LIFESTYLE | Before We Get Back Into It...Reflections on This Past Week

It feels strange to be back in this space, just casually talking about a sheet mask or some other beauty product I've been loving, but personally I got to feel and reflect on a lot of things that I haven't let myself do before. Honestly, I never thought I would get involved in a Black Lives Matter movement or donate to organizations that seek to eliminate police brutality and improve black communities in the US. I never thought I would make a list of books and documentaries that will help me better understand the relationship between black and white people in America. Most importantly, I never thought I would address that uncomfortably tight feeling I would get in my chest everytime I saw someone black wrongfully convicted, murdered or jailed because of the colour of their skin. I realize now that that was my conscience telling me how wrong this was and that it was more than OK to talk about it. In fact, I should have been talking about it a long time ago, but growing up in an Asian household, racism is something we never discussed at home. We never talked about how someone who is white or brown or black should be treated the same because it was almost just a given that everyone was human and the only time something needed to be addressed was if someone was being mean which, from my memory, was a mix of everyone. While this somewhat apathetic view of skin colour meant we didn't necessarily discriminate, it also meant that we didn't concern ourselves with racial injustice or feel motivated to understand it let alone speak up and come to someone's defense publicly.

NAILS | Minimalist Rainbows #CBBxManiMonday

For the month of June, the ladies and I will be doing something different with our manicures in that we have chosen 5 colours (rainbows, neons, sunset, pink and black/white/nude) and 5 themes (gradient, minimalist, matte, texture and inspired by packaging) to work with. We will each "roll the dice" to see which combination of the two we will get, but we aren't telling each other so not only will every week be a surprise for you, but it will be a surprise within our group as well! As you can tell with my combination, it initially seemed challenging to try to do an understated rainbow as rainbows on their own are loud and colourful, but leave it to a dotticure to make something look minimalist!

Nail polishes PR gifted

SHEET MASK | Dr. Althea Premium Squalane and Conditioning Silk Masks

This is going to sound crazy, but now that I've tried so many sheet masks (and will continue to try more in my lifetime until I am but a little Asian prune) it takes a lot to catch my eye. What caught my eye with these two Dr. Althea sheet masks was the fact that the packaging was metallic and...horizontal. I just thought it was interesting even though it's all just a matter of perspective, but I also had heard good things about Dr. Althea and had used one or two sheet masks through my FaceTory subscription and had a positive experience. I was also really curious about just HOW silky these masks would be and now I wish I could have my sheets made with this sheet mask! 

Dr. Althea Premium Squalane and Conditioning Silk Masks
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MAKEUP | YSL Rouge Volupte Rock'N Shine Lipsticks

It feels a bit strange talking about glossy lip products since they won't be something I will be wearing in public for the next little while since they smear all over the inside of my face mask. While I don't necessarily need to wear a mask at work every single second like if I'm alone or working far away from my co-workers, I do wear one with clients. Even some of my matte or satin finishes have transferred and stained all up and down the inside of the face masks and though it might be easier not to wear any lip colour whatsoever, I do derive much joy from wearing lipstick and looking put together for work. That doesn't mean I don't wear glossy lips when I'm at home (because I do!) or that I can't still ogle some beautiful YSL Beauty packaging and prepare for the day when we will be rid of COVID or at least have a resistance to it. I just pray to God that there isn't COVID version 2.0.

YSL Rouge Volupte Rock'N Shine Lipsticks Review
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NAILS | The Ciate Denim Manicure #MidweekMani

When I used to work at the mall, browsing at Winners was a dangerous lunch time activity and a lot my beauty self purchases came out of that store for years with many things purchased on a whim or because they were "such a good price" only to be used 6 years this Ciate Denim Manicure kit. This is when I am glad nail polish doesn't go bad! I made it a point during my 7 weeks off work to go through some of these kits that I purchased and because the #CBBxManiMonday team and I have monthly themes, "denim" never really seemed to fit it with any of them, but since I had a bit more time over the last few weeks, I sat down one night to watch Tati and paint a pair of jeans on my nails!

The Ciate Denim Manicure
 Purchased by me SO LONG AGO!

HAIR | Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler

I have been back at work just one week and I am already struggling to write. This past week has been challenging and tiring both in just getting back into the routine of going to bed at a reasonable hour and getting up early (I am NOT a morning person). I rarely have breakfast so being able to sit down in the mornings and have a proper meal was something I truly enjoyed. I am also still trying to keep up with meal planning and baking since I don't plan on getting prepared food anytime soon. I know we want to support local business and restaurants, but the process of sanitizing the packaging the food comes in reminds me so much of grocery shopping that in my mind, it isn't worth the stress. I can feel that at some point I will want some takeout as I miss some of my favourite restaurants, but right now we are still enjoying cooking everything. I am all for buying a meal for someone else though so once I get back into the groove of work, I plan on continuing what I started earlier this year with buying from local and small businesses and giving to charity. I just got some cute reusable face masks from the Vancouver Aquarium for my husband and I as they have and will lose much of their tourism business this year like so many other places, but I have a soft spot for animals so I will happily support them. Now, I have totally digressed, but such is the way of things since this pandemic began so I'm sure many of you can relate!

Conair Unbound Curler Review
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