*New* La Collection de Grasse at L’Occitane Plus Other Goodies

I shop so often at L’Occitane that whenever there is something new I practically pounce on it! The newest products is four new fragrances that are part of the Collection de Grasse which include Magnolia & Mure, Jasmin & Bergamote, Vanille & Narcisse and The Vert & Bigarde.



All four are worth a sniff, but because I couldn’t decide on one, I picked up the Collection de Grasse Travel Set which is the cutest little set of minis packed in a beautiful box. I didn’t think I would like the scents as they are not overly fruity and more on the “mature” end of the spectrum, but I was pleasantly surprised. 


I also picked up the Shea Soap Quattro because my fiancé and I love the milk-scented shea soap, but haven’t tried any other scents. The other scents included in this box set are: Verbena, Lavender and Cinnamon Orange.


There was also a gift with purchase that contained some pretty awesome goodies!


 1. Brightening Cleansing Foam (50mL)

2. Essential Water (30mL)

3. Jasmin & Bergamote Body Milk (50mL)

4. Jasmin & Bergamote Eau de Toilette (7.5mL)

5. Creme Divine (15ml)

Have any of you sniffed the new fragrances at L’Occitane? Any favourites?


  1. Ahhh I love that pouch, I WANT THAT POUCH!!!

    1. Just the pouch? Or what's inside too? The pouch I can always bring to you ;)

  2. So many goodies! I love their packaging!

  3. I'm very curious about this brand but I can only get it online or at duty free shops. Next time I travel I'll pick up a few items. Love the colours of the set ^^ Enjoy it all Jayne xx

    1. I feel like a rich old lady when I use anything L'Occitane ;-)