Scalp Scrub

I exfoliate my skin like crazy, but I never thought about "detoxifying my scalp" since isn't shampoo supposed to do that? After watching a few Asian hair spa videos where part of the treatments actually include scalp scrubbings, I started looking into hair exfoliation products as it wasn't until I started colouring my hair and using dry shampoo more that I noticed my scalp felt itchy at times. I thought at first that my scalp was too dry, but then I realized it was more than that - it needed a good scrub! Then during a sale on Kristin Ess products on, I saw two products that spoke to me: the Scalp Detoxifying Bubble Mask and the Instant Exfoliating Scalp Scrub! I mean, how GOOD do those sound?!

Kristin Ess Review

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SUNSCREEN | Five New Sunscreens That Have Wowed Me!

How the hell are we in AUGUST right now? The summer feels like it has just begun and with this heat, I am totally feelin' the summer burn. I know it doesn't stay warm in Vancouver for very long so I should really be enjoying this, but the air has been feeling really heavy and muggy which I can't stand so I hope things lighten up a bit! This post has been a long time coming and now that we are in the throes of summer it seems a good a time as any to chit chat about some new (and maybe not so new) favourite sunscreens that I have been reaching for this season!

Sunscreen Review

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