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NAILS | Keeping up with Pink with Unt - Onscreen Chemistry!

I forgot how short February was and realized that I only have time for this and maybe one more pink manicure! Ahhh! Where has the time gone? I've had a bit of a hectic week with a stomach bug at the beginning of this week and taking it really easy with food for fear of tossing my cookies on public transit. SO EMBARRASSING.

Anyway, two years ago I was one of the winners of the Nailpolis 1,000,000 Facebook Fans contest and won a gift certificate to shop at Live Love Polish! One of the polishes I picked up was this pink cream glittery beauty from the "Kate Party" collection called Onscreen Chemistry!

Unt Nail Polish Onscreen Chemistry VE080 Swatch Review

NAILS | Abstract Needle Marble Hearts #ManiMonday

I am back with another gel polish manicure as I found myself having a girls night in while the hubby was off D&Ding with some of his colleagues. I have been doing mainly pink manicures this month as I prefer pink polish to red mainly because of nail bed staining, but thankfully with gel polish staining is NOT an issue! I was tempted just to do a swatch, but I love needle marbling with gel polish so I attempted some hearts as well that ended up looking rather abstract. This whole thing took about 7 minutes from first coat to final cure so not bad at all! 

Needle Marble Heart Nail Art

SKINCARE | Deciem Hylamide High Efficiency Face Cleaner Review

It's about time I talk about Deciem again! Skincare reviews are both my favourite and most hated posts as even something as basic as a cleanser needs a bit more research than a coloured cosmetic product like a lipstick or eyeshadow. There is also something about what you apply to your skin that gives us all cause to have a look at the ingredients. We know that in the short time that Canadian company Deciem has been in our lives, they have changed, evolved and reinvented the way we look at the skincare industry and ingredients. They are doing things that no other company has done and I believe will continue to surprise us with pricing that is crazy (The Ordinary!) and uncommon ingredients. 

Deciem Hylamide High Efficiency Face Cleaner Review

MAKEUP | Marcelle Rouge Xpression Velvet Gel Lipsticks - The Karine Vanasse Collection

I am far more familar with Marcelle from the skincare standpoint with my most enthusiastic review going back to 2012 when Marcelle was one of the first North American companies to debut a BB cream (review). I still use all of their BB, CC and DD creams on days when I just need some light coverage, but never went beyond skin when it came to Marcelle makeup. This is one of those times when if it weren't for a press package, I would never have discovered something new and AWESOME. Say hello to the Rouge Xpression Velvet Gel Lipsticks in five wearable shades!  

Marcelle Velvet Rouge Xpression Velvet Gel Review Swatches

NAILS | Valentine's Day Botched Heart French Manicure

This is an example of a manicure that I knew I should have done another way, but was too stubborn to realize it until it was too late so here are my blurry hearts! I know that one of the easiest ways to make a heart is to use a dotting tool, but I actually find it much harder than just drawing a "V" with a paintbrush. I feel the dotting tool doesn't give as much control and instead gives rise to potential shapeless, doughy blobs. Can you tell I'm angry about this? Anyway, my husband gave me a thumbs up to post these so here they are! Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentines Day Heart French Manicure Nail Art

BATH & BODY | Lush Valentine's Day Collection!

Lush is back this year with some old favourites and brand new additions to their Valentine's Day collection! I love that Lush has some great ads celebrating all inclusive love and that when it comes to acceptance, Lush is always one of the first to be proactive about it so yay Lush!

Lush Valentines Day Review