EXPERIENCE | AVEDA Session #7 Even More Blonde!"

I am an Aveda Vancouver Ambassador. All treatments are complimentary.

My last appointment with Aveda was early this summer where I asked to go a little more blonde. As much as I enjoyed the darker hair, summer was all about being glowy and going a little bit more blonde was something I was craving. I also thought I would share my last experience with you because next month I will be a different colour...multiple perhaps...you only live once, right?

Tracy was my stylist for the day and she immediately understood what I was wanting. No Pinterest boards seemed necessary! Tracy was a bit quieter than the other stylists I had previously as she seemed to be concentrating which was fine by me. To be honest, getting coloured is a long process, so for me to also be chatting for 4 hours can be quite exhausting. I have now remembered to bring food during these appointments as you WILL get peckish! I received the traditional Aveda hand massage with Hand Relief while my foils were "setting" which I always love. I swear they should do full body massages with that stuff, it smells so good!   

Tracy asked me if I had any hair concerns and as always, it was dryness on the ends of my hair so she recommended using the Dry Remedy Hair Oil which I ended up purchasing because it was a clear oil and would not make my blonde brassy, but would keep my hair happy and hydrated.

My hair has darkened a little bit over the summer, but in person it still looks fairly blonde. Almost ashier now as the brightness has faded, but if it weren't for my ritual of oils, not washing my hair every day and purple shampoo, I probably would have gone brassy weeks ago. All in all, I have been very pleased with my hair and how it has lasted this summer so now that we are officially into Fall, it's time for some new hair next month! Trust me, it's DIFFERENT.

With rainbow hair being so trendy now, what is one hair colour(s) you have been dying to try?

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