NYC New York Color | Halloween as a Smoky-Eyed Forest Nymph (Since I’m Unable to Draw Sugarskulls…)

It’s that time again and for this month’s NYC Beauty Pro challenge it was obviously about Halloween! I am not great at drawing on my face and struggle with EOTDs and FOTDs as is (but I love doing them) so I resorted to incorporating some really cute and glittery face stickers that I have been dying to use. Using the colour palette provided by New York Color read on to find out how to become a “Smoky-Eyed Forest Nymph”!

NYC Beauty Pro Halloween

Broadway Nails | Halloween with the imPRESS Press-On Manicure!

Even though I LOVE doing my own Halloween nail art, I routinely get captivated by Halloween designs on the imPRESS Press-On Manicure sets. How can you not? Look how cute they are?! I have reviewed imPRESS nails MANY times before (here, here and here) so I won’t go into too much detail other than to say they are fun, easy to wear and stay on fairly well. Just don’t do anything too rigorous in them although I did do some mild cooking in them (IG pic)!

Broadway Nails Press On Manicures Halloween

LUSH Halloween 2014 | Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar (Leaves You Feeling AND Looking Glittery!)

It’s not Halloween until Lush releases their limited edition collection of bubble bars and bath bombs beginning with the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar ($7.95 CDN). A blend of juniperberry, grapefruit and lime oils make this bubble bar smell like a fruity drink I want poolside. This pumpkin is also slathered in gold glitter making this a bitch to photograph without getting glitter everywhere, BUT it is nothing short of magical having your bathwater literally shimmering with gold glitter. I honestly felt like a twinkling star.

Lush Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar

Lush Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar (2)

I used a whole bubble bar as I am usually quite frugal, but I wanted glitter EVERYWHERE. Like, Ke$ha style. The bathwater becomes a happy Fall orange filled with many bubbles. I cranked up my water pressure as I was going for a bit of a “bubble fort”. I was able to build a small tower before calling it a day.

I’ve got a few more Lush Halloween goodies to share, but this sparkly bubble bar is among one of my favourites! What are your favourite Lush collections?

PR sample sent for review.

Review | Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

Ever since the Clarisonic appeared on the beauty market, there have been a number of brush cleansing systems that have emerged claiming to do the same thing, but at a much more affordable price point. With the Clarisonic Mia starting at $150 CDN, it is a bit of an investment especially if you don’t know how it will work on your skin. If you currently do not own a brush cleansing system or exfoliate regularly, the Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush ($95 CDN) is actually a wonderful starting point for ALL skin types and a great tool to get you in he habit. Having used both systems now, I can confidently say which one I prefer, but let’s break it down shall we?

Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

Boscia | Tsubaki Deep Hydrating Sleeping Mask

I love face masks. Not to sound promiscuous, but if I get to sleep with one I’m even more excited at the prospect of waking up with sensational skin! Boscia(pronounced BO-SHAH) products have slowly been making their way into my skincare and beauty regime starting with the Boscia BB Cream, Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil and now the Tsubaki Deep Hydrating Sleeping Mask ($42 CDN) made with Boscia’s signature blend of tsubaki oil (camellia oil), wakame (Japanese sea kelp), and rice bran oil to hydrate, smooth and protect all while you sleep!

Boscia Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask

Boscia Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask (2)

Like most sleeping masks, the consistency is quite thick and has a slightly tacky finish. There is also little to no scent.

Final Verdict: There is one main purpose to this sleeping mask and it is HYDRATION, but another wonderful thing is that there are bonus anti-aging benefits to this mask thanks to numerous antioxidants present in tsubaki oil and Japanese sea algae. Rice bran oil is rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E and boosts skin’s regenerative properties leading to an improvement in overall skin texture. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, so if you’re like me and tend to get a little red as it the weather gets drier, this is a sleeping mask worth trying.

I counted the hours it took for the mask to fully absorb into my face it was around 4 hours, BUT my skin felt wonderful when I woke up in the morning. Baby soft and still hydrated, it was worth the wait. If you apply this mask just prior to sleeping, you will experience a bit of tackiness. This mask was so hydrating that my skincare routine became: cleanser, toner, serum, sleeping mask. Sometimes I layer a sleeping mask ON TOP of my moisturizer, but that was not necessary at all! For anyone just wanting to try a travel size sample of this sleeping mask, Sephora has the Tsubaki Cleanse and Hydrate Trio ($25 CDN) that has this mask plus a mini Konjac sponge and cleansing oil! Such a great price!

Have you tried anything from Boscia yet?

PR sample sent for review.

Wet n Wild | “Steal the Look” App with I’m His Breezy and Spoiled Brat Palettes + GIVEAWAY!


Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that I could have any makeup look I spotted in a magazine with just the click of a camera and of course technology to figure out the rest! One of my favourite high school makeup brands has made that little fantasy happen in the form of the new Steal the Look app from Wet n Wild. I love the smoky eye so the look I wanted to “steal” was a “Modern Mod” look with a grey smoky eye and nude lips (I think this girl is from the Bachelor Canada).

Wet n Wild Makeup

Wet n Wild Steal the Look App (2) Wet n Wild Steal the Look App (3)

Sinful Saturdays | Sinful Colors - Hottie Swatches (Glittery Blue Goodness!)


Sinful Colors Hottie

Oral Hygiene Purse Favourites (I Really Don’t Know How to Make That Sound Prettier)

And the oral hygiene love continues! Continuing from my last post (here), we’ve all been in a position where a good brushing or flossing is needed after a meal. I love Greek salad and hummus, but they certainly aren’t the best meals to have before speaking to clients! Check out these purse-friendly favourites to keep your mouth feeling fresh and ready for getting up close and personal!

Oral Hygiene Month

Memebox | Special #18 Smile Care

I haven’t talked much about the latest beauty box sensation to sweep the beauty nation, but I am looking at my stack of SEVEN Memeboxes that I HAD to purchase and realize that I am more addicted than I let on…I have been a long-time fan of Korean cosmetics and I am pleasantly surprised at how the North American market has received Memebox with open arms and wallets. There are A LOT of boxes to choose from, but the #18 Smile Care Memebox ($19) is one that got me truly excited because I do love my teeth!

Memebox Smile Care (2)

Memebox Smile Care

Trade Secrets | Your Destination for Organic Beauty

I first heard of Trade Secrets around the time I first started beauty blogging while searching for a Canadian retailer that had everything from nail polish to hair dryers and didn’t cost an arm and a leg to ship to me (shipping is actually FREE in Canada!). What I would LOVE to do is actually visit a Trade Secrets location as there are none in Vancouver (yet!) with most locations being in Ontario and two in Alberta. Going organic and natural is something that I have been more conscientious about in recent years and I tend to shop in two different locations for my “regular” and “natural” beauty products. Thankfully, Trade Secrets has just added a dedicated organic and natural section to their already massive beauty selection and now carries skin and hair care brands like: Abba, Alterna, Bamboo, DiCalabria, Juice Beauty, Macadamia and SureThik! I DEFINITELY spot some personal favourites in this line up!





Review | SOHO Naturals Powder and Kabuki Brush

I remember first seeing SOHO Beauty brushes in my Ipsy bags and not really thinking too much about them. I hadn’t heard of the brand before and when it comes to brushes, I’m not entirely too picky (even though I think I should be). As long as they don’t shed and pick up the right amount of product I’m pretty happy. What I do have a soft spot for are “healthy” makeup brushes that are cruelty-free and come with bamboo handles and recycled packaging. All three of these qualities are what make SOHO Naturals makeup brushes my current makeup brush favourites.

SOHO Naturals Kabuki Brush and Powder Brush

CBB Guest Post | Halloween Sugarskull Makeup Look by Exquisitely Chic!

Halloween is such an amazing time for those who love playing with makeup so I am delighted to have Cassandra from Exquisitely Chic show us all how to create this awesome Sugarskull look!

Hi Cosmetic Proof Lovelies! Today I'm doing a look that I came up with after much deliberation. I wanted to do a masquerade look but I also had requests for a Sugarskull look. So I figured out would combine the two! Let me know what you think!

Sugarskulls Makeup Look Halloween

I mostly used face paint from Shoppers Drug Mart (mixing colours to get the pink) and I used my Lancôme Grandiose mascara and Femme Fatale Mr Demille lashes. I added some jewellery to finish off the look and quickly did my hair in a messy updo to grasp the day of the dead look.

Garnier | BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector aka “Looking Less Like Death in the Morning”

As tired as I may look, I really hate using heavy makeup or concealer to hide my hard circles. In all honesty, I tend to skip the step entirely or just use whatever BB cream I’m using to hide them as best as possible. If I’m feeling on the ball, I’ll grab the Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller which is a bit watery in texture, but does brighten up my undereye area. I thought the new Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector would be similar, as this product also promises to correct dark circles, minimize puffiness, awaken the skin, even out out skin tone and of course, hydrate that thin undereye area. So, how did BB Eye measure up?

Garnier BB Eye Miracle Skin Perfector

Yves Saint Laurent | Touche Éclat Or Rose–Radiant Touch

We see A LOT of pink when it comes to October thanks to Breast Cancer Awareness so when it comes to timing, what better time than to release a brand new shade of the much talked about Touche Éclat in Or Rose –Radiant Touch ($72 CDN)? I have a VERY soft spot for the first Touche Éclat as my engagement ring was in the very bottom of the box (PROPOSAL HERE!). Rose gold is a very hot colour right now when it comes to jewellery, accessories and of course MAKE UP!

The new Touche Éclat neutralizes yellow undertones with a healthy, rosy glow instantly hiding signs of fatigue and and leaving skin looking well-rested. Read on to find out how the latest Touche Éclat made the cut! 

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Rose D'Or (2)

NSPA | Vanilla Fragrance Body Mist and Raspberry Daily Fresh Shower Scrub

I have such a weakness for bath and body products especially when they smell like dessert. Based in the UK, NSPA has created a range of skincare, bath and body products guaranteed to make even the busiest person slow down and take a chill pill. I love the smell of fruity things so if you’re like me, definitely take a look at NSPA’s Fruit Extracts line. Everything sounds so delicious that I would be having multiple bath time sessions every day just to be able to enjoy everything! All NSPA products are paraben-free and curated for all skin types including the most sensitive of skin.


Revlon Gel Envy | Going Mod with Pocket Aces and Blackjack

I don’t think I have done a “classic” French manicure in a long time and for the life of me I always want to use a colour instead of leaving my hands au naturel. I am quite resistant to vampy and dark Fall nail polish colours, so in my rebellion I decided to wear Revlon Gel Envy – Pocket Aces (2 coats) and apply fishtail French tips using Revlon Gel Envy – Blackjack. I ended up falling in love with this combination and it made me want to wear a leather jacket and ankle boots. I definitely felt tres cool.

Revlon Gel Envy Nail Art French Manicure with Pocket Aces and Blackjack

HASK Macadamia Oil | Nourish and Revive Dry Hair with Shine Hair Oil and Deep Conditioner

I have really been struggling with my hair as of late and in addition to trying out some new shampoos (review) I have also been experimenting with some new hair treatments from HASK. If you haven’t heard of HASK before, they have 4 main lines: Argan Oil, Keratin Protein, Macadamia Oil and Monoi Oil each of which contain shampoos, conditioners, shine oils and deep conditioning treatments. All of HASK’s products are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, alcohols and artificial colours and what I love about all of their products is that everything is incredibly affordable.


Beauty Panel | Halloween Nail Art

I am proud to share my very first FASHION Magazine Beauty Panel post that will teach you how to create this cute Halloween scene!

Beauty Panel Halloween 2014 (3)

Be sure to check out what the other Beauty Panel members have concocted for Halloween!

It’s National Dental Hygiene Month with Kiss My Face and Tom’s of Maine!

I’m not kidding, it really is National Dental Hygiene Month I’m not making it up! At first glance it might be a little strange to be talking oral hygiene on a beauty blog, but when you think about it mouths and teeth are very much beauty related! A smile means nothing without some pearly whites in them and over the years, I have become quite selective over my toothpaste selection and my teeth in general.

Oral Hygiene Month October

Bonnie Marcus Nail Design Kit + Giveaway!

This is another time where I wish nail art kits like this were around when I was a little girl because it would have sure beat that loom I received for Christmas one year…Sorry Mom & Dad. I was just never a loom kind of gal. Bonnie Marcus is THE stationary guru with her company “Where Fashion Meets Paper” carrying a collection of super stylish planners, pocket puzzles, journals, recipe books and now nail design books! The Bonnie Marcus Nail Design Kit ($12.99 USD) is for young girls wanting to learn some simple nail art techniques with fun illustrations and easy step-by-step instructions. There are even some pretty funky nail wraps inside for a quick mani or accent nails and girly pink nail file to shape those claws on the go!

Bonnie Marcus Nail Design Kit

Reelle Skincare International Giveaway!


As promised, here are the giveaway details for one lucky international winner to win a Reelle Skincare prize pack containing: one snail extract facial cleanser, one snail extract serum and one snail extract face lotion! This giveaway ends on October 28th and is open INTERNATIONALLY! The winner will have 48 hours to respond.

Good luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Shu Uemura | Vision of Beauty Collection Vol. 01 Brave Beauty Orange Palette Makeup Look with Swatches!

My makeup goal before I get too old and inappropriate to wear crazy colours is to try as many outlandish looks as possible. For some reason, the makeup looks I try to create always look much more “brave” in real-life than in photos so something tells me that I am going to have to amp it up in the boldness department! Shu Uemura is really bringin’ it this Fall season with bright pops of colour so let’s begin with the Brave Beauty Eye Palette in Orange ($90 CDN) that I now love SO SO much for Fall!

shu uemura Brave Beauty Orange Palette Makeup Look

shu uemura Brave Beauty Orange Palette

Giveaway! Everyone is a Winner with Memebox!

Memebox has taken the beauty world by storm and has actually surprised me with the number of people willing to give Korean cosmetics a try. Maybe it’s the cute packaging or the number of Memeboxes that get released seemingly everyday, but whatever they’re doing, it’s working! I have about 10 Memebox reviews coming your way so while you’re waiting, how about you enter for a chance to win one of your own?



Here are the Dirty Deets:


  • 1st place winner will receive 30 meme points (equivalent to one $23 box + shipping)
  • 2nd place winner will receive 7 meme points each (equivalent to the price of standard shipping).
  • 3rd place winner will receive 7 meme points each (equivalent to the price of standard shipping).

But fear not, because everyone is a winner with Memebox!!
ALL signups will receive 3 meme points to spend on future purchases (and if they happen to win, they will keep the three points in addition to the prize points!).

** To stay fair, you can enter as many giveaways as you’d like, but can only win once. For example, if you have won 30 points from one giveaway, you will not be able to win 30 more points from another host. Please note: this giveaway is only valid for NEW account signups!**

This giveaway ends October 20th at 11:59pm!

Good luck and I know from personal experience that once you get ONE Memebox, you will not be able to stop! Here are some the ones I am currently eyeing!

Wish Upon a Mask

Brighten and CorrectK Style

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post contains affiliate links.

Lush | Moisturize your Locks with Blousey Shampoo and Retread Conditioner!

One thing that I have really been struggling with lately is dry, unruly hair. My hair is quite coarse which means that if it gets dry, it just gets frizzy. My baby hairs are everywhere, my bangs refuse to cooperate and I am HATING IT ALL. I am still fighting as we speak although I am trying to pay as much attention to my hair needs as I do my skin needs. What I know my hair needed was moisture. Lots of it! When it comes to Lush shampoos, I have only tried Seanik (which I love), but wanted something that was both gentle and hydrating. The combination of Blousey Shampoo ($25.95 CDN) and Retread Conditioner ($29.95 CDN) seemed to be a potent one as both aim to repair, nourish and provide some serious conditioning to damaged and dry hair.

Lush Blousey and Retread

Loose Button | Fall 2014 Luxe Box

This is one beauty box that is actually in the right season! I have actually skipped the summer one for now and may or may not post it later if anyone wants to see what I received. For now, I was actually quite pleased with what I received in my Fall 2014 Loose Button Luxe Box and didn’t want to wait too long to share with you all!

Loose Button Fall 2014 Luxe Box

Sinful Saturdays | Happy Ending with Shimmery Gold Gradient


Sinful Colors - Happy Ending (2)

Vera Wang | Forever Vera Eau De Parfum

I first fell in love with Vera Wang fragrance with Princess and Princess Night. I tend to like fragrance with fruit in it so both of these fragrances were ideal for my nose. I don’t often review fragrance because I find it to be one of the hardest things in the world to talk about. It is incredibly emotional and is a beauty product that actually transforms on each person to become specific to their body chemistry. This world of perfumery is just so fascinating and scientifically beautiful that I can’t help but get incredibly romantic when I speak of it. So, now that I’ve gotten all emotional, let us experience Forever Vera (30ml $49 CDN & 50ml $78 CDN) with notes of velvety white peach, gardenia, refreshing coconut water, creamy sandalwood, tonka beans, sheer skin musk, orris, blooming lilac and a drop of rum.

Vera Wang Forever Vera EDP

The Forever Vera bottle is much more elegant in feel in comparison to the more youthful appeal of the Princess series with hammered glass and rope detailing. The scent wears more floral on me and as the day progresses what ends up being left behind is a very faint floral musk. I found this to be a more mature scent, but also very feminine and romantic. I think it is a lovely scent for Fall as there is just a hint of musk, but still carries the lightness of summer with the presence of coconut water and white peach. Sounds to me like the perfect transitional scent into the colder weather!

Now available at Shoppers Drug Mart & London Drugs locations across Canada.

PR sample sent for review.

Rimmel London Rita Ora Collection | Midnight Rendezvous Swatches

It’s not often that I leave a swatch alone, but after MUCH deliberation I am not touching Rimmel London – Midnight Rendezvous for fear of ruining its glossy, smoky purple perfection. I have had some MAJOR compliments on this colour from total strangers so maybe it’s a good thing that I didn’t cover this mofo with studs and stripes! What I have below is two easy coats plus top coat. I don’t normally wear such dark nail polish colours, but I am really liking Midnight Rendezvous!

Rimmel Midnight Rendezvous (3)

It’s Official! Hudson's Bay is Re-Opening in Richmond Centre in a HUGE way!

Earlier this week, I raved about the newly revamped Hudson’s Bay set to open tomorrow, but for those of you that haven’t been to The Bay in awhile, you are in for an awakening! The Bay isn’t just your grandmother’s one-stop department shop anymore. The beauty division alone is no longer about a counter between you and your beauty advisor. Instead, each brand has its own boutique and personality featuring elements unique to Richmond Centre. The idea is to give shoppers the same experience shopping at the Dior boutique at The Bay as they would in Paris. All the structural elements are identical and there are now even product exclusives, such as Dior Prestige, that are exclusive to The Bay in Richmond Centre! I live almost an hour away, but with all of these exclusives, I may just have to plan a few shopping trips to Richmond!  

Hudson's Bay Company Richmond Centre

The Tangle Teezer | Painlessly Tame ANY Type of Tresses!

At first glance, I wouldn’t have even guessed what this was if you just handed it to me or WHY it would be useful in my life. I will admit that even looking at the literature for the Tangle Teezer ($25 CDN), I still analyzed the newest in hair gadgetry like a cave person with a furrowed brow and slow rotisserie-like turning motions. Nevertheless, once my analyses were complete I was happy to say that brushing my hair will never be the same! Launched in 2007, Tangle Teezer promises to tackle tangles quickly and painlessly while simultaneously styling and enhancing your hair’s natural shine.

Tangle Teezer

Cake Beauty | Rush Brush–Your On-the-Go Answer to Fresh-Looking Hair!

I’ve been with Cake Beauty a long time. Our relationship is going on 5 years now and I’ve seen and used some pretty unique products that I’ve seen Cake do first. My VERY FIRST dry shampoo was the Satin Sugar Dry Shampoo and even though I loved that freshly baked cookie smell, I was never good at keeping the powdery mess to a minimum. Then came the Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray, which I still use and love. Now, I’ve started a new relationship. This time, it’s with the brand spankin’ new Rush Brush ($22 CDN) which features the much loved satin sugar dry shampoo AND there is actually a DARK dry shampoo powder for those with black hair like me! The two shades shown below are for DARKEST and DARK hair hues.

Cake Rush Brush

Hand Chemistry | Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream

With how often I paint my nails and the number of macro shots you guys see of my claws, hand care is something I take VERY seriously so let me introduce you to my new best friend: Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex (100mL/$19.99 CDN or 30mL/$6.99 CDN). Already available in the UK since last year, British beauty bloggers have been raving about this product and now it has graced the skincare aisles of Shopper Drug Mart in Canada. Hand Chemistry targets 8 signs of aging and claims results in just 11 days or less. Wait, what?!

Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex

Réelle Skincare | Deep Repair and Moisturizing Snail Cream (Normal Skin) Review

Snails. I’ve talked about them before (here) with regards to skincare and despite how gross I think they are, I am actually a cheerleader for them when it comes to having their “juices” on my skin. I generally see snail extract in Asian skincare products so when the opportunity arose to try a French skincare brand called Réelle, who better than the people whose specialty is escargot to spearhead the latest in snail skincare technology!  Réelle specializes in using a high percentage of 100% snail extract in its products and was founded just 2 years ago by Dr. Arnaud Decroix and Mr. Luc Champeyroux.

The Réelle Deep Repair and Moisturizing Snail Cream (€33.00) comes in three different formulations for oily, normal and dry skin. I feel like my skin has been headed in the normal direction from dry so I opted to see how the normal formulation fared on my skin.

Reelle Deep Repair and Moisturizing Snail Cream

Attention Vancouverites! | The Best of Me Advanced Screening Tickets + Prize Pack GIVEAWAY!

The moment I hear the name: Nicholas Sparks, I am immediately transported back to high school when I first read “The Notebook” and “A Walk to Remember” which had me in a pile of teenage girl tears. This is an author that continuously tugs at the heartstrings of women everywhere and now eOne Films is generously offering you all the chance to bawl your eyes out at an advanced screening of the latest Nicholas Sparks movie – The Best of Me starring Michelle Monaghan, James Marsden and Liana Liberato.

Synopsis: Based on the bestselling novel by acclaimed author Nicholas Sparks, The Best of Me tells the story of Dawson and Amanda, two former high school sweethearts who find themselves reunited after 20 years apart, when they return to their small town for the funeral of the beloved friend. Their bittersweet reunion reignites the love they've never forgotten, but soon they discover the forces that drove them apart twenty years ago live on, posing even more serious threats today. Spanning decades, this epic love story captures the enduring power of our first true love, and the wrenching choices we face when confronted with elusive second chances.

The Best of Me Movie Nicholas Sparks

NYC New York Color | Fall 2014 Runway-Inspired Smoky Blue Eyes

What I am absolutely LOVING about this Fall season is how much COLOUR there is in every collection from makeup to the runway. After having just attended Vancouver Fashion Week, I can safely say that colour is here to stay through those often dreary Fall Vancouver months. As part of the New York Color Canada Beauty Pro Program, my challenge was to create a catwalk-worthy look. From the makeup I usually see on a runway, my look is quite tame. Maybe I’ll spunk it up next time, but I know that blue eye shadow can be a scary one to wear so let’s start with baby steps!

NYC New York Color

Korres | Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial

My nightly skincare routine is VERY important to me as I think of it not as just downtime for me, but for my skin as well. I pamper it and make sure that I put it to bed hydrated and happy. After cleansing, toning and applying serum, every other night I always use a hydrating mask that I can comfortably wear to bed. I have tried a couple of different sleeping masks and some are so sticky that I find my face sticking to the pillow or covered in cat fur so I do prefer a mask that absorbs quickly.

So far, I have found one sleeping mask I like and now, I have found the second. The Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial ($48 CDN) is a sleeping facial/mask for ALL skin types and is formulated with Wild Rose oil and Vitamin C to combat premature aging and environmental stress. Its weightless and soufflé-like texture work to improve skin texture and promote even and brightened skin tone.

Korres Wild Rose and Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial

Jayne Gets a Brazilian at Stripped Wax Bar (With Before & After Shots)

You guys don’t think that I’d ACTUALLY show you my cooch, do you?! All I can say is that after a quick 15 minute session with Natalie of Stripped Wax Bar, I was clear for landing! Stripped Wax Bar is a local Vancouver based wax bar with locations in Yaletown, Kitsilano and North Vancouver. I was fortunate enough to be convinced to go for the full Brazilian after not having had one in years. I have a couple of tattoos and remembered the pain not being too terrible by comparison so I figured, why the hell not? I made my appointment at the North Vancouver location and was instantly greeted by cheeky wall art.

Stripped Wax Bar

Stripped Wax Bar