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I am SO SORRY for being away for so long! In my packing haste for vacation, I forgot to pack my power cord for my laptop so although I had pre-taken my photos there was no salvaging the situation. Yes, I was worried I might lose some of you, but hopefully I kept you entertained with my Montreal and Toronto travels through Instagram! I have some massive catch-up to do as there are a number of Fall collections that will be making their debut on the blog over the next few weeks, but while it does not feel like summer anymore here in Vancouver, it most certainly was the case out East with close to 30 degree weather and humidity that did a number on my hair and skin (think leper-like).

Though this collection is limited edition, The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Collection is still available as it isn’t officially Fall yet, but please make sure that you get your hands on something from this collection as this is one of my favourite Body Shop scents to date! With fresh mint and a juicy squeeze of lime, this collection will have you running to a patio to sit down with the actual drink!

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Collection

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Collection (2)

The Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet* (200mL/$15.00 CDN) is just like the 2014 released Body Sorbets (review), but with that incredibly invigorating mint-citrus KAPOW of a scent! Since this moisturizer is more like a gel very thirsty skin will need more than this, but for those of you who live in high humidity areas, the body sorbets will probably be enough. For an extra refreshing cool-down, stick this in the fridge and you’re pretty much giving your skin a genuine Virgin Mojito.

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Collection (1) 
Who says you have to give up the summer drinks just because Fall has arrived? That’s when the Virgin Mojito Body Butter* (200mL/$20.00 CDN) comes in handy when the body sorbets just can’t cut it anymore. Like Body Shop’s classic body butters, this body butter promises long-lasting hydration and though it takes a little while to work into the skin, the final finish is non-greasy. The Virgin Mojito scent is also stronger in the body butter so if you want that summer feelin’ to last forever, make sure you grab this body butter!

I saved the best for last because I am obsessed with exfoliation. The Virgin Mojito Body Scrub* (250mL/$22.00 CDN) was the very first thing I tried with that delicious shade of green that smells just so good. Like the body scrub from Body Shop’s Spring Fuji Green Tea collection (review), the scrub is fairly gentle and I use it on a daily basis. The dark green exfoliating bits are suspended in a gel-like mixture and borders on the category of “exfoliating body wash”. For a deeper exfoliation, I prefer Body Shop’s Spa Fit Body Scrub which has a more densely packed exfoliant.

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Collection (3)

Beauty shot of the Virgin Mojito Body Scrub just because it is SO PHOTOGENIC!

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Collection also includes a: shower gel and fragrance and is available online and in stores now.

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