NAILS | Scotch Taping #CBBxManiMonday

As I write this, I am once again tearing up to "Fuller House" on Netflix. The nostalgia of watching this show plus how much raunchier and funnier it is has been thoroughly enjoyable even with the new family members. I highly recommend the show to anyone who just loves a cheesy good time and grew up on "Full House"! It's a good thing "Fuller House" is so feelgood because this manicure did NOT make me feel good. AT FIRST.

Scotch Tape Manicure

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KBEAUTY | Repiel Timeless Line Bio Masks (Line Shot, Mela Shot and Aqua Shot!)

It's sheet mask time again! I have been DYING to share my thoughts on the Repiel Timeless Collection because they are all biocellulose masks which are one of my FAVOURITE types of mask material because not only is the texture like skin, the fit is near perfect and my skin is always so happy afterwards! The Timeless Collection also come very sexily packaged in syringe-like tubes which also make great containers for storing the leftover essence for later use!

Repiel Timeless Bio Mask Review

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MAKEUP | Suva Beauty Saffron Collection

This is one of those collections where when I finally took the time to photograph and play I WISHED I had brought it out sooner because the colours, the formula were so glorious it pained me to know that I had been missing out all this time, but as you saw from my palette clean out, I have a tendency to let eyeshadow palettes sit untouched and become wall art. The Suva Beauty Saffron Collection is one inspired by immigrant families. Suva's founder, Shaina Azad, used her Fijian upbringing filled with memories of family gatherings to come up with Hindi-named shades like "Badnam" and "Besharam" as well as a spice-inspired eyeshadow palette.

Suva Beauty Saffron Collection Review

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NAILS | Watercolour Feathers #CBBxManiMonday

Watercolour nails. For a moment, they were all the rage a few years ago and though I have tried once or twice in the last seven years, they are just nails I never really do even though I do think they are pretty. Maybe I just think the idea of diluting nail polish is blasphemy, but when I realized I had two of the Born Pretty Blooming Nail Polishes, I figured it was time to try this again and add some extra flair if I could!

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BEAUTY | St. Tropez Bronzing Face Sheet Mask with Selfies

Where has this week gone? We have gone from "early to mid January" in the blink of an eye! I know many of us have been bitten with the Marie Kondo Bug, but I've actually been decluttering since the middle of December starting with my makeup. I still have a long ways to go as I find it difficult to do after I have come home from work, but the last two days I have stayed up until 12am working on clearing out underneath the bathroom sink and I am happy to say that MUCH has  been given away. I had 20 dry shampoos under there and I have no idea why I had so many!

In addition to decluttering my real life, I have decided to shift my blog content back to more of a mixture of beauty as this space was a Sheet Mask Mecca for the latter half of 2018, but it has been a little while since a dedicated sheet mask post and this was one that I had a lot of questions about! A sheet mask that tans makes perfect sense in theory and though I was afraid of what could happen - I had to give the St. Tropez Bronzing Face Sheet Mask* a try!

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BEAUTY | 2019 Resolutions

I never really made any beauty resolutions last year other than going on the classic January no-buy which was fairly successful, but MUCH harder than I thought it would be. I feel like you shouldn't have to go on a full no-buy, but more like a "low-buy". I made a more conscious effort to think about my purchases and though I had my moments of splurginess especially once I caught "sheet mask fever" in full force, I have still been able to save money and enjoy life. Though I have personal resolutions in some form or another, this space is about beauty resolutions!

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