Friday, November 27, 2015

NAILS | Triple Coral Glitter Gradient #EssenceGelNails

The Essence Gel Nail Polish launch has been invigorating for me in many ways because I don't think I have done THIS many nail art posts in a very long time. For those that have been following me since I started blogging in 2011, I began as a nail art bloggers and would never have dreamed that I would be showing you all more than my talons. I probably take nail polish far too seriously, but I love pushing myself and trying new things. FOTDs are fun too, but sometimes I feel like there are only so many ways you can change your canvas aka your face. With nails, every time I take off my current design the slate truly is blank and can be transformed into ANYTHING.

I decided to finish of the month with a classic nail art design that is so fast and easy to do, but always looks amazing at the end - the glitter gradient!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

LIPS | Arbonne Intelligence Lip Treatment Review

Every morning before I apply any lipstick or lipgloss, I either apply a very minimal layer of chapstick or primer to make sure that my lip colour has a smooth surface to "hug" and because they feel so soothed. Primers have become my lip pacifier of sorts and with how often I use them, adding in skincare benefits? Mega bonus. The latest in lipcare comes in the form of the Arbonne Intelligence Lip Treatment* ($46.00 CDN) which contains a proprietary ingredient called Phytinol - blend of alfalfa, chicory extracts and retinoids that work to smooth skin texture. This treatment not only serves as a lip primer, but also improves overall lip volume.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

SKINCARE | Gettin' Oiled Up with New Lipidol Skincare Oils!

From the makers of the cult healing oil Bio-Oil, come six new skincare oils for the face and body from Lipidol! We are now seeing how amazing oils are for the skin and that even oily skin types should embrace the fact that oils are good! The can both lift dirt and makeup from the skin and prevent stripping of the skin's natural oils. Lipidol combines this plus the healing aspect that Bio-Oil was so well-known for. Each skincare oil contains anti-flammatory ingredients like chamomile as well as essential oils shown to have functional skincare benefits. Sounds amazing, right? What's even more amazing is that nothing in the collection is more than $8.97. Crazy!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

EVENT | Aveda Sessions #3 Botanical Therapy Treatment + GIVEAWAY!

I am an Aveda Vancouver Ambassador. All treatments are complimentary.

After going ash blonde during my last Aveda Institute visit four weeks ago, I have since learned that even with cutting down my hair washing to twice a week and using purple hair products, blonde can lose its brightness fairly quickly. For my third session with Aveda, my appointment was with Advanced Grad, Tatiana, who greeted me with a huge smile as well as a lovely head of hair!

We chatted about what we felt my hair needed and in addition to a tone-up, I mentioned my hair was feeling excessively dry. Tatiana immediately recommended the Botanical Therapy Treatment (starting at $40 CDN)) that is only available in salons as each treatment is curated to your particular hair needs. I will start this post by saying I am completely sold on whatever magical properties this BTT contains! I swear that I now have magical fairy hair.

In addition to the BTT, I also got my blonde toned up and kept the ash blonde I had done last month. What I found absolutely amazing about the BTT was that unlike other conditioning treatments that last all of a few days, this treatment lasts EIGHT FREAKIN' WEEKS! The treatment itself is a proprietary mix of essential oils and what I refer to as Aveda Fair Dust which I'm sure is an incredibly concentrated mix of conditioning ingredients. It is sprayed on (see empty bottle above) and takes just FIVE minutes to work. It is then rinsed out and right away, my hair felt plump and thick.

I thought the feeling wouldn't last, but it has been almost a month and my hair feels almost like before I started colouring it! I can curl my hair with a flat iron without having to oil it up to give the iron something to glide on! The BTT seems to have formed a protective layer around each strand of hair preventing both moisture-loss and further external damage. It is truly amazing how weeks later, my hair is still benefitting from this treatment.

I can't keep this Aveda fun all to myself so as an early Christmas present, the Aveda Institute is offering the magical Botanical Therapy Treatment to one Cosmetic Proof reader!

Terms of the Giveaway

  • Valid for Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto Aveda Institute locations
  • Giveaway ends on November 30th, 2015 at 11:59pm
  • The winner will have 48 hours to reply once they are contacted
  • Do not follow only to unfollow (I have a VERY good memory!)


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NAILS | Dotticure Time with #EssenceGelNails

I am having a blast with the new Essence Gel Nail Polishes and this month I am putting these polishes to the test to see how resilient they really are. As we speak, I have had the below dotticure on my nails since Friday night and there is very minimal chipping. The right hand has two chips and the left one. Though I don't work with rocks, I do use my hands a lot, sometimes in He-Man sort of ways so nail polish usually will start to really chip at this point in the week. My nails still look pretty fabulous and I am totally feeling this dotticure!

Monday, November 23, 2015

MAKEUP LOOK | Fall Freshness with Guerlain KissKiss RoseLip and Rose Aux Joues Tendre Blush Review & Swatches

I absolutely love the inspiration behind this season's Guerlain Bloom of Rose Collection as it revolves around a 19th century discovery of a liquid tint that was gently dabbed onto the lips and cheeks. In 1918, Guerlain launched Roselip, which was the first solid lip colour to be sold in a jar and now the story continues with a collection that embodies natural shades to maintain a beautiful healthy glow - just like a rose. To pull away from all of the smoky Fall eyes I've been doing, I decided to channel the fresh faced makeup looks from Korea using the new KissKiss RoseLip Hydrating & Plumping Tinted Lip Balm* ($41.00 CDN) and Rose Aux Joues Tender Blush* ($57.00 CDN).