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I'm not one of those lucky ones who gets a real weekend thanks to my retail job, but the weekends are still special because my day is shorter and there aren't any pesky things from head office to deal with as no one is open. It really does feel a little more carefree than during the week and with today being Earth Day, I thought what better tribute than with two relaxing products I have been enjoying and will need more of shortly! Live Clean is so much more than any drugstore brand because it is seriously one my favourite green brands with its 98% plant and natural-based ingredients, biodegradable packaging and SLS/sulfate-free cleansing agents. I am so glad that a brand THIS good is so easily available to everyone because being cleaner with your beauty products shouldn't have to cost more or be elusive to find.    

Live Clean Spa Therapy Review

I have featured Live Clean a couple of times on Cosmetic Proof so if you are interested in their hair care products, you will definitely be able to find more than enough glowing reviews! It's all about the body today though and both my husband and I have been using the Live Clean Spa Therapy Foam Bath* and  Dead Sea Salts* and just LOVING THEM. The scent is a combination of ginger, lemon, chamomile and green tea with little bit of eucalyptus that really comes out once in the bath. It truly smells like a spa in the bathroom when either of these are used and I love that if I want bubbles, I can use the Foam Bath and if I have sore muscles from working all day I can opt for the Dead Sea Salts. All the while enjoying this incredibly good scent!

Live Clean Spa Therapy Review

After chilling in the tub with a good book, I put on my furry socks and snuggle up on the couch to watch whatever is new on Netflix (13 Reasons Why - OMG!) or blog in comfort. Even though blogging can sound like work at times, I will never be one of those people that stops completely. I may not be the best writer, but I love putting together a story and having a diary of sorts as I use my blog as a way to keep track of my life. For instance, I know that anything written from June 2014 - August 2014 was strained and stressed because of my job and everything after that was so much more fun. I did more makeup looks and tried different things because I felt so liberated after leaving such a terrible position. Needless to say, blogging is important to me and I genuinely miss it when I am away from it for more than a couple of days!

Live Clean Spa Therapy Review

The Live Clean Spa Therapy line also includes a body wash, scrub and body butter which I now have to try after having fallen in love with these two products! If you haven't tried anything from Live Clean, I urge you to because you be so surprised by how much you will love them!

Live Clean is available at all major drugstores.

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