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MAKEUP LOOK | Sweet Anniversary Look with the Dior Capitol of Light 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette

As some of you know from my social media, it was my 3 year wedding anniversary yesterday and though we were both working a long day yesterday, my husband still had flowers sent to my office (here) which we are all thoroughly enjoying as Hugo and Hemi would have just eaten at home! We do plan on going out for dinner later this weekend, so in preparation, I started playing around with Dior's Fall Skyline Collection. I know reviews are already starting for the holiday collection, but it's freakin' October and I just...can't. Beauty seasons move so quickly and I like to keep it snail's pace over here at Cosmetic Proof since November and December will be FULL ON HOLIDAY! 

NAILS | Halloween Haunted House #ManiMonday

I literally did these an hour before writing this post because I had to go "nail naked" for the Vancouver Chickadvisor Showcase yesterday afternoon as we were testing out nail polishes! If you haven't attended this event before, it is open to the public though Chickadvisor was gracious enough to send me a media pass. This is the most estrogen-filled afternoon you will ever have and by the time it's all over, you feel like you are on some sort of adrenaline rush from all of that product speed-dating! 

Halloween Haunted House Purple Gradient Nail Art

NAILS | Black Widow Spiders #Halloween

Three sets of nails in one week is a lot even for me, but I am determined to go FULL Halloween before it becomes all about reindeer, glitter and Christmas trees. I should do religious nails this year since it's also about Jesus too, right? When I was asking people what sort of nails they wanted to see, someone suggested spiderwebs. Spiderwebs aren't any fun without spiders so I included the scary female black widow too. I know the red hourglass shape is really supposed to be on her belly, but this spider wouldn't look quite as fun if she were belly up because I think that would mean that she's dead...

Halloween Black Widow Spider Nail Art

MAKEUP LOOK | The "Walking Dead" with Make Up For Ever #GlamToGhoul

I have a whole new level of appreciation for those of you who do special FX makeup. I don't think I have ever done "scary" Halloween makeup and though this "Walking Dead" look isn't as scary as a zipper face or severed head, I didn't warn my husband what I was up to when he came home from work. In fact, I sat with him and ate dinner with this on my face because I was STARVING by the time he got home. He pretty much got to see a live zombie feasting on a lamb donair.

Since I am a complete newbie when it comes to "fierce" makeup looks, I was terrified of attempting this, but I followed the MAKE UP FOR EVER tutorial on the Sephora website and crossed my fingers that I would look a little glam and not go too far over the edge with the ghoul!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Halloween Zombie Makeup Look

Lush | Halloween 2016 Collection aka That "Other" Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I don't know about you guys, but as a grown woman in her 30s I cannot WAIT for Lush's Halloween and Christmas collections to come out. Certain products, like the Sparkly Pumpkin and Snow Fairy Shower Gel are becoming a tradition where it just doesn't feel like the holidays until they hit my bathroom. Since Lush comes out with new products every year, I won't share the ones I have already reviewed - just the ones that are new for this year or items that I (you) have to have! 

Lush Halloween 2016 Collection

NAILS | Halloween Stitches French Manicure

I am appalled at myself for starting my Halloween manicure so late in the month! I adore Halloween, but this year I am finding it hard to come up with ideas for nail art that I have not done. I could always re-do the very first set of Halloween nails I EVER painted in my life (here)? I look at them and I am grateful for the progress I have made in 5 years! I am starting off Halloween with some elegant stitches nails reminiscent of Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. I decided to do multi-coloured tips because I get so sick of orange and black so it's nice to mix it up a little.

Halloween Stitches French Manicure Nail Art