NAILS | Abstract Fall with OPI Muse of Milan #CBBxManiMonday

I cannot get enough of the new OPI Muse of Milan collection! I think a part of my love for the shades is that I have been ready for Fall since June. It wasn't a normal summer for anyone and though we still could have patio season, I am still not comfortable dining out. If anything, social distancing and keeping my social circle super small (really my husband and 5 co-workers) has fed right into my anti-social personality. I have also never liked shaking hands, hugging or kissing cheeks and now I can use COVID as an excuse! While I wouldn't have called myself a germaphobe, I have never been all that comfortable with physical forms of affection let alone with people I don't know. Call me crazy, but I am honestly so much happier now that this is the norm!

Abstract Fall Nail Art
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SHEET MASK | Kiehls Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask

It has been REALLY hard to write this past week. I had done my best to mentally prepare myself for a busy week I knew was coming and though I feel I survived with flying colours, I was putting in a few longer days to make sure I wasn't overwhelmed the next day which has left me feeling exhausted at the idea of being productive this weekend (I have Sunday/Mondays off). Combined with the torrential rain Vancouver has had the last week, I have just been feeling sleepy by the time I make it home from work so I have been a bit lazy with the blogging, BUT hopefully you have all been enjoying my Instagram content as I try to have exclusive content there (like this photo of the most epic bath bomb from Jojo's Bath Bombs)! 

Kiehls Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask
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LIFESTYLE | Grant E One's - A Face Mask with Japanese Technology Like No Other!

I guess we are getting to that point in the pandemic where face masks are now something to feature on a beauty blog! Not only are face masks necessary, but they are now a fashion statement and an item of clothing that affects our makeup and skincare routines. I hope wearing a mask is getting easier for everyone as I know I am glad that I don't feel as mentally and physically uncomfortable with wearing one anymore. Colourful prints help and I am sure I am not the only one who is slowly amassing a collection of reusable face masks in all sort of prints and styles! One of my latest additions is from a new-to-Canada Japanese brand called Grant E One's which uses a proprietary blend of fibres to create a mask that is not only comfortable and cool, but also produces negative ions! 

Grant E One's Skincare Face Mask Review
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NAILS | Inspired by a Leaf #CBBxManiMonday

I know, I know. This is practically the opposite of vampy Fall shades, but I saw this manicure from inspired by the shades of Fall and had to try it for myself! I hadn't done taping in awhile and I loved the texture the taping added to the glitter gradient. I didn't have the exact colours, so I think this came out "happier" than intended, but I am still very happy with it!

Red and Yellow Taping Gradient Nail Art
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SHEET MASK | FaceTory Oh My Goodness Rejuvenating Snail Mask

Some of you know that I recently stopped my FaceTory subscription for a number of reasons - mainly because this was a financially unjustifiable expense with everything that has happened this year and also because I can probably not buy sheet masks for a few years and still be able to do a few rounds of #100DaysofSheetMasks in addition to my regular sheet mask usage! Though I have never actually done an inventory count of what I have, I'm pretty sure my sheet mask count is more than 500 which doesn't even sound like much to me even though I know that logically it's a huge number! Suffice it to say, I realized that I didn't NEED to spend more a sheet mask subscription even though FaceTory has an amazing selection of masks I always love and have never tried. One of the masks I used during this sheet mask challenge that I had received in one of my FaceTory boxes was the Oh My Goodness Rejuvenating Snail Mask! We all love a good snail mask and this one was no exception!

 Purchased by me

MAKEUP | Keeping Things Set with IT Cosmetics

My setting sprays and powders have been going into overtime these last few months and though I have generally used both in my regular makeup routine, never before have I actively layered these products and made SURE that I used them every time I wear makeup to work. A part of me was tempted to just flat out use hairspray to make my makeup stay, but I figured I would spare my lungs and the environment! IT Cosmetics makes my most favourite loose powder, but over the summer I have had the chance to try some other setting products from the brand that have since become daily staples!

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