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SKINCARE | Shiseido Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother VoxBox

Ever since getting a VIP facial at Shiseido (here) two years ago, I have always known that when it comes to cutting edge skincare technology, Shiseido is always a couple of steps ahead of the game. You may think their products are just like everyone else's, but once you start trying them out or better yet, getting a massive dose of product knowledge from one of sales associates (the ones in Vancouver always know their stuff!) you realize how much thought has gone into each one of their products.

Shiseido may be viewed as a more mature brand because if their focus on anti-aging, but the IBUKI (Japanese for "inner strength") line is a collection intended for skin stabilization meaning correcting imperfections, dryness and working towards homeostasis (for those biology nerds!) which is for everyone. In today's world of selfies and perfect skin, it was fun to see that Shiseido partnering up with Influenster for a campaign launching their new IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother* ($29.00 CDN)!  

Shiseido Ibuki Smart Filtering Smoother Voxbox Review

FASHION | Gold Elegance with SOUFEEL

I have mentioned how when it comes to gems and jewels, I am pretty selective and it takes a real quality product for me to go "wow" and dedicate an entire blog post to it, but that was indeed the case with SOUFEEL. Two Christmases ago, I reviewed the cutest sterling silver bracelet (here) and when SOUFEEL reached for another review, I couldn't do silver again because you guys have already seen that they have beautifully made sterling silver bracelets, so this time I went with gold! Mmmm, I love goooold!

Soufeel Charm Bracelet Review

MAKEUP LOOK | Green Beauty with Zorah Biocosmetiques

Last Fall, I reviewed eco-certified skincare from Montreal-based company Zorah Biocosmetiques (here) and was thrilled with the story, ingredients and efficacy of the products. The Ecocert stamp of approval is an extra that I know not all companies do because of the extra cost, but when I see it, I feel completely assured that the products I am using are not just safe, but actually GOOD for my skin.

In addition to some awesome skincare (more reviews to come!), they also have some great eco-friendly makeup!  

Zorah Biocosmetiques Makeup Review

MAKEUP | Dior Addict Lacquer Sticks with Lip Swatches

As much as I am now into satin and matte finishes, I entered the makeup world only knowing of glosses and LOVING THEM. The shinier the better. I remember carting around a clear glitter-filled lip gloss all through my early university years and using it as a top coat for neutral lipsticks. One guy in my Integral Calculus class (MATH 105 at UBC baby!) was staring at my lips and asked how I got them to look so big. I pulled out the tube and told him my glossy secret. And no, we didn't end up dating, but we are still friends!

The old version of the revamped Dior Addict Ultra Gloss was my very first high end lip gloss purchase. I figured that since this was my everyday makeup staple, I should invest! 10 years later, Dior is still managing to wow me with the new Dior Addict Lacquer Sticks ($43.00 CDN)! They look like a lipstick, but once this formula hits your lips, transforms into a liquid shine with an intense saturated colour! Coming in 18 shades, there is something for everyone in here, even those of us who like to experiment.  

Dior Addict Lacquer Stick Review

NAILS | Pearls in Negative Space #ManiMonday

Earth Day may be over, but I promised to keep things as Mother Earth friendly as possible so here is a polish brand never featured on Cosmetic Proof - JINsoon Nail Lacquer! Created by Korean nail artist Jin Soon Choi, these polishes are 5-free and vegan-friendly. Long-wearing nail polishes are never going to be the healthiest, but we can try to get as close as possible with polishes like JINsoon. During my day trip to Aberdeen Centre last summer, I picked up this gorgeous shade of Poppy Blue at my favourite store Green & Pure and have been waiting for the right season and time to christen it!

Jin Soon Poppy Blue Pearl Nail Art

BEAUTY | Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

I love skincare that works while I am sleeping and wish I could get MORE done that way! Asian skincare was the first to introduce the concept of sleeping "packs" or masks and I have been a regular customer of the sleeping mask since I was 25. Every other night was sleeping mask night though once I started blogging, it got harder to stay consistent especially when reviewing a full skincare line. One thing I never stopped though was applying a generous dollop of lip balm to my lips just before bed time so it was really easy to swap my peppermint lip balm for Laneige's Lip Sleeping Mask* ($24.00 CDN)

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Review