Empties | January 2014

I feel like I tried so hard to finish products last month, but without my regimented Sample Sundays, I haven’t been quite as organized in my sample consumption. I did manage to finish a few full sized items though which is always a plus!


1. La Fresh | Makeup Remover Wipes (8 wipes)Thumbs down

I just found the wipes a little small to FULLY clean my face. I guess that’s what “travel” means…They work, but I felt like I needed 1.5 wipes to really get my whole face feeling clean. If you are wearing waterproof mascara or heavier eye makeup, good luck just using one wipe!

2. Maybelline | The Smoother (1mL)Thinking smile

I’m starting to not be able to tell the difference between primers as they all work the same way, but this feels just like Benefit’s Porefessional, but just a touch more oily if that makes sense. I’m happy using either The Porefessional or Benefit’s 15 Hour Primer at this point in time. 

3. mG | Honey Oats Nourishing and Brightening Mask (1 piece)Smile

If you enjoy the smell of honey, you will really enjoy this mask. The essence was super thick and moisturizing and the I found the fit of the mask to be fairly good. I even had enough essence left over in the package for two more quick moisture masks!

4 & 5. Better Botanicals | Amla Shine Daily Shampoo and Conditioner (5mL each)Smile

I just received both of these in my November Petit Vour Box and as skeptical as I was about these…my hair felt instantly softer and more silky right after the one use! I wanted to order the full size from the Better Botanicals website, but the shipping to Canada starts at $20 which I find a little on the expensive side :(

6. skoah | kleansing lotion (3mL)Thinking smile

You guys all know that I love skoah for the most part, but I just couldn’t find a place for this in my daily face routine! I am currently using a Shiseido Cleansing Oil which I am enjoying so for now, this product will remain a maybe.

7. L’Occitane | Brightening Essence (1mL)Thinking smile

I actually don’t remember what this was like which must mean that it wasn’t all that memorable. I haven’t been completely sold yet on a L’Occitane face product…

8. L’Occitane | Limited Edition Cocoa Flower Hand Cream (30mL)Smile

I love L’Occitane hand creams so I slowly make my way through the 20 that I own and love each one as I’m doing it! They hydrate without leaving my hands too greasy and always smell wonderful. Never overpowering.

9. Spa Utopia | Nourishing Body Lotion (30mL)Smile

I used up one of these in December as well and loved the scent so much! The moisturizing aspect is fairy good too, not too thick but keeps my skin happy.

10 & 11. OSEA | Blemish Balm (5mL each)Smile

I reviewed these last month and enjoyed their effect on my angry red in-growns and would certainly buy the full size product if I possibly had a friend to split the shipping with me!

12. skoah | aha Mask (60g)Smile

This is an AMAZING detox mask. Alpha hydroxy acids bring back the glow to your skin with a minty tingle. This is my favourite part of my skoah facials as it is THREE TIMES the strength than in the jar! I already have my second jar and use this mask about once a week or when I feel like my skin is on the congested side.

13 & 14. Klorane Shampoo and Conditioner with Magnolia (200mL and 150mL)Thinking smile

This was my first experience with the Klorane hair care line and I can’t say I was all that impressed. My hair felt nice in the shower, but when my hair was dried I didn’t really notice a difference. The magnolia line is supposed to make your hair shinier, but maybe this was too gentle to give my hair the boost it needed. Smelled really nice though and was a nice change than some of the more overpowering scents of certain drugstore hair care lines.

15. Vichy | Idealia Life Serum (3mL)Smile

This little sample made my skin so happy! I have to research what is in it, but I used it and noticed that my skin had this beautiful glow! I ended up buying the full size when London Drugs had all Vichy products on sale for 25% off!

16. Benefit Cosmetics | Total Moisture Facial Cream (8.9g)Smile

I have been loving this moisturizer this season for its thick texture and mega moisture and have one more sample pot to go through before I get to my full size monster of a jar! If you have very dry skin, this is a great moisturizer!

Alrighty, January empties are done! Sorry they are late, but I haven’t had a lot of energy lately…all I do is work and sleep! I wish I could blog all the time!

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