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Welcome to Cosmetic Proof!

I am a 40 year old career woman in the jewelry industry living in Vancouver, BC with my husband and two rescue cats, Harper and Buster. Nail art and a dotting tool were what started this blog back in October 2011 as a way to be a girly girl while I waited for my nails to dry during Java coding sessions. I have a degree in cell biology and one in computer science that I try to embrace through this blog despite not working in the industry. I feel that women in science should not be judged because they love both beauty and have brains. I love the smell of oranges and peppermint and will be very bias when products have either or both of these scents. I consider my nail art ability to be my prized possession even though I only do it as a hobby. I have a VERY dry sense of humour that I try to convey with a lack of exclamation marks, but when it comes to the beauty blogging world, exclamation marks are like breathing.

Why is your blog called Cosmetic Proof?
Do you remember doing those math proofs in high school? Where you need to prove that something is true using other mathematical rules? That's what my blog name refers to. With every review, I will attempt to use facts and observations to show you, the readers, that my conclusions for a product are true, sound or QED.

Beauty Stats:

  • Dry, but not sensitive
  • Dehydrated 
  • Redness and broken capillaries on cheeks
  • Few breakouts, but prone to comedones around nose cheeks and forehead
  • Mushroom balayage
  • Long, thick and wavy
  • Prone to frizziness and baby hairs
  • Make Up For Ever HD Foundation N120 (review)
  • Make Up For Ever Pro Finish 120 (review)
  • Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation in 30 Watts
  • Benefit Hellow Flawless in Ivory (Winter review)
  • Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude
  • Dior Diorskin Star Studio Makeup SPF 30 in 021 Linen

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