March 2013 Beauty Box 5

I have been awful about beauty box postings this month and now with Glymm GONE, and no word back from my credit company for a refund, there is one less beauty box for me to spend my money on! I won’t even get into the full story with Glymm as I’m sure many of your know what happened with them and the patronizing “goodbye email” they sent before vanishing into thin air. I have paid for the full year with BB5 so I hope they don’t disappear like Glymm did! What happened with Glymm has definitely made me think twice about paying for full year subscriptions…

Anyway, enough about sad things and onto more positive beauty things! 


La Fresh Nail Polish Remover WipesDSC_0056

About to walk into an important meeting? Just realized that your nail polish is peeling off? Good thing you have one of these awesome little nail polish remover wipes in your purse!

Thoughts: I never have nail polish on long enough for it to peel ;-) I really loved using these after first receiving them in a Glymm bag (*stab to heart*) but I feel like using these is such a treat so I save them for when I’m feeling lazy and just want to remove my nail polish while watching a chick flick/Game of Thrones.

Full size: 6 wipes/$3.99

I received: 2 wipes/$1.33

Brazen Cosmetics Eye Shadow in SuburbiaDSC_0057

With long-wearing, trendy, custom-blended shades made from beneficial ingredients these eyeshadows really do “Kick butt and take names!”

Thoughts: This colour is a little bold for me, but is really quite nice and I hope I can find a way to wear it.

Full size: 5g/$7.49

I received: 3g/$4.49

Tree Hut Moisturizing Lotion in Tropical MangoDSC_0058

Infused with certified organic Shea butter, this sweet-smelling moisturizer nourishes the skin and helps prevent the signs of aging.

Thoughts: After a wonderful experience with the Tree Hut body scrub from February’s BB5, I was elated to try another product from this company and once again, it smells fantastic, like real mango!

Full size: 255g/$6.49

I received: 59g/$1.50

H2O+ Spa Sea Salt Body Wash DSC_0059

With ingredients like Japanese GreenTea and Provitamin B, this body wash deeply nourishes the skin in a light lather that cleans without drying.

Thoughts: I have a weakness for sea salt now thanks to Lush-Ocean Salt so I was also happy to receive this product. H2O+ is also not a brand I have used a lot of so I’m happy to see a product from this company in my BB5.

Full size: 370mL/$17.00

I received: 30mL/$1.38

H2O+ Eye Lift ConcentrateDSC_0060

This all-in-one concentrate lifts, firms, lightens, hydrates and repairs. (It’s like they bottled sleep!)

Thoughts: I actually have not been sleeping very well due to my cat Yoshi who gets lonely around 5am and I have had to resort to ear plugs so I have been looking for a firming eye cream. What perfect timing and although this is another product from H2O+, I really don’t mind.

Full size: 15mL/$38.00

I received: 4mL/$10.13


Total Value of March 2013 BB5: $18.83

Although this isn’t one of the highest valued boxes I have received, I did enjoy the assortment of products as all are items I would use and enjoy. I am again quite pleased with what I received and look forward to trying things out once I get through my current sample rotation!

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  1. Oh you got the lotion in a tube, that's more convenient than a jar

    1. It is, but at least you don't have to cut up the jar to get all of the lotion out :(

  2. I love body lotions that smell fruty ^^ As always, enjoy it all Jayne!!! xx

  3. I think I really need something like that for nails. Super convenient for on the go removal.

    7% Solution​

    1. I totally agree, they just make it so easy.

  4. I've have always follow your post such as this kind of post because it gives me an idea of what to use or try next. Thanks!


  5. So messed about about what happened with Glymm :/
    That mango lotion sounds amazing! mmm I can just imagine what it smells like...

    1. It smells like the real fruit which is awesome!