SKINCARE | Dermovia Lace Your Face Hydrating Rose Mask #31DaysofSheetMasks

Last year, I had an amazing opportunity to attend Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas and found some fantastic brands that I really should have talked about months ago! One of the products that caught my eye were the Dermovia Lace Your Face Shapewear Facial Masks! At the time, I had seen lace masks before in the form of hydrogel masks, but not with actual fabric which in the case of Dermovia, are made with a biodegradable cotton! 

Dermovia Lace Your Face Hydrating Rose Mask Review

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NAILS | OMG! Toy Story Came Out 20 Years Ago! #CBBxManiMonday

This week's CBB ManiMonday theme is "Childhood" and I had been wanting to try these Toy Story nails for the last month so it worked out perfectly! These nails started a day of watching old Pixar movies which was pure bliss followed by a well-deserved nap because I have been feeling the beginnings of a summer cold...I only hope that I can nip it in the bud ASAP!

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SUNSCREEN SUNDAY | The Duo: COOLA Green Tea Makeup Setting Spray and Cucumber Mineral Face Matte Finish Moisturizer

In my last two Sunscreen Sunday posts, I kept referring to what I would consider one of my holy grail brands when it comes to sunscreen - Coola. When green beauty was getting more mainstream, Coola was one of the few brands that made a mineral sunscreen that didn't feel like you were applying a thick tar across your face! Even though years have passed and green beauty has come a long way, Coola is still one of my all-time favourite sunscreen brands and in addition to my old faithful Cucumber Mineral Sunscreen, I picked up a new setting spray at Curlique that just needed to come home with me!

COOLA Green Tea Makeup Setting Spray and Cucumber Mineral Sunscreen

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KBEAUTY | DERMAL Xilix Tiger and Panda Animal Masks #31DaysofSheetMasks

I often "poo-poo" animal print sheet masks because we all know that once there is a print all over, it's really more like entertainment than skincare. Inks add an additional layer between the cotton and our skin so IF I plan on using a printed mask, the non-printed part should account for more than 50% so that I feel I am getting SOME benefits from it. While I was at T&T, I noticed the DERMAL Animal Masks and thought the patterns could be fun so I picked up the two that looked cutest!

DERMAL Panda Animal Brightening Mask Review

MAKEUP | Green and Vegan Beauty with Clove + Hallow

Back in June, I got a closer look at beauty brand Clove + Hallow and I was excited because not only was this brand a green beauty brand, but it had also taken home awards for performance and innovation rivaling their non-green counterparts! While I haven't sworn off non-green products in their entirety, I'm sure I'm not the only one who is always open to including cleaner products in their beauty routine. After seeing a few Toronto beauty blog reviews on Clove + Hallow, I knew that I would eventually have to try it while hoping and praying that it would eventually be sold by a store in Vancouver (it is currently sold at The Detox Market now). Hopefully that will be happening sometime soon?

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KBEAUTY | The Face Shop Mask.Lab Lift Up Face Mask #31DaysofSheetMasks

I am making a point of trying weird masks and when this new mask from The Face Shop's Mask.Lab series came out last month I knew I had to try it. Lifting sheet masks are not a new thing, but the fact that this came with an elastic strap was intriguing and the ingredients in the essence looked decent even though this was not a silicone-free mask. This was really more about the skintertainment factor more than anything else so let's see how much of a workout this mask was!