MAKEUP | Clarins Spring 2018 Collection with Swatches and Look

I know we are already getting whiffs of the Clarins Summer collection, but I thought the Spring collection was so pretty that I needed to share before we start moving into the bronzed goddess looks of the summer. What I have loved about this year's Spring collections is the dose of pink we are getting! I have chatted about the launch of Clarins SOS Primers which also launched in Spring and I am grateful that they are not going anywhere just yet, but for now let's talk about the other stuff!

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NAILS | Oooh! It's a Red Holo! #ManiMonday

I wore this holo in the hopes that the sun would come out today for me to take one of those epic holo photos where all you see are rainbows on your eyeballs. Alas, it is bright, but cloudy today in Vancouver so we will have to contend with the ringlight and my telling you that this is the shade Gamma Ray* from the Born Pretty Holographic Holo Series. I have two red holo polishes and though Gamma Ray is nice and juicy, I had some issues with application.

Born Pretty Red Holo Swatch in Gamma Ray

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HAIR | Mugler Alien Beautifying Hair Mist

Fragrance is definitely one area of beauty that I do not feature a lot on the blog and it's not because of lack of love, but more so the lack of knowledge on how to even brooch the subject. Fragrance is more about storytelling than about ingredients. Yes, I can tell you about the notes, but that is literally one or two lines of information. The rest is purely emotional which let's face it, for those who know me, is not me. I am the typical stoic Asian when it comes to my emotions so trying to seduce someone with a story about how a fragrance makes you feel is not my strong suit.

Though today's product is not solely a fragrance, I will do my best to romance you all. We have all heard about Mugler Alien. This is one of the most iconic fragrances of the Mugler and really fragrance world and it was one of the first scents I was introduced to when I started by fragrance collection. Alien is a warm floral and has a unique blend of: Jasmine Sambac, Cashmeran Wood and Amber Gris and to this day is a scent that I have not smelled anywhere else. This scent can be strong for some and I have my moods for when I use it, but for days when I just want a hint of it I have been using the Mugler Alien Beautifying Hair Mist* ($50.00 CDN)! 

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SKINCARE | Avon Anew Firming Sheet Mask #AvonForMay

I really wanted the long weekend off and I got it, but needed to work Monday to Friday like a good part of the working world. I don't know how you all do it, but if I had to do it all the time, I would dread Mondays SO MUCH. I also felt pretty spent by the afternoon and avoided being seated by running around doing little things around the office. I had full intentions of blogging, but the last few days have been a whirlwind especially going to Stars on Ice last night! I worked all day and then we didn't get home until 11pm, but it was SO WORTH seeing Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue skate live!

Since the week has been a bit busy, I really had to make a conscious effort to use my sheet masks and with this month's personal focus being on Avon, I decided to pull out the Anew Firming Sheet Mask* for both a little TLC and in the hope that it wasn't quite as tacky-feeling as the Anew Brightening Sheet Mask that I reviewed last year.

Avon Anew Firming Sheet Mask Review

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MAKEUP | All 39 MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Color Pencils Swatched! Use Them on EVERYTHING!

It has dropped. The first pencil that is actually intended for eyes, lips, blush, contour, rainbow freckles so that if you have always wanted your blue eyeliner to literally match your lips, now it can! The brand spankin' new MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Color Pencils* ($23.00 CDN) have now landed in Sephora and MAKE UP FOR EVER boutiques and can be worn on their own for a true monochromatic look or layered to create boundless makeup looks. Each pencil has a matte finish and is a blend of silicone, vegetal and crystalline waxes allowing for glide across any surface, but not so creamy that the colour will slide off wherever you decide to put it!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Color Pencil Review with Swatches
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NAILS | Pastel Punk Leopard Print #CBBxManiMonday

See, I told you there was more leopard print in the works! I had a couple of packages to pick up over the weekend and since I work a very erratic, all over the place schedule, I wouldn't have had time to pick it up for another 2 weeks which is what husbands are for! My husband dutifully picked up three packages and then made me dinner when I got home from work. What a keeper, huh?

One of the packages contained the all new Canadian exclusive Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Pastel Punk Collection which had the perfect shades for a gradient! The gradient was beautiful, but the leopard spots I totally made the wrong shape and size which was unfortunate, but because I am teaming up with Renee and Trysh again I did not want to let them down!

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