MAKEUP | The Face Shop Rouge Powder Matte Lipsticks

When these Face Shop Rouge Powder Matte Lipsticks first launched through Avon over the summer, I was fully convinced that I would wear even MORE makeup at work because I now needed some heavy duty, long-lasting products to make sure things didn't budge under my face mask, but things changed rather quickly once Fall/Winter came around. I feel like a bit of a fraud reviewing lip products other than balms, glosses and serums now, but if I don't use lipsticks in this space, I will probably never use them again for the foreseeable future so think of my lipstick posts as an ode to what I miss about life pre-pandemic! 

flatlay of the face shop rouge powder matte lipsticks
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NAILS | It's Easy Being Green #CBBxManiMonday

Oh man was it hard to get up this morning...thankfully I had some time to breathe as it wasn't too crazy busy at work and I had a moment to catch up. I have been having a lot of fun creating content for my work Instagram and realized that I had a lot more jewelry Instagram reels than beauty ones so I decided to change that for today's #CBBxManiMonday!

green polka dot nail art holding green nail polish bottle
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SHEET MASK | Merbliss Wedding Dress Ruby Ultra Vitalizing Micro Fiber Mask

I had high hopes for having more posts of Asian brands for Lunar February, but the last two weeks at work have been kicking my ass and I ended up opting for sleep in place of blog posts which I've realized is ALWAYS a good idea. I had voiced on my Instagram yesterday my frustrations with working in retail as people often feel they can say whatever they want to complete strangers without considering the fact that they are real people or my favourite from yesterday was when a woman thought she could lie her way into receiving a discount and eventually got caught for "embellishing" a few things. She ended up leaving and then coming back and buying at full price so ha. Anyway, despite all that has been keeping me busy, I have continued on with my sheet masking and I *think* I'm going to do something crazy that I have wanted to for awhile and that is to attempt to sheet mask for 365 DAYS straight! We shall see what happens!

flatlay of merbliss wedding dress ruby sheet mask
Purchased by me

NAILS | Leopard Print Hearts #CBBxManiMonday

I feel like I am cheating a bit here as I did leopard print nails on one nail for last week, but I loved it so much I wanted to do it again! We are in the last week of February before we start with our March green manicures for St. Patrick's Day and I think I might even extend the "green theme" to sheet masking and use all of sheet masks with green packaging! Though I would love to do this with makeup, I don't think I can handle green eyeshadow every day! Maybe I can aim for once a week and give my green shadows some love!

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SHEET MASK | Dr. Belmeur Cica Peptide Intensive Face Mask #LunarFebruary

Has your skin been super dry lately? I couldn't tell at first if it was the retinol I started using over a month ago, but my hands and the inside of my nose have been dry to the point of getting nosebleeds which I NEVER get so I have been trying to amp up my moisture levels on all fronts! I'm just going to  come right out and say it - this Dr.Belmeur Cica Peptide Mask is AWESOME and now I get to tell you why!

Dr. Belmeur Cica Peptide Intensive Face Mask
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MAKEUP | VDL x Pantone Classic Blue Collection 2020

Yes, I know that we have now moved on to two new Pantone colours, but I much prefer Classic Blue to Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. I also may have lost track of time and thought it was still 2020 when I took all of my photos for this launch, but the VDL x Pantone collaboration for 2020 was just too pretty to not talk about. Blue is one of my favourite colours especially in this particular shade! 
VDL x Pantone Classic Blue Collection 2020
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