NAILS | A Kitty Tribute #CBBxManiMonday

It's hard to believe that the last time I posted, I had mentioned dealing with a sick kitty and now Hemingway is gone...the last two weeks have felt both too fast and incredibly long with Hemi going from a being a normal 4 year old kitty who loved food to being diagnosed with lymphoma in the liver and spleen 2 weeks later. We only said goodbye to him this past Wednesday and yet it feels like so long ago. He was such a special cat in the sense that he was kind of slow when it came to certain things and he never had the typical conniving cat face. He was such a child in his behaviour that you always knew what he was thinking and never had a menacing bone in his body. He was just so simple and uncomplicated which is why we felt so badly when he got really sick. Having to put furbabies down has still got to be one of the worst things anyone needs to do and even though I don't have kids of my own, even friends of mine who are parents find it just as awful. I love cats so I will always have them in my life, but I guess I was just expecting to be doing this every decade, but life goes on and I will never forget my first black kitty.

Inspiration was lacking this week, but I wanted to feel somewhat normal again and join in on today's CBBxManiMonday so in remembrance of Hemi and his black bean toes, here are some paw prints <3

Paw Print Nail Art

PR sample

The new CND "Prismatic" Summer collection arrived a few days ago, so I whipped out the hot pink "Holographic" which was really stunning and only needed two easy coats for full opacity. 

Paw Print Nail Art

I dotted on the paw prints with some black polish and then used the CND gel-finish top coat to make the manicure look "plump".

Paw Print Nail Art

Have a great day everyone and be sure to check out: Renee, Trysh and Eithne's blog and social media channels for their bright manicures!

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