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 Fall Nail Art

One press sample and one self purchase

As I write this, it's still the middle of the week so ManiMonday still applies right? You know, I have so many ideas brewing in my head for things to blog about on my days off and then I end up doing other things and then I need a nap. Then it's 4pm and I have to start thinking about dinner and before I know it, the day is gone! I also have been fairly quiet on IG stories with regards to beauty content and I really don't know why. I have been using all sorts of fun things, but I either forget to post about them or I am too tired and I kind of miss having that energy to share beauty-related things. Granted, it was a very stressful August that I am still recovering from so I have been allowing myself the time to "grieve" the self-care moments I lost in that last month of summer by napping if I want, going online shopping, cleaning or doing some LEGO. I don't have a plan for increasing my blog content at this moment, but maybe in October? It will be the 12th anniversary of Cosmetic Proof so I feel like I should step it up for that month at least!

So, I haven't posted on Instagram about this collection yet because there was a nail polish casualty that covered 11 other bottles, but OPI's Fall collection is here with the Big Zodiac Energy collection! Each polish is named after a zodiac symbol and the one that broke was the zodiac sign Leo which was this bright, metallic yellow. That's ok though as the swatches of this polish weren't totally up my alley as it looked a bit streaky upon application.

For today's nail art though, I wanted some fall shades and thought #Virgoals would be more opaque than it was so it's a good thing I already had an opaque base colour underneath. I used a nail art stencil/decal to create the design and I am really happy with how it turned out with the play on finishes!

Fall Nail Art

On My Nails:

(Base Coat) OPI Nail Envy Pink to Envy*

(Base Colour) Sally Hansen Insta Dri Up To Snuff

(Design) OPI Infinite Shine #Virgoals*

(Top Coat) CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat*

Fall Nail Art

Happy Monday and be sure to check out Renee and Trysh's blogs for their Fall manicures this week!

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