NAILS | Purple and Glitter Crescents #CBBxManiMonday

Today is my Friday and I could not be happier! I don't normally work 5 days in a row as I usually have my two days off scattered throughout the week, so I am really feeling the need for a break! Continuing on the glitter train AND the theme of Canadian brands, I am using two new shades of Prim + Proper I picked up two weeks ago in today's glitter-packed manicure!

Purple Glitter Crescent Nail Art

MAKEUP | MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Nude Creme Lipsticks

Slowly getting back on the glossy lip train and whenever I see a new product from MAKE UP FOR EVER I am rarely disappointed! Now that it's summer, I am all about glowy skin and nude lips that make me look sexy AF now that I am blonde so when I saw the new Artist Nude Creme Lipsticks where I was bound to find my "ideal nude", I legit could not WAIT to try these out for myself! Coming in 12 shades, I am already feeling the twinges of my Plexigloss rampage from 2015 when I bought four more on top of the four press samples I already had! I just loved those things and now I know I will be picking up at least one more shade of these liquid lipsticks! 

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Nude Creme Lipsticks

PR samples

SHEET MASK | The New GLAMGLOW COOLSHEET No Drip Hydrating Sheet Mask

I think I am a bit jaded when it comes to skincare and now that I am more familiar with ingredients, there are a lot of hyped up products that I don't buy because a lot of products contain just filler product. When I see a luxury product or a $500 moisturizer riddled with dimethicone and preservatives in higher concentration than the featured ingredient, I have some serious doubts. I also tend to avoid "Hollywood brands", BUT if the price is right and I think the experience might be worth it, I will give it a shot. I also figure it might help some of you in your decisions as I humbly volunteer as tribute to test out the new GLAMGLOW COOLSHEET No Drip Hydrating Sheet Mask!

GLAMGLOW COOLSHEET No Drip Hydrating Sheet Mask

NAILS | More Glitter and Stuff #CBBxManiMonday

I have been a good little nail artist and have had this and NEXT WEEK'S ManiMonday prepared for the last 2 weeks! Since the theme for this month is glitter, I have been using a peel-off basecoat which means that yes, the glitter comes off with an easy peel, BUT my manicures last only for 1-3 days. If I wash my hands a lot, the manicure might not even make it a full 24 hours...which is why I have had the chance to paint my nails more frequently! The CBB is also focusing on Canadian brands so you will be seeing London Drugs house brand, Prim + Proper, in this post and the next few since they are a 7-free brand as well as vegan!  

Magenta and Blue Glitter Nail Art

SHEET MASKS | Lumeclat by Bioesque Biocellulose Masks #CanadaEh

It is that time of the week where I talk sheet masks again and though I know they aren't everyone's cup of tea, out of all the beauty products I have ever featured, sheet masks seem to be such an icebreaker! I don't know if it's because I've gone from "I should look glam and pretty" to "I'm wearing a sheet mask, wanna fight about it?", but I feel less embarrassed about being bare faced and more confident in showcasing my own skin. I feel like if I'm going to invest in my skin like this, you all should get a chance to see how it's doing right? 

Sheet masks come in all price points and materials, but the real "investments" are when it comes to biocellulose masks! The good ones are usually more than $10 per mask and while I have enjoyed some good ones at a lower price point, there is nothing like a truly luxurious biocellulose mask like the Lumeclat ones from Vancouver-based company Bioesque!

Lumeclat by Bioesque Absolute Radiance and Complete Rejuvenate Biocellulose Masks

PR samples

MAKEUP | Conair True Glow Glam Vibrating Makeup Blender and Brush Set

Lemme tell ya that the last week and a half of testing these makeup applicators was really confusing...for my cat! The vibration sounds like his favourite motorized toy mouse so every morning I have gotten some VERY curious eyes looking at me in the bathroom! I remember first seeing motorized makeup tools and being fascinated with whether they really made THAT much more of a difference to how a cream or powder formula looked and whether I could really get airbrushed looking skin as the vibration is meant to mimic the tapping of the fingers on skin. This was years ago and now foundation finishes are so flawlessly perfect that I wonder if the added vibration will really change anything which is exactly what I sought to find out with Conair's new True Glow Glam Collection! 

Conair True Glow Glam Vibrating Makeup Blender and Brush Set

PR samples