SHEET MASK | Dr. Althea Recovery Solution 2 Step Mask

Purchased by me

I will admit that packaging again was what gravitated me towards this Dr. Althea mask, but I have also always had great luck with this brand and had no doubts about this sexy-looking two-stepper!


What makes this mask special? It starts off with a "boosting ampoule" containing ceramides, squalane, erythritol and hyaluronic acid which reinforces the skin barrier and is followed up by a repairing silk mask containing beta-glucan which is meant to aid in skin cell regeneration.

While I found the ampoule reasonably nice, the sheet mask was so soft and silky on my skin that I immediately wanted to pet myself! Made of organic wood pulp, this mask is not only soft, but adheres to the skin so beautifully that I wish all masks felt like this. There was a little bit of extra fabric around the sides of my face and chin, but the rest of the mask stuck like glue!

Dr. Althea Recovery Solution 2 Step Mask

Dr. Althea Recovery Solution 2 Step Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: I think about $5-$6 USD

Skin concerns: Dehydrated skin, dryness

Scent: Jasmine

Essence Type: Clear 

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: Super thin and soooooo soft!

Mask Fit: Good, but the mask was a bit on the sides. Nose piece fit perfectly though.

Tackiness: It was pretty sticky...

Hydration: Good, but sticky and I did not feel the urge to apply moisturizer.

Other notes: N/A

Final verdict: For a mask that had silicones in the essence, it was pretty tacky and though it was incredibly hydrating, it was a bit hard to sleep. This is probably one of the stickier Dr. Althea masks I have used so don't let this deter you from trying the brand! To this day, my favourite masks from the brand are still the Premium Squalane and Conditioning Silk Masks as they are silky smooth and not quite as tacky as this one.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!

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