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NAILS | (ORANGE) Day 2 of the 31DC2016 with Amoeba Nail Art

Orange is a tough colour to pull off as a whole manicure even though I love the vibrancy of it. Even though I don't often wear orange manicures in full, I took Day 2 of the 31 Day Nail Challenge to bring out my orange brights! I had a great time doing the blobbicure from June (here) and thought I would try again with orange and blue which are complementary colours! The blobs started looking like amoebas partway through so one became giant enough to be a buddy of mine ;-)

Amoeba Blobbicure Nail Art

These blobs didn't work quite as nicely as my last manicure, but I did like the colour combination. I started off with one coat of
Avon - Cosmic Blue* and then followed with a fairly thick second layer. Quickly, I started to blob Avon - Coral Beat* which I am now in love with! What a crazy bright orange! 

Amoeba Blobbicure Nail Art

I added a few gold studs and drew a little face on my ameoba friend and then waited a VERY long time for everything to dry before being able to go to bed! Oh, the sacrifices we make for our nails!

Amoeba Blobbicure Nail Art

I already have Day 3 all planned out, so hopefully I'll get a chance to do it and catch up because it's already Day 7! All Avon polishes are available at or through your Avon representative.

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