SKINCARE | New Fresh Face Masks from LUSH! Mini Reviews of Rosy Cheeks, Don’t Look at Me and Cup O’ Coffee

Lush’s Fresh Face Masks are one of my FAVOURITE indulgences because they are made so freshly that you pretty much have to pamper yourself every day in order to finish the masks before the two week expiration date hits! I have tried almost all the Fresh Face masks thanks to Lush’s “return 5 black pots, get one Fresh Face mask” policy with my current favourites being: Oatifix, Brazened Honey and Cosmetic Warrior (I LOVE garlic!). WELL. I now have a few more favourites to add! Not only is there ONE new Fresh Face mask, but there are THREE new masks to amaze and grace your skin: Don’t Look at Me* (60g/$10.95CDN), Rosy Cheeks* (60g/$12.95 CDN) and Cup O’ Coffee* (150g/$10.95CDN). Each of these masks is made with natural butters, clay and essential oils that will have your skin feeling nourished and excited for the next mask session!

Lush Fresh Face Masks Rosy Cheeks Don't Look at Me Cup O Coffee Review

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The name “Don’t Look at Me” came about from the fact that none of us feel comfortable being seen in public when we have a face mask on! Now that this mask is a bright blue, I want nothing more than to show off my face because the name and colour of this mask amuses me incredibly. Aside from the colour, this kaolin clay-based exfoliating mask is all about brightening and bringing life back into dull skin with organic lemon juice and ground white rice to gently buff skin to soft perfection. Try not to rub too hard in more sensitive areas like the cheeks because the rice grains are on the larger side. You would think that a clay-based mask would leave skin feeling dry, but because of the murumuru butter, even my dry skin felt completely fine. Once you rinse this off, you will want nothing more than for people to “look at you” because your skin will feel incredibly restored. This mask is only available in-store for optimal freshness. When I took mine home, it had been made 24 hours prior so SUPER fresh!

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Rosy Cheeks is mask that everyone should be reaching for in the next couple of months because it contains soothing calamine powder, rose clay, rose petals and rose oil that all work to soothe irritated skin. I constantly get red patches in the winter from dryness or weather and when I came back from Toronto two weeks ago, my skin started to PEEL from the sudden climate change. It was so gross and then I remembered that I had this mask in the fridge and literally SLATHERED this on my face. The consistency is thick, creamy and easy to spread across the skin and of course smells like freshly cut roses x 10. This mask is also available in-store only due to the freshness factor.

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Cup O’ Coffee is an absolute MUST for anyone who loves coffee and having skin that feels like dream because holy hell do I love this! This mask does not need to be refrigerated and is for both the face and body. Made with coffee grounds, agave syrup, kaolin clay and caffeine powder, this is an intensive exfoliating mask that is gloriously thick and while it isn’t the creamiest to spread across the skin, if you have ever fantasized about spreading dessert on your face and body – this is as close as you will get. My skin felt so soft AND hydrated after using Cup O’ Coffee and the scent of coffee grounds was absolutely intoxicating! The tub gets a little dirty when rinsing this off the body so be sure to rinse thoroughly. This mask comes in two sizes, but I guarantee you will want the larger size after one use!

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I don’t know about you, but a mask like “Don’t Look at Me” makes me feel pretty awesome! 

All three masks are now available at all Lush boutiques.

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