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Magicstripes Magnetic Youth Mask
Won in a giveaway

I am cautiously optimistic that I can return to sheet masking at least once a week now that I know what has been setting my skin off (sigh...stress) and that it's not some sort of infection or skin disease (I know, I am being dramatic). I was looking at my blog and I cannot believe that it is Dec.17th and I only have two blog posts here! I try to do an average of 10 blog posts/month mainly because the double digits look more accomplished, but I think with the stress of work and the holidays, I have given into my body's desire for rest. I do miss having a plethora of content though and it's hard to believe that just a month ago after having 3 days off, I managed to happily find the energy for a full week of blog posts! 

Like most of my sheet mask posts, I have been sitting on this Magicstripes review for awhile (like pre-pandemic) as I won these masks in a giveaway when Jen from @vibrantvvbeauty tagged me as her friend and we BOTH ended up winning! I'm sure she has used her sheet masks long ago, but I still have one more left which worked out as I did not remember at all what this mask was like when I first used it years ago! Lucky for me and all of you, these masks still exist!

Magicstripes Magnetic Youth Mask

What makes this mask special? Based in Hamburg, Germany, I first got to know Magicstripes because of this very mask! Using carefully placed magnets (ummm, yes you read that right!) integrated into the mask itself, this mask is supposed to be like the Fountain of Youth in one by accelerating cell renewal, improves microcirculation and skin metabolism by increasing production of red blood cells, detoxes and depuffs and refreshes and smooths skin.

Magicstripes Magnetic Youth Mask

Let it be known that I tried to pick up the mask with a magnet as well as stick it to my fridge and it DID NOT work so it's not like the magnets are super strong. I would hope they are somewhat legitimate as this is a luxuriously priced mask! 

Magicstripes Magnetic Youth Mask

To use, the magnets should be touching your skin and then you leave this mask on for 20-30 minutes. I would push for closer to 30 minutes as this mask pretty much costs $1/min! The actual sheet mask fabric is light as a feather and the essence is incredibly watery so be careful if you are pouring it out of the package because it comes out fast!

Magicstripes Magnetic Youth Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: $27 CDN

What it does: Accelerates circulation of blood and fluids, detoxes, refreshes and de-puffs using magnets.

Scent: Slightly floral

Essence Type: Super watery 

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: Thin

Mask Fit: A little long on the sides of the forehead

Tackiness: Absolutely none

Hydration: Very nice!

Other notes: N/A

Magicstripes Magnetic Youth Mask 

Final verdict: Hmmm, I'm not completely sold on this mask yet, BUT my very reactive skin did look incredibly good after I used it! It looked like I had hit reset on my skin with just one use so maybe with regular use I would start seeing some legit results? Honestly, I have tried so many sheet masks at this point in my beauty life that I am willing to just have a few brands in my arsenal that are fancy, but worth it! I would definitely be willing to give Magnetic Youth another shot if it meant slowing down aging a bit!

You can find the Magicstripes Magnetic Youth Mask at as well as various Canadian e-tailers which might be better for pricing depending on where you shop!

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