BEAUTY | Kiss Falscara Wisps 10 Day Wear Test (Can They Really Last?)

Kiss Falscara Review
Purchased by me

I honestly feel like I am going back to my OG days of beauty blogging and purchasing things on my own and then having this incredible freedom to talk about things whenever I want to and HOWever I want to, which means that a lot of what I discuss here are TRULY things that I love and want to rave about. Shortly after recovering from shingles, I felt the urge to bring focus to my eyes as I decided that I would be firmly wearing an N95 at all times at work as shingles was brought on by catching the 'vid at work again in 5 months. You know, the last time I was sick was in 2018? I don't get sick much and I go out waaaay less now so I know I'm catching it from work whether it's employees or clients I am no longer taking the risk.

So, I am watching @beautygeeks (Janine Falcon) one day and I see her apply these Kiss Falscara lashes super fast and then she tells me that these can last more than a day? Then after some research, I read that these can last up to 10 days without reapplication? Is this the temporary lash extension I have been looking for? YES. The answer is a resounding yes, but not without a tiny bit of trial and error!

NAILS | Psychedelic Neon Flowers #CBBxManiMonday

Psychedelic Neon Flower Nail Art
Press samples

I have had a bit of a weekend with Sunday/Monday off which I have been using to re-organize the office/beauty room. My husband uses it the most now with working from home so it needs to be esthetically pleasing to him, but he also knows that the beauty products aren't going away! I also realize that because I have slowed down my blogging dramatically in the last 2 years, products are sitting for longer than they used to. In response, I have also slowed down what I accept in an effort to catch up, but even so, there will always be new stuff that comes in since I don't want this blog to just be about old things! Anyway, suffice it to say I have gone through and gotten rid of quite a bit of hair product as well as made a list of all the IKEA things we will need so I was pretty exhausted after four hours of going through everything!

SHEET MASK | Platone Active New Zealand Manuka Honey Soothing Sheet Mask

 Active New Zealand Manuka Honey Soothing Sheet Mask

Purchased by me

Where did the last week go? I know it was a short week, but it felt like both nothing and ALL THE THINGS happened. I have been feeling a little grumpy as of late and just wanting to stay at home with my husband and cats while sitting on the patio reading a good book. I want to be a bit of a trophy wife for a bit and take some time off honestly. I would LOVE to take the whole summer off or just go to work like 3 days a week. Ah, that would be the life, but I think I would miss working with clients and of course looking at shiny things all day! 

HAIR | BC Bonacure Time Restore Collection by Schwarzkopf

BC Bonacure Time Restore Collection by Schwarzkopf

Press samples

As I approach turning 40 this July, I feel like suddenly I have officially turned the corner into "mature" skincare, haircare, bodycare, you name it - it needs care now! I still have yet to have major grey hair issues, but I have the few that pop up from time to time that I gracefully yank out and no more do NOT grow back in their place! While I have been using "mature skincare" aka very hydrating products for a few years now, I haven't really thought about mature haircare. I generally use products for dry and colour-treated hair, so I thought the newly revamped BC Bonacure Time Restore collection would be perfect for me or so I thought... 

NAILS | Lavender Sprigs #CBBxManiMonday

Lavender Sprig Nail Art
Press samples

I hope everyone had a lovely long weekend! Alas, I did not have one, but my days off are coming up later in the week and I will make sure to enjoy them! I love flowers, but I am not the best at drawing actual petals and much prefer dotting. After awhile though, my flowers start to feel repetitive so over the weekend, I started looking for non-flower alternatives and stumbled upon this lovely manicure, by one of the OG nail bloggers, Sarah of Chalkboard Nails!

SHEET MASK | The Creme Shop Minnie Mouse Magic Glow Mask

The Creme Shop Minnie Mouse Magic Glow Mask

Purchased by me

Continuing on with the Disney theme, The Creme Shop also has a couple of themed masks mainly focused on Mickey and Minnie Mouse, but there are a few Winnie the Pooh items as well. The Creme Shop has a number of fun collaborations with Sanrio being my favourite, but when I saw these Minnie Mouse masks on sale at Winners, I knew I had to try them for the print alone!

NAILS | Sally Hansen Salon Effects Perfect Manicure

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Perfect Manicure

Press samples

Press-on nails have never really been my thing as I am generally able to keep my nails relatively long and decorate them, but recently I had to cut them all down after a very bad break and took it as an opportunity to test out some brand new press-on nails from none other than nail polish great Sally Hansen

HAIR | m'Chel Haircare Day After Brush Dry Shampoo

m'Chel Haircare Day After Brush Dry Shampoo
Purchased by me

I have been looking forward to featuring m'Chel Haircare for a long time! This is a powdered dry shampoo that seemed to work absolute wonders for everyone's hair so I put this brand on my wishlist sometime in 2021, thanks to a glowing recommendation from Jenn Harper of Cheekbone Beauty. I kept hesitating on purchasing because of the US exchange rate AND the $25 international shipping charge which put this dry shampoo in the luxury pricepoint once all was said and done, but now that I have bit the bullet, I cannot see myself using anything else! 

NAILS | Is There Such a Thing as Depressing Flowers? #CBBxManiMonday

Yellow Flower Nail Art
Press samples

Welcome to the first set of nails that are truly how my nails are currently! A little shorter, but still long enough to do something fun with them although having those super long nails from last week made me realize how NICE even basic nail swatches look so I am now on a mission to grow my nails out long again! It's probably going to take a month, but I think I can manage to be careful until then!

SHEET MASK | JM Solution Selfie Nourishing Collagen Mask (Disney Edition)

JM Solution x Disney Selfie Nourishing Collagen Mask

Purchased by me

This October, Disney celebrates its 100 year anniversary which is why we are seeing A LOT of Disney-themed collaborations! I am currently LIVING for all of the LEGO that has come out and from what I have read, there will be more sets released next month! I had no idea that these JM Solution and Disney masks were part of the celebration until I saw them at T&T this past March and as my husband was with me, I could only pick up one box even though there were 10 more types of mask! I feel like my husband would have greatly disapproved of me grabbing 11 boxes of masks at the time! I ended up getting a couple more through as they were on sale so you will see reviews of the rest over the next few Sheet Mask Sundays!

NAILS | OPI Nature Strong Pink and Purple Dots #CBBxManiMonday

Press samples

This was the last manicure with my gloriously long nails until I broke the middle nail so low that the little bit of tissue connecting to the nail was showing...the disparity in lengths was too much for me to tolerate and I ended up chopping all of them down to their nubbins last week. Hopefully, my nails will have grown a sufficient amount of surface area by this weekend to do some fun floral designs, but for now the only floral-theme about this manicure are the names of the polishes!

SHEET MASK | HelloGanic One a Day Water Masks

HelloGanic One a Day Water Masks
Purchased by me

I feel like it has been a weird week. I feel like I was still catching up from being on vacation two weeks ago and I have been really motivated at work to keep busy and "Marie Kondo" my days and focusing on what brings me joy there which has made the week FLY. Due to my efficiency at my day job, I did not have the energy for this space even though I missed it so! I was inspired by Earth Month last month to dive into my more "natural" sheet mask brands one of which was a Korean skincare brand I picked up from London Drugs a few years ago (yes, yet another set of masks from 2019/2020). Let's have a closer look at HelloGanic!

NAILS | Rainbow Honey "I Miss You" Swatch #CBBxManiMonday

Rainbow Honey I Miss You with Viola Swatch
Purchased by me

Not to be overly dramatic, but I am reminded of why it is always good to have extra little backup posts as after enjoying my nails at this VERY long length, I broke the middle nail the other day right down to the tip of my finger and had to chop ALL of them down. I have broken nails before, but I was more sad than usual this time as I have had these long nails for a few months now and love the way the elongate my hand. They are ridiculously hard to work with though and I am surprised they have lasted as long as they have! I will have "real" nails next week, but right now, I leave you with this gorgeous duo of polishes from now defunct indie nail polish company Rainbow Honey.