April 2013 Ipsy Bag | Pretty in Pink

So, it’s almost the end of May and look what I have! April’s Ipsy Bag! I just received May’s Glam Bag which, as some of you have seen, is totally awesome. April’s theme is a fun one though and I do love all things pink!


Sation Nail Lacquer | Love at First ByteDSC_0098

Sation Nail Lacquer is a contemporary beauty company, infusing a creative direction in nail care through a blend of lifestyle aesthetics.

Thoughts: In keeping with the “pretty in pink” theme, this is a dusty rose colour from a 2009 collection that I normally would not buy because it’s far too neutral. I still haven’t decided if it’s something I would like to keep…I guess I’m getting mighty selective with my polishes now!

Full size: 15mL/$5.00 USD

I received: *FULL SIZE*

sexyhair | Powder PlayDSC_0099

Get ‘POW’ volume in an instant with Sexy Hair's Powder Play! Powder Play adds instant volume to any type of hair style or texture. Weightless, odourless, and colorless! Instantly liquifies when applied and adds volume and texture in seconds. Just sprinkle on dry hair at the root for lift and volume. Apply throughout the hair for extreme volume and texture.

Thoughts: I definitely in need of some volume in my hair and this sounds like an interesting and magical product. It starts out dry and then liquifies?! I love “sciencey” beauty products!

Full size: 15g/$9.99 USD (Ulta) I feel like this product is more expensive in Canada…

I received: 2g/$1.33

Be a Bombshell Blush | Beach Please  DSC_0100

A highly pigmented pressed powder blush that highlights the complexion and provides long lasting color. Can be used both as a blush or a bronzer.

Thoughts: Eeek! I was so psyched to see this! I do not have a blush in this colour so I am very excited to have something different for my collection! I’m typically very safe with my colour choices for blush so I am delighted to try something new!

Full size: 5g/$16.00 USD

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Mica Beauty Shimmer Powder | EarthDSC_0101

MicaBeauty Mineral Eyeshadows are extremely gentle, free of preservatives, chemicals, dyes, talc, oils, and other fillers. With this unique formula, the eyeshadows will look ultra smooth and stay put for hours without creasing or pulling the delicate eye area. Can be mixed with clear lip-gloss, clear mascara, and clear nail polish to add pigment to lips, eyelashes and nails!

Thoughts: This is totally a colour I would wear! It’s a beautifully shimmery colour that I think would look fantastic on anyone.

Full size: 2.5g/$14.95 USD

I received: 2g/$11.96 (I almost wanted to say we received the full size, but then I saw the difference in amount on the website vs. what I have.


Total Value of April Ipsy Bag: $34.29

With the exception of the nail polish colour, I do think this bag was a good one and the theme was quite cute. The make up bag is kind of blah, but luckily the contents are not!

Happy Victoria Day long weekend to my Canadian readers!


  1. ooo lovely products, I haven't tried any of these before! This looks like one scary blush but very pretty!

    Kimberley x


    1. It's totally a scary blush colour, isn't it? It seems okay once I blend it out so I'm excited to use it.

  2. Oh Jayne, it goes without being said that you love science-y beauty products! ;D Haha.
    I feel like you should be a spokeswoman for these subscription bags, you're so persuasive!

  3. love the nail polish colour (:


    1. This shade just doesn't look that great on me. My skin tone is a touch to dark. It would be nice on someone more fair.

  4. Love the blush! Super bright and beautiful:)

  5. Jill, would you like Love at First Byte? :)

  6. Nice products! That Big Sexy Hair product seems right up your alley! :D

  7. i love the color of the blush!
    would also love to see you wear it! :)