SKINCARE | #CBBGetsSheetFaced Week 2 with CNF, Ariul, Feferafe, XOY, Mustus & Origins! #FoodWeek

OMG, we are at the halfway point of our sheet mask challenge AND February! WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? Week 2 of #CBBGetsSheetFaced was all about food which gave me a chance to try out some "dessert-themed" masks from my collection. 

Sheet Mask Review

Some PR samples featured and are indicated with a *

NAILS | Sexy Emoji Valentine's Day Nail Art

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I wasn't actually planning on doing a set of themed nails, but after getting nostalgic about the days where I used to do more detailed nail art and came out with creative designs like the Trojan Condoms I decided it was time to challenge myself again so we had an easy, early dinner, I took an early shower and I plunked myself down at my station to do these "sexting" nails!

Sexy Emoji Valentine's Day Nail Art

Some PR samples used in design

GIVEAWAY | MaskerAide "FUN" Sheet Masks!

In the spirit of celebrating the joy of sheet masks and the love they bring to me and to many of you (in addition to fantastic skin of course), I will be doing a few sheet mask giveaways over the next couple of weeks! This first giveaway features the newest sheet masks from Canadian brand MaskerAide - the FUN line! This is truly an amusing set of masks that will have you giggling and then reveling in gorgeous skin!   

Purchased by me

VALENTINE'S | Lush Valentine's Day Collection

It's that time of year again where you can't go out for dinner on Valentine's Day because all the restaurants are packed so if you are an old married couple like myself and KC, I will be making dinner at home and HE will be getting me jewelry LOL! I think after awhile you just want to spend time at home relaxing with people you love. I don't even know how to segue into the bath concoctions Lush has released this year because this year's collection is a little racy! All I can say is Lush, you make a girthy eggplant! 

Lush Valentine's Day Collection

PR samples

NAILS | The Pink Gradient #CBBxManiMonday

The new OPI Tokyo Collection arrived and I ran into any nail polish lover's issue of wanting to wear ALL of the shades at once and I have learned that the BEST solution for this is to do a gradient because then you can choose at least three of your favourite colours and just sponge them all together like one big, happy family! We are sticking with our theme of pinks and reds this month and while this gradient is more pink/mauve (I dunno, I just don't enjoy wearing straight-up red polish) I adore each of the colours on their own and I have a feeling I will be wearing this again this month and beyond!

Pink Gradient Nail Art

PR samples

SKINCARE | #CBBGetsSheetFaced Week 1 Round Up with Selfies!

This month, the CBB has decided to do 28 days of straight sheet masks with themes for each week and it seemed fitting to do a little round-up of all the masks I used for last week's theme of "print/animal" week. After doing 100 straight days of sheet masks, this seemed easy-peasy, but I love that I have my CBB friends Renee (See the World in Pink) and Chantal (Chantal's Corner) also joining me in this challenge so make sure to check out our stories on Instagram to see what we've all got on our faces every night this month!

#CBBGetsSheetFaced Week 1

All purchased by me except one sheet mask as indicated.