Tuesday, June 30, 2015

BEAUTY BOX | Revisiting TOMBox aka The Time of Month Box

At the beginning of the this year, I reviewed an interesting beauty box subscription service called the TOMBox (past review here) which elicited both laughs and comments of disbelief in the comments section. To recap, TOMBox is a monthly subscription service that as of now, only ships within the US, and caters to what a girl/woman might need or want during her menstrual cycle. It’s funny how they only REAL difference between TOMBox and all other beauty box subscriptions is the addition of pads or tampons. I guess we ladies want what we want.

Tombox Beauty Box Review

Monday, June 29, 2015

MAKEUP | Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss Lip Lacquer 303P, 403, 104 and 202 Review & Swatches

 “Oh, yes please” is the only answer to the question “Will I be purchasing MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Plexi-Gloss Lip Lacquers ($23.00 CDN)?” Where have these been all of my lip gloss life?! Recently released last month, these plexi-glosses come in a whopping 35 shades and have unbelievable staying power, colour and shine! I initially read the press release and thought, alright another lip gloss so what else is new? I know that MAKE UP FOR EVER usually never ceases to impress me, but how many more ways can the beauty industry do a lip gloss? Apparently, there is always ONE more way.

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexigloss Review Swatch

Sunday, June 28, 2015

BATH & BODY | Lush #GayIsOK Love Soap Review

Something pretty momentous happened on June 26th, 2015. The United States became the 21st and largest country to legalize gay marriage. In this day and age, you would think that this decision would have been a no-brainer, but can you believe that there are still 76 countries where being gay is illegal? Coming from both a Christian AND Asian family, this train of thought isn’t exactly foreign. Growing up Christian meant that everyone who was gay “chose that lifestyle” and it went against God’s plan. I had one fairly close friend in high school who was afraid to tell me he was gay and even though I loved him anyway, it made me realize how much I had hurt him with my closed-minded “Christian” beliefs throughout elementary school. After doing some growing up and realizing that loving relationships aren’t just the hetero kind, I can truly say that #GayIsOK. It’s more than OK, it’s something that shouldn’t even BE something. Shouldn’t we just be happy that two complete strangers managed to find their way to each other on this crazy, f’ed up planet and want to be together?

This is when Lush asks everyone “What if your love was illegal?” From now until July 4th, Lush stores will be running the #GayIsOk Campaign with profits from all purchases of Love Soap* (120g/$5.95 CDN) going to support grassroots LGBT equality groups all over the world. Love Soap is made with spicy smelling cinnamon, ylang ylang and coconut oils and dazzles like CRAZY! 

Lush GayIsOk Love Soap
The glitter is all on the surface though so as you make your way through this deliciously scented soap (like apple pie!), you will be left with a swirly yellow gold goodness. The glitter is actually slightly exfoliating so for the first couple of uses, I was using it for tougher areas like my legs and feet.

Lush GayIsOk Love Soap (3)

Show your support by using the hashtag #GayIsOk and grabbing a bar or two of this new soap!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

FRAGRANCE | mark. Buenos Aires Vibe EDT Spray

I know people have their signature fragrances, but there are definitely a few fragrances that I find far too heavy to wear in the summer. With the heat wave in Vancouver right now (35°C this weekend!), every scent becomes more intense so I prefer to wear a lighter scent that doesn’t evolve into something overwhelming and uncomfortable. I have been around others who probably SHOULD have made a seasonal fragrance change and did not. This is especially evident for those of us who take public transit all year…

The summer season always makes me want to go light and fruity, but now that I’m in my mid-30s, I have to be careful about finding the right balance and not smelling too young. The Buenos Aires Vibe EDT Spray* ($24.00 CDN) by mark is a blend of wild passion fruit, mauve violet and musk and is actually incredibly light considering the description of notes.

mark by Avon Buenos Aires Vibe Fragrance Review

mark by Avon Buenos Aires Vibe Fragrance Review (2)
Since mark is targeted towards a younger audience (Lucy Hale of PLL fame is their ambassador), the bottle is fun-coloured and immediately stands out in my sea of seemingly meh-looking fragrance bottles. All I can smell is passion fruit from the get-go with a hint of floral, but the scent didn’t last very long on me though as it was barely noticeable on my skin after 2-3 hours. While this can be a good quality to have in a summer fragrance, those that prefer a longer wear-time may find “having to top up” a little annoying.

What is your go-to summer scent?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

NAILS | Taping Manicure with Nicole by OPI Coca Cola Collection – In Grape Demand and The Look is Orange

What do you do when you have a bunch of brightly coloured polishes? Why, you find a way to combine them of course! I am a huge Coca Cola fan even though I know I shouldn’t be drinking it as much as I do, but there are certain meals that just taste better with Coke! My favourite Persian meal of Kubideh Kabob doesn’t taste good with anything else! When OPI first released a Coca Cola collaboration last year, I was over the moon and was not expecting a Nicole by OPI release of the same theme anytime soon. Yet, here we are with a similar slew of colours, but if you missed out on last year these ones might still be lurking around in certain locations (I hope!). Today’s nail art is a criss-cross manicure created with striping tape and the nail polish shades: In Grape Demand* and The Look is Orange*. Both polishes applied beautifully like most NOPI polishes and once nails are completely dry, add your shiny top coat!

Orange and Purple Tape Manicure Nail Art

Orange and Purple Tape Manicure Nail Art (2)

I love wearing manicures like this with business attire. I feel professional, but with a bit of an edge!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

MAKEUP LOOK | Charlotte Tilbury Transforms Me Into “The Rebel” #CBBLovesTilbury

She’s here. In Canada. And beauty lovers everywhere are lining up as of today in Holt’s on Bloor Street, Toronto. Charlotte Tilbury has long been one of those coveted UK brands that you watched YTubers like Zoella rave about and hoped that one day you yourself would have just a taste. Well, not only is the brand launching in Toronto today, but will also be coming to Holt’s in Vancouver the week of July 6th! To celebrate, myself and 9 other Canadian Beauty Bloggers are answering Charlotte’s questions of “Who Do I Want to be Today?” by recreating one of her 10 signature looks. I’m actually very tame day to day, but this virtual space is my playground and I almost always wanted to be a bit of a rebel with colour, but still look fairly feminine.

Today, I am “The Rebel”.

Charlotte Tilbury The Rebel Makeup Look Review

Charlotte Tilbury The Rebel Makeup Look Review (4)