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OPI Hi Barbie! Swatch
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I feel like along with Fall and September, the long weekend just sort of crept up on me so I wasn't expecting to take a stat day this week, but it has been really nice to work a short week. I had Wed and today off so for the first time in probably three weeks, I got my act together and did some chores around the house and even decided to blog! The last month has been super stressful and it was nice to feel motivated to do something even if it was as simple as two loads of laundry and updating our house insurance. It's all in the little things!
OPI Hi Barbie! Swatch

I should add here that I have yet to see the Barbie movie (I know, I know!) and that is mainly because my husband doesn't really want to see it and when it comes to going to the movies, I prefer seeing movies that look better on a big screen like Top Gun, all the Marvel movies etc. I also get motion sickness so if I have a headache that day, I will be miserable throughout the movie. I know, I sound like a super fun person. I think if my husband was more keen on seeing Barbie, then I would have gone, but for now I am happy to wait for it to come out whichever streaming service!

As for the rest of life, I have actually been so scared at how fast time has been flying! I know September will whiz by and then October I know will go quite fast because both my husband and I will be traveling for most of the month and then before you know it, we will come back to November! Then at that point let's face it, it's pretty much the end of 2023!

OPI Hi Barbie! Swatch

I hope everyone is having a gentle start to September even though I know it's always a bit crazy especially for those of you with kids. It's funny how I feel the change with clients at work as well as everyone suddenly gets busier!

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