NAILS | Sally Hansen Up to Snuff Swatch #MidWeekMani

Sally Hansen Up to Snuff Swatch
Purchased by me

This week started off with my working on Victoria Day which was a bit of weird day as we weren't busy until about the last hour and ended up having to stay late, but such is what happens often on holidays. I think people just get a bit of a later start to their day (I call it a "vampire start") which I understand. On Tuesday, I was invited to a lovely press lunch with Pixi Beauty but I had to leave after 1.5 hours as I was on a lunch break which always makes me feel a bit antsy as I constantly look at my watch out of guilt. We are a bit short-staffed right now due to vacations so I felt some pressure to head back to work ASAP. Nonetheless, I still had a good time meeting some new people as I'm now a "moldy oldy" when it comes to the beauty scene as I am usually a solid 10 years older than most attendees. 

Back in the day, you usually saw the same people as the pool of Creators was so much smaller. Now, it's a mix of different people at events as the focus has moved to Creators who create solely on Instagram or TikTok with old school bloggers like myself becoming unicorns. I'm not great at the video content or have the desire to show my face, body or outfits a lot which is more the trend with Creators nowadays so here I sit at under 5k on Instagram probably for the rest of my days. Have I thought about trying to grow it? Sure, but knowing how much work it is and how much more money I make with my day job, I'm just not sure I want to allocate more of my free time to do it. If I worked less, I think I would attempt it, but for now I'm just too tired to do so. For those who get up early or stay up late to create content on top of your day jobs, I salute you!

Sally Hansen Up to Snuff Swatch

I really feel my age when it comes to these events as I have literally watched Vancouver and the influencer space evolve so much in the last 15 years. People think I'm new to press events and this life, but in reality I've been in it and watching it from a different angle for a long time, but I am happy with the path I have chosen. We all know that this "hobby" is only for those who do it for themselves and no one else. I like having a consistent paycheck and knowing that my time off is actual time off and not another opportunity to create content. I can understand the appeal of those who do choose to use IG as their platform to create especially if writing or doing YouTube was never that appealing.

Not much to say about this swatch other than, the colour is stunning and a PERFECT match to Snuffleupagus! I wore this shade a lot in the Fall and I know I will be bringing out this rich sienna orange again next season! This is easily a one-coater!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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