NAILS| The Turquoise Stone Blobbicure #ManiMonday

I have been loving the look of textures and creating more "organic" manicures lately and one technique that I have been wanting to try is the infamous "blobbicure"! A blobbicure is quite literally nail art that has been created using blobs of polish (see video by Simply Nailogical). I wanted to create a turquoise stone-like effect so I used some of the shades from the Ceramic Glaze Botanical Oasis collection which worked out perfectly to give this mani the look I was going for!

Turquoise Stone Blobbicure Nail Art

For my manicure, I applied one thick coat of Ceramic Glaze - French Riviera* immediately followed by drops of Ceramic Glaze - Surf's Up*. I would advise using polishes with high opacity because there ain't no second coats with this manicure!

 The key to the blobbicure is that both your base coat and second "blobbing" polish are applied thickly AND quickly. I was concerned that my blobs will congeal and not have that segmented appearance, but it looks like the surface tension of nail polish prevents that from happening. You want to work quickly so that the polish spreads instead of just sitting on the surface of the base colour.

After I was done blobbing (literally within 2 minutes), I thought this manicure was missing something and added a few random gold studs from Born Pretty to bejewel things up! Add a top coat and you are done!

Turquoise Stone Blobbicure Nail Art

 Today is finally my weekend and I do not plan on leaving the house for anything. I have stocked up on perogies (my current food vice) and I am good to go! 

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