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MAKEUP LOOK | Neutral Eyes with Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 and a Pop of Blue with NYX

This was my birthday look. My birthday was July 1st. It is the end of August so I guess this look was long overdue to talk about! I remember it was quite humid in Vancouver that day hence the crazy baby hairs and weird curls that my ghd could not seem to fix. Nevertheless, it was the first time in awhile I had had a birthday party and I wanted to pull off turning 33 (!) by adding something new to my makeup routine - blue liner. Blue liner has been trending this year and looking at these photos now, I wish I had been braver and had a heavier hand with how much blue I was using because it really is such a great colour on everyone!

NAILS | It's All About the Chrome with Born Pretty Chameleon Mirror Nail Glitter Powders!

These mirror nails are all the rage right now in the nail world and though we have seen those countless videos of people magically rubbing powder on their nails to get a truly reflective finish, you really won't believe it until you try it for yourself! There are some incredibly expensive chrome powders ($16.90 USD for 2.5g) and then there are the ones from Born Pretty that are just $1.99 for 1g of powder! The main question being, "Are the cheaper powders any good/better?" Born Pretty has been pretty awesome for me over the years and I shop with them religiously even though I work with them as a blogger too. They just have too many things I want to buy all the time! 

Born Pretty Mirror Chrome Powder in 585 Review Swatch

KOREAN BEAUTY | 3CE Stylenanda Shimmer Stick in #Pink

Though I have seen the brand 3CE (3 Concept Eyes) at T&T and on the blogs and YouTube channels of Kbeauty lovers, this is the first time I have actually used any of their products. 3CE is what I would think of as a higher priced Korean makeup brand by Korean fashion blogger, StyleNanda. Whatever makeup product or colours are trending in Asia WILL be in the 3CE product line up I can guarantee you of that! With everything from gel tints for that classic Asian ombre lip or creams and pigments to give you a girly glow, 3CE makes it easy to achieve trendy in just a few steps!

Though highlighting isn't going away any time soon, what I love about the Korean style of highlighting is that the product and manner in which it is applied is still heavily focused on skin. The glow is merely enhancing the skin which is what I love most about the 3CE Stylenanda Shimmer Stick in Pink*. I mean, yes it's still makeup, but there is an element of it that makes me think of skincare.    

3CE Stylenanda Shimmer Stick in Pink Swatches Review

NAILS | Marimekko-Inspired Blue Flowers #ManiMonday

Last weekend, I attended a "camping wedding" in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and wore a white dress with blue swirly flowers on it. The dress was a bit short and it seems that my blood has become yummy for mosquitoes in my 30s so my legs and have been recovering from the many MANY mosquito bites that happened. On the plus side, I did manage to do my nails to match my dress (for those who caught a little sneak peak on my Twitter account last week)! I have been wanting to a Marimekko-inspired design ever since one my friends commented that my Remembrance Day nails (here) looked a lot like them. All of this was created using a large dotting tool so there wasn't too much to it!  

Marimekko Blue Flower Nail Art

MAKEUP | Burberry Spring/Summer 2016 Runway Palette in No.2 Nude Gold

It's already the end of August and as much as I want to keep languishing in the slowness of summer, I am realizing that I have a whackload of products for summer that I still need to discuss! So, Lord knows I don't need anymore highlighters as it is always the one thing that I tend to forget in my everyday makeup application process, but there is something about looking outside, seeing sunshine and then wanting to "self-illuminate"!

I had a really hard time even swatching this beauty of a highlighter, but Burberry has once again given a whole new meaning to the words "limited edition"! The Spring/Summer 2016 Runway Palette in No.2 Nude Gold* ($72.00 CDN) is truly a thing of total beauty with its intricate lace design being inspired by the latest in women's fashion. This highlighter is both lightweight and buildable and makes skin appear lit from within. 

Burberry Spring Summer 2016 Runway Palette in Nude Gold Review Swatch

NAILS | Formula X Urban Bush Babes "Beige From Our Book" Swatch

Can you tell I wasn't feeling well when I did these nails? I mean, ou est le "nail art"? I generally love to be a little more exciting than just a plain nude coloured swatch, but when I had this manicure on a few weeks back, I was just feeling stressed and anxious and didn't feel up for even applying studs. It was kind of shocking really, BUT Formula X - Beige from Our Book* (12mL/$16.00 CDN) is a pretty nice nude. Probably one of the nicest I own! This is a limited edition shade from the #ColorCurators series with this and two other colours curated by the Urban Bush Babes.

Formula X Urban Bush Babes Beige from our Books Swatch Review