NAILS | Fall Leaves Gradient #CBBxManiMonday

Fall Leaves Gradient Nail Art
Some press samples featured

I wore my first sweater dress last week and I knew Fall was officially here! It was rainy, windy, but kind of muggy. Typical Vancouver weather that is often surprising for people who move out here. Sure, the temperature is mild, but the constant wetness really gets to people! I have gotten used to it, but I don't necessarily enjoy it as it makes mornings REALLY hard to get up for. I have enjoyed delving into the Fall nail polishes that have come out and this is probably the one beauty area that I have consistently blogged about while all other beauty products have fallen to the wayside. Cosmetic Proof did begin as a nail polish blog so I guess it makes sense that at its core, if I only have time and energy to do one thing it would be nails! This year, there have been a number of collections that have caught my eye and I have been trying my best to wear them ALL for you!

SHEET MASK | Heimish Skincare Routine Review

Press samples

When it comes to Korean skincare brands, heimish has been at the top of my list to try because of its affordability, minimalist aesthetic, plant-based ingredients and of course their iconic All Clean Balm! I was recently given the opportunity to try a few things and let's just say that all have been winners!

NAILS | Stars on Purple #CBBxManiMonday

Purple Star Nail Art
Press samples

I swear one day I will be ahead of the game and catch up! Especially with my Paris trip coming up, I will need to schedule a few things for sure! This last week was another tiring one so I was a bit lazy with my nail art for this week's #CBBxManiMonday though I will say that I DID have brand new nails on the actual Monday, but just didn't get a chance to edit the photos! I still haven't found a good way to get the lighting right for taking nail photos with my new iPhone without showing every wrinkle on my hand! 

SHEET MASK | The Creme Shop Rose Water Face Mask

The Creme Shop Rose Water Face Mask
Purchased by me

Again, I have had to dip into my unblogged vault of sheet masks as my skin is still on the mend from this rash/infection and it is barely noticeable now, but I still need to finish my course of topical steroids. We have now gone back in time to Jayne's hair from 2018 and to when I was beginning my journey into sheet masking. This Rose Water Face Mask from The Creme Shop was among the first I tried and though my initial experience with the brand was not the best, I have really grown to love their printed masks specifically, but generally I have been fairly happy with every mask I have tried! 

NAILS | Burnt Sienna Vibes #CBBxManiMonday

 Fall Nail Art

One press sample and one self purchase

As I write this, it's still the middle of the week so ManiMonday still applies right? You know, I have so many ideas brewing in my head for things to blog about on my days off and then I end up doing other things and then I need a nap. Then it's 4pm and I have to start thinking about dinner and before I know it, the day is gone! I also have been fairly quiet on IG stories with regards to beauty content and I really don't know why. I have been using all sorts of fun things, but I either forget to post about them or I am too tired and I kind of miss having that energy to share beauty-related things. Granted, it was a very stressful August that I am still recovering from so I have been allowing myself the time to "grieve" the self-care moments I lost in that last month of summer by napping if I want, going online shopping, cleaning or doing some LEGO. I don't have a plan for increasing my blog content at this moment, but maybe in October? It will be the 12th anniversary of Cosmetic Proof so I feel like I should step it up for that month at least!

SHEET MASK | Pacifica Disobey Time, Pollution Fight, Stress Rehab and Mattify Prep Facial Masks

Pacifica Disobey Time, Pollution Fight, Stress Rehab and Mattify Prep Facial Masks
Purchased by me

We are massively going back in time today with these very colourful and attractively packaged Pacifica sheet masks as I have been avoiding sheet masks for the last 3 weeks due to a small rash that popped up on my face (and by small, I mean a 4mm circle on my chin). I am currently treating it with steroid cream as the previous cream I was using was not working, so fingers crossed this one works! In the meantime, this means you are going to see archival photos of Jayne with dark hair because yes, I STILL have sheet masks that I haven't talked about from four years ago!