SKINCARE | My Beauty Diary 2 Step Asia Brightening Pack #LunarFebruary

How is there only one week left of February?! Granted the last two weeks after I got back from my staycation have been a whirlwind at work and where I have felt only a few days have passed, it has been two weeks. I look back and I don't even know what I have been doing. I haven't had much time to play with my beauty babies and even though I held onto my blogging streak for 15 days straight, I finally crashed around Chinese New Year and allowed myself to go down the #VirtueMoir rabbit hole.

My Beauty Diary Asia 2 Step Brightening Pack Review

MAKEUP | New Shades of Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm!

Last year, Dior came out with a more pigmented shade of their Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm in Berry and now there are more! Introducing two new finishes and new shades, these Lip Glows ($41.00 CDN) are kind of a relief to see after seasons of matte finishes and are the easiest lip products to use when you don't feel like fussing over applying lipstick, but want a little bit of hydrating colour for an MLBB look.  

Dior Addict Lip Glow Swatches and Review

SKINCARE | Elizavecca Water Lock Hydrogel Melting Mask #LunarFebruary

Do you know where I found this sheet mask? Right in the aisle of my local London Drugs! Some of you may have noticed that London Drugs has started carrying Korean beauty brands like Mizon, The Face Shop and now Elizavecca! The selection tends to change and I am never able to find the same things twice, but pricing is reasonable and I don't have to wait a month for things to ship from South Korea!

I last featured Elizavecca in January (here) with their hydrogel eye mask which was fun, but I didn't find great for value. I picked up the Water Lock Hydrogel Melting Mask because packaging was cute and because I do love a good hydrogel mask!  

Elizavecca Water Lock Hydrogel Melting Mask Review

NAILS | Happy Year of the Dog! #LunarFebruary

Ahhh, sorry this is so late, but work this week has been making me want to cry and it won't end until the end of this month which makes me want to cry a little more. Does anyone else have a job like this? I am definitely working a job that has an expiration date, but it is financially comfortable yet mentally exhausting so for now it will just have to do. I realized that I hadn't done my nails since the last ManiMonday which I had pre-done almost two weeks ago so it was time for a change. I didn't even get a chance to do Valentine's Day nails because I honestly forgot! I did think that Lunar New Year nails were in order so I found this quick and easy 101 Dalmatians-themed manicure from @juliajor and gave it go!

MAKEUP | Givenchy Lunar New Year Collection #LunarFebruary

How many of you are celebrating the Lunar New Year with friends and family this weekend? In my last post, I had mentioned how nostalgic I felt this year with memories of intimate family dinners, but this year, we are all doing our own thing so messages via text are as close as it will get this year in addition to a message from my dad to have kids soon as that he can spoil them with red pockets. Subtle Dad, subtle.

Many of you may have seen the beautiful Lunar New Year products that have come out, but I have to say that the prettiest pieces I have seen this year come from Givenchy with their Prisme Libre Loose Powder and Le Rouge Intense Color Lipstick! Not only are these pieces red, but feature a stunning silver-embossed genuine printed leather! 

Givenchy Lunar New Year Prisme Libre and Le Rouge Review and Swatches

MAKEUP | Christian Louboutin Limited Edition Lunar New Year Gift Set #LUNARFEBRUARY

Growing up in Vancouver, Chinese New Year, or the Lunar New year, as I now need to call it because it's the new year for more than just Chinese people, is HUGE. When I first immigrated to Canada in 1988, there were virtually no Chinese people. My family and I were struggling immigrants, my parents worked hard to give my sister and I a home, clothes and toys. We were on our own save for the handful of people we knew and integrating into "white" society was how my family and I chose to survive. My parents spoke to my sister and I ONLY in English which in retrospect was a mistake as being multilingual will ALWAYS be an asset, but I think my parents were afraid that we would be ostracized just by the colour of our skin.

Thankfully, Vancouver was very open to all cultures and I wish now that we had spoken Mandarin at home. The closest I have to any Asian language is understanding child level Hokkien (kudos to those of you who know what that is!), but as Vancouver has gotten more and more Chinese immigrants, I have never been so acutely aware of what animal we are celebrating this year. The Lunar New Year is bigger now than I ever remember it in Canada and I can't help, but miss the small intimate family celebration we used to have just the four of us. I almost want to go to T&T and pick up all that food just for hubs and me!

Limited Edition Lunar New Year Gift Set from Christian Louboutin Beauty