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When I first started on this sheet mask journey in 2016, it was more to use up sheet masks that I had sitting in my stash which at the time was probably around 30 masks. Then around the time that I started really enjoying them, the North American beauty world also picked up on the joy of sheet masking and though I have long since finished my expiring stash of masks, I picked up WAY more in my gusto to review ALL OF THE SHEET MASKS. I have never thought of myself as a "go hard or go home" gal, but I can't deny that in recent years that when it has come to hobbies like nail art, sheet masks, bath bombs or most recently the banjolele, I have gone "full Boyle" (for those who watch Brooklyn 99)! 

The Creme Shop Bad Badtz Maru Detox Rocks

Purchased by me

You can tell that this mask review is a bit older as the colour of my hair gives it away, but when The Creme Shop started collaborating with Sanrio I bought every single sheet mask they came out with and I am STILL making my way through some of the CUTEST printed sheet masks ever! Honestly, this is the main selling feature because the results are really sort of meh.

The Creme Shop Bad Badtz Maru Detox Rocks

This is a detoxifying mask and generally I avoid masks like this, but the character Bad Badtz Maru was my favourite growing up so I had to get it! He was just such a bitch that I loved him. This essence contains bentonite clay and charcoal powder, but also hyaluronic acid and snail extract so overall still very gentle on the skin. Hydration was still lacking for me though so moisturizer was much needed upon removal. I usually let the essence "settle" before deciding whether moisturizer is needed and how tacky the essence is. Generally, I enjoy using moisturizer after a mask as I feel like my routine is more complete so having to use moisturizer after a sheet mask is not something I see as a negative.

The Creme Shop Bad Badtz Maru Detox Rocks

Mask Summary:

Price: $3.99 USD
Skin concerns: Congestion and detoxifying
Scent: Metallic
Duration: 15 minutes
Essence Type: Clear gel
Thickness: Medium (typical of printed sheet masks though)
Mask Fit: Needed to cut slits in eyes
Tackiness: Light
Hydration: Low
Other notes: N/A

The Creme Shop Bad Badtz Maru Detox Rocks

Final verdict:
As I said before, the print is VERY cute, but I really didn't feel like it did a whole lot for my skin in terms of detox. It was nice, but not something I would actively seek to repurchase. I knew what I was getting into with these printed masks and they delivered in terms of entertainment and even fit was pretty good, but now that I've gotten my fun, I think I'm good! 

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