Monday, September 1, 2014

*New Release* Vasanti Cosmetics | Myeong-Dong Collection

I don’t normally share press releases unless I am really excited about a particular collection, but when I had a peek at the latest release by Canadian company Vasanti Cosmetics, I could not keep it to myself! Inspired by a trip to Seoul, South Korea, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Pinki Gosal created the Myeong-Dong (“bright town) Collection after seeing all of the colour in the main shopping district of Seoul.


Lightning Liner Liquid Eyeliner ($18 CDN) comes in four matte shades to suit every complexion and eye colour. Wake Me Up – nude peach and works as a clarifier on the eyelids, Calm – periwinkle lavender, Storm – smoky grey and Thunderbolt – vibrant cobalt blue all work to instantly wake up tired-looking eyes.

Vegan Cuts | June 2014 Beauty Box “All We Want is Summer Sun”

It’s the weekend (specifically the long weekend) which means beauty box catch up time! I mentioned in my last beauty box post that I have since unsubscribed to Topbox, Petit Vour, Wantable and now Vegan Cuts. Not because they were bad, but because I just want some time to enjoy what I have been sent. My May Vegan Cuts box actually got lost in transit and customer service happily sent along another. As always, I really enjoyed what was inside and managed to score a nail polish that I’ve been lemming for!

Vegan Cuts May Beauty Box

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Vegan Cuts | May 2014 Beauty Box

Out of all the beauty boxes I have been subscribed to, I really look forward to the vegan ones. I am actually surprised by how many cosmetic companies there are that are actually by definition vegan. I have said before that I would never call myself a vegan or even try to attempt the lifestyle, but if I can use a vegan product and support a vegan company I will. Unfortunately May’s Box was not all that useful to me, but the visual contents is very appealing isn’t it?

May Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ipsy | May 2014 “Fresh Picks” Glam Bag

It’s the weekend which means beauty box catch up time! Ipsy is the ONLY monthly beauty subscription that I have decided to keep because I felt that at the price of $14.95 with shipping, the value and excitement level of the products were worth hanging on to. May’s box was getting us all ready for summer which is now sadly almost over, but thankfully most of the products in this month’s bag can still be used year round.

May Ipsy Glam Bag

Friday, August 29, 2014

So…? Fragrance | So…? Sinful Body Fragrance and Eau de Toilette

When I was 16, I would never have had the money to spend $75 on a fragrance and I KNOW my parents would never have indulged me. Heck, if they knew how much I’ve spent on fragrance now they’d probably flip, but I do think they would approve of the So…? Fragrance line. So…? Sinful Eau de Toilette is just $9.99 and the matching Body Fragrance $4.99. I don’t think it gets much better than that!

With top notes of pineapple and mint, heart notes of violet and strawberry and base notes of vanilla, praline and musk, this is the sort of fragrance that is very feminine, but a little flirty at the same time.

So Sinful

*New for Fall 2014* Limited Edition Mary Kay Midnight Jewels | Eye Color Palette in Sapphire Noir with Swatches and Manga-esque Makeup Look

I know it’s still August, but here is a Fall makeup post whether you like it or not because Mary Kay has a stunning new Midnight Jewels Collection filled with brand new nail polishes, lipsticks, lip shimmers and two new eye shadow palettes. I will begin with the new Eye Color Palette in Sapphire Noir ($26 CDN) which contains five blendable shades that can take you from day to night. I absolutely adore the colour combination of this palette as I love that the purple has a darker hue to it (hence the sapphire, I guess?).

Mary Kay Sapphire Noir Eye Color Palette

Mary Kay Sapphire Noir Eye Color Palette Swatches

The only shade that had a little bit of fallout when swatching was the matte grey shade, but other than that all five shades swatched beautifully with tons of pigmentation.