NAILS | Bright Circles #CBBxManiMonday

Bright Summer Nail Art
Press samples

The only reason there is a timely CBBxManiMonday post today is because I am OFF. I know that I will want to die when I have to work the next 5 days in a row which I am not used to, but I hope that I will survive the week with grace. No matter how much I say to myself that I won't get tired, I'm pretty much dead by Day 4 and it's hard to find the energy to do anything outside of going to work. I honestly don't know how anyone has the energy to go out and see people or do anything extracurricular after work because I am always a zombie. I also have a summer charity gala this week so that will be a bit of a zap on my introverted social reserves, but I think it will be fun.

SHEET MASK | Genabelle PDRN Rejuvenating Mask and Glutathione Brightening Ampoule Mask

Genabelle Sheet Mask Review
Gift with purchase

It is Sunday and I am SO HAPPY about it! I have been super busy at work in both good and bad ways and I have found myself longing for spending time at home and on my patio in the sun. I feel like life is too short and I wish I could work part-time just for the summer to enjoy the weather! 

MAKEUP | Dior Forever Glow Maximizers in Rosy and Pink

Dior Forever Glow Maximizers in Rosy and Pink

Purchased by me

I mentioned in a previous post that Dior is my go-to brand this year for beauty as well as fashion and jewelry as I rediscovered the brand while I was on stress leave earlier this year and realized just how goddamn nice their products were! Now, that I am spending my own money and not on a press list for the brand, I have enjoyed saving up and getting things that have caught my attention as well as honestly enjoying some VIP treatment because of my shift in spending. I have actually purchased quite a bit of brand new makeup from Dior in the last few months and happily playing with everything. One of the newest products that has been getting quite a bit of attention are the Dior Forever Glow Maximizers as they are the first Dior liquid highlighters!

NAILS | I've Got Stars In My Eyes #CBBxManiMonday

Sally Hansen Floresc-pink with Rainbow Honey All My Stars
Sally Hansen nail polish is a press sample

I do not think I have done real nail art in awhile and I thought I would get to it this weekend, but with our Vancouver heatwave and us not getting AC yet, the thought of sitting and painting my nails while my bum sticks to my chair was just unthinkable this weekend. I also felt completely braindead in terms of inspiration, but I feel like it might be time to redo some old designs with different colours as summer brights are my favourite theme. I haven't done a beach theme in awhile, so maybe it's time I do that?

MAKEUP | Marcelle Lip Loving Matte Comfort Liquid Lipstick

Marcelle Lip Loving Matte Comfort Liquid Lipstick

Press samples

I know that as we get older, matte lip products are not the most flattering unless you have a little "lip plumper" help, but truthfully as much as I love glossy lips, they never last when I am at work because of the AC. They constantly dry out and I find myself having to reapply because they feel so dry, but generally the colour ends up vanishing because I get too busy with other things to go back to my office and reapply my lipgloss which has left me with sticking to matte lipsticks purely for longevity. As today is International Lipstick Day, it felt like the perfect opportunity to share the Marcelle Lip Loving Matte Comfort Liquid Lipsticks!

NAILS | Biosculpture Dust at Dusk Swatch #MidWeekMani

Press samples

Sigh, my staycation is over and what a beautiful week off it was! Beautiful weather and lots of Bridgerton! Having never seen the show before, I have watched seasons 1, 2, Queen Charlotte and now I am two episodes away from finishing season 3! It has been an amazing rollercoaster of emotions and drama and I want to rewatch everything once it's all over since I went through it so quickly! I thought I could not watch a new couple after Daphne and Simon, but Kanthony are my favourite!

SKINCARE | #OOTD Beauty Skincare Routine

This is a sponsored post.

I am always excited to try a new skincare routine and as I have gotten older, I am naturally a bit more selective about what I put on my face. While I enjoy my luxury skincare items, efficiency, ingredients and results are still the priority and when it comes to all three of these, Korean skincare always seems to knock it out of the park in addition to being affordable! I was recently introduced to #OOTD Beauty, a vegan Korean skincare brand, with products catering to all skin types and ingredients that are both kind to the skin and planet. Whether you are dealing with dry skin, oily skin, or looking for anti-aging solutions, #OOTD Beauty offers a range of products that deliver visible improvements.

NAILS | Trust Fund Beauty Gossip Mag Swatch #CBBxManiMonday

Press sample

Ok ok, so my excuse for posting my nails late this week is because it was ma birthday this weekend! I turned 41 yesterday and had a great time doing it! I feel a lot better about 41 than 40. 40 felt a little uncomfortable and I was scared, but this time around there was nothing but just looking forward to having the time to celebrate even though I was on my own on my actual birthday. It actually felt nice to have a birthday that was purely on my own terms. I could get up whenever, leave the house whenever, take a nap, have dinner whenever. It was great!

SHEET MASK | Farm Skin Superfood Salad for Skin in Nourishing, Revitalizing, Balancing and Strengthening


Press samples

Bonjour toute le monde! With this week starting my staycation, do you think I will get my act together to catch up and schedule blog posts? Who knows? Getting a cold over the weekend definitely put a cramp in my plans of productivity and enjoying the summer, but I can feel it moving quickly so hopefully by the end of the week when I have activities planned, I will be good to go! 

NAILS | Morgan Taylor Got Some Altitude Swatch

Morgan Taylor Got Some Altitude Swatch
Press sample

It's my birthday week and what have I decided to do? Well, in two days I have now watched season 1 of Bridgerton as I had yet to jump on the bandwagon and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! Daphne and Simon's journey had me crying every episode right up until the end! I have also been taking some time to paint my nails some very bright summer colours and Morgan Taylor has once again wowed me when it comes to colour payoff and formula!

NAILS | Dioriviera Skittles #CBBxManiMonday

Dioriviera 2023 Nail Polish Swatches

Purchased by me

You should hopefully see more of me here over the next week as I am on vacation for my birthday as I do every year. I always like staying in the city as the weather is usually quite nice (as I say this there are big black ominous clouds outside) and lots of celebrations for Canada Day (that's my birthday!) so you can see why it's a bit more fun to stay local. I am also a true homebody and I love spending time with my cats in true cat lady fashion. 

SKINCARE | THEDA x NENA Natural Face Serum Set

THEDA x NENA Natural Face Serum Set
This is a sponsored post.

Hold on to your hats everyone because NENA has a new serum out! In collaboration with Talaysay Campo, a Squamish and Sechelt nation Indigenous health and wellness advocate, Theda x NENA incorporates Campo's mother's Indigenous botanist teachings and Talaysay's love for health and wellness. Like all NENA products, this serum also uses Glacial Oceanic Mineral Water from Northern British Columbia!

NAILS | Bright and Blue #CBBxManiMonday

Press sample

We are all complaining in Vancouver about how we don't have a summer yet (I wore a merino wool sweater into work yesterday!), I am trying to enjoy our sub 20 degree weather as I love being able to still sleep at night with the covers on! However, I am enjoying being able to go "full Summer" with all of these summer nail polish collections!

SHEET MASK | Dr. Dennis Gross Vitamin C Lactic Biocellulose Brightening Treatment Mask

Dr. Dennis Gross Vitamin C Lactic Biocellulose Brightening Treatment Mask

Purchased by me

Hi hi! Finally, a relatively new mask to share with all of you on what is a VERY rainy 10 degree June Sunday in Vancouver with all of you! From what I see, most of Canada is having an actual summer while we are still wearing raincoats and sweaters some days! Today seems like a good blogging day so that's the plan and then because I have a very early morning training tomorrow, I will be doing my best to take an early night so that I will be able to survive the 10 hour work day!

NAILS | Summa-time Has Arrived! #CBBxManiMonday

Morgan Taylor Up in the Air Collection
Press samples

I recently received the new summer Morgan Taylor collection "Up in the Air" and I loved everything about it so expect to see many manicures over the next three months with this collection! I know this manicure is a bit late for the week, but wow has it been hard to sit down and focus this last week! I come home and I just cannot envision myself sitting and typing and my time off has been filled with running errands and cleaning out my closet even though I SO WANT to sit down and blog about all of these new beauty things that have entered my life! I have some time off coming up at the end of the month so I am hoping to make a small dent in things then!

SHEET MASK | Masque Bar Silver Foil Sheet Mask

Masque Bar Silver Foil Sheet Mask
Purchased by me

Alright, I have not been good about posting Sheet Mask Sunday on Sundays recently, but I have just felt so busy with house things and enjoying my time off that sitting down in one place and writing has been a struggle. It also suddenly became summer last week shooting up 10 degrees into the low 20s so all anyone in Vancouver has wanted to do is get outside to enjoy the sunshine! Myself included! My husband and I went for a one hour week around the neighbourhood this afternoon and it was so nice. I have been continuing with sheet masking almost every day the last few weeks so I think I am slowly getting back into a bit of a routine. 

NAILS | Neon Rainbow Dots #CBBxManiMonday

Neon Rainbow Dots Nail Art

Press samples

Again, I had my nails painted for Monday, but just couldn't quite get to editing my photos and doing the blog post. I crammed too much into my Sunday and even today, I had off, but ended trying to fit in a lot. I booked myself a counselling session at 10am, then went to the post office followed by grocery shopping. I then started prepping for my performance review and then started doing some odds and ends around the house which has now taken us to 5pm. Where does the day go? Also, HOW IS IT JUNE?!

SHEET MASK | Mediheal EGT and NMF Ampoule Masks

 Mediheal EGT and NMF Ampoule Masks

Gifted by a colleague

Sigh, it's Sunday and I am taking my morning at an incredibly slow pace as I write this post as I am so very exhausted from my work week. There was a lot going on and I am peopled out, but at least there was no ridiculous workplace drama to contend with! 

NAILS | OPI Nail Envy Big Apple Red #MidWeekMani

OPI Nail Envy Big Apple Red Swatch
Press sample

This week is just FLYING and yet I feel like I have accomplished nothing and am playing catch up. This week at work we have had a few corporate visits which always seem to take half the day along with a new hire which always takes some extra time to make sure they are up and running. I feel like I haven't had a moment to myself until today in the late afternoon and though I know that my job title involves giving up my time for others, I know that what makes me happiest is dealing just with clients so when there are weeks like this where I can't really do that, I can feel my energy resources depleting. Tomorrow I have about three hours to get what I need done and then the rest of my afternoon will be client-based which is nice.

NAILS | Wild Print #CBBxManiMonday

Wild Bright Nail Art
Press samples

As much as I love having Sunday and Monday off, I know that means that for the next 5 days I will feel exhausted and tired. It's why I prefer having my two days off split so that I can have a break on Wed/Thurs when I am just starting to burn out. With my job, I try to conserve my energy, but after three days I usually can't help feeling people'd out after being "ON" for so long. It has been a bit better the last two month as I took my therapist's advice and focused my day on clients and wouldn't you know, clients take up A LOT of time! And in a good way!

SHEET MASK | Tonymoly Fresh to Go Grape and Cucumber Mask Sheet

 Tonymoly Fresh to Go Grape and Cucumber  Mask Sheet

Press samples

I tried to get this Sheet Mask Sunday post up on Sunday, but alas I was too carried away with doing house stuff and running some errands that by the time it felt like a quiet time to sit down, I was ready for a nap! Then came dinner and watching season 3 of Clarkson's Farm, time to shower and then finally time to do my nails which kind of incapacitates me for a few hours as I can't really touch anything. Nonetheless, here we are on Monday, but because I have it off, I have the luxury of catching up now with these two sheet masks from Tonymoly!

BEAUTY | May 2024 Ipsy Glam Bag

May 2024 Ipsy Glam Bag

Purchased by me

Another month, another Ipsy Glam bag! I have to say, now that I have less PR coming in and no other subscription boxes, I really enjoy it when the I get my notification that my Ipsy bag has shipped! I feel like this is what it should have felt like back when I was subscribed 10 years ago!

NAILS | Sally Hansen Up to Snuff Swatch #MidWeekMani

Sally Hansen Up to Snuff Swatch
Purchased by me

This week started off with my working on Victoria Day which was a bit of weird day as we weren't busy until about the last hour and ended up having to stay late, but such is what happens often on holidays. I think people just get a bit of a later start to their day (I call it a "vampire start") which I understand. On Tuesday, I was invited to a lovely press lunch with Pixi Beauty but I had to leave after 1.5 hours as I was on a lunch break which always makes me feel a bit antsy as I constantly look at my watch out of guilt. We are a bit short-staffed right now due to vacations so I felt some pressure to head back to work ASAP. Nonetheless, I still had a good time meeting some new people as I'm now a "moldy oldy" when it comes to the beauty scene as I am usually a solid 10 years older than most attendees. 

SHEET MASK | Double & Zero My Sweet Macaron Mask Aqua Energy and Brightening Energy

Double & Zero My Sweet Macaron Mask Aqua Energy and Brightening Energy
Press samples

I had a really hard time falling asleep last night because I felt so excited to have today off. I feel like I haven't had a moment to really spend time with my products and blog in the last week or so and I miss them! I miss the smell of my beauty products all together and so I am really happy today to have time to spend with my kitties, my husband (now napping from having to do a presentation online at 6am) and my lovely beauty things. 

NAILS | Hermes Bleu Electrique #CBBxManiMonday

Hermes Bleu Electrique
Purchased by me

Today was Victoria Day, but I was working and oddly enough it was dead quiet until an hour before closing when it got kind of crazy. I did about 4 hours of continuous talking which was fun, but I was so parched by the end of it! I'm super sleepy so I'll keep this short, but I picked up this new Hermes polish for summer and once again had to sneak some summer stuff into our CBBxManiMonday "Spring" theme...I know I'm totally just jumping the gun for summer!

SKINCARE | Okoko Cosmetiques Delice Overnight Mask

Okoko Cosmetiques Delice Brightening and Smoothing Sleeping Mask

Purchased by me 

It has been a few years since I have featured Vancouver-based skincare brand Okoko Cosmetiques on Cosmetic Proof, but that is mainly because since my last review (here), I've pretty much been using the same products repeatedly because I like them and haven't seen the need to change things up too much, but one product that I haven't talked about that I have found fun and interesting to use is the Delice Overnight Mask!

NAILS | Dior Summer Stripes #CBBxManiMonday

Dior Summer Stripes Nail Art
Press samples

I think I may have jumped the gun here a little but and made today's #CBBxManiMonday more of a summer mani than a spring one, but with our 25 degree weather this past week in Vancouver, it has definitely felt much more like summer than spring! 

SHEET MASK | Frienvita Honey Bear Silky Skin and Pearl Mask

Frienvita Honey Bear Silky Skin and Pearl Mask 

Press samples

Oh goodness, I have no idea how I let May go by with just ONE lonely blog post, but I feel like this month has been busy in terms of things going on in my life outside of work which for once has been a nice change as it is usually things AT work that keep me busy/tired. I feel like I have had a more positive outlook on things that last few weeks thanks to going on anti-anxiety medication and what scared me initially about going on SSRIs was that I would come off as a zombie and wouldn't be able to feel anymore. Instead, what I have noticed is that I still feel the same emotions, but my brain doesn't let them get to a point where I feel physical discomfort like a racing heart or an aching in my chest. If anything, I find that I now can process how I am feeling and then consciously decide whether to move on or deal with it, but all in a very perfunctory way which is GREAT. I love having this sort of professional distance from emotions at work and I think that this is the only way I will survive work with the current situation being unchanged and just as ridiculous as ever.

NAILS | Dior Pastel Mint with a 70s Vibe #CBBxManiMonday

Dior Pastel Mint 70s Nail Art
Pastel Mint #203 purchased by me. Rest of polishes are press samples.

I don't know if I have mentioned this, but in terms of a personal makeup brand focus, I have decide it will be Dior. I was going through some of my old Dior press samples, where I was hopelessly spoiled for years, until I no longer qualified for their PR list anymore (hey, it happens) a few years ago and realized just now NICE their makeup was! I started looking at what new things Dior had and I became so enamoured with their packaging and products once more that I decided that I would devote my beauty spending budget to predominantly THIS brand! I even have an Excel spreadsheet started just to make sure my spending is budgeted. I will focus on buying Dior through my SA at Holt Renfrew followed by I will avoid Sephora as much as I can because I find the service much better with the latter two. I mean, the GWPs are just SO MUCH better!

BEAUTY | Make Your Makeup Stay in Place with Youthforia Pregame Primer and Setting Spray

Youthforia Pregame Primer and Setting Spray
Purchased by me

I say above that these are purchased by me only because at the time, these were the only Youthforia Pregame Primer and Setting Spray in my house, but since that time I have been fortunate enough to receive two more of each product through PR that I have unboxed on Instagram which I could not be happier about as I'm pretty sure I am going to finish both products quite soon!

NAILS | Puffy Clouds with a Chance of Glitter #CBBxManiMonday

Press samples except for China Glaze Fairy Dust

I have a busy week this week as on top of working Tues-Sat (I don't know how you "5 days of work in a row" people do it), I will be attending a black tie dinner on Wednesday night. It's one of those "we need to mingle big time" dinners so even though I work the next morning, I need to make sure that I take some time for myself to take it slow and decompress after the event or I'm sure I will be a grumpy boo the next day. Hopefully these nails last through the week as I don't know how much I will want to re-do them once the work day starts kicking my ass. 

SHEET MASK | It's Skin Power 10 Formula Gf and Ye

 It's Skin Power 10 Formula Gf and Ye

Gf purchased by me and Ye is a press sample

Is it just me, or has April felt like the longest month ever? I feel like I have been living it through multiple seasonal changes! Maybe it's because I was going through much mental strife at the start of the month that had me feeling like the days were longer than they should have been. I haven't been crazy busy at work, but busy enough that I am never idling my way through the day. I haven't been on top of my sheet mask game either and I am not sure why. I am usually not opposed to sheet masking late at night, but in the last few weeks, I've just felt too tired to take out the additional 20 minutes to sheet mask. This past week, I've felt a fraction more motivated and reached into my "to review" pile of masks and pulled out these two iconic ones from Korean brand "It's Skin"!

NAILS | Cadillacquer Leilani Swatch (Thermal) #MidWeekMani

Cadillacquer Leilani Swatch

Purchased by me

It has been a few weeks since I have done one of these catch-up posts so how is everyone? After taking two weeks off to give my brain some time to recuperate from work, I dove back into my day job without skipping a beat. I would like to think that I am one of those people who still knows how to function when I go back to work after time off because from what I have seen with staff, someone people take two weeks off and then need another two weeks to remember how to perform basic skills. I also came back a little more fiery and less afraid of speaking my mind, but the main thing my therapist and I decided to focus on was starting my day with client-based activities as those tend to make me feel more productive and generally happier about my job! I haven't felt tightness in my chest for the last week which is something I have not experienced in months at work so I feel like we have definitely made some progress! 

BEAUTY | April 2024 Ipsy Glam Bag

Purchased by me

This is my FIRST review of the Ipsy Glam Bag in almost 10 years! Back then, there were a ton of subscription services and I was subscribed to probably five of them with a few brands like Glossybox and Birchbox sending me boxes to review. I was also receiving a lot more press samples so all of that combined left me overwhelmed and frankly, uninspired to review and use the products inside. I have not thought about signing up for anything since FaceTory until I took some time off at the start of this month and realized that I missed these little surprises and mini sizes of brands I haven't tried before! With the exchange rate and shipping, this box ended up costing about $27 CDN so not the cheapest, but is it worth the surprise of trying new things? Maybe! And, what's nice is that I can pause it anytime and resume with ease!  

NAILS | Purple Lilac Flowers #CBBxManiMonday

 Purple Flower Nail Art

Press samples

Sunday was all about filing my taxes. I know, they are due in 9 days and I still hadn't done them. My dad usually does them for me, but he has been travelling so I was left to do them on my own which quite frankly, was the LAST thing I wanted to do after being at work all day. Today, I got up early, grabbed a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha and hunkered down. I got them filed by noon and then had the rest of the day to relax! 

NAILS | Spring Pastel Gradient #CBBxManiMonday

Spring Pastel Gradient Nail Art

Press samples except for China Glaze Fairy Dust 

I had a fairly uneventful first week back at work after being off for two weeks which I was grateful for because no one enjoys feeling overwhelmed and rushed on their first day back at work! I always think of that episode of The Office where Michael has just come back from Jamaica and he has a steel drum and beads in his hair. He is all relaxed and smiles and the first thing an employee says to him is "My bonus cheque was smaller than you promised" and in the space of a few hours, Michael's vacation energy has been zapped from him. While this has happened to me in the past, luckily it was not this way on Monday and if anything I was pretty much left alone save for a few technical questions.

SHEET MASK | I Dew Care Let's Get Sheet Faced Sheet Mask Set

Purchased by me

I think I asked a friend to pick up this set of sheet masks from I Dew Care from Ulta before the pandemic hit. What was supposed to be a 14 day routine that I FULLY intended to review in a jiffy is now 5 years in the making, but it's only because I got distracted in between you know with the pandemic and life and all. 

HAIR | Helping my Sensitive Scalp with Mayraki

Mayraki Hair Review
Press samples

Back in December, I was introduced to the haircare brand Mayraki and was a bit hesitant to feature the brand because the product and customer service reviews were very mixed, 
but I have spent so much time using and enjoying the products I was sent that it seemed a waste to not let you all know how they worked out for me so just for a moment, we are going to isolate the product from the reviews and see how they did!

NAILS | Morgan Taylor Lace is More Collection #CBBxManiMonday

Morgan Taylor Lace is More Collection
Press samples

It's not often that I get to feature a new to me nail polish brand here so it is with great pleasure that I bring to you Morgan Taylor! I have seen Morgan Taylor only through a select number of Canadian retailers, but I was recently given the opportunity to try out their new Lace is More Collection for Spring and I could not have been more delighted with the quality!

SHEET MASK | Lush Queen Bee Sheet Mask (Both Amazing and Horrifying At The Same Time!)

 Lush Queen Bee Sheet Mask

Purchased by me

Last week, my friend Gerry and I did our yearly shopping/catch up event where we allow ourselves to splurge a bit after going on a low buy after the Holidays. The shopping area changes from year to year, but this year we felt like staying Downtown near everything. Our first stop was Lush in Pacific Centre as I had 10 black tubs to return (5 for Gerry and 5 for me) so that we could each pick up a new Fresh Face Mask (I picked up the Enzymatic Cleanser) as well as oogle some other goodies!

MAKEUP | NYX Cosmetics Duck Plump High Pigment Lip Gloss

NYX Duck Plump High Pigment Gloss

Purchased by me

Some of you may have seen the marketing for the new NYX Cosmetics Duck Plump High Pigment Lip Gloss and I will say now that it had nothing to do with my decision to pick them up! If you haven't seen anything, it involved many men thinking that they could use this product to plump up their own genitalia. WHERE this marketing idea came from, I have no idea since literal humour like this is often seen as a bit cheap, but hey, it got everyone talking!

NAILS | OPI Nail Envy Powerful Pink #MidWeekMani

OPI Nail Envy Powerful Pink

Press samples 

So, I just started therapy regularly to deal with work things and had a productive therapy session today where we had a little breakthrough on how I process negative thoughts and it gave me some hope for the future. I went to my first session last August which I was nervous about, but found it helpful AND I found a therapist I liked all on my first try! I went for another session in October to work through some fears about my flight to Paris and then didn't really think about booking with her again until last month when things at work started to escalate. After seeing her two weeks in a row, I think I like the regularity of having someone who isn't in my close circle check in on me and where I can sort of start over on a blank slate. 

HAIR | Olaplex Treatment Shine by the Drop Event at is. Salon

Olaplex Hair Treatment
Gifted service

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting is. Salon in Yaletown to experience their Olaplex Treatment. This is an add-on treatment to any service you may be receiving and it promises to repair and leave your hair super soft and shiny through a couple of hair washes!

NAILS | Simple Easter Nail Art #CBBxManiMonday

Easter Nail Art

Press samples

I feel like the long weekend kind of crept up on me and I never realized it was the Easter weekend! A lot has been happening in my life and though I am legitimately scared for my mental state the next few months, at least I feel like I have some resources in my back pocket to rely on. 

SHEET MASK | Fan Beauty Secret Black Spruce Hydra-Filler Black Mask

Purchased by me

This week has been an interesting one as I have been very focused on the topic of mental health and though I hear about it all the time and understand how important it is, I never realized how much WORK it was to stay on top of it. It's like exercise or making something a habit and it's not easy. I won't get into the whys of why I have suddenly decided to start taking care of my brain more (at least not until it's less fresh), but I am going to be dealing with unpleasantness for probably the next year and I don't know how I'll do, but I guess I will take it day by day.

NAILS | Flowers and Butterflies #CBBxManiMonday

 Green Nail Art

Purchased by me

Let me tell ya, these nails look so much better in these photos than in real life! I was looking through my collection for a really bright green and honestly, while most of my nail polish is organized by colour and in drawers, there are still around 100 bottles of random brands that I don't know where to put and it was in my search for bright green that I came across this mini SCENTED bottle of Sephora by OPI in the shade Watermelon (yes, it does still smell like watermelon once you apply it and for days after too!).

NAILS | Matte Green Flowers #CBBxManiMonday

Matte Green Flower Nail Art
Press samples

I was so proud of myself for getting these nails done two weeks in advance! I really wanted any excuse to use this gorgeously bright green from Biosculpture as it is one of my favourite ones to bring out for Spring and Summer. I mean, look at it! How can it NOT make you happy?

SHEET MASK | Kumamon Sheet Mask

Kumamon Sheet Mask
This was a gift from a friend

I had a really rough week, specifically a rough Thursday and Friday at work and ended up driving home with tears running past my sunglasses early Friday morning. I slept for most of the afternoon in the hopes that I would have the strength to survive a busy Saturday and I ended up having a really horrible day. A very minor conflict has had me WAY more bothered than it should which I know is not a normal way for my brain to function so I am in the midst of trying to figure out how to handle this as I feel like internally something is not right with my body.  

NAILS | Bacteria in a Petri Dish #CBBxManiMonday

Army Green Dotticure
Press samples

This week's manicure was a bit of a fail as I did not get the effect I wanted, but I guess it cleaned up well enough that I received a few compliments on my nails. When I showed my husband he said it looked like "bacteria growing in petri dish" hence the name of the post. To me, my nails reminded me of the Ishihara Test for colour blindness! Nonetheless, I never like redoing my nails or hiding my failures so here we are this week with bacterial nail art!

SHEET MASK | Sally's Box Loverecipe Peach and Carrot Mask

Press samples

Wow, ok so it has felt like forever since I have written anything! I had all these beautiful scheduled posts (I know, I know!) for Jan and Feb and then I just got really pre-occupied with work, work and more work! My brain has been a mess of day job to do lists and even the to do lists for home have gotten to a point where I feel like I am flooding my brain with too much stimulation. I realized I also hadn't had CBD in awhile and immediately placed my order with Birch + Fog last week for my favourite tincture and gummies.