SHEET MASK | Sephora Collection Mud, Bubbles, Charcoal and Primer!

You can tell by this packaging that I waited a long time to review these Sephora masks as the packaging has now been revamped, but these were really popular when they first launched as they were among the first generation of Sephora Collection masks when the sheet mask craze was at its peak so I am guessing that some of you have gotten a chance to try some of these over the years, but here are the OGs in a nutshell!

group shot of sephora collection sheet masks
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HAIR | Joico Defy Damage Collection

It has been forever since we have chatted about shampoos, conditioners and masks so we need to change that since I am obsessed with my hair! I would say that after skincare, I have an overwhelmingly obscene number of hair care products and I secretly think that I get my hair coloured just so I can justify the "supporting" hair products. I do enjoy being blonde and after switching my colour around for a few years, I have found a happy place with a warm balayage that lasts me around 8 months before feeling like I need a colour refresh with JT at Civello on South Granville. Yes, JT is a colour genius and knows how to blend the blonde so that it lasts, but I have to do my part when it comes to home care and that means constant heat and UV protection as well as hydrating masks. The Joico Defy Damage collection protects all hair types from heat styling, UV exposure and environmental exposure preventing frizz, breakage and dullness. Well, sign me up!

Joico Defy Damage Collection
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NAILS | Hide and Seek Easter Bunny #CBBxManiMonday

Traditionally for April we would fill the month with Easter-themed manicures, but I realized that Easter Monday is the first Monday of the month which means that doing bunny and egg manicure might not be completely appropriate. So, I decided to at least do this one Easter manicure for today and then the rest of the month will just be fun Spring stuff!  

easter egg nail art
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SHEET MASK | Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air Mask #SheetMaskSunday

When I first started on my sheet mask journey five years ago, I wanted to review EVERYTHING and to be able to have a database of some sort to query and look back on if I ever needed to remember what I liked/disliked about a sheet mask. Now, I really only want to talk about sheet masks that stand out OR have something special about them whether that be good or bad. I have an incredible backlog of sheet mask photos going back to 2018 that I am determined to get through this year as a lot of the masks I tried back then were really cool. When I first started looking for affordable, but effective sheet masks, one of the very first masks that came up when I Googled were the Etude House 0.2mm Therapy Air Masks. Hailed as being able to deliver moisture and skin-loving ingredients all from a sheet mask that is just 0.2mm thick, these masks are still some of my all-time favourites to use and today is finally the day I give them some much deserved love!  

strawberry etude house therapy air mask flatlay

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SKINCARE | Getting to Know Malin + Goetz

Just when I thought Influenster had shunned me, I suddenly received this Malin + Goetz Voxbox a couple of weeks ago! The last Voxbox I qualified for was actually around this time last year at the height of the pandemic and since I was off work, I remember starting my reviews right away and taking down notes every day. The brainpower and energy I had used for my day job needed to go somewhere so if you ever need an intense single product review of Ole Henrikson's Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum, definitely check out my review! Though today's review isn't quite as intense, I hope to give you all a good idea of my first real skincare experience with New York-based brand Malin + Goetz because it was quite nice!

flatlay of malin and goetz skincare products
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NAILS | Royal and Regal #CBBxManiMonday

Let me just say that these nails started out a total disaster and what you are looking at is the "cover up" which unfortunately is not on theme with our green nails for the month, but it could not be helped! The shade underneath, Picture Polish "Family" is a beautiful sea foam green though which was what I originally had planned on featuring before I messed up my nail art.  Nothing a little taping manicure couldn't save!

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