NAILS | Hard Candy “Piece of Papaya” and “Fireworks”

I remember the brand Hard Candy from the pages of Seventeen magazine when I was 13. There was no Google at the time and I assumed it was only available in the US. The nail polish I remember wanting from Hard Candy was with the ones with the fun gummy rings on the cap if anyone remembers those. This seemed like such a “big girl” brand to me, but in actuality the pricing of Hard Candy makeup is incredibly affordable! Nail polishes are $3.99 at my local Wal-Mart and come in a massive variety of finishes and colours. If you are the more nail-venturous type, you will leave with clawfuls of Hard Candy polish!

I am feeling very American with this combination of Hard Candy – Piece of Papaya* and Hard Candy – Fireworks*. Piece of Papaya is a glass-flecked red/gold polish, opaque in 1 thick or 2 thinner coats while Fireworks is red bar and blue hex glitter polish sitting in a red jelly base. I layered the two as Fireworks still showed a little VNL on its own. You will need to glitter-fish a little bit to get some of that blue glitter out.

Hard Candy Piece of Papaya and Fireworks Swatch Review

Hard Candy Piece of Papaya and Fireworks Swatch Review (2) 
Have a good weekend everyone!

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