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Ah, the ever-trendy fad of detoxing is NOT going away. We are suddenly all about cleanses and detoxing our bodies, skin and mind. While I do agree with living a “clean” lifestyle, I have been able to completely say no to my beloved fizzy drinks or potato chips which is why the concept of a 14 day teatox is appealing to me because I know the end is in sight! I have heard/seen all over the interwebs about teatoxing and when Purgo Tea from Victoria, BC reached out about trying their blend of organic teas I thought what better way to curb my curiosity AND support a local company!

Purgo Tea Review Teatox

Teatoxes are generally thought of as weight loss tool (in addition to regular exercise and proper meals of course!), but at 5’4 and anywhere from 105-110lbs, losing weight is not and never has been my priority. Leading a healthier lifestyle so that I feel better? Sure, I’m open to that. Ever since I was a small child, my stomach has been sensitive. Eating too much or ingesting certain types of food would make me feel bloated, crampy, just plain nauseated or sometimes do nothing at all! I love food in all forms and over the years have roughly figured out how to treat my body so it doesn’t absolutely destroy me. One symptom that is pretty consistent is that I feel bloated or puffy on a daily basis, usually after dinner. I could eat a salad, steak or soup, but for some reason the evening just doesn’t sit well with me, but it is a feeling that I have become accustomed to. Herbal tea has been a constant in my life as I cannot handle a lot of caffeine so when Purgo Tea offered to send me a 14 Day Teatox* ($29.99 CDN) to try, I was VERY open to the possibility of having a stomach that didn’t feel like a giant puffball.

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Morning Detox Tea: Sencha, Dandelion, Lemon Grass, Goji Berry, Hibiscus, Chamomile Flower, Acai Powder, and Ginseng Root.

The Morning Detox (14 day supply) just about had me bouncing off the walls the first time I tried it thanks to the ginseng root and sencha. I mentioned that I don’t drink coffee so caffeine or any sort of stimulant can hit me quite hard if I’m not careful. I felt like a mosquito, darting around the room, when I brewed this tea for its full brew time of 2-3 minutes. I ended up having to cut the brew time in half so that I could feel more focused! The tea itself wasn’t the best smelling in terms of scent. It was heavily dandelion-esque, but still very palatable. I also thought it was visually quite appealing with the blast of red goji berries. I found this tea the most difficult to fit into my schedule because you need to drink it all before breakfast, but I actually like to eat a little something while I drink tea like toast or yogurt.

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Evening Cleanse Tea: Locust Plant, Sencha, Key Lime, Lotus Leaf, Cassia Seed, Pu'erh, Oolong, and Chamomile Flower. 

The Evening Cleanse (7 day supply taken every other day) was my favourite of the two teas in terms of scent, taste and effects. This smells a lot like oolong to me which is one of my favourite types of tea. Although it is visually not quite as interesting, drinking this after my dinners kept my stomach feeling relatively normal no matter what type of meal I had. I know some bloggers experienced increased bowel movements and/or upset stomachs with this tea, but I brewed at the 1-2 minutes and my stomach was totally fine! If you do find it too strong, just cut the brew time in half.

The Purgo website has meal plans that can be followed in order to maximize the full effects of the tea, but I have never been one to follow these types of plans. I like gluten, soda and the biweekly A & W Mozza Burger, but what has kept my weight virtually the same for 10 years has been that I eat multiple times a day like a rabbit on anything from nuts to fruit to cherry tomatoes to Larabars, but I take a LONG time to finish. I have never been able to finish a meal in one sitting and am known among my group of friends as the one who has her plate sitting in front of her virtually the whole night. Having those “skinny” Asian genes also helps, but if you see how I eat, you’ll understand what I mean! Small meals, multiple times a day (like 6-8x). 

Final verdict: The key thing to remember is that it’s not JUST the teatoxing that will make a huge difference. The teatoxing is only really one variable in the equation and while I didn’t experience any weight loss or attain a 6 pack, the lack of bloating in the evenings was something that I really noticed. I didn’t feel queasy and gross like I normally would and even when I felt a hint of “puffball gut” creeping up, I just brewed myself a cup of the evening cleanse and I felt better. It didn’t upset my stomach at all which was one thing I was worried about! This was the first branded teatox I have tried though I feel like I have gone on teatoxes on my own just by listening to my body when it has had enough of certain foods. As a first experience, I found Purgo Tea to be easy to follow and swallow (hehe, it rhymes!). The taste was pretty good and pricing not bad for the amount of tea that you receive.

Feel like trying Purgo Tea? Use code: cosmeticteatox for an extra 5% off!

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