Nexxus | Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Shampoo and Conditioner

I never knew that aging hair could be saved until I saw the newest hair care line from Nexxus Hair Care. The Nexxus Youth Renewal system features Vita-8 complex™ which serves to combat 8 signs of aging hair: colour fade, thinning, less shine, dryness, brittleness, less abundance, slower growth and unruliness. Although there are four products to the Nexxus Youth Renewal system, I will start with a review of the Rejuvenating Shampoo ($16.49) and Rejuvenating Conditioner ($21.99) and leave you all in suspense until I get to the other two products!

nexxus youth renewal

MICRO Pedi | An Awesome Tool For Getting Sandal-Ready!

I think we have all seen the MICRO Pedi ($39.99) either online or in drugstores like London Drugs and Shoppers Drug Mart and I will admit that I was a bit apprehensive about picking this up even though I have read consistently good reviews on the efficacy of its “smoothing” powers. After years of calluses from walking in high heels and sandals, it was time to try the MICRO Pedi…on my husband first…then myself ;-). I won’t have any pictures of live feet in this post mainly because a) my husband declined and b) I think feet are kind of gross to be looking at on a macro level!

The MICRO Pedi is a handheld, battery-operated device that is comparable to “a pumice stone on speed”. It requires 2 AA batteries (not included) and comes with one micro-mineral roller that gently buffs away rough, dry and.or cracked skin. These rollers do need to be replaced and are sold online and in-store for $19.99 and come in varying levels of coarseness. These blue ones are ideal for coarse skin and all over foot-buffing.

micro pedi

micro pedi

Memebox Beauty Box | Superbox #2

I will admit that this is a more complex beauty box “program” that the standard “one box for all” format. For anyone wanting to try Korean cosmetics and aren’t sure where to start, Memebox is a great place to start. I found brands that I had not heard of and what is unique about this beauty box is that there are always quite a number of boxes to choose from as each has its own theme. There are Memeboxes for hair, waxing, special skin concerns and also “sub-memeboxes” called Superboxes and Luckyboxes. I was too excited about buying one of these that I didn’t really know what I was buying other than it was going to be all full-sized makeup items and that’s how I ended up with Superbox #2! Each box varies in price with Superbox #2 being $39.99 USD and tend to be shipped out about a month after they are available so you will probably forget about your order like I did!
Superbox was inspired by our Memebox lovers looking for full-sized products catered to their needs. Each Superbox series comes with its own theme, designed to target specific beauty needs. Boxes in each Superbox series always contain the same products sourced directly from Korea, and we at Memebox select only the very best-loved items to bring to you at highly discounted prices.
membox superbox
membox superbox

Ipsy | April 2014 “Beauty Rocks”

I should just make this “beauty box” week because I have SO MANY to share with you all! I won’t make excuses for why this is so late so all I will say is that I liked April’s Ipsy Bag! Now, let’s have a closer look at what was inside!

april 2014 ipsy bag

Fekkai | Brilliant Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner

Have you ever used a shampoo/conditioner that made you say “Oh yeah. That’s the good stuff”? Well, that is exactly how I felt when I used the Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner ($27.00 each)! This duo is infused with sun-ripened olive oil and is meant to bring back radiance to dull hair and man, did it ever!

I will admit that there are so many shampoos and conditioners out there that make it hard to choose what’s best and for me, I can’t even use the same shampoo all the time as I feel like as seasons change, hair needs do as well. My hair was feeling really “used” and brittle for some reason prior to using this and seeing as how I do not colour it, I blamed it on weather and the use of heating tools.

fekkai brilliant glossing shampoo conditioner

OPI | My Signature is “DC” from the Coca Cola Collection Taping Nail Art

I am obsessed with this colour. OPI’s My Signature is “DC” is my new favourite silver polish because I feel like I’m painting melted metal right on to my nails! Some silver polishes can be gritty, but this one is juuussssst right! I paired two coats of My Signature is “DC” with OPI – Black Onyx on the other half of the nail and then added gold striping tape down the middle. You can see that maybe that wasn’t the best idea considering how reflective my whole mani became for my camera!

opi my signature is DC tape manicure

opi my signature is DC tape manicure

The OPI Coca Cola collection is available now in stores and online and I know there are some other must-haves in this collection that absolutely HAVE TO make it into any polish lover’s collection!

Some products featured were provided for review.

Benefit Cosmetics | Big Easy Multi-Balancing Complexion Perfector with Before and After Shots!

It’s Benefit, so it HAS TO be amazing right? I had heard some mixed reviews on one of the newest foundation-like products to be joining the Benefit Cosmetics family, but Big Easy ($46.00) turned out to be just a wonderful product for me as I could not believe that a formula that felt so light could give me so much coverage! This is a liquid to cream formula with SPF 35 (my press sample does not have this coverage) that is also oil-free and non-comedogenic.

benefit cosmetics big easy

benefit cosmetics big easy

Fuse Gelnamel | Fuse Starter Kit with Swatch of Elec-tric or Treat

Say hello to the teeny, tiniest most cutest gel polish LED curing lamp! When I saw the Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kits ($39.99) at Shoppers Drug Mart a few months ago there was nothing to stop me from squealing with delight at how “kawaii” and compact the LED lamp was! There are six starter sets available each with a different coloured polish. I received the one with a glittery pink called “Gone Fission”, but will be swatching a bright coral polish called “Elec-tric or Treat” that is sure to be a colour for the summer season!

fuse gelnamel

fuse gelnamel

Topbox | May 2014

May’s Topbox actually “made me” go out and purchase one product almost the day after and in terms of percentage, makeup products were 50% of the box which is not bad. What I was most pleased about was the new release from Benefit that was included! I’m sure you all know what it is by now, but it was nice to receive it around the same time stores like Shoppers Drug Mart did. This month’s Topbox also did not come in a box, but in a purple organza bag. I personally don’t mind either way as long as the products inside are good!

may topbox

Guest Post | Heat Proof Makeup with Julie from Swatch & Review

Everyone let us welcome Julie from Swatch & Review who I have always admired for her beautiful photography, easy to read and honest reviews and her wonderfully sparkling personality! Today she is going to share with all of you some ways to make your makeup last through the summer heat! Take it away Julie!

Heatproof Makeup 1

Hello friends and fans of Cosmetic Proof! I'm Julie from Swatch and Review here to talk to you about making sure your makeup can last through the warm Summer days. Because there is nothing worse than a melty face at an outdoor festival or family picnic!

Heatproof Makeup 3

First, prime your face to make sure whatever foundation you choose to use goes on evenly and stays put. I like MUFE HD Primer, which now comes in a variety of shades to help correct your skin tone first.


Heatproof Makeup 2

I can only assume you'll be wearing sunscreen which can leave your eyelids extra oily. Creating a good base for your shadow to stick to is key to a smudgeproof eye look. I've been using MAC Painterly Paint Pot for years to keep my shadow in check.

Heatproof Makeup 4

Finding a good waterproof eyeliner pencil can be tough, I have tested at least 20 and the Avon No Place to Run line is the only one that can outlast a good cry.

Heatproof Makeup 5

Sometimes mascara can flake and smear all over your face if you're perspiring. Try Cover Girl Flamed Out mascara in the Waterproof formula for volume, length and long wear.

Heatproof Makeup 6

A good lip and cheek stain will give you a finished look all day long. Benefit's liquid lip and cheek stains have lasted on me even after going snorkeling! This month I'm rocking Posie Tint!

Heatproof Makeup 7

The last step to locking in that makeup look is to use a makeup setting spray, like MAC Fix +. Not only does this spray lock in your makeup, but it also has antioxidants and caffeine to keep your skin looking great.

Mary Kay | Journey Eau de Toilette

My first Mary Kay review and just in time too as Mary Kay is the featured CBB brand this month! My very first Mary Kay purchase dates back to 2006 with some eyeshadows and a matching Mary Kay eye primer which I still use to this day! What I have always loved about Mary Kay is its dedication to empowering women with earning power and being able to effectively run their own businesses from their own home while taking care of their families. It only makes sense that from now until August 15th, 2014, $2.50 from every purchase of Journey of Dreams EDT ($35.00) will be donated to the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation which supports women battling cancer through the Look Good Feel Better program. This foundation also provides grants to women’s shelters and community outreach programs so it’s really a worthwhile fragrance!

Dreams. They provide the power to overcome obstacles, achieve the impossible
and transform today into a beautiful new future. Now you can spread hope, inspire
change and encourage possibilities with the purchase of the limited-edition Beauty That Counts Journey of Dreams Eau de Toilette.

mary kay journey

This scent is very floral and has notes of Sparkling Clementine, Rose Lychee Water, Plush Peony and Blooming Turkish Rose. The clementine and lychee definitely add a sweetness to what I would largely consider to be a very floral fragrance, but once applied to the skin, all I could smell was clementine which was a plus for me!

Final Verdict: I am not normally a floral person, but I love citrus scents and the addition of the sparkling clementine definitely made this scent one that I would wear for the spring and summer. It didn’t last very long on me as it the scent really faded at the 3-4 hour mark, but overall I thought this was a lovely fragrance for women of all ages!

PR sample sent for review.

Sally Hansen | Take the Leap from the Pastels on Point Collection with Pearl-Themed Nail Art and Swatches

I only used to see these types of polishes on the indie polish circuit which meant that obtaining them wasn’t exactly easy or quick. Seeing polishes like Sally Hansen’s Take the Leap ($8.95) with its purple, multi-hued pigments coming to life when layered over other polishes, in a drugstore setting is a polish lover’s dream!

Take the Leap is very sheer and when applied alone does not do this polish justice so I have layered 2 coats over an opaque black polish so the purple sparkle really pops. I felt the urge to add some white pearl studs to add some elegance to this somewhat edgy manicure.

sally hansen pastels on point take the leap swatch

sally hansen pastels on point take the leap

May 2014 Empties

My desk is currently filled with beauty products so I did my best in terms of efficiency when it came to surface area usage of empties! I had a total of 20 empties last month which is commendable as it is SIX more than last month! I will be joining Kalyn for her Sample Killah Challenge in July so anyone who is wanting some motivation to destroy those little sample packets and have a crazy number of empties, go and sign up now!


1. Lush | Rose Bubble BarThumbs up

I have reviewed this before for Mother’s Day and it’s so cute! I hope it comes back next year because it smelled great, but not overly floral and made the bathwater pink!

2. Lush | The Mumkin Bubble BarThumbs up

I have reviewed this before and although the colour of the bathwater wasn’t as nice as typical Lush bubble bar, the scent was very lightly fruity and very enjoyable.

3. Lush | The Mum Bubble BarThumbs up

The Mum was my favourite  bubble bar out of the group I reviewed as it is the “Honey, I Washed the Kids” scent which is a mixture of toffee and caramel. Mmmm so good!

4. skoah | Skrubbin’ Face Wash(240mL)Thumbs up

I have listed this as a favourite from when I first started blogging back in November 2011 and it is still one of my top 3 face scrubs. This smells like pineapple and is a gentle enough scrub to use daily. This was my first skoah purchase and I haven’t looked back.

5.Lush | Neon Love Soap (0.15kg)Thumbs up

This is a lovely fruity soap that I  picked up over Valentine’s and I only wish it wasn’t quite so expensive because it is scented with bergamot which is one of my favourite scents!

6. Fruits & Passion | 24H Moisturizing Butter in Ocean Flower (100mL)Thumbs up

I reviewed and made a snowball out of this moisturizer and loved it so much that I kept using it. It is incredibly hydrating while being non-greasy. It is an awesome moisturizer and I would love to try the other scents as there are A LOT!

7. Biotherm | Blue Therapy Eye (1mL)Thinking smile

I am undecided about this because I don’t remember seeing any difference in my skin. I need more of this to make a better decision.

8 & 9. LAFACE | Body Moisturizer (3.5mL)Thumbs down

Super hydrating, but just too expensive. I know it’s vegan and all, but I have other healthy moisturizers that I don’t need to pay $80 for.

10.Primavera | Eye Contour Cream (1.5mL)Thumbs down

I received this in a Petit Vour box last November and I found it too be a bit too watery in texture for my liking. Although, I’m starting to get milia underneath my eyes so I might need to start using something lighter in consistency.

11.Strivectin | Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles (1mL)Thumbs down

This is the first Strivectin product I have used and I didn’t really have much of an opinion of it. It was pretty hydrating, but it might not be the product for me at this point in my life.

12. Blancreme | Body Scrub Gold & Caviar (40mL)Thinking smile

I liked the consistency and the fact that it is GOLD and exfoliating, but the scent was a bit strong for me. Good thing there are many other Blancreme products that I love the scent of!

13. Rainbow Honey | Lavendula Fragrance (1mL)Thumbs up

I received this tiny little rollerball (smallest ever!) in a Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag and the scent is just…wow…nothing like I have ever smelled in my life! The scent is herbaceous French Lavender with citrus notes of lime, yuzu, and sweet orange and it’s so much better than that description!

14. Glam Glow | Bright Mud Eye Treatment (1g)Thinking smile

I feel like I didn’t get out of this what I was supposed to because I felt some tightening around the eye area, but the actual consistency of the product was a bit weird. It was like putting on seaweed?

15. Living Proof | Satin Hair Serum (0.75mL)Thinking smile

Tamed my frizzies and made my hair feel very smooth, but I only got one use out of it because my hair is so long! I just want more to get a better idea of the product.

16. NARS | Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base (2.8g)Thumbs down

I don’t know if this worked any better than the Urban Decay Primer Potion I normally use so I will have to pass on this for now although I have heard wonderful things about it for people with oily lids.

17. Neutrogena | All in One Make Up Removing Cleansing Wipes (7 wipes)Thumbs up

I really like that I can use these for my eye makeup as well and it does a reasonable job of removing most of it in one go. Waterproof mascara needs a bit of a boost with another round of Bioderma.

18. Montagne Jeunesse | Virgin Olive Oil Mud Masque (15g)Thumbs down

I have reviewed this before as part of the CBB Masque Challenge with the scent being the most major turn-off for me. MJ has so many other masks that I enjoy that I don’t feel so bad not liking this one very much!

19. Montagne Jeunesse | Apricot Scrub Masque (15g)Thumbs up

This was my favourite mask of the CBB Masque Challenge! It smelled good, wasn’t too gritty and left my skin feeling very soft!

20. Montagne Jeunesse | Dead Sea Mud Masque (1 piece)Thumbs down

The scent made my eyes water a little bit and the fragrance was just ok for me. It wasn’t the most hydrating mask for me and as I have mentioned before, there are so many other MJ masks that I love much more!

And that’s it for May empties! We’re almost at the halfway point for 2014 and I plan on beating my record of 253 empties from 2013! 164 more empties to go!

*Father’s Day* The Body Shop | White Musk Sport Gift Set

When it comes to gift sets, The Body Shop always has a knack for putting together an array of products that grab my attention with their selection as well as at a reasonable price! Father’s Day is tomorrow and we all know that men rarely pamper themselves with product. I think they leave it to the women in their lives to keep their beauty product supply going! This year The Body Shop has a few different gift sets for the man in your life with today’s post being more about the “sportier man” and his possible love for White Musk Sport Gift Set ($45.00) which comes beautifully packaged in a metallic blue tin.

A vibrant, zesty scent, ideal for the man on the move, with notes of grapefruit and lemon fused with amber. Includes the Eau de Toilette, Hair & Body Wash and Anti-Perspirant Deodorant.

the body shop white musk sport

the body shop white musk sport

*Father’s Day* Sothys Paris | De-Stressing Eye Roll-On and Soothing After Shave Balm

Just in time for Father’s Day, Sothys Paris has partnered up with the rather good-looking Vincent Clerc, Vice World Champion Rugby Player, to promote the new Sothys Homme line. There are 6 products and 3 essential steps (Cleanse, Maintain and Enhance) in this new line with two of the products I will be sharing with you all today after some very aggressive husband and wife testing!

Sothys Homme harnesses volcanic rock, for its Magnesium –richness to “boost and detoxify”. The volcanic rock is actually Olivine extract which I am more familiar with on the gem level as – PERIDOT. There is also macadamia oil that further aids in soothing and moisturizing skin. This line is also paraben-free.

sothys paris men

Splat Hair Chalk | Dusty Rose with MANY Hair Pictures!

I have COMPLETELY virgin hair. No Sun-In, temporary colour, nothing. I have vowed to only start colouring it when I get my first grey which will most likely be VERY soon seeing as how I will be celebrating my 31st birthday in two weeks! With my dark hair, I have always liked blue or purple accents and when I saw Splat Hair Chalk ($8.99) I thought that maybe this could be my toe-dip into the world of coloured hair! I decided to try the colour Dusty Rose which looked more pink in the pan, but with dark hair like mine I expect everything I try to come out not quite as intense as what’s on the box, but even so I was VERY pleased with the results!

splat hair chalk dusty rose

splat hair chalk dusty rose

Rimmel London | Lasting Finish Colour Rush in I Want Candy and All You Need is Pink with Swatches

This week is all about trying new brands and today is my first ever Rimmel London product review! In the spirit of bringing out those summer brights, today I have swatches of the new Colour Rush colour balms in #130 I Want Candy and #120 All You Need is Pink ($6.99 each) and come in a total of 14 trendy shades. The chubby lip crayon format is not going away anytime soon so luckily this is an application format I like! The colour never seems to hold up though so read on to see how these guys did!

rimmel london colour rush

rimmel london colour rush