October 26, 2013 | Jayne Gets Married!

This should have been up a LONG time ago, but I wasn’t quite ready to sit down and write about the wedding yet. I was not the typical bride in that I was more than happy to stay at the “engaged” part and call it a day. There is something appealing about being “man and wife” though and I really wanted my “white guy last name”!


We got engaged on March 14th, 2012 when I was proposed to with an Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat. I disguised the proposal in a review with a picture of the ring at the very end. The comments on that post involved lots of squealing! We (I) didn’t start planning the wedding until August 28th, 2013. We (I) put it all together in 7 weeks!



Our wedding was very small, 36 people including ourselves, since we both hate crowds and people we don’t know. I’m sure I made people mad, but I really didn’t care. We wanted it small and we kept it that way. We got married at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver on the most GORGEOUS fall day. We just chose a random spot in the park, made some Asian tourists get of the way and said our vows with the minister. The ceremony was over in 15 minutes.


This bouquet was the ONLY set of flowers present at our wedding as I just didn’t see the point of spending money on flowers and centerpieces. My mom had to remind me that I probably needed some on the day of…oh and I did I mention? I didn’t want to wear a white wedding dress! I wanted something that I could move/eat in and TRULY wear again.




One other thing. We didn’t hire a photographer or a videographer. Both my dad and I have good cameras and we both had friends that knew things about “light and aperture” so we just let them have at it and then I edited the photos myself. We were very fortunate that the good weather took a lot of the guesswork out of the photography. We did get engagement photos done in September which you can check out at Style Me Pretty. It’s where Twilight is filmed…no, it wasn’t my choice, but it just happened to be a great spot according to our photographer and she was right!


We decided to also have the reception at lunch time so that everyone could be home for dinner. We were literally packing up at 4:30pm! We got to catch up with our closest friends and have one of the best days ever so even though we did our wedding in a somewhat low key way, we have no regrets which is the most important thing! It couldn’t have gone any better and now we can just be married! We just celebrated 8 years of being together and it feels a shame to start the count again, so I have just requested that we have two anniversaries instead ;-)

Thank you everyone for reading and sharing in my wedding fun!

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