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We all love a good deal, right? I don’t talk about fashion and accessories a lot, but like a lot of women I have the overflowing closet of clothes for every season and shoes to clothe a nation. I do my best to donate items every season as there are some pieces I have that are just trendy and either don’t hold up in the wash or just aren’t fashionable anymore. I will spend a good chunk of change on “forever pieces” like a leather jacket, some good boots or a classic little black dress, but we know the mark up on clothing is THROUGH THE ROOF so when it comes to those trendy little items, I’m unwilling to spend a crazy amount of money on them as they will probably be in the “to donate” pile after a year.


This is when a store like Rose Wholesale becomes your best friend. There is so much on this site at ridiculously good prices that you have to wonder, “is it too good to be true?” When it comes to the clothing items, many of the items are “free size” or “one size” which can sound scary. From my experience with free sizing, this usually means a “small” so unfortunately if you generally run a medium or large, I probably wouldn’t risk the 3 week shipping time frame just to get something that doesn’t fit.  However, Rose Wholesale also offers bags, wallets, jewellery, shoes and hair accessories as well, so if clothing doesn’t work, one of these areas probably will!

I chose a couple of accessories to review beginning with one of my weaknesses-wallets and clutches. I don’t know why I need so many and in so many different finishes and colours, but apparently I do! The first thing I will share is this hot pink patent leather-esque wallet that is currently sold out in this colour, but is still available in black and light blue for a whopping $5.09 USD!


The outer shell is quite hard and solid with a croco print on it (one of my favourites!). There is also a clip-on strap converting the wallet into a wristlet. There is stitching all the way around the wallet instead of just glue which I have seen on some $8 Forever 21 wallets.


The zipper moved fairly smoothly and I found the circular quilted charm to be quite cute :-)


The interior of the wallet is fairly standard with a coin purse in the middle, 8 card slots and 2 large slots for bills.

Overall, I thought the quality for $5 was pretty impressive and even though shipping takes quite awhile, I felt like this was worth the wait. No, it’s not real leather, but for a fun hot pink wallet I really don’t think it needs to be! The reviews for this site have been a bit of a mixed bag with orders not arriving and such, but when things ship from China you just don’t know if orders are getting held up in customs or whatever else may happen along the way.

Edit: I have just had one of the most jarring experiences with the PR contact for Rose Wholesale and am feeling somewhat mistreated. Since I have already agreed to review the products I chose I will do so in my future posts, but I will not be ordering from them on my own based on what has happened.

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