KOREAN BEAUTY | Clio Virgin Kiss Tinted Lip in #22 Electric Review & Swatch

Korean cosmetics are really unlike anything on the North American market. Makeup is always fun and there is always something a little “extra” with every product. Like a lip tint you achieve by PEELING off the gloss or an eyeshadow that smells like chocolate and is packaged to look like a chocolate cupcake. With the Clio Virgin Kiss Tinted Lips, they can either glow in the dark under blue LEDs OR used to layer with other Virgin Kiss Lips to create new colours OR as a hydrating lip tint. The latter doesn’t sound QUITE so interesting anymore, huh?

No. 22* is one of the almost neon shades in this family of Virgin Kiss Tinted Lip products and can be layered with other “Virgins” to create new shades or lipstick gradients. This can also be used as a lip tint and feels almost lip balmy, but isn’t quite as hydrating. 

Clio Virgin Kiss Tinted Lip in Passion Orange Review Swatch (2)

MAKEUP LOOK | MAKE UP FOR EVER 50 Shades of Grey Desire Me Cheeky Blush Trio Review, Swatches & Handcuffs

I could not resist bringing out these handcuffs again which I swear I ONLY bought for 50 Shades of Grey photo purposes and NOTHING else. Really! I have mentioned before that I wasn’t a huge fan of the books and as gimmicky as some of the 50SoG paraphernalia is, I WILL make an exception for MAKE UP FOR EVER because no matter the theme, the products never disappoint as is the case with the Desire Me Cheeky Blush Trio*($56.00 CDN, but a $128 value). The trio is composed of three Artist Shadows and a travel-sized Artisan Brush #150, which is so adorable. Although the Artist Shadows are mostly labelled as eyeshadows, there are some actual blushes amongst the 200+ shades! Granted they can all be used either on the eyes or cheeks so with the Cheeky Blush Trio, we can all have Ana’s innocent, girly glow.     

MAKE UP FOR EVER 50 Shades of Grey Desire Me Cheeky Blush Trio Review Swatches

NAIL ART | MAC x Isabel and Ruben Toledo Collection Studio Nail Lacquer in Venus Red

When it comes to all things MAC, I tend to have quite a bit of restraint. Every collection has me at love at first swatch and if I gave into those urges, I would be a very well made-up, but broke girl. Not since the MAC x Archies collaboration has my interest been piqued until I caught a glimpse of the MAC Toledo Collection. Maybe it was the abstract art on the packaging or the story behind Isabel and Ruben Toledo, who were high school sweethearts. The bottom line was that I HAD to have this collection. Or at least a small part of it!

The artwork popped out to me so much that along with swatching, I absolutely had to attempt some nail art! Venus Red* is my first MAC polish and it was SO PRETTY. This polish was a little watery, so be wary of some cuticle flooding, but the opacity is bang on delicious. Two coats MAX and I was ready to roll! The faces were hand-drawn with black acrylic paint and the lips with nothing else but Venus Red!

MAC Cosmetics Toledo Nail Art Venus Red Review Swatch

SKINCARE | L’Occitane Immortelle Oil Make-Up Remover

I used to blog about L’Occitane A LOT when I first started blogging mainly for haulage purposes (#1, #2, #3, the list goes on!) and I don’t know why I haven’t actually reviewed any of the items I have purchased since I have so many L’Occitane goodies in my office (yes, that’s where I have to keep everything). That stops today because although I am a die hard Shea Butter user (face, body and hands), I have a HUGE soft spot for cleansing oils. Although the new Immortelle Oil Make-Up Remover*($32.00 CDN) says “make-up remover” on the label, this can also be thought of as a cleansing oil effective enough to remove even waterproof mascaras.

LOccitane Immortelle Oil Makeup Remover Review

Made without water, but with a base of sunflower seed oil (first ingredient ya’ll!) along with immortelle flower and apricot oil, this oil cleanser looks watery at first glance and easily sloshes around the bottle. Different story once it’s on your face though! There is barely a scent to this with maybe a hint of “plant” when sniffed closely.

LOccitane Immortelle Oil Makeup Remover Review
Oil cleansers work best when applied to dry skin and become milky in consistency when water is added. This can be an odd change for those of us used to some massive foaming action from the classic facial cleanser. Foaming cleansers generally give skin that squeaky clean feel while oil cleansers leave skin feeling like well, skin and possibly even softer which was the case with this Immortelle oil cleanser! For use around the eyes, keep your eyes closed as ANY kind of oil getting in your eyes is incredibly uncomfortable and for mascara, just get a little bit on the tips of your thumb and forefinger and just gently roll your lashes. This will minimize any oil from seeping into your eyes.

Final Verdict: Imagine a cleansing liquid moisturizer because that’s what this is. The moment you begin to massage this onto your skin you can feel how thick this cleanser really is. It’s not watery at all and you can really feel how smooth the oil is over your skin. My favourite part was washing this off because your skin feels so soft and hydrated even though you’re throwing water at it! My skin felt almost…creamy in texture but clean which sounds like an odd combination, but there’s something to be said about not feeling squeaky clean. We all know that squeaky clean eventually leads to tightness, but I know that some of us are so used to that feeling that we don’t feel clean unless our skin *squeaks*. As I age (gracefully), moisture will be a fleeting friend and oil cleansers my favourite way to cleanse.

Who is terrified of using oil to cleanse their face?

MAKEUP LOOK | Clarins Spring 2015 Collection Limited Edition Garden Escape 6 Colour Eye Palette Review & Swatches

When I got the opportunity to preview Clarins’ Spring 2015 Colour Collection last November, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in terms of colours. When I think of Clarins, I think of wearable colour. My first coloured eyeshadow was a purple one from Clarins and even though it looked just shocking in the pan, it came out safe enough for the office. The new limited edition Garden Escape Palette*($44.00 CDN) is the perfect example of “wearable colour” with six fresh Spring shades ranging from pearly white and pink hues to spring greens and a neutral taupe.  

Clarins Garden Escape Palette Makeup Look Review Swatches

NAIL ART | Fabulously Dotted with Wet n Wild Wildshine Nail Color in She Shells

She sells seashells by the seashore”. I was always a “Peter Piper” gal, but Wet n Wild’s new Wildshine Nail Color has me wanting more! Like many of us growing up, Wet n Wild was one of the first nail polish brands I started buying from because of its agreement with my $20 allowance. As I have gotten older, I started pulling away from drugstore brands in favour of ones with more of a price tag, but truth be told when it comes to nail polish, there is a VERY fine line between drugstore and luxury if at all.

She Shells* is a peachy-pink creme polish that really is QUITE shiny on its own. I do have top coat on to protect my design, but believe me when I say that this polish was shiny long before top coat entered the picture!  

Wet n Wild - She Shells Dotted Nail Art Review (3)

Wet n Wild - She Shells Dotted Nail Art Review (2) 
I am wearing 2 coats of She Shells with polish consistency being on the thicker side so there was always a lot on the brush itself which led to some slight adjustments in application. Nail polish thinner would have helped, but I was too lazy. Then I started creating a dotted pattern with a white polish in an “X” shape in the center of my nail, followed by dotting a silver polish in the empty spaces. Any leftover space was dotted in with white polish.

Wet n Wild - She Shells Dotted Nail Art Review 
I love using dotting to create patterns like these because the technique never changes, but the colours can so you can end up having a fairly complex design.

What is everyone up to this weekend? I’m off to IKEA for yet MORE beauty storage…

MAKEUP LOOK | Getting Ready for Spring with Guerlain’s Les Tendres Spring 2015 Collection Review

I feel like I only seem to keep track of the seasons not by solstice, but by makeup collection. In December, I was blessed (yes, I use that term on purpose because it almost felt heaven-sent) with a good Samaritan who received my Guerlain package in error and took the trouble to look up my blog and email me to let me know she had it. It was probably the best Christmas present I had ever gotten!

When it comes to luxury colour cosmetics, Guerlain is like Mecca for me. I’ll make the journey to splurge once a year and worship from afar for the other 364 days. Released last month, Guerlain’s Spring Les Tendres 2015 Collection is all about radiance and having that naturally glowing complexion. There are some definite star products that I cannot help but highlight in the coming posts, but here is a somewhat first impression post of the products I used to create this glowing Spring look!

Guerlain Spring Les Tendres Makeup Look Review

CONTEST! | Happy Chinese New Year from Revlon! #LoveIsOn

In honour of the Lunar New Year, Revlon Canada has kindly gifted one Cosmetic Proof reader with a basket full of the latest Revlon treats to ring in the new year in tones of gold and red! This is an absolutely awesome basket of goodies and is also themed to coincide with Revlon’s latest global “Love is On” campaign launched late last year. To get into the spirit, Revlon and I want to share some love with YOU! 

Revlon Contest Giveaway LoveIsOn

Terms of the Giveaway

  • Open to Canadians ONLY
  • I will be shipping the prize out an my own expense so if you would like the basket too, pick up must be in person. Canadians, you KNOW how expensive shipping is here!
  • Giveaway ends on March 8th, 2015 at 11:59pm
  • The winner will have 48 hours to reply once they are contacted.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

CHINESE NEW YEAR | Gettin’ Lucky (Cat) with Revlon’s Transforming Effects Nail Enamel Top Coat in Gold Glaze

It’s already the Lunar New Year for the rest of the world, but here in the slowest time zone in the world there is still time to reflect on the past year. My family never got too much into celebrating, but this year I will be having what seems to be a huge feast at my dad’s so I will be looking forward to some good eats! This year, I have actually managed to get my act together and dress up my nails for the occasion using the December 2014 released Revlon Transforming Effects Top Coats Nail Enamel in Gold Glaze*. There are seven other Transforming Effects Top Coats ranging from glitters to holos to glazes (OH MY!) and although they say “top coat” I still prefer a clear top coat to seal in everything. It also seems to speed up dry time.  

Revlon Transforming Effects in Gold Glaze Chinese New Year Lucky Cat Nail Art Review Swatch

Revlon Transforming Effects in Gold Glaze Chinese New Year Lucky Cat Nail Art Review Swatch
Seeing as how my attempts at sheep were just horrific, I settled on the Lucky Cat that we always see at Asian restaurants waving its paw happily at patrons upon entry. For the base, I used Revlon Gel Envy – Roulette Rush*, which is smooth, shiny bright creme red followed by just a single coat of Gold Glaze as it was quite dense. I then hand drew the Lucky Cat and blossoms with acrylic paint. The Lucky Cat’s medallion was dotted on with Revlon – Gold Coin, my favourite gold polish to date.

Who here is born in the year of the sheep/ram/goat?

REVIEW | Rocky Mountain Soap Company Toxin-Free Liquid Crystal Deodorant in Tea Tree, Lemongrass and Lavender

When it came to eco-friendly bath and beauty products, the Rocky Mountain Soap Company has long been on my radar as they are a Canadian company (from Canmore, Alberta) and was one of the first natural companies I had heard of, but alas was not available as a store front in BC…until NOW! Last November, RMSC as I will now refer to them, opened two locations in BC – one in Metropolis at Metrotown and the other in the Vancouver Bentall Centre. If you haven’t checked out the stores, they are so bright and inviting that you’ll have to stop and browse.

Last month, I was introduced to RMSC’s Liquid Crystal Deodorant line in three different scents: Tea Tree*, Lavender* and Lemongrass*($8.50 CDN each) and along with the hubs, have been putting them to the test for more than a month now. RMSC deodorants are made from crushed potassium alum which naturally prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing in our arm nethers.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Liquid Crystal Deodorant Lavender Lemongrass Tea Tree Review

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Liquid Crystal Deodorant Lavender Lemongrass Tea Tree Review (2)

MAKEUP LOOK | New York Color #NYCBeautyPro Demi Lovato Inspired

I used to think that Demi Lovato was just like the other “Nickelodeon” girls, but ever since “Skyscraper” (which I was OBSESSED with in 2012) I realize that she’s got a bit of an edge which is evident in her makeup and fashion sense. Now, that I am back in business with a brand new laptop I am able to share January’s #NYCBeautyPro challenge as inspired by Demi Lovato because she is the new NYC Global Brand Ambassador! Demi (can I just refer to her by first name?) has always been one to play with colour, but my favourite look on her is her flawless looking matte skin, rosy cheeks and bright bold precision lip. I can only hope I did one of her signature looks justice!

NYC Beauty Pro Demi Lovato Makeup Look Review

BATH & BODY | Relax with Gels, Oils and Masks from Fresh

Yes, this can also be considered a Valentine’s Day post, but really there is never a bad time to indulge in the sensorial wonderland of Fresh. I feel like Fresh has been in my life for so long when really it has only been 3 years. I am a Fresh Tinted Lip Balm junkie like most Sephora savvy shoppers, but I also regularly use their fragrances. I remember getting a single Fresh Sugar Lemon soap and hoarding it like crazy in the shower because I never wanted it to disappear. Well, now I have more items to selfishly keep all to myself and use for as long as possible! When it comes to bath time rituals, evening is when I force myself to slow down and take care of myself even though I’m not always consistent about it. In addition to my multi-step skincare ritual, my bath time one is now getting to be just as important if not necessary to maintain sanity.

Fresh Bath and Body

VALENTINE’S DAY | From Bath to Beauty or Pure Self Indulgence

Are you guys tired of these Valentine’s Day posts yet? I feel like marketing has kind of ruined this day for most, but as nice as it is to spend it with your significant other, I prefer to think of Valentine’s Day as a reminder to just LOVE yourself, others and life in general. As beauty lovers, we are a select group of people that have absolutely NO ISSUES spoiling and pampering ourselves. It’s “part of the job” right? 

Like brussel sprouts, I used to despise the scent of lavender, but ever since getting into aromatherapy a few years ago in an attempt to combat stress I have come to appreciate its benefits and just how soothing it really is. I use to pipe it into the bedroom through a diffuser for Yoshi to calm him down while we were out all day and I even used it for the new kittens when we first got them because they were so skittish. The scent just lulls them to sleep. Lavender is also WONDERFUL at soothing aching muscles so if you need to sit back and rewind for a bit, pour yourself a hot bath and add in 2 cups of Dr Teal’s Soothe & Sleep Epsom Salt Soaking Solution with Lavender* and just inhale. I can honestly feel the buzz in my brain quiet as I inhale. 

Dr Teals Soothe and Sleep Epsom Salts Review

VALENTINE’S DAY | Lush Valentine’s Day 2015 Goodies!

Oh, be still my heart! Lush Cosmetics is making our hearts go pitter patter this Valentine’s season with some classic as well as new favourites!

Lush Valentines Day Review

NAIL ART | L’Oreal Infallible 2-Step Nail Colour in Irresistible Bonbon with Valentine’s Nail Decals

Gotta love good ol’ nail decals as the quickest way to get some pretty cool nail art goin’ on! I loved the new L’Oreal 2-step Infallible Nail Polishes so much that I went to London Drugs to pick up this baby soft pink in “Irresistible Bonbon” for the specific purpose of Valentine’s Day (this is the excuse I tell myself, NOT that I’m some sort of nail polish hoarder…).   

LOreal 2 Step Infallible Nail Polish in Irresistable Bonbon Review Swatch Nail Art (2)

Just like the previous colour I reviewed (here), “Irresistible Bonbon” was also opaque in 2 coats, but didn’t look quite as shiny which was a little disappointing. The wear was about 5 days on me with these photos taken at the 4 day mark hence the slight tip wear. I thought these nail decals* from Born Pretty would pair perfectly with such a sweet sounding/looking polish and came in three sheets with some fun little sayings as well as some sayings that didn’t quite work in English…one decal even said just “Beautiful Finger”…

LOreal 2 Step Infallible Nail Polish in Irresistable Bonbon Review Swatch Nail Art

Like I said, I was a little disappointed with the lack of shine on this particular nail polish shade, but the nail decals were a fun talking point at work and were just as easy to use as the Born Pretty decals I constantly use. I just LOVE THEM!


I don’t really have a question for you guys, so just tell me something interesting about yourselves!

I Love Cosmetics Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

The I Love Cosmetics line smells so damn good that FarleyCo Beauty and I cannot wait to let one lucky Cosmetic Proof reader experience the olfactory goodness for themselves (one item of your choice from the I Love Cosmetics line) as well as the super cute Love Locket and Key shown below!

I Love...Valentines Day Giveaway Review

Terms of the Giveaway

  • Open to Canadians ONLY
  • Giveaway ends on February 25th, 2015 at 11:59pm
  • The winner will have 48 hours to reply once they are contacted.


I Love Cosmetics is found exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart locations all across Canada. a Rafflecopter giveaway

VALENTINE'S DAY | All Things Pink and Red Beauty Round Up

I actually really like product round-ups and I am delighted to have a moment to do one for Valentine's Day because I LOVE red and pink. It doesn't always look great on me when it comes to clothing, but beauty products tend to be much more forgiving so here are some of my favourites for Valentine's Day (or any day really!)

I Love...Valentines Day Makeup Review

I Love...Raspberry & Blackberry Refreshing Body Spritzer* smells both creamy and tart all at the same time and I know it can be a little weird to smell so delectable, but Valentine’s Day tends to mesh our senses with our emotions so I stand by this absolutely deliciously scented body spray no matter the occasion! (I love it so much that one lucky reader will be getting the chance to win one!)

Nothing sends me running to my red and pink nail polish stash like this impending “holiday”. Two of my favourite polishes are Essie’s “Good Morning Hope”, which is your classic baby pink creme, and RGB Cosmetics’ “Red”, which is one of my favourite intensely red polishes.

When it comes to makeup for a date night out, my husband likes a neutral eye similar to the one I created for my Beauty Panel look (here), but I always have a little more fun with the lips using brightly pigmented lip products like the High Pigment Pencils from Bite Beauty in the shades “Cranberry” and “Quince”. These guys are AWESOME. Everyone get some like now. And finally, of all the blushes to choose from this time of year, why not choose one that’s both pink AND has hearts on it like Physician’s Formula Happy Booster Blush in “Rose”? I’ve had this blush for awhile, but I still brush over it ever so gently to keep the hearts intact! 

Valentine’s Day – Looking forward to it or dreading it just a little? 

NAIL POLISH | OPI 50 Shades of Grey Collection–Swatches, Review and Nail Art with “My Silk Tie” and "Dark Side of the Mood"

The countdown to Valentine's Day is ON and in continuing with the OPI 50 Shades of Grey love from last week (previous review), no collection from this book is complete with some actual SHADES OF GREY.
OPI 50 Shades of Grey Colletion Swatches Review

OPI 50 Shades of Grey Colletion Swatches Review Dark Side of the Mood

SKINCARE REVIEW | Cleanser Wednesdays with Kaia Naturals 100% Natural Bamboo Tapioca Beads

Bear with me as I struggle to blog on my husband's computer which is a Mac while I have been an avid PC user. I also don't normally use the Blogger WYSIWYG to write in so things might look ugly in terms of spacing. Since receiving the blue screen of hard drive death on Tuesday night and not having anything scheduled, the second installment of Cleanser Wednesdays is coming to you just a wee bit late.

I first heard of Kaia Naturals in 2012 when I received a sample of their Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths in one of my very first Glymm boxes. Three boxes of cleansing cloths later, they still reign as one of my favourite cloths to use, but now there's a new way to cleanse that has a MUCH longer shelf! Kaia's new Bamboo Tapioca Beads*($38.00 CDN)  is an anydrous or waterless cleanser. You can add water, face oil, green tea or even yogurt to cleanse and exfoliate your skin! Pretty cool, right?

Kaia Naturals Natural Bamboo Tapioca Beads Cleanser Review

MAKEUP REVIEW | Makeup by One Direction Liquilights Glow Gloss and Rock Me Nail Varnish

To be honest, I’m still not over my last Makeup by One Direction review (here) as it was probably one of the most intense makeup reviews I have done. For those of you who loved the limited edition kits released in August, there are three new makeup kits that have been released: Electro Glam Mascara, Liquilights Glow Gloss* and the Rock Me Nail Kit*. I’ve got my hands on the glosses and nail polishes and the 14-year old in me is giddy with boy band glee.
electroglam mascara
Makeup by One Direction Liquilights Glow Gloss Review

VALENTINE’S DAY | So…Fragrance? Gift Sets with So…? Sexy, So…? Sinful and So…? Kiss Me

Having worked in the luxury jewellery industry for a decade, Valentine’s Day was the push to get back in the game after a quiet January. It’s a “holiday” that can be great when you’re in a couple or bring out some resentment if you’re single. I’ve never really minded either way because I love pink and red at all times and this is the one time of the year where I can really indulge. I used to buy foam hearts and decorate my binders in school and of course send out candy grams to friends because I love them too! Valentine’s Day was also the first time I took the opportunity to buy MYSELF a diamond ring because I wanted my first diamond to be all my own and not be tinged with emotion if there was ever a break-up (Isn’t break-up jewellery the worst?).

Speaking of red and pink, I have reviewed So…? Sinful before (here) and although I found the scent a bit too “young”, I found the packaging cute and price point to be incredibly affordable for the quality. Fragrance is very personal so if So…? Sinful didn’t quite work then maybe So…? Sexy or So…? Kiss Me? First up, is the So…? Sexy Cute Mix*($5.99 CDN) gift set that has mini versions of the eau de toilette and matching body lotion.

So Fragrance So Sexy Review

NAIL POLISH | OPI 50 Shades of Grey Collection–Swatches, Review and Nail Art with “Romantically Involved”

I resisted reading the 50 Shades of Grey series until it got to the point where in order to have any sort of opinion about the books, I needed to read them myself. All I can say about the books is that I will never again subject my brain to the this adult Twilight fan fiction, BUT the nail polishes I did enjoy. There are 6 shades in the collection, most of which are well, GREY with the exception of deep creme red called “Romantically Involved”. Not one of my favourite names for a polish, but hey. The books always talk about Ana’s cheesy inner goddess so why not?

OPI Nail Polish 50 Shades of Grey Swatch Review Collection (3)