SHEET MASK | The Creme Shop Rose Water Face Mask

The Creme Shop Rose Water Face Mask
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Again, I have had to dip into my unblogged vault of sheet masks as my skin is still on the mend from this rash/infection and it is barely noticeable now, but I still need to finish my course of topical steroids. We have now gone back in time to Jayne's hair from 2018 and to when I was beginning my journey into sheet masking. This Rose Water Face Mask from The Creme Shop was among the first I tried and though my initial experience with the brand was not the best, I have really grown to love their printed masks specifically, but generally I have been fairly happy with every mask I have tried! 
The Creme Shop Rose Water Face Mask

What makes this mask special? With rose flower extract, aloe and hyaluronic acid all at the top of the ingredients list, this mask seeks to cool, soothe and reduce inflammation as well as revitalize skin for a healthy glow!

The Creme Shop Rose Water Face Mask

I assumed that all Creme Shop masks fit the same, but I have found that there are indeed slight variations between them with this mask being a very soft, but thick material that maybe was a little too much to handle compared to the amount of essence that was in the package.

The Creme Shop Rose Water Face Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: $3 USD

What it does: Skin renewal and rejuvenation

Scent: Roses

Essence Type: Clear, lightly viscous

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: Very thick and soft

Mask Fit: Not the best as I found the mask material very plush, but there wasn't enough essence to keep the material hydrated

Tackiness: Medium/high

Hydration: Hydrating, but just give the essence a couple of hours to absorb

Other notes: N/A

The Creme Shop Rose Water Face Mask

Final verdict: While I wouldn't necessarily try this mask again, it is evident from my blog posts that this experience from 2018 has not stopped me from buying more from The Creme Shop! 

I believe this mask has been eliminated and there are two rose mask options: the Rose Water Klean Beauty Essence Sheet Mask or the Bulgarian Rose Water Face Mask!

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