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Earlier this year, Demeter and the CBB got together to make us all master perfumers (here) with the Demeter Foolproof Blending Kits ($45.00 USD). We all had so much fun that we have partnered up again for each of us to create our own custom scents from blending to designing our own bottle label (Yes, there may have been craft time involved!).

What I have always loved about Demeter's scents when I first started using them as a teenager was how EASY it was to wear just about ANY scent. From Birthday Cake to Dirt, it all seemed to work and was never too much or worse, too artificial. If anything, Demeter always had this uncanny ability to replicate every dimension of even the most uncapturable fragrances. When it came to choose my scents for this experiment in parfumerie, I decided to go with two scents that I love in real life: "Wet Garden"* and "Salt Air"* and one where I had no idea what to expect - "Gin & Tonic"*. There are duo and trio blending kits available should you want a little bit of direction instead of trying to decide from Demeter's extensive 300+ fragrance library!

Demeter Foolproof Blending Kit Review

Though the Foolproof Blending Tool Kit* ($6.00 USD) does not come with the fun stickers and pen, it does come with everything else you will need to test and blend your own custom scent. The first thing I started doing was spraying each of my three chosen scents on the provided blending strips to get an idea of how potent each one was and in what proportions I wanted them in the bottle. Suffice it say, I loved all three and I mixed and matched for quite awhile before deciding on what combination to blend!

Demeter Foolproof Blending Kit Review

Gin & Tonic is a unisex scent as it is quite light and crisp with a hint of citrus. It also smelled a little bit like leaves to me which paired nicely with the other two scents I had chosen.

Salt Air was not quite as salty as I wanted it to be as I could only pick up on the salt right at the end, but this scent still made me feel like I was wrapped up in a cozy blanket looking out at an ocean view. Though this wasn't a crisp scent like I would expect salt air to be, there was a warmth to it that was quite comforting.

Wet Garden was my favourite. I always thought it was weird that I loved the smell of grass as a fragrance, but this is a scent I would actually wear out. Rest assured, it doesn't smell quite like a freshly mowed lawn, but more like a few hours AFTER you've mowed the lawn and then decided to hang fresh laundry in the sunshine. Just combine all of those scents and memories and that is how I arrive at Wet Garden!

Demeter Foolproof Blending Kit Review

Let's get on to my creation shall we? Introducing Salted Gardens! A 1:1 blend of Salt Air and Wet Garden. This scent takes the warmth of a Pacific Ocean breeze and the grassiness of a freshly manicured lawn to give a perfect hybrid of the two. It smells natural, but not too rustic and warm. This is a scent I would wear all year round!

Demeter Foolproof Blending Kit Review
Which Demeter fragrance combinations would you choose?

This collaboration was powered by the CBB and the Demeter Fragrance Library.

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