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With matte and long-wearing lippies becoming a mainstay in the colour cosmetics department, “lip care” has become as essential as having a skincare routine. Close-up lip swatches have us critiquing the latest lip selfies and I will be the first one to admit that I DO NOT DO lip selfies. My lips aren’t full or remotely symmetrical so I tend to leave the close-ups to the pros, but that being said, I have recently started to treat my lips with a bit more TLC especially when I am in the sun or about to wear a matte lip colour since no one likes flaky lip bits. When it comes to great lip colours with SPF, Fresh Lip Treatments still reign supreme in my books and have been my go-to for the last few years. I had yet to try a whole Fresh lip routine in its entirety, but have recently added two new players to my lip-lovin’ game: Fresh Sugar Lip Polish* (17g/$26.00 CDN) and Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy* (10mL/$41.00 CDN)

Fresh Sugar Lips

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish Review

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish Review (1)

Instructions say 2-3x, but I used this every time I wore a long-wearing lip shade which was pretty much every day. As long as you’re gentle and aren’t scrubbing for minutes on end day in, day out, your pout will be perfectly happy.

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish Review (2) Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy Review (3)

Bare lips. I was just wearing a long-wearing lipstick and did my best to remove as much as possible hence the slight discolouration.

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish Review (3)

Lips + Scrub. I look upset to have this scrub on my lips, but really it was quite pleasant! Thanks to shea butter and jojoba oil as an almost binding agent, this feels like a thick lip balm with a grit. Some lip scrubs are just sugar without the “balm” and always end up falling off my lips and into the sink. Every milligram of this stayed on my lips. The brown sugar scent is heavenly although from owning other Fresh products with brown sugar, the shelf life is short before the scent starts to go off…like most sugar scrubs, remove with a damp washcloth and guaranteed your lips will feel 10x softer. You won’t even feel the need to apply lip balm afterwards.

Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy Review

Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy Review (1)

Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy Review (2)

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish Review (4)      
The lip serum feels just like a facial serum actually.Formulated to be an anti-aging lip treatment, this is a twice daily treatment meant to improve definition around the lips in addition to smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles on the lips and in the contour area. This means that there are silicone derivatives in the product for anyone who is allergic. You can see in the photo above that my lips do look soft and smoother than in the bare lips photo. The scent is lightly plant-like and absorbs relatively quickly into the lips. Also, the serum tastes slightly bitter so don’t lick your lips. I have mentioned before that I am not a huge fan of silicones in night time treatments so while I love this as a daytime lip primer, I prefer the Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment for night time lip love.

Fresh Sugar Nude Lip Treatment Review

Fresh Sugar Nude Lip Treatment Review (3)
I have almost every shade of the Fresh Lip Treatments and Nude is the newest shade to the family with its almost rose gold shimmer. Nude* ($26.00 CDN) is quite sheer, but very buildable like most of the Lip Treatment family. This shade has been the easiest way to quickly achieve the bronzed goddess look for the summer and also contains ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate indicating the presence of SPF. Most likely 15 like the others. Like a bajillion other products in Canada, sunscreen actives require their own drug identification number before SPF can be stated on the packaging.

Voila! Perfectly polished summer lips that are ready for any lip formula you throw at them! (Also, my hair is really NOT that green. Lighting is so much harder with the blonde!)

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