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I did not start feeling the need for a hair dryer until my mid 20s. Maybe I started caring about my hair more in terms of styling, but because I take my showers at night I generally don’t NEED to have my hair dry by a certain point. I have always had longish hair, but for the last 2 years I have kept my hair quite long which means that air-drying can take hours. I also tend to take my showers relatively late at night and we all know how uncomfortable it is to sleep with damp hair. Not to mention how f’ed up it looks in the morning!

I have a standard drugstore brand hair dryer that draws so much power my lights flicker when I put it on the “high” setting and while it does the job, it is heavy and still takes me a solid 10-15 minutes of shaking and moving the hair dryer along the length of my hair to make sure I’m not causing my hair any heat damage. Most of us are more familiar with KISS as the creator of all things nails, but ever since the KISS Instawave (review) made its way into my life I have been wondering what hair tools KISS would come up with next! The KISS Tornado Ionic Hair Dryer*($34.96 CDN) is unlike any other hair dryer I have ever used. What sets this hair dryer apart from all of the others is a patent-pending 360 degree rotating air booster that allows for rapid blow drying with minimal heat damage as hot air is no longer concentrated on one area of the hair.

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KISS Tornado Ionic Hair Dryer Review

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The KISS Tornado comes with two attachments: one heat distribution air booster and one air concentrator (what I usually use to keep frizzies at bay). The attachments fit very tightly so some force will be necessary to take them on and off. 

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There are 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings (the high doesn’t make my lights flicker which is a good sign!) as well as a sturdy hanging cord for easy storage.

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Removable filter cap. I don’t think I have ever taken one of these off of a hair dryer EVER.

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This is the money maker! The way the air comes out really does sound like a “pulse” and you can feel a pulsing pattern of air on your head. The air doesn’t feel quite as hot when you leave the hair dryer in one spot and even though I still had that instinct to shake the hair dryer and keep it moving up and down the hair shaft, after a few uses I would slowly move it around once I felt a section of hair was dry. Amazingly enough, my dry time has been cut down to 5-10 minutes. And that is with bleached hair which soaks up SO MUCH more water. The only thing is that this particular attachment didn’t do much for me in terms of toning down frizziness. I have a ton of little baby hairs and frizzies closer to the top of my head and they were quite prominent after using this attachment. The air concentrator attachment worked much better for the frizziness, but wasn’t quite as good as using the “tornado” attachment for dry time.

Final verdict: For a $35 hair dryer, I’d say this is worth it. It performed better than my $60 drugstore hair dryer and the quicker dry time is really quite amazing as I was convinced that longer hair would forever mean longer than average drying time. The “tornado” attachment does also add a lot of volume to the roots which I was grateful for as I constantly struggle with limp-looking roots. The rotating air distribution may sound gimmicky and believe me, my first time with it was like getting to know a foreign, yet familiar person. I have been using this for more than a month now and I constantly reach for it! It is lightweight, so no more wrist pain and I am no longer scared to keep the hair dryer in the same spot because I don’t feel that “burning” heat searing into my scalp. If you’re looking for affordability, innovation and a more efficient way of drying your hair, pick up the KISS Tornado and experience the “pulse” for yourself!

Available at Walmart Canada.

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