Thursday, October 1, 2015

NAILS | A Starry Sky with the Dior Cosmopolite Darling Blue and Miroir

I have always believed that nail polish was meant to be more than just for swatches, but there are some polishes you don’t want to mess with TOO much. I know it’s a bit sentimental since “vernis est vernis”, but whenever I wear a Dior polish, I really want to show it off. I have a penchant for blue polishes and when I received Dior #791 Darling Blue* from the new Fall Cosmopolite collection, I just wanted to stare at this two coat shimmery marvel all day. Without taking away from the colour, I hand-painted some stars with #001 Miroir*, a mirror-like silver, to give this manicure a little something extra.

Dior Darling Blue Miroir Starry Sky Nail Art Dior Darling Blue Miroir Starry Sky Nail Art (2)
The Dior Cosmopolite collection is available now.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SKINCARE | Paula’s Choice Empties!

Please note that the following is a sponsored post for Pretty in my Pocket. All opinions are my own.

In June I was fortunate enough to get my tan on the SAFE way through PRIMP as well as discover the awesomeness that is Paula’s Choice skincare. I gave a sparkling review (here) as I was truly and visibly impressed by the honesty and price point of the products and philosophy behind the brand. As a beauty blogger/skincare junkie, I don’t often finish skincare products as after 4 weeks it’s always time to try something new, but out of the four products I received from Paula’s Choice in June two managed to make it to the end because they were just THAT good.

Paula's Choice Empties Review

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

BEAUTY BOX | June Glossybox Review

Welcome to the new Cosmetic Proof where I play beauty box catch up just like last year. I was so proud for doing all that writing last week so that you guys could come here to a new post every day, but then work and late nights caught up with me and we’re back to this unscheduled and impromptu way of doing things. Now, onto June’s Glossybox* which featured some brands that I know and love and some that I had never heard of, but that is sort of the fun with these boxes isn’t it? Discovering new product loves!

July Glossybox Review

Friday, September 25, 2015

FOTD Friday | Smoky Green Eyes with Dior Diorshow 5 Couleurs Designer Eyeshadow Palette in Khaki Design Review & Swatches

I really miss doing makeup looks and definitely need to come up with a better way of doing them with my work schedule. I am not a morning person, but I really should do them for work since I normally have to get semi-dolled up anyway. When it comes to reviewing eyeshadow palettes, I love incorporating them into a whole makeup look mainly because I find it fun and also because I like to show how the shades can be paired off with the right cheek and lip shades. Whenever I wear a “coloured” eyeshadow, it always feels like a big deal. If I’m not wearing neutrals, I feel like the whole world is staring at me. Green shadows like those in Dior’s new Diorshow 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Khaki Design* ($69.00 CDN) are sort of neutral for me. Maybe it’s because green is still a shade of “nature’', but I often feel like I need to be wearing the right outfit colours for green to work. Then again, I wore coral in the shots below so what do I know?

Dior Diorshow 5 Couleurs Khaki Design FOTD Swatches Review

Dior Diorshow 5 Couleurs Khaki Design FOTD Swatches Review (9)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

EXPERIENCE | Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie Hammam, Gommage and Grand Caudalie Facial

As many of you know, I was recently in Montreal and Toronto for a much needed vacation and while I was on the train to Toronto, I remembered that I was headed to the land where the Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie resided. After reviewing and LOVING the original hammam in Vancouver (here), I was given the opportunity to visit its much bigger sister at the Shangri-La Hotel in downtown Toronto. I was actually flying back to Vancouver at 6pm and being an extremely nervous flyer, I booked a hammam, gommage* (30min/$135 CDN) and Grand Caudalie Facial* (60 min/$170 CDN) in the hopes that I would be a bowl of unanxious jelly by the time I was boarding the plane.

Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie FacialPhoto credit: MacIntyre Communications


I can’t even type how I felt after the treatment so I will convey it was this photo of Hugo. I was just MELTY! Read on to find out about my experience because there are a few notable differences between the two locations.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

MAKEUP | MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Bronze Fusion in Shades 10M & 15I Review and Swatches

This was the season of bronzers and though this is a product that has been around for awhile, with the advent of sculpting and contouring, bronzers have come back with a vengeance ensuring that no cheekbone goes “unaccentuated”. Bronzers have traditionally been something I was afraid of screwing up, but with the varying finishes and formulations currently available, it seems like contouring is a feat achievable by even the average Joe (or Jayne!).

MAKE UP FOR EVER has made bronzing something to look forward to thanks to the relatively new Pro Bronze Fusion (11g/$42.00 CDN) coming in 6 shades of both matte and iridescent finishes. I received the shades 10M*, a natural matte honey, and 15I*, soft iridescent amber, both of which are for lighter skin tones. The other 4 shades are targeted for darker skin tones so anyone should be able to find a decent match. What makes these bronzers so different is the gel-powder formulation that seriously feels like I have put nothing on and yet, I have facial definition!   

 MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Bronze Fusion in Shades 10M & 15I Review and Swatches (4)

 MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Bronze Fusion in Shades 10M & 15I Review and Swatches (9)