NAILS | MAC Skin Swatch #MidWeekMani

MAC Skin Nail Polish Swatch

It's a short week (I still have to work 5 days because I am taking my stat next week to cover vacations this week), it's only Thursday and I am TIRED. Maybe it's the lack of sleep from sleeping outside on the couch during our heatwave, but I am feeling so sleepy the minute my body knows it's time to go home! This will be such a short post as I have period cramps and a headache, but I FINALLY am wearing MAC Skin all on its own after getting this limited edition bottle so long ago! I just wish I could remember WHICH collection this was?! I don't wear this shade alone a lot because I find it really close to my natural skin colour, but as a nude base for nail art I love it!

Hope everyone is surviving this week and enjoying the cooler weather (if you are in Vancouver)!

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