NAILS | Happy Halloween! #CBBxManiMonday

Halloween Nail Art
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I told you I would make it in time for Halloween! I really was very close to just not doing Halloween nails at all because I have been feeling so lazy, but I am so glad I did these! I could not decide which ones to do so I went and did the top four designs that spoke to me the most! I was also feeling some veiny eyeballs, but I guess that will have to wait until next year!

SHEET MASK | Wonjin Effect 3 Step Amino Up Sheet Mask

 Wonjin Effect 3 Step Amino Up Sheet Mask
Purchased by me

Here we are, back in the Vault of unblogged sheet masks because my skin has once again been misbehaving. Now, it's more like a stress reaction to having been sick the last week and possibly the extremely dry weather. The area around my mouth and chin feel especially itchy and today I covered the bottom of my face in pure Vaseline to stop the itching! I really hope all of this clears up soon because I am tired of seeing my skin so angry. It was a bit reactive in Paris as well, but I figured with the long days and just being in a foreign city that my body was just fighting for a new level of homeostasis!

NAILS | OPI Gemini and I Swatch #MidWeekMani

OPI Gemini and I Swatch
Press sample

I always have a secret blog post goal of 10 posts/month and I didn't realize that I wasn't even close to that amount this month! I guess with work in Paris and then getting ready for the trip, my mind really was elsewhere! 

SKINCARE | Farm X Super Greens Double Cleanse Routine

Avon Farm X Super Greens Refreshing Gel Cleanser and Nourishing Cleansing Balm

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I feel like I have been doing the double cleanse since the beginning of time, but it has only been since 2015! Cleansing oils were REALLY big at this time in the North American market and I remember being at Sephora and just being overwhelmed by everyone coming out with their own cleansing oil, but I never got around to trying a BALM until years later. I have my moods when it comes to oils vs. balms and sometimes it's just really satisfying to plunge into the buttery goodness of a balm and then doubly satisfying when you get to work it into your skin and massage all the crap of the day off into a melty emulsion!

NAILS | Cadillacquer Believe Nothing You Hear and Half of What You See Swatch #CBBxManiMonday

Cadillacquer Believe Nothing You Hear and Half of What You See Swatch
Purchased by me

Since last Wednesday in Paris, I have been fighting off a cold. My throat starting feeling a bit raw last week, but I figured with the dry air on the plane, being around constant cigarette smoke on Parisian streets (something I am not used to compared to street air in Vancouver), pulling 14-15 hour days and speaking loudly at the evening Chaumet events over live music that my throat was just being overactive. I brought three pouches of Emergen-C and downed each one every night I was there and I think between that and sheer willpower, it never went beyond a scratchy throat. However, since I have been back, this has progressed into a cold (I tested myself for Covid in Paris and back home 3x and the results were negative) that I am hoping clears itself by tomorrow when I need to go back to work at the store!  

SHEET MASK | Ultru I'm Sorry for My Skin Real Mugwort Calming and Calendula Revitalizing Mask

Ultru I'm Sorry for My Skin Real Mugwort Calming and Calendula Revitalizing MaskUltru I'm Sorry for My Skin Real Mugwort Calming and Calendula Revitalizing Mask
Purchased by me

I made it to Paris and now I am back! It was a work trip and it went so much better than I could ever have hoped for! I am still not a fan of 10 hour flights and despite watching 3 movies/flight I got cabin fever around hour 5/6 and had to tell myself that I wasn't trapped in a flying metal box! I think I can fly again and would love to visit Paris one more time next year if I can! There was still so much we didn't do/eat, but I am super proud of myself for getting on that plane and then having to public speak in front of 150 people at the meeting! 

NAILS | I Love Dark Turns (Thermal) #CBBxManiMonday

 I Love Dark Turns (Thermal) Swatch

Purchased by me

I wasn't the best a scheduling blog posts during my time in Paris, but I figure I will be posting so much on my Instagram that no one will really be looking at my blog for the next week! I haven't even done a Halloween manicure yet and we are halfway through October! This shade from the Cadillacquer Wednesday Collection is the closest I have gotten to Halloween, but didn't I choose a GOOD polish to do that with?

SHEET MASK | 16 Brand Marine Collagen Shower Mask and Kelp Mask Pack

16 Brand Marine Collagen Shower Mask and Kelp Mask Pack
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I hate how inconsistent I have been about #SheetMaskSunday, but motivation has been hard to come by the last month. I wake up in love with the IDEA of happily blogging the day away, but then I start getting caught up with other things to do and let's face it, there is ALWAYS something else to do and lately my focus has been on going to Paris for work. It has consumed much of my mental space preparing as the trip is quite jam-packed, but thankfully I just need to follow the brand's itinerary and I will be good!

NAILS | Happy Thanksgiving! #CBBxManiMonday

Turkey Nail Art
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Looks like I took an inadvertent break here this past week which was totally unintentional, but with my going to Paris for work next week and trying to get things wrapped up both at work and at home, while also packing with a dress code in mind (think red carpet and cocktails!), there has not been much time to myself. I HATE flying and as this is also my first time in Europe (because I don't like flying), this has led to an abundance of preparation including three types of Gravol, my first anti-anxiety prescription and a therapy session. I also had to go and find a red carpet and cocktail outfit that packed easily into a suitcase that stressed me out even more, but now that I've got my outfits mostly sorted out as well as my skincare and makeup, I'm feeling ready. Now, I just need to get on that plane and not freak out!